World and USA Astro*News, Winter 2000

Planet Earth News Staff

William Shatner's Wife -- Nerine Kidd -- Dies In Mysterious Drowning. Just prior to the Total Solar Eclipse, Star Trek's Captain Kirk lost his wife in a weird drowning incident at their home in California. The first news was reported on August 9, 1999. Apparently, the death was due to her drinking alcohol, possibly linked with taking medication. She was 40 years old and nearing transiting Neptune square to her natal Neptune! William Shatner (born 3-22-1931) had the Total Solar Eclipse (18+ Leo) exactly opposing his natal Venus (wife) at 18+ Aquarius while transiting Venus retrograde (3+ Virgo) was exactly crossing his natal Neptune (pool; drowning; alcohol). Unfortunately, this is one of those textbook cases on astrological cycles at work.

Quakes In Turkey Follow August Total Solar Eclipse Path! A devastating earthquake hit Izmit, Turkey on Aug. 17, 1999 -- very close to the Path of Totality from the "Big Eclipse" we discussed in the last issue. Tens of thousands were killed and injured. At the moment of the earthquake on Aug. 17, the Jupiter/Uranus and Saturn/Neptune midpoints were aligned with the vertical axis (above and below!) while linked precisely with Vesta directly under the Earth. The Total Solar Eclipse had exactly squared Turkey's Venus at 18+ Scorpio. [Turkey became independent on Oct. 29, 1923.] Transiting Mars (19+ Scorpio) at the earthquake was squaring Turkey's natal Neptune. Then on Nov. 12, 1999, another massive earthquake occurred near Duzce, Turkey. This second one happened as the transiting Sun (19+ Scorpio) re-ignited the Mars placement (19+ Scorpio) from the first earthquake! Keep in mind that 19+ Scorpio is also the South Node of Mars' Heliocentric Orbit. In addition, the transiting Saturn-Uranus square was approaching within 10' of arc.

Hurricane Floyd Wreaks Havoc Through The Carolinas. Antero Alli wrote a warning about the Mars-Pluto union of Sept. 15, 1999 in the last WTPE -- the edition that appeared in early August. That conjunction was at 7+ Sagittarius -- right on the USA Ascendant (from July 4, 1776)! Right on schedule, the largest peacetime evacuation in U.S. history occurred due to the arrival of Hurricane Floyd (read "Flood") in the Carolinas. As the Hurricane took hold on land (Sept. 16), the Moon also made conjunctions with Pluto and Mars, crossing the USA horizon, simultaneously. At the New Moon chart for Sept. 9, 1999 in Washington, D.C., Mars (strife; acute disasters; red alerts) was exactly overhead -- which means it was above throughout the entire East Coast! Uranus (shocks; surprises; revolution) was within 3 degrees of the Ascendant at the New Moon.

Taiwan Quake On Sept. 21, 1999 Kills & Injures Thousands. At the Total Solar Eclipse on Aug. 11, 1999, Pluto was overhead exactly through Taiwan! As the powerful quake occurred in the dead of night six weeks later, Jupiter and Saturn in earthy Taurus -- largest planets in the solar system -- were overhead while chaotic Neptune was setting. During the next 4-5 hours, the transiting Moon would conjunct Neptune, adding to the massive confusion and bewilderment of the population. Enormous international aid came to the rescue within the next 48 hours (at the Fall Equinox) -- symbolized by Jupiter (goodwill) rising at the Equinox in Taiwan. One upshot of this quake may be a delay in computer parts and supplies later this year and into the beginning of 2000.

"Pakistan Army Seizes Power Hours After Prime Minister Dismisses His Military Chief" So Reported The New York Times On Its Front Page (Oct. 13, 1999). General Pervez Musharraf of the army led a coup against the elected government of Pakistan on Tuesday, Oct. 12, 1999. While this has caused widespread fear on the Indian subcontinent and around the world (due to Pakistan now being a nuclear power), it is interesting to note that the coup definitely took place during a VOID Moon in Scorpio! The sense here is that it will not hold and eventually those in power will lose their strength, leading to new leaders at a future time.

The Senate Rejects The Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (Oct. 13, 1999). This was the first time the U.S. Senate had "defeated a major international security pact since the Treaty of Versailles, creating the League of Nations, failed to win Senate approval in 1920" (according to The New York Times). The Senate vote was originally supposed to take place on Oct. 12, during a VOID Moon in Scorpio. Instead, the negative vote happened as the Moon conjoined Pluto right in the Sagittarius zone of the "Nuclear Axis" we have discussed often in the pages of WTPE. The vote also occurred on the day of Neptune's direct station in Aquarius -- igniting waves of confusion and disbelief among our allies. When the Senate refused to ratify the Treaty of Versailles in March 1920, Mars and Pluto were both stationary, Jupiter was in a precise conjunction with Neptune, and the Mars station exactly squared Neptune. The USA was born (July 4, 1776) at a Mars-Neptune square!

People In The News: Elizabeth Dole; Pat Buchanan; Donald Trump; Payne Stewart; Walter Payton. Elizabeth Dole (born 7-29-1936), the first serious, female contender for the Republican Party presidential nomination, dropped out of the race on Oct. 20, 1999 citing a lack of funds. Born as a Solar Leo, with her Sun on the USA North Node, she also has Pluto at 27+ Cancer -- directly opposing the USA natal Pluto. On the day of her withdrawal, the transiting Sun reached 27+ Libra -- exactly squaring her Pluto and the USA Pluto. Pat Buchanan (born Nov. 2, 1938) has been in the news for breaking away from the Republican Party and seeking the nomination of the Reform Party (initially created by H. Ross Perot). Ditto for Donald Trump (born June 14, 1946). Why do these two "strange birds" stir up so much controversy? Buchanan is born on the day of a Pluto station at 1+ Leo and Trump is born on the day of a Chiron station at 14+ Libra! Buchanan is the extremist warrior (Pluto) while Trump is the maverick-eccentric (Chiron). We may focus on these two guys in a future edition of WTPE. On Oct. 25, 1999, the nation was riveted by the shocking and strange death of pro-golfer Payne Stewart (born Jan. 30, 1957), in a bizarre plane crash. Uranus (aviation; shocks) had just stationed a few days before. The Full Moon (1 Scorpio-Taurus) the day before the plane crash was exactly conjunct Payne Stewart's natal Mars (violent death) at 1 Taurus! As the nation struggled to understand this unusual crash of a Learjet and the death of a beloved golfer, the transiting Sun at 2+ Scorpio was crossing Payne Stewart's natal Neptune (eternal mysteries). Another beloved sports figure, Walter Payton (born July 25, 1954), lost a battle with bile duct cancer and died on Nov. 1, 1999. Like Payne Stewart, Walter Payton -- the NFL's leading all-time rusher -- was adversely influenced by the Full Moon of Oct. 24, 1999 at 1 Scorpio-Taurus. This Full Moon exactly squared his natal Sun (1+ Leo) and conjoined his natal Saturn (2+ Scorpio). Transiting Neptune at the time of his death was located at 1+ Aquarius -- precisely opposing his Sun.

EgyptAir Flight 990 Crashes Into the Atlantic Ocean On Oct. 31, 1999. In a flight path eerily reminiscent of the TWA 800 crash from two years before, an EgyptAir jet, carrying 218 souls, crashed into the ocean. The chart for the event reveals extraordinary links to the First Powered AirFlight by the Wright Brothers (Dec. 17, 1903; 10:35AM EST; Kitty Hawk, NC). The Moon at the EgyptAir crash was located at 4+ Leo -- exactly opposite Mars (fiery death) at 4+ Aquarius from the Kitty Hawk beginning of human flight. The transiting Jupiter/Pluto midpoint (big disaster) was right on the Ascendant of the Wright Brothers flight -- 19+ Aquarius. We also note that the transiting Jupiter/Neptune midpoint (major chaos) was exactly on the event horizon as the plane went into the water. And the transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint -- a very severe-type connection -- was at 26+ Aquarius (conjunct the USA Moon placement, signifying a grieving and stunned public).

Mercury Comes To A Screeching Halt In Sagittarius; The New York Times Reports "New Efforts To Uncover The Dangers Of Mercury." How often this happens! A planet reaches a station and if you look hard enough, somewhere in the press you may find a correlating story about that planet's influence in earthly matters. Check out the important "Dangers of Mercury" article when you have a chance at a local library or through microfilm (The NYT; Nov. 2, 1999; Page D7). There are severe problems related to methylmercury in fish, coal-burning power plants, environmental pollution and dental fillings. Too much of the wrong Mercury in the human being can destroy nerve cells and gradually kill us! Where you are living, the fish you are eating and the fillings you get at the dentist may be destroying the quality of your life.

"U.S. Judge Declares Microsoft A Monopoly…" So read the headline on the front page of The New York Times (Nov. 6, 1999). This relates to Judge Thomas Jackson's ruling of the day before, when the Sun exactly squared Uranus (shake-ups in the high-tech field!). The timing of this preliminary verdict in the U.S. Government's case against Microsoft was strongly connected to astrology. Microsoft (incorporated on Sept. 19, 1986) experienced transiting Venus (justice; fairness; balance) on its Sun, Mercury contra-parallel its Uranus, Venus parallel its Pluto, and, most telling, Neptune parallel its natal Venus-Saturn parallel at 19+ South declination. All of these were very exact, with the last pattern suggesting widespread disarray (Neptune) in the financial structure (Venus-Saturn) of the company. Bill Gates (born Oct. 28, 1955) -- the world's first 100 billion dollar man -- had transiting Jupiter exactly opposite his Neptune, the Sun parallel his Saturn, Jupiter contra-parallel his Neptune, and Uranus parallel his Venus. Transiting Neptune (confusion; fog; chaos) at 4+ Aquarius neared a square to Bill Gates' Sun at 5 Scorpio in April-May 1999. The pattern becomes exact in February, August and December 2000. Watch out Bill Gates! Your net worth could plummet below $90 billion!

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