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 Saddam Hussein Captured!: Part I

 President George W. Bush and America's Destiny: Part I

 President George W. Bush and America's Destiny: Part II

 President George W. Bush and America's Destiny: Part III

 President George W. Bush and America's Destiny: Part IV

 President George W. Bush and America's Destiny: Part V

* FEB. 2003: PRELUDE TO WAR(Scroll Down].*

  * MAR. 2003: NEPTUNE'S POWER(Scroll Down].*

  * MARCH-APRIL 2003: IRAQ WAR & NUCLEAR ALERT!(Scroll Down].*


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 The Columbia Disaster: The Astrological Story

 The Forgotten Cycle: Pluto Inside Neptune's Orbit

 Colonel Philip J. Corso (Ret.) Rewrites History: UFOs 1947-1997

 The Return of George Lucas and The Secret of Star Wars

 The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius: 1996 - 2087

 JFK's Life and Death: Chiron and The Wound That Never Heals

 Unlock the Mysteries of Esoteric Astrology

 Tribute: George Harrison and the Spiritual Politics of Today

Special! Trade Center/Pentagon Disaster: Sept. 11, 2001.

Part II ! Air Attacks Against America: Sept. 11, 2001.

Part III ! Osama bin Laden's "Horrorscope".

Part IV! The Coming Military Chess Game.

Part V! President Bush's Speech To Congress.

Part VI! Terrorism and the Airlines.

Part VII! Air War Over Afghanistan.

Part VIII! Pakistan: Nation in Turmoil.

Part IX! Pallas Athena and Germ Warfare.

Part X! Strange Days: Oct. 29 - Nov. 5.

Part XI! The Secret War by Mark Lerner.

Part XII! Red Planet Blues by Mark Lerner.

 Part XIII! Feb. 2003: Prelude to War by Mark Lerner.

 Part XIV! Mar. 2003: Neptune's Power by Mark Lerner.

 Part XV! Mar. 2003: Iraq War & Nuclear Alert!

 Part XVI! Mar. 20, 2003: Iraq War Begins!

 Part XVII! April 1, 2003: Iraq War Update.

 Part XVIII! April 10, 2003: Baghdad "Falls" & SARS Epidemic Rises.

Update!   Your Cosmic Kalendar: Sept. 16 - Oct. 4, 2004.

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