Attack Against America: Part II by Mark Lerner

USA Chart Below

"Earth-shaking fire from the center of the Earth, Will cause the towers around the New City to shake: Two great rocks will war for a long time, And then Arethus shall color a new river red...." Century 1 Quatrain 87 by Nostradamus, circa 1550s

Dateline: Sept. 14, 2001 2:40AM PDT Eugene, Oregon. It's now been about three days since the first American Airlines Flight -- Number 11 (Aquarius -- the 11th sign of the zodiac) -- slamming and exploding into the World Trade Center at 8:48AM EDT on Sept. 11, cosmically awakened America, a sleeping tiger. We have started showing our stripes quickly by our national rescue efforts and will undoubtedly do so martially and internationally in the days and weeks ahead. Since writing and posting Part I, less than 24 hours after the attack in New York City and Washington, D.C., I have been inundated with many of your e-mails. Thank you very much. We are all on the same wavelength. Many of you have offered quatrains from Nostradamus, shared your insights and great astrological ideas. I'd like to utilize this space to elaborate on my discussion of the big astrological factors involved with this horrendous crime against all peace-loving souls and nations. Even with this second report, there will still be much more to cover in the weeks ahead.

In traditional astrological work, on the mundane or worldly level, horoscope maps for every Equinox and Solstice are considered very important. Each one is definitely valid for the three-month cycle of the season beginning at that point. And each map is usually erected for the capital city in a nation. [Note: Some researchers feel that the Aries Ingress -- Sun entering Aries -- is perhaps influential for the entire 12 months to follow, as Aries is the beginning of the zodiac. Charles Carter, one of the great British astrologers of the 20th century, indicated that the Capricorn Ingress -- Winter Solstice map for the Northern Hemisphere -- might also be effective for a year.] I mentioned in Part I of this story that the Summer Solstice chart (June 21, 2001) -- influencing three months through Sept. 22, 2001 -- reveals something quite significant.

While the media is reporting some of the hijackers involved may have been quietly developing their aeronautical skills for possibly 5 years (!) here in the USA, the Summer Solstice 82 days before the tragic events of Sept. 11 is filled with meaning. In looking at that map, calculated for our nation's capital, we find an approaching Sun-Moon union, a separating Mercury-Jupiter union, with Mercury in reverse, all in the 2nd house of the moment. There is an extraordinary emphasis on 2nd house matters -- money, banking, assets. "Trade" (think here of World Trade Center) is obviously accentuated as well because Mercury (ruler of commerce and transportation) is in that house, moving away from its second conjunction with giant Jupiter (international concerns; long-range planning and journeys) in the last month. Plus -- the fateful indicator of the North Node of the Moon (the Dragon's Head) is also seen residing in that 2nd house of national financial affairs. By itself, this would be reasonably okay. However, on the other side of the chart, sits a retrograde Mars (warfare) in Sagittarius, like Mercury retrograde, and very close to the 8th house cusp, signifying death, destruction, the underworld forces. That Mars has just been opposing its own placement in America's chart from July 4, 1776 in the few days before the solstice. And close to Mars is its "cohort" -- extremist, secretive and terrorizing Pluto.

Now when you use relocation techniques to calculate the same chart -- but now for the region connecting Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. -- you find the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn all above (power in the heights) while the Mars-Pluto union in Sagittarius is below (power and violence in the depths). When you return to the solstice in America, you find something very nasty happening at the eastern horizon. 26 degrees of Taurus was on the Ascendant -- closely squared by revolutionary Uranus (also ruling aviation, shocks, surprises). However, 26 Taurus is also the "zodiacal intercept" or placement* for the most violent star in the heavens -- Algol, the beta star in the constellation of Perseus, head of the Gorgon Medusa, in Greek mythology. Algol is derived from the Arabic for "Al Ghoul," connecting to "evil spirit," "devil" or "evil." Astronomically, Algol is actually what is called an "eclipsing binary." There are two stars together and from our vantage point on Earth, one star occults or eclipses the other. The effect is to create variations in brightness. [*Note: Due to unusual conditions related to latitude and the horizon, Algol itself may not have been visibly on the Ascendant at the solstice in Washington, D.C. However, its zodiacally influential degree was -- that's the point here.]

Stars were used much more routinely in ancient astrology. Remember -- the world didn't have electric lighting! Millions of people lived under the night sky, under the stars -- and not in smoggy cities. Dozens of stars were catalogued, studied and researched by the astrologers of Chaldea, Egypt, India, Arab lands, Greece, Rome. Most researchers, like Reinhold Ebertin in his famous Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, hold that Algol prominent is often connected with extreme injuries, tragedies and accidents. Let's put it another way -- Algol's zodiacal degree strong on June 21, 2001 was a very bad omen for America. It also suggests that our nation's capital was weakened over the summer months. Almost as if that Algol influence was like a stellar beacon to the perpetrators of this attack.

Near the end of Part I, I began discussing a system of progression that many astrological students do not utilize. It's called Tertiary Progressions. I was first introduced to the subject by Robert Hand at a lecture he gave in Seattle back in the late 1980s. I was so intrigued by his work that I bought the tape of the lecture and have listened to it dozens of times since. Then, when I created our special Welcome to Planet Earth Moon edition a few years ago -- still available for $8 and containing 29 fascinating articles, all on the Moon! -- I wrote a special feature on this extraordinary technique. Many of you know that Secondary Progressions are where each day after birth is equal to a year of life. This system is connected to the Sun (solar year) and has been in use for hundreds of years. Tertiary Progressions are where each day after birth is equal to a lunar month. It is a progressed system utilizing the Moon cycle -- 27.3 days -- rather than the Sun cycle of a year. I find it works with great precision and tertiary maps for events can be very potent. In addition, you can analyze the day-to-day major tertiary progressions.

I already gave out information on President Bush's tertiary lunar return in mid-Libra just as the attack occurred! This was more intense for him because natally he is born with the Moon so close to Juno (terror by the powerless; see first article). But now I want to share some vital information about America's tertiary progressions. I have utilized a USA chart calculated for July 4, 1776 (the date most people use) at 4:47:09PM EST in Philadelphia, PA. This is the chart that researcher Barry Lynes developed back 20 years ago in Massachusetts. It is a few minutes different from Dane Rudhyar's 5:10PM (or so) chart offered in The Astrology of America's Destiny paperback from the 1970s. Both maps give Sagittarius rising. We have used the Barry Lynes' chart since Welcome to Planet Earth began in the summer of 1981. I think it is the valid one.

Using tertiary analysis, we find that on July 6, 2001 -- just after America's annual birthday, one day after a potent Full Moon very disturbing for America, and the day of President Bush's 55th birthday! -- the USA tertiary Sun and tertiary Mars came into a conjunction at 6+ Libra. This kind of happening -- an extremely inflammatory and potentially violent Sun-Mars union -- can only occur for a nation, person, business or entity every 55+ years. For instance, the last time our country experienced this fiery union on inner levels was on March 2, 1944 as we were preparing for the D-Day invasion in France on June 6th of that year. The next time the Sun and Mars will meet via tertiary progression for the USA will be on February 15, 2059. But note the degree of the recent Sun-Mars union -- 6+ Libra. President Bush was born with Neptune (religious views; ideals; devotion; confusion; chaos; 6th ray vibrations, on a negative level relating to fanaticism) at 6 Libra. It's been theorized that the plane that struck the Pentagon may have been heading for the White House or seeking Air Force One. The plane that crashed in Pennsylvania never did reach its target. It's being said that passengers on that flight may have tried to overtake the hijackers. Might they have learned of the previous attacks by cell phone and sensing a looming disaster fought for their lives and also attempted to prevent the hijackers from piloting this 4th plane into the White House? We will probably never know, although the black box has been found from this aircraft.

Speaking of Mars, President Bush is under a lot of Mars duress. His Secondary Progressed Mars is relentlessly approaching a square -- tense, frictional 90-degree aspect -- to his natal Sun in Cancer in his 12th house. This becomes exact on March 15, 2002 -- connecting 13+ Libra to 13+ Cancer. But it is already becoming very strong. Since Mars connects to war, violence, strife, bloodshed and acute, inflammatory happenings, this is a cosmic signature that our President will be increasingly feeling the drum-beat of Mars in his blood, emotions and psyche. In fact, at the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2001 -- ruling over and influencing the three months to follow, which includes the precise Secondary Progressed Mars square to our President's Sun -- transiting Mars will be at 9 degrees and 25 minutes of Pisces. In that solstice map, Mars will be making a flowing and exact 60-degree link to transiting Mercury at 9+ Capricorn and an harmonious trine to transiting Jupiter at 12+ Cancer. Sounds pretty good, right? Not when you take the Winter Solstice Mars OUT from that map and place it as a transit into President Bush's chart! Then you see that Mars will be EXACTLY opposing his natal Mars at 9 degrees and 18 minutes of Virgo! Our President is already "under pressure" from transiting Juno at the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 right on his natal Saturn; now we will have to worry about the increasing power of Mars in his life -- natally, by transit, secondary progression and connected to America's tertiary Sun-Mars union from July 2001.

In a paragraph above, I mentioned the influence of Neptune for President Bush. As the attack took place, transiting Neptune -- retrograde and naturally moving very slowly, being so far from the Earth -- was located at 6 degrees and 21 minutes of Aquarius. Keep these degrees AND minutes in mind -- as I will share something very crucial in a few moments. When America was born on July 4, 1776, the Lunar Nodal Axis was focused at 6+ Leo-Aquarius. Hence, the USA South Node is 6+ Aquarius. What does it mean that all this colossal damage and unspeakable death occurred with Neptune sitting on our South Node? The South Node is often considered a place of "old karma," the influence of the past, what we have done routinely, over and over again, so that it has become habitual, ingrained, perhaps unthinking. Some researchers have likened the North Node to Jupiter (the future; potential; opportunity) and the South Node to Saturn (the past; old failures; inherent weaknesses and vulnerabilities). If this is true or even partly true, then Neptune's presence on our South Node may also refer to the linkage between Neptune, as one of the great sacred planets in the solar system, and the mysterious 6th Ray in Esoteric Astrology and Metaphysics. It has been said by experts in the field that the 6th Ray -- associated with Devotion, Religion, Idealism and, when extreme, Fanaticism for a Cause -- has been so potent during the Piscean Age of the last 2000+ years, but is now waning in influence as the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order, White Magic and Synthesis takes its place, as a primary ray vibration for the incoming Aquarian Age. So, Neptune on our South Node could easily symbolize the fanatical order of disciples creating this terror, carnage and international chaos.

Now comes something of an experiment. In the hours after the attack, when I was watching television, on the Fox News channel they suddenly flashed a month-day-year for when the Pentagon opened. The date given was January 15, 1943. It was on the screen for a while and they also indicated it cost about $83 million to construct the Pentagon. If that is the correct date, it is amazing -- for on that day, Pluto (death; extremes; underworld; mysteries) was located at 6 degrees and 21 minutes of Leo. Compare that placement to transiting Neptune on Sept. 11, 2001 in the above paragraph. You will see that transiting Neptune was precisely -- no orb at all! -- opposing the Pentagon's Pluto. (Get it? The fanatical group related to Neptune polarized to our power in the defense department.) It's also intriguing that if the Pentagon opened and began its life on Jan. 15, 1943, then transiting Pluto at that time was crossing America's Lunar North Node. This is perhaps a symbol of our being a super-power in the world (Pluto for the Pentagon on America's Dragon's Head as a permanent influence).

Back in the summer of 1999, astrologers all over the world were fascinated by the Total Solar Eclipse at 18+ Leo on August 11, 1999. At that time, there was also a Grand Cross in the middle of the fixed, power signs of the zodiac -- with Saturn in Taurus opposite Mars in Scorpio, and both of these traditional malefic planets squaring the Sun-Moon in Leo opposite Uranus in Aquarius. Many people connected this event to a Nostradamus quatrain referring specifically to 1999 -- one of his most famous quatrains. What's important to note is that major Total Solar Eclipses can remain in power for many years. And this one was extraordinary in potency. Venus at 18 degrees and 24 minutes of Leo on Sept. 11, 2001 was only 3 minutes of arc away from the total eclipse degree. This has a two-fold influence: (1) It seems to stress the power, magnetism and creative side of the perpetrators who utilized this Venus transit to the 1999 Eclipse as a kind of springboard for their actions. (2) Venus represents the emotions generated, the families devastated and loved ones lost in the series of attacks. In other words, Venus passing over the previous Total Solar Eclipse degree suddenly saturates Venus itself with the "eclipsed" energies from the summer of 1999 -- when a giant "cosmic cross of crucifixion" struck humanity.

Even more important with a Total Solar Eclipse is to remember its "path of totality." To the ancient astrologers, the path of totality of an eclipse was of crucial significance. It would be those areas of land and on the earth which would "bear the brunt" of the celestial energies released by the eclipse! The path of totality for that August 11, 1999 eclipse was from the North Atlantic Ocean (off the coast of North America), cutting across the Atlantic Ocean, going in between London and Paris, through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, the Black Sea, Turkey, Northern Iraq, Central Iran, Southern Pakistan and ending in India. It was watched by millions of souls as it occurred and many in America watched those occurrences on television here at home. However, the path of totality seems to represent a line of negative (eclipse) energies linking the volatile Middle East (Iraq-Iran-Pakistan -- also close to Afghanistan!), with both Europe and the Atlantic Ocean, leading to Canada and America. This pathway may actually exist on etheric or invisible energy levels! And the forces of evil and darkness may be utilizing it even now to spread death, fear and violence to the Western world.

Where are things headed? Well, I will continue my series in the days and weeks ahead. For instance, there is a New Moon on September 17, 2001 at 24 degrees and 36 minutes of Virgo. I knew that degree area seemed significant and it is exactly at the USA Midheaven or 10th house of maximum power, our executive leadership and authority. What will occur in the 29+ day solar-lunar cycle starting on Sept. 17th? I mentioned the so-called "Sabian Symbols" from Dr. Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar in the last article, in discussing the rising degrees in Libra during the first two plane crashes. But now you will be astounded to know what the next New Moon Sun-Moon symbolism will bring. The 25th degree of Virgo in the zodiac -- America's natal Midheaven exactly and the next New Moon (when America will surely act in some fashion militarily in the world) -- is symbolized as follows: "A flag at half-mast in front of a public building. Keynote: The social acknowledgement of a job well done and a destiny fulfilled." What have we be seeing in the last three days everywhere we go -- publicly? The American flag at half-mast! In front of post offices, federal buildings, people's homes, parks, stadiums, businesses, and even in other countries around the globe. And the symbolism of our flag at half-mast will be very potent, real and evocative in the next month. Note, too, that the USA Constitution was adopted in Philadelphia on Sept. 17, 1787 at 11:29AM LMT. The New Moon of Sept. 17th will strike our Constitution Sun placement precisely -- within 3 minutes of arc. And what is the Constitution? It is the foundation of laws that makes America a beacon of light, reason and freedom to the world! In fact, we find that transiting Mars in Capricorn at the plane attacks was on the Lunar North Node for our Constitution and opposing the Constitution Mars. In addition, the transiting Moon at the attacks was right on the Constitution Juno (terrorism by the weak and powerless; causing a storm of rage by the victimized, in this case, the American people).

On October 24, 2001, for the first time in our history, the USA Secondary Progressed Sun will reach our natal Moon at 26+ Aquarius. The Sun can be an agent of enlightenment, radiance, strength, power and healing. The Moon represents our homeland, feelings, collective psyche, roots, sense of family and communion in the depths of our being. Remember that America is a Sun-sign Cancer country and we currently have a President who is a Sun-sign Cancer, whose zodiacal Sun placement is right on our country's Sun! Could it be that this horrible tragedy, that may have killed over 5,000 people, will be turned around in a positive way to awaken our nation and bring us together in a manner never seen before? If America -- in concert with its allies, and even some nations we have never had as allies -- can lead a march against terrorism, then perhaps a new birth for civilization will occur. We may be able to transform this horror into a victory. It will not be easy, because terrorists are in dozens of countries and certainly within our midst. Any future "war against terrorism" is so different than America vs. Japan in World War II or England or the Soviet Union standing against the might of Nazi Germany.

In closing this time, many people are wondering about the significance of the date -- September 11. Why 11? After all, oddly enough it was American Airlines flight #11 that started the entire sequence of disasters. What's going on here? Well, earlier in this article, I discussed the Total Solar Eclipse of August 11. There's another 11. Remember, too, that when the Ayatollah Khomeini came back to Iran from exile in France (February 1, 1979 after the Shah of Iran left that country in mid-January 1979), he had to wait 10 days before the Prime Minister Shahpur Bakhtiar resigned. Islamic Fundamentalism was given full reign in Iran on February 11, 1979. And that Islamic Fundamentalism is the same Fundamentalism that has since then swept across the Muslim world -- influencing Osama bin Laden and many other terrorist movements.

In Nicholas Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes, he gives several charts for Iran, and one of them is for the arrival of the Ayatollah on Feb. 1, 1979. However, he also points out the significance of Feb. 11, 1979. I remember those days and what was happening. To me, the February 11th date was more significant -- certainly as the old Prime Minister was still in power until Feb. 11th. What confirms this now is that transiting Uranus at these attacks was at 21+ Aquarius -- the Sun placement from Feb. 11, 1979. Uranus is revolution and also aviation, shocks and surprises. In addition, Uranus itself, back when Islamic Fundamentalism was born, was located at 20 degrees and 55 minutes of Scorpio. Frighteningly, during the last 10 days of this coming October and into the first week of November 2001 -- a period of a couple of weeks which will include Mercury stationing exactly back at 14+ Libra where it was on Sept. 11, 2001 and the next Saturn-Pluto polarity, plus Jupiter stopping and turning retrograde (Nov. 2, 2001) -- revolutionary Uranus will make a direct station at 20 degrees and 55 minutes of Aquarius. We're talking here absolutely no orb, friends!!! Not even 1 minute of arc or 1/60 of one degree. This is extraordinary stuff astrologically. What will it mean for Islamic Fundamentalism to have this Uranus square precise after 22+ years? What will it mean for America, which is the main "ruler of the skies," aircraft, missiles and technology to have Uranus (ruling aviation) so powerful in October-November 2001? America is where the Wright Brothers launched the human-powered air age on December 17, 1903 when the Sun and Uranus converged at the Galactic Center in late Sagittarius (sign of long-distance journeys). To see our own planes and people used against us on Sept. 11th is an image none of us will ever forget -- just as we could not forget President Kennedy being murdered in Dallas and our seeing it over and over again on the Zapruder film and in TV documentaries over the years.

Are all the "11" vibrations trying to tell us something? Is it reminding us to collectively give birth to a positive Aquarian (11th sign) age out of the ashes of the Piscean dispensation? Note this e-mail that arrived for me last night. "Mark: I read your first article on the astrology of the disaster last night. Amazing!!! Late after midnight, while still watching TV, they went to the Pentagon. Gave the latest info on the rescue mission. But get this -- They put up the stats of the Pentagon about 3 dates -- the last date listed was 9-11-1941, the day the building was completed and next to the date were the words written: '60 years to the day'.... Look into it, Mark. Research and write the astrology of it for us... Love and Blessings, Kara" As per Kara's suggestion, I will investigate further and if any of you have the documented date for the opening of the Pentagon (its birth) and can validate the date Kara mentions for the completion of construction, please do e-mail me. And know that there are no coincidences here: the name Kara starts with a "K," the 11th letter of the alphabet....

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