The Big One of 2000: Jupiter Conjunct Saturn

Part I

by Mark Lerner

[Author's Note: Throughout 2000 we will be focusing on dynamic planetary configurations. This article appeared in its original form in the Jan/Feb 2000 Planet Earth magazine. The next special section has been added on April 28, 2000 for online and update purposes. Two color charts are connected to this feature -- one for the New Moon of Taurus on May 3-4 and the other for the Jupiter-Saturn union of May 28.]

Special Update Concerning May/Taurus Alignments

There has been a lot of speculation and outrageous prediction concerning the alignment of several celestial bodies in Taurus during May. While there is a fairly strong grouping planets in this sign, it's important to keep in mind that we are in the very last phase of the previous, 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle until May 28, 2000. It is normal and natural for there to be upheavals and confusion as we complete a two-decade, major world cycle and initiate a new one.

We can expect turmoil in USA and international financial markets this month because of the emphasis on Taurus and the fact that the New Moon itself, plus Jupiter and Saturn, are re-igniting the powerful Total Solar Eclipse energies from August 11, 1999. At that time, the Sun and Moon met in mid-Leo, Mars in mid-Scorpio opposed Saturn in mid-Taurus, and Uranus in Aquarius completed the Grand Cross in fixed, power signs.

However, to expect cataclysms of "fire and ice," "the end of the world" and similar nonsense is certainly to go overboard. Back in February 1962, the Sun and Moon and five other celestial bodies aligned in Aquarius at a Total Solar Eclipse. Some astrologers in India predicted the end of the world and we did have the Cuban Missile Crisis in October of that year, but life went on. In retrospect, 1962 may have been a big part of the "birth pains" for the 2,160-year Aquarian Age.

To understand the key dates of May, when major alignments are occurring, you should look at Your Cosmic Kalendar for May 2000, also given on this Index page of our Web site. Some of these dates include: the New Moon itself (May 3-4) that launches the main Taurean vibes for the month; May 7 (Sun conjunct Jupiter); May 8 (Neptune stationary retrograde); May 10 (Sun conjunct Saturn and Sun square Uranus); May 13 (third and final Saturn-Uranus square; the first two occurred in July and November 1999); the powerful Full Moon of May 18, also called the Wesak Festival or Buddha Full Moon (expect more financial market "lunacy" with the Sun-Moon polarity and several planets in "money" houses 2 and 8); May 20 (Jupiter square Uranus and Mars opposite Pluto); May 24-25 (Uranus stationary retrograde); the big day itself, May 28 (Jupiter conjunct Saturn).

Another reason for psychic, emotional and "underworld" tension for America in May 2000 is that the transiting Nodes of the Moon (Dragon's Head and Tail) -- representing fate, destiny and dynamic change within the public or society -- are reaching 27-28 Cancer-Capricorn. When the USA was "born" on July 4, 1776, distant Pluto was located at 27+ Capricorn. Thus, there is an added "plutonian spirit-influence-emphasis" throughout the month of May as the Nodal Axis conjuncts the USA Pluto for the first time in about 9+ years. While this can mean our nation dying to the old and being reborn in a positive way, plus our collectively tapping into spiritual willpower and an exalted level of creativity, it is more likely to coincide with egocentric power plays within the government, states, groups and communities. We may hear much more about mischief within the Mafia, national scandals, sordid doings, terrorist plots, extremist hate groups and concern over nuclear waste, missiles and perils. The current desire of the Federal Government to break up Microsoft (a company the USA Government considers a monopoly) is also part of this Lunar Nodal Axis triggering America's natal Pluto from July 4, 1776.

My advice as you move through May? Take it easy. Go one day at a time. Breathe. Meditate. Tune into your higher spiritual path and goals. Reflect on your growth and development as a human soul since July 1981 -- when Jupiter and Saturn united last at 5 Libra. Realize that a powerful and exciting new cycle of human evolution is about to begin on May 28 at the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Don't get caught up in all the fear and worry about large groupings of planets creating havoc on Earth. Remember that Y2K was built up within the media as a looming disaster of global proportions. What happened? Primarily, a lot of joy, celebration and international festivity. May can also be a month of happiness, fulfillment and achievement. It is a time to anchor in the real world (earthy Taurus), the visions and ideas that you received during Solar Aries. Before you know it, May 28, 2000 will arrive and we will all be on a new 20-year cosmic ride into the future.

Starting Point Of The Original Article

To the ancient and medieval astrologers, the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn--approximately every 20 years--were the "big ones." Besides the extremely rare supernovas (explosions of stars), appearance of comets close to the Earth or triple conjunctions of planets, the union of the two largest planets in the solar system attracted the attention of our forebears in the astrology field like nothing else.

Keep in mind that before the discovery of revolutionary Uranus in 1781, Jupiter and Saturn were the "cosmic gatekeepers," the outermost planets for thousands of years, maintaining a rulership over such areas of life as religion, philosophy, economics, politics, social change, education and government. And in the standard rulership of the zodiac for much of the past 2000 years, Jupiter and Saturn were the controlling influences over Sagittarius and Pisces (Jupiter), Capricorn and Aquarius (Saturn). Thus, Jupiter and Saturn ruled over the last four signs of the zodiac to astrologers living in ancient and medieval times.

Now many astrological students of the 1990s are aware that Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions occur in "elemental waves," where the conjunctions occur in one element--Fire, Earth, Air or Water signs--(every 20 years) for a period of about 160-200 years. Then there is a "mutation" conjunction in which the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions start occurring in a new element for another 160-200 years.

The last official mutation occurred in January 1842 when Jupiter and Saturn united in Capricorn. That started a conjunction series in the earth element which will end in December 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn unite at 0+ Aquarius (what E. Alan Meece and some other astrologers see as a true birthing of the Age of Aquarius). Note: There are usually aberrations in the "elemental wave" every 20 years. For instance, in Dec. 1980, March 1981 and July 1981, Jupiter and Saturn made three conjunctions in Libra (air sign). However, because the next Jupiter-Saturn union (May 28, 2000) occurs in Taurus, the earth element remains in charge until 2020. At that point, a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction cycle of over 160 years will begin--energizing the air element for humanity and our planet.

Death of the Presidents Since 1841 (Approximately Every 20 Years)

Before focusing strictly on the Jupiter-Saturn union of May 28, 2000, let us pause and reflect on the strange case of American presidents dying in office every 20 years since the Jupiter-Saturn "mutation" conjunction in Capricorn nearly 160 years ago. William Henry Harrison (died 1841), Abraham Lincoln (1865), James Garfield (1881), William McKinley (1901), Warren G. Harding (1923), Franklin D. Roosevelt (1945) and John F. Kennedy (1963) were all initially inaugurated president during a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in an earth sign. None left the office of president alive! Four were assassinated, FDR died of a cerebral hemorrhage, Harding died of a mysterious heart attack (combined with ptomaine poisoning and pneumonia) and Harrison was barely president--catching a cold during his inauguration, he died of pneumonia a month later, giving up his office to John Tyler.

Ronald Reagan came into office during January 1981. Jupiter and Saturn had just united in December 1980, but in Libra (air element). Jupiter and Saturn came together in retrograde formation in March 1981, again in Libra. At the end of that month, President Reagan was shot by John Hinckley, Jr. He almost died, but survived to complete two terms as president.

The question is: Will the next elected President, taking office following the Jupiter-Saturn union in earthy Taurus (May 2000), make it through the presidency alive? As the inauguration occurs on Jan. 20, 2001, Jupiter and Saturn will both be stationary, pausing in the zodiac and about to go forward just 4-5 days after inauguration!

Three Big Planetary Alignments Before the Jupiter-Saturn Union

Before we reach the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on May 28, 2000, I see three* big celestial events occurring. [*Note: This is beyond the Chiron-Pluto union of Dec. 30, 1999 and the Total Lunar Eclipse of Jan. 20, 2000 I discuss in the article on New Year's 2000, page 4 of Welcome to Planet Earth, Millennium issue.] A. The Partial Solar Eclipse at 16+ Aquarius on Feb. 5, 2000. B. The Full Moon of March 19, 2000 at 30 Pisces-Virgo, just 1 day before the Vernal Equinox. C. The Taurus New Moon on May 4, 2000, the approximate time for the big alignment of 7 solar systemic bodies in Taurus.

The Solar Eclipse of Feb. 5, 2000 not only re-ignites the Mars-Saturn polarity from the August 11, 1999 Total Solar Eclipse exactly, but this New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse in early February is conjunct revolutionary Uranus. And Uranus itself will be squaring both ends of the Mars-Saturn polarity from last August! In addition, it will have been 38 years since the famous Total Solar Eclipse of Feb. 4, 1962, when 7 planetary bodies aligned in Aquarius--the so-called "Dawning of the Age of Aquarius." It will have been 19 years since an Annular Solar Eclipse occurred in mid-Aquarius on Feb. 4, 1981, just after Ronald Reagan became president. Will former President Reagan, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, be in the news in a major way during February 2000? He was born on Feb. 6, 1911 and will turn 89 years old at that time.

The Full Moon of March 19, 2000 and the Equinox just a few hours later on March 20, 2000 signify a great cleansing and catharsis because the Full Moon is at the very of Pisces and Virgo! These are the mutable signs that represent eliminating non-essentials from your life--on personal and transpersonal levels. Pisces and Virgo are also signs suggesting ridding yourself of toxins, poisons and social-conditioning that steer you away from inner truth and enlightenment. Thus, March 19-20, 2000 is a powerful time of "letting go" of the old (30 Pisces-Virgo) and awakening to a burst of new life (Sun entering Aries).

Books have been written about the grand alignment of Sun, Moon and five planets in Taurus early in May 2000. The New Moon of May 4, 2000 gives the approximate timing for this celestial event. Many negative forecasters have been saying this can be a time for widespread global destruction. However, groupings of 6-7 solar systemic bodies do happen at regular intervals and Spaceship Earth keeps on going. Personally, I do not expect the end of the world in early May 2000. It does suggest another time of re-evaluating our spiritual values (Taurus) for living, a time to look at our resources and assets (not just financially, but on all levels), before the Jupiter-Saturn union takes hold a few weeks later.

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunct in Taurus

Finally, on May 28, 2000 at 12:04PM EDT, the two largest planets of the solar system will make a conjunction and start a new 20-year cycle in the zodiac. Wherever 22 degrees and 43 minutes of Taurus shows up in your birthmap will be a vibrant "energy source" for the next two decades! You should see that house placement as crucial for your growth along religious, spiritual, philosophical, educational, financial and social pathways. And if 22+ Taurus conjuncts any one of your natal planets, asteroids or angles of the horoscope, that principle-force-quality will be accentuated to an extraordinary degree. Make sure you also watch any placements 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 135 degrees or 180 degrees away from 22+ Taurus, as those zodiacal positions will also be galvanized.

For many people, the Jupiter-Saturn union will spell "relief," as we have been living through the "Balsamic" or "Dark Moon" phase of the old Jupiter-Saturn cycle for several years now. Just 5 days after the Jupiter-Saturn union, on June 2, 2000, there will be a New Moon at 12+ Gemini, closely conjunct Venus and opposite Pluto! This New Moon will certainly "trigger" the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and energize it like a global firecracker. This may be a strange time in America as Mars in Gemini will be returning to its natal position from the birth of the USA on July 4, 1776 while Pluto will be retrograding to its precise degree and minute from its conjunction with Chiron on Dec. 30, 1999.

It is clear from even a quick look at the chart for the exact moment of the Jupiter-Saturn union that America is in a strategic position to maximize the potential of the conjunction. In the map cast for Washington, D.C., the conjunction is precisely overhead! This will probably mean a great growth spurt for U.S. corporations, industry, economic markets, a building boom and the continued practical-financial (Taurus) expansion of the Internet-Web in America and around the world. Keep in mind that 22+ Taurus is also exactly trine to 22+ Virgo--America's natal Neptune placement! So, this Jupiter-Saturn union aligns harmoniously and precisely with our Neptune (vision; imagination; collective urges as a nation) that exists at the Midheaven of America's birthchart. This could also mean the ultimate globalization of our Hollywood-type, celebrity star-worshipping culture (Neptune).

Watch Out Turkey, Israel, Ukraine, Central Africa, Libya-Egypt Border, Mongolia, Central China and SE Asia

On the global scene, we have a few words of warning. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the zodiac is virtually conjunct Israel's natal Sun in Taurus from its birth as a nation on May 14, 1948. This puts Israel into the front lines of world tensions and issues for the next 20 years! India and Pakistan were partitioned and granted independence on August 15, 1947 with the Sun at 21+ Leo. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is within 1-2 degrees of squaring that solar placement for both countries. Thus, the Jupiter-Saturn union adds anxiety and frustration to healing the wounds between these new members of the nuclear club.

When we analyze the astro-locality maps for the Jupiter-Saturn union, we find something very scary: Jupiter-Saturn are setting almost exactly through the area in Turkey recently devastated by two massive earthquakes (August & November 1999)! This is NOT good news for that shell-shocked nation and the Jupiter-Saturn setting lines run right in between Istanbul and Ankara, continuing into the Black Sea, and hitting close to Odessa and through Ukraine and central Russia. The Jupiter-Saturn setting lines can also cause stress in central Africa and right along the Northern border between Libya and Egypt.

Central Mongolia and China, as well as a good part of SE Asia, Malaysia, Singapore (!) and Indonesia have to bear the brunt of both Jupiter and Saturn below in Taurus--for the next 20 years! What might this mean--earthquake-wise and politically--to these nations, many of which are on the "edge," financially, socially and militarily?

Will there be good news in Eastern Canada, Cuba, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru where the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is overhead? Just because the union is above doesn't make living in these areas easy. Even Washington, D.C. and the USA East Coast can suffer over the next 20 years, particularly when there are transits in "negative" formation to 22+ Taurus. [Note: Luckily, Jupiter and Saturn rising occur in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and only make landfall in the Northern Siberian region.]

Seeing into the Crystal Ball of the Next 20 Years

Is there any way to look ahead and predict what will happen in the world during this next, 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle? Astrologer-writer E. Alan Meece has done much of that in his epic work Horoscope For The New Millennium (Llewellyn Publications). [Eric also writes columns for WTPE; see page 7 of the current issue for his latest feature.] I strongly recommend your reading his book--not only for revelations about Jupiter and Saturn, but for much more on the interworkings of astrology, history and future events. What we can suggest is that there will be major global and national tensions when Jupiter and Saturn make a waxing square (2005-2006), reach opposition (2010-2011) and make a waning square (2015-2016). In the corresponding cycles--in the 1980s and 1990s--we had the following: Jupiter made a waxing square to Saturn in 1986 (the Challenger explosion; Chernobyl; the Iran-Contra Scandal). Jupiter and Saturn opposed five times from 1989-1991 (the Fall of the Berlin Wall; the Persian Gulf War). Jupiter made a waning square to Saturn in 1995 (Oklahoma City bombing; the OJ Trial; Balkan War conclusion).

As Eric Meece points out in his masterwork, during the Summer of 2010, Jupiter will conjunct Uranus, both will oppose Saturn, and square Pluto. This potent T-Square happens at the beginning of Aries (Jupiter-Uranus), Libra (Saturn) and Capricorn (Pluto). The potential for a severe planetary upheaval is enormous. And this pattern is rather similar to a T-Square that occurred in 1930-1931 (start of the Great Depression) when Jupiter joined Pluto in Cancer, both opposed Saturn in Capricorn, and were in turn squared by Uranus in Aries. Note that Pluto had been discovered in February 1930 and announced to the world the following month. A year later, with the T-Square in cardinal signs at full blast, Boris Yeltsin (Feb. 1, 1931) and Mikhail Gorbachev (March 2, 1931) were born.

In Conclusion

As we end the discussion for this issue, realize that the Jupiter-Saturn unions in Taurus (May 2000) and Aquarius (December 2020) invite comparison to the last such linked conjunctions around 800 years ago--when the two largest planets reached conjunction in Taurus (April 1206) and in Aquarius (March 1226). During that 20-year span, humanity experienced the rise of block printing in the Far and Near East; the dedicated, spiritual life and death of Francis of Assisi; the Children's Crusade (leading to the death or enslavement of perhaps 50,000 children!); the rise to power of Genghis Khan (in the Far and Near East, and into Russia); and the historic signing of the Magna Carta (1215), which limited the power of the English Monarchy and reaffirmed, basic human rights.

There were some extraordinary events 800 years ago and note that the Magna Carta came into existence very close to a Jupiter-Saturn polarity or "Full Moon" relationship--something we will experience in 2010-2011. Perhaps in that tumultuous time-period, as Jupiter and Saturn oppose near the beginning of Aries and Libra, aligned with Uranus the awakener and square Pluto the transformer, a new world-wide document or agreement about universal human rights and liberation will be signed, changing forever the potentials of individual freedom on Spaceship Earth.

Taurus New Moon Chart


Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Chart

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