Mark Lerner's School
of Planetary Studies

Now in it's tenth year, the School of Planetary Studies offers astrological students a homestudy course suited for everyone. These Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes quickly accelerate one's understanding of astrology.

Composed of one-hour cassette tapes and lesson materials, these classes will quickly help you gain greater insight into your self, your friends, and the world. Take one class at a time or several. An optional certification exam is available at the end of the advanced series. Our order form will assist you in signing up today!

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School of Planetary Studies
1. Zodiac I13. Outer Planet Transits25. Eclipses
2. Zodiac II14. Sun/Moon Cycles26. Stars
3. Planets I15. Rulerships27. Harmonics
4. Planets II16. Mercury & Venus28. Heliocentric Astrology
5. Houses I17. Midpoints/Degrees29. Asteroids
6. Houses II18. Retrogrades/Stations30. Medical Astrology
7. Aspects19. Nodes & Power Points31. Tarot & Astrology
8. Chart Patterns20. Compatibility32. Psychology & Astrology
9. Natal Interpretations21. Relocation Astrology33. Horary Astrology
10. Transits22. Mundane Astrology34. Electional Astrology
11. Progressions23. Chart Synthesis I35. Transpersonal Symbols
12. Synastry/Relocation24. Chart Synthesis II36. Crisis Counseling

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