The Return of George Lucas & Star Wars: Part V

by Mark Lerner

[Author's Note: The following story was written in May 1999 just before the release of The Phantom Menace. Now it is Thursday May 16, 2002 and the second "prequel" has just come out today -- Attack of the Clones. Does George Lucas have an astrologer helping him to time the first appearance of movies? This morning was the monthly Moon-Jupiter conjunction (symbol of BIG SUCCESS (Jupiter) within the PUBLIC/MASSES (Moon). Plus -- this union occurred in Cancer, the Moon's home sign and a zodiacal energy connected to psychic sensitivity, dreams, visions, deep-seated feelings and -- esoterically -- Neptune, the sacred planet connected to "THE FORCE," creative imagination, and the magic of film-making itself. Most reviews for Attack of the Clones are favorable and apparently George Lucas will once again be "King of the Box Office" throughout the summer months of 2002.]

This is actually Part V of a long-running series of articles -- since 1992 in Welcome to Planet Earth -- of the 25-year phenomenon known as Star Wars. If you are a Star Wars fan and looking forward to seeing The Phantom Menace (opening May 19, 1999), my previous Parts I-IV called "The Secret of Star Wars" (8 pages of articles and 3 charts - now a part of this online feature) all ran in the Aquarius/Pisces 1997 issue. That reprint is now available for $5. Send check or money order (payable to: The Great Bear) to us at: The Great Bear, PO Box 12007, Eugene OR 97440.

Remember Leonardo DiCaprio on the Titanic in the movie of the same name, shouting: "I'm King of the World!"? Well, move over Leonardo! There's a new top authority figure in the cinematic realm. He's pretty much been lord and master of the massive Star Wars kingdom for over two decades and now George Lucas is about to be crowned "King of the Movie World" in 1999. Many people are wondering if the new Star Wars prequel -- The Phantom Menace (opening May 19) -- will out-gross (money-wise) Titanic. It is likely to do so -- at least when all the proceeds are counted globally and via video cassettes, etc.

In the previous stories in this series (scroll down further in this feature for all those crucial, older stories called "The Secret of Star Wars"), I have discussed the extraordinary spiritual-astrological connections to George Lucas, his characters, the actors in the Star Wars movies, the power and inner meaning of the Force, and George Lucas' incredible link to the discovery of Ceres (largest asteroid) and the previous destruction of a planet in the asteroid belt of our solar system perhaps millions of years ago.

Now we note the following. The new movie in 1999 is being released during the week that Uranus is stopping in Aquarius! Uranus rules the media, widespread publicity, universal themes, futuristic explorations, aviation and space travel, advanced and revolutionary discoveries, and the high-tech wizardry so perfectly expressed by Lucas' firm, Industrial Light and Magic. Lucas himself is born at a "Uranus Return" for America at 8 Gemini. His natal Moon is in Aquarius in the 10th house of career, profession and achievement. He has just experienced his second Progressed Lunar Return (last Fall in Aquarius) and his Progressed Moon is at 19 Aquarius -- just 2 degrees from the current transiting placement of Uranus.

His Progressed Mercury (communication; information; knowledge) at 24+ Cancer is exactly conjunct the USA Mercury! His Progressed Sun at 16+ Cancer is finally closing in on a conjunction with his natal Ceres (17 Cancer) -- an aspect which becomes exact early next year (perhaps when the next Star Wars film is being created). Again, Lucas has a remarkable rapport with the asteroid Ceres, which I have explained fully in the previous articles.

On the day of the release of The Phantom Menace, the transiting Moon (the public) in late Cancer is exactly crossing George Lucas' natal North Node (destiny/fate and public ties)! By the next day (May 20), the transiting Moon conjuncts his natal Jupiter (success; prosperity; good fortune; acclaim). Either Lucas knows astrology or someone is giving him good astrological advice. [Note: With the new release of Attack of the Clones, the transiting Moon-Jupiter union on May 16, 2002 is in mid-Cancer, with both celestial bodies approaching his natal Ceres. There seems to be little doubt that George Lucas receives astrological guidance for launching his films.]

When will George Lucas be proclaimed "King of the Movie World"? August-September 1999 for sure. At the Total Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999, the Sun and Moon unite at 18+ Leo. That is the precise placement of Jupiter when George Lucas was born! On September 10, 1999, Venus turns direct (after six weeks of retrograde motion). It's zodiacal position? 18+ Leo -- right on George Lucas' natal Jupiter (mythological King of the Gods). [Note: In December 2002 -- following this year's release of Attack of the Clones -- Jupiter makes a station at 18+ Leo!]

Chiron is another big player in the life of George Lucas. It is located at 9+ Virgo at his birth, in the creative-artistic 5th house and trine to Mercury and Venus in Taurus. It was also close to a station when he was born. Chiron in Virgo in the 5th house perfectly expresses the vision, expertise and wisdom of George Lucas -- as translated into his remarkable Star Wars films and his production studios at Industrial Light and Magic. As The Phantom Menace soars at the box office in its first weekend (May 21-23), Uranus will be exactly stationary while the transiting Moon in Virgo crosses Chiron in the birthmap for George Lucas (and also conjuncts the USA Neptune in Virgo from July 4, 1776). When the Moon enters Libra on May 24, 1999 and crosses the director's natal Neptune (imagination; vision; films; spiritual path), it will be interesting to note how many people have visited American movie theaters in the past 5 days to see his latest production. May the Force be with you!

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More on George Lucas and Star Wars

by Mark Lerner


[Author's Note: This was written for our Aquarius/Pisces 1997 edition, upon the re-release of the three original Star Wars movies. It provides more history concerning all these movies. After this section, you will finally come to my original series of articles from 1992 called "The Secret of Star Wars." That is the "jewel" in the center of all these features.]

Who would have dreamt that the long-awaited Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in early Aquarius (February 15, 1997) would find one of its most dynamic expressions through a return of the "Star Wars Trilogy" of movies--14 to 20 years old?! Nevertheless, unless something else momentous occurs--I am writing this on February 5, 1997--during the next 12 to 15 days, it looks as though the key universal, revolutionary happening of late-January to March 1997 in the United States is going to be the excitement generated by the renaissance of three sci-fi, mythic film masterpieces from 1977 to 1983. Why?

Well, of course, as Jupiter and Uranus unite in the heavens at 6 Aquarius, there have been and are many planetary meditations going on, many global, networking enterprises, movements to free the higher spirit of humanity and so on. And remember that we have also been experiencing the rare cycle of Uranus in Aquarius 60 degrees to Pluto in Sagittarius--an alignment energized last year and continuing into 1997. However, back in 1977, the genius of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg was released through the films Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. And after these two fabulous movies were released to an enthusiastic public--open to the ideas of space travel, ETs, flying saucers and communication with advanced civilizations from other worlds--the comet-like celestial body Chiron (so strongly linked to higher dimensions, holistic healing and divine consciousness) was discovered by Charles Kowal in Pasadena, California (November 1, 1977).

The release of Star Wars on May 25, 1977 reminded the world that there was such a thing as the dynamic power of universal love, harmony and at-onement. George Lucas called it "The Force" in his film and the rest is history.

Now in 1997, during the new Aquarian dispensation, Jupiter-Uranus union in this sign and dynamic Uranus-Pluto 60-degree pattern, what better vehicle to rekindle the spirit of universal love, harmony and togetherness than the re-appearance (on the Big Screen, in several thousand movie theaters) of Star Wars, the movie, and the presence of "The Force"?

Naturally, there are uncanny astrological cycles--concerning George Lucas and the re-launch of the Star Wars Saga (The Empire Strikes Back will be re-released on Friday, February 21--just before a potent Full Moon, with Uranus and Neptune rising in our nationís capital--while The Return of the Jedi is due back in movie theaters on Friday, March 7--just before a Pluto retrograde station and Total Solar Eclipse!).

Out of many bizarre, extraordinary and amazing astrological happenings, I want to emphasize three.

(1) On the day of the re-release of Star Wars to the public after almost 20 years (January 31, 1997), the transiting Sun at 11+ Aquarius was making its precise, annual crossing of George Lucasí Moon at 11+ Aquarius in his 10th house of career expression and public recognition! The exactitude of this happening itself is remarkable, but remember that the Sun rules illumination and enlightenment, and the Moon signifies images, memories, the "silver" screen and mass, public consciousness. While George Lucas and 20th Century Fox hoped for a positive weekend response totaling around $10 million, they were astounded when tens of thousands of filmgoers waited long hours to see Star Wars and brought into the studio coffers over $36 million--a weekend record for any January film release! This Solar Aquarian transit to Lucasí Moon is also made more significant when we note this quote from Peter Chernin, president of the News Corporation, in charge of 20th Century Fox: "Many people have already seen ĎStar Warsí on video, but people are saying that thereís no duplication for seeing it in a movie theater, thereís no substitute for that communal [Authorís emphasis] experience." Precisely! That word "communal" sums it all up. The reason flocks of young people and baby boomers went to see the latest Star Wars rendition on the big screen is the desire to capture that communal, universal, at-oning, Aquarian-like, New Age experience. And the fact that the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction was just about to occur, "iced the cake," cosmically speaking.

(2) In George Lucasí own Secondary Progressed chart--where each day after birth equals a year of living--the great film director was experiencing a rare, once-every-30-years Progressed Full Moon! Therefore, this time period--early 1997--is the climax, fulfillment and apotheosis of George Lucasí life in the cinema. This Secondary Progressed Full Moon for George Lucas occurred in early January 1997 at 14 Cancer-Capricorn. [His Progressed Sun at 14 Cancer and Progressed Moon at 14 Capricorn.] When Mr. Lucas was asked about the overwhelming response to the re-release of Star Wars over the January 31st weekend, his reply was: "Iím flabbergasted" and "Iím questioning reality." P.S. The Progressed Full Moon for George Lucas is also conjunct the USA Sun placement and the zodiacal position of the brightest star in the heavens, Sirius. Read onÖ.

(3) But perhaps the most unique astrological fact in this whole strange situation is the following: When George Lucas was born on May 14, 1944, his natal Jupiter/Uranus midpoint (the point in the zodiac where his Jupiterian and Uranian energies merge and mix) was 13 degrees 15 minutes Cancer. Thus, while all this film hoopla over the three "Star Wars movies" continues in early 1997 and a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aquarius lights up the skies--the first Jupiter/Uranus union in Aquarius since 1914--we realize that a magician-like film director, who has captured the imagination of millions of computer-savvy young people in America and worldwide for over two decades, has his natal and permanent Jupiter/Uranus midpoint energy field precisely on top of the USA Sun degree (13 degrees 18 minutes Cancer)! Do you see the elegant beauty and astounding simplicity of this equation at this time?

Once again here are the facts: The USA Sun--from July 4, 1776--is located at 13+ Cancer. We (humanity and Spaceship Earth) are experiencing a rare, Jupiter-Uranus union in Aquarius in early 1997 and everyone is wondering how it will manifest. Out of the blue, the Star Wars Trilogy is re-released to the public and it swamps the competition, re-igniting a public fascination with space travel, communication with other worlds, "The Force" (of universal love, harmony and right use of willpower and intuition) and profound mythic archetypes connected to Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, Faith and Fear. Lo and behold, the creator of the Star Wars Trilogy is born with his Jupiter/Uranus midpoint precisely on Americaís Sun (our life-force, heart center, core power station)! Thus, George Lucas becomes the Jupiter-Uranus agent provocateur, par excellence, influencing America in early 1997 during the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aquarius (his own Moon sign in the house of public recognition, honor and prestige)!

Back on May 25, 1977, when Star Wars was first released, it is shocking to realize that George Lucasí Progressed Sun at 25+ Gemini was exactly crossing his natal Saturn (fate; father; fear; authority)! And that was in his 2nd house of money, assets, personal values. In many ways, Star Wars--written and directed by George Lucas--reveals the creatorís fascination for the ultimate tragic, "negative" and dark Father figure (Saturn) in the guise of Darth Vader. The first Star Wars release in 1977 (mostly in New York and LA) only occurred on 43 screens and brought in about $1.55 million during its first weekend. That is not a huge sum of money, but it was an important and positive, financial "seed," a stepping stone in 1977. The entire Star Wars series of films, connected businesses, toys, Disney rides and so on has earned George Lucas hundreds of millions of dollars in the past 20 years. So Ö there is much to be said in a positive way about a Secondary Progressed Sun conjunction to natal Saturn in the 2nd house of money! It is noteworthy that when the first movie appeared on May 25, 1977, Jupiter (success; prosperity) was at 11+ Gemini while Pluto (vast wealth; deep core truths) was at 11+ Libra. If you simply connect those two places in air signs to George Lucasí natal Moon at 11+ Aquarius, you have a perfect Grand Trine in air signs! In addition, Saturn (focus; hard work; forms and structures) on May 25, 1977 was located at 11+ Leo--at the exact midpoint of transiting Jupiter/Pluto and directly opposite George Lucasí natal Moon at 11+ Aquarius! This is another example that to people who work hard and have enormous discipline, Saturn (in transits and/or progressions) can be a wonderful friend, asset and ally.

There is much more to the astrological story of the current Star Wars phenomenon. We see Ceres--see the rest of my Star Wars articles following this one!--at 0+ Aquarius as Star Wars is re-released to the public. 0+ Aquarius is the "spiritual awakening zone" of the New Age experience. And as you will see in the following reports, Ceres--the largest asteroid--is a "big player" in the life and destiny of George Lucas.

When the third Star Wars movie comes out on March 7, Jupiter will start crossing 11+ Aquarius (George Lucasí natal Moon placement) from March 11-17. Who knows how many millions of people will have been touched by "The Force" again by March 1997? And how will this re-energizing of communal love and spiritual understanding in America and around the world influence the evolution of humanity as Jupiter and Uranus merge their cosmic energies in the New Age sign of Aquarius?

It is important to realize that the next Jupiter-Saturn union (May 28, 2000 at 22+ Taurus--starting a dynamic 20-year cycle in religion, finances, government and social change) will occur within 1 degree of George Lucasí natal Sun at 23+ Taurus. And he is preparing his three "prequel" movies concerning Star Wars for a launch in 1999. Very clearly, from the astrological angle, George Lucas and his universal, Aquarian vision will be a "force" to be reckoned with at the turn into the next Millennium and the beginning of a new thousand-year epoch.

[Note: Because of the profound influence of the re-release of the Star Wars Trilogy at this time (with Jupiter and Uranus together and close in Aquarius), I am reprinting--with just a few small changes --the entire three-part series The Secret of Star Wars I ran in Welcome to Planet Earth in 1992. You will find charts for The Birth of Flying Saucers, George Lucas and The Discovery of Chiron in this series of articles. And I think you will learn a lot about the power of Ceres, the largest asteroid. Please be aware that millions (yes, millions!) of young people in America in the last 4-5 years have become "hooked" on very astounding and visually sophisticated computer games created by LucasArts, George Lucasí computer company. Computer software games such as Rebel Assault and X-Wing and its sequel have been on the best-seller software list for many years, and this could help to explain the enormous turnout of young, male filmgoers for the Star Wars Trilogy on the big screen. To many of these "software game junkies," George Lucas himself has almost reached Guru (Jupiter) status. If you can actually get on the following web site there will probably be a whole lot more to learn about the making of all the films. Happy Voyaging and remember--May the Force Be With You!]

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The Secret of Star Wars

Part I

By Mark Lerner

[Written May 1992]

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced."

--Alec Guinness as

Obi-wan Kenobi in Star Wars


Do you remember the dramatic scene from Star Wars? Governor Tarkin makes Princess Leia watch the destruction of her home planet of Alderaan. It's the first time that the mighty power of the "Death Star" (an artificial satellite used for destructive purposes) is to be revealed. Using some kind of laser beam, carrying enormous energy, the beautiful planet of Alderaan (appearing very Earth-like in the movie) is obliterated. At the same moment, elsewhere in the galaxy, Obi-wan Kenobi (one of the last Jedi Knights) senses the tremors in the Force--a universal energy, flowing through all of Life, that can be utilized for Good or Evil--and responds with the above quote. As Obi-wan, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca (Solo's strange companion) reach the vicinity of Alderaan, they encounter an asteroid belt (!) instead. They realize Alderaan has been somehow destroyed and that the Rebellion against the Empire is in severe jeopardy. The movie then proceeds with incredible special effects, exciting action and heroic climax.

What is the secret key imbedded in the Star Wars saga? Is there something extraordinary we can learn by entering the imagination of writer/director George Lucas? What does the annihilation of Alderaan mean to us, on Earth, today? Is there a message in all this that is vital for us to understand?



Here is what I said at the close of The Ceres Conspiracy (page 34, Sagittarius í91 issue):

"As indicated earlier, Ceres takes 4.6 years to circle the zodiac and this largest of the thousands of asteroids traveling around the Sun (between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter) is located at 2.8 A.U. from the Sun--exactly where a planet "should be." However, we all know that instead of a planet between Mars and Jupiter, we have the broken remains of a former planet. The great astrologer Dane Rudhyar suggested that this planet may have been the ancient Lucifer, and that the legendary story of Lucifer as the 'Fallen Angel' may have referred to a cataclysm that destroyed this planet thousands of years ago.

"I would like to suggest (or support those researchers who have already stated this) that the ancient planet between Mars and Jupiter was Ceres or the planet signifying the Mother Goddess. Think about it. Mars and Jupiter could signify the warrior son (Mars) and the King/Father of the Gods (Jupiter). What's missing between them is Ceres, the Mother Goddess. Mars signifies our dynamic and often selfish thrust out into the world. But Ceres, in the orbit beyond, would be able to reshape that thrust, so that one's desires, passions and impulses would be realigned toward service, devotion and hard work to benefit others. Through a strong Ceres, selfish desires (Mars) would be rechanneled into humanitarian service (Ceres), improving the quality of life in the world society (Jupiter).

"Ceres definitely connects with productivity, nurturance, mothering, family roots, land, farming, full employment, good labor-management relationships, grains and cereals, the harvest, child-care, day-care, health-care, nursing and as the Great Goddess she ruled over the Greek Eleusinian Mysteries (revealing the secret links of birth, death and rebirth). These Mysteries are being revealed again today--in a new form through the work of researchers, psychologists and investigators in the fields of death-and-dying, the afterlife, holistic healing and similar fields. It is noteworthy that as Pluto squares Persephone (also known as Trans-Pluto)--from 23 Scorpio to 23 Leo--in 1992-1993, these outer planets will energize the Ceres discovery placement (23+ Taurus) from 1801. Thus, the principal players of the ancient myth regarding the seasons and natural growth, linking Hades, Persephone and Demeter (Pluto-Kore-Ceres in Roman names), will be reunited on Earth in 1992-1993 and the new version of the Eleusinian Mysteries will be performed whether we are ready for it or not!"


George Lucas and the Discovery of Ceres

Now let's start putting together this celestial puzzle. In The Asteroid Ephemeris (TIA Publications, 1977), Dr. Zipporah Dobyns states on page 13 that a "Sicilian astronomer named Piazzi actually first sighted Ceres on New Year's Day in 1801.Ö" Before conducting my research on The Ceres Conspiracy in the fall of 1991, I utilized my Matrix Software BlueStar 2.1 astrology program to print out an ephemeris for Ceres in December 1800 and January 1801--in order to pinpoint the exact placement of Ceres at its discovery on Jan. 1, 1801. Ceres was located at 23 deg. 25' Taurus at that time, in retrograde motion and slowing down. It would make a station almost two weeks later at the same place in the zodiac. Thus, the source energy of Ceres--its originating power--stems from 23+ Taurus, its discovery placement.


When George Lucas was born--May 14, 1944, 5:40 AM PWT, Modesto, CA (information from Lois Rodden and other sources; data from his birth certificate)--the Sun was located at 23 deg. 34' Taurus. Thus, George Lucas' Sun (his heart, vitality and creative power) is precisely illuminating the discovery placement of Ceres. He is the door-opener to the mystery of Ceres and the destruction of a planet in our solar system thousands of years ago! Amazingly, as the writer and director of Star Wars, he imaginatively recreated the moment when a Ceres-like planet (Alderaan) was blown apart by the "Dark Side of the Force."


The Mystery of the Cardinal Cross

As we proceed in this series of articles--Part II will focus on the Kenneth Arnold Saucer Sighting of June 24, 1947 (as the "birth" of the UFO movement) and Part III will conclude with the discovery of Chiron on Nov. 1, 1977--more will be revealed about the life of George Lucas and why his creation of the Star Wars trilogy is important for all of us to study and examine. The important point now is to bring up his connection with Ceres because we are faced with momentous crises on Earth that have to do with environmental ruin and atmospheric disturbances that threaten to destroy our own planet. Note that the just-completed Earth Summit began on June 3rd in Rio de Janeiro--exactly on the day Ceres turned stationary retrograde in Aquarius! Ceres is a potent "force" that must be understood in greater depth by all astrologers. A recent nuclear explosion in China--part of their underground testing program--was said to be thousands of times more powerful than the "Force" that destroyed Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945 near the close of World War II. With the USA still testing nuclear bombs in Nevada and the Chinese testing enormous weapons on the other side of the world, there is no telling what the Earth's response to this will be. This is a serious situation. All nations around the world must stop nuclear testing! The Russians and the French have temporarily halted their detonations; the USA and China must join them immediately.

All of this brings up the image of The Cardinal Cross. In astrology, there are said to be three crosses. The Mutable Cross--theoretically the weakest--is composed of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. In Esoteric Astrology by Alice A. Bailey--which contains information of a very high order, supplied by the Tibetan Master D.K.--this cross is called the cross of the "Hidden Christ." The Fixed Cross is created by the interaction of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius; it is associated with the "Crucified Christ." The Cardinal Cross, the most potent and the least understood, is brought about by the union of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn; it is referred to, mysteriously, as the cross of the "Risen Christ." Keep in mind that the four seasons of our earthly life have their originating points in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn--and as these signs begin we have the two equinoxes and solstices. 0 deg. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are profound "turning points" in the zodiac; they are also doorways allowing humanity to receive Cosmic Life and Energy!

Several months ago as I was wondering about the George Lucas-Ceres-Alderaan connection, I suddenly had a flash about the main characters in Star Wars. I knew James Earl Jones (the voice of Darth Vader) was a Solar Capricorn and that Harrison Ford (Han Solo) was a Solar Cancer. I looked up Alec Guinness' birthdata and saw he was a Solar Aries; he plays Obi-wan Kenobi in the movie. Rounding out the quadrature, I found that Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) was a Solar Libran. It was also amazing to realize that Carrie Fisher (who plays Princess Leia, later revealed as Luke's sister) was also a Solar Libran!

Thus, the principal stars of the Star Wars film actually, in real life, energize The Cardinal Cross composed of Aries (Obi-wan), Cancer (Han Solo), Libra (Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia) and Capricorn (Darth Vader). This makes perfect sense as Obi-wan (Aries) is the caretaker and expert in utilizing the Force. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and on the highest level represents Cosmic Fire and Spiritual Will. He is training Luke Skywalker (Libra) to master this Force and become a Jedi Knight in service to the Good. Since Luke is the polar complement to Obi-wan, the Aries-Libra axis represents their shared work and at-onement. In addition, Princess Leia (also Libra) suggests the feminine balance to Luke Skywalker. Luke and Leia (double-Libra) must reunite to save the Rebellion and defeat the Empire. The other polar axis--Darth Vader (Capricorn) and Han Solo (Cancer)--also provides illumination. Both of these figures have connections to the "Dark Side of the Force." Darth Vader is steeped in it; Han Solo, because of his mercenary ways, independence and initial resistance to joining the Rebellion, is on the verge of becoming an unwitting agent or tool of the Dark Side of the Force. But at the climax of the film, it is Han Solo who rescues Luke Skywalker by damaging Darth Vader's spaceship. This allows Luke to destroy the "Death Star" that obliterated Alderaan.

There are many other liaisons among these five figures that signify important themes in our life of the late 20th century: the power of the Patriarchy as it is destroying our planet; the conflict between Father and Son, Father and Daughter, parent and child; the battle between Good and Evil; the need for a unifying of male and female energies to achieve important goals. Keep in mind that millions of Christians around the globe believe there will be an Armageddon in the years ahead, perhaps a fiery catastrophe that may destroy our beautiful planet. Might we be remembering an ancient disaster that blew apart a planet we all lived on peacefully eons ago? Might that planet have resided in the so-called "asteroid belt"? Is it possible that Ceres--and the other asteroids--are the remains of that body? I believe that in, through and beyond Ceres lies an incredible mystery, quite possibly one of the greatest mysteries of our solar systemic life. George Lucas has played and is playing a major role in revealing that mystery to millions of people on our planet.

[Note: George Lucas is born with Ceres at 17+ Cancer. It is exactly sextile (60 deg. ) to his Ascendant and resides in his 3rd house of words, ideas, communications and thinking. His Ceres is very close to the USA Sun placement and Pluto's discovery on Feb. 18, 1930 occurred at 17+ Cancer as well. Almost every time you see a film now, the big letters T H X appear on the screen--along with the words: "The Audience is Listening." It is George Lucas and his assistants who have created a whole new way of listening to the soundtracks of modern motion pictures. By May 28, 2000, we will have our next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction--inaugurating a 20-year cycle of political, economic, social, educational and religious growth around the world. That conjunction will occur at 23 Taurus--within 1 deg. of George Lucas' Sun and the Ceres (the Earth; environmental themes) discovery point! George Lucas will have a major role to play in the fulfillment of humanity's dreams as the next century and millennium dawn.]

Next Part

We explore the connection between Kenneth Arnold's famous saucer sighting on June 24, 1947, the events of 1962, 1977 and 1992. It is now 45 years since the UFO movement took flight. It is 30 years since the dawning of the Aquarian Age (Feb. 4-5, 1962 when seven planets conjoined in Aquarius), and the Cuban Missile Crisis which almost destroyed human civilization through a nuclear holocaust. It is 15 years since Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind appeared (shortly followed by the discovery of Chiron). And, in May 1992, a major TV-movie was shown nationally called The Intruders. Shown exactly on the weekend of the Taurus Full Moon--the spiritual high-point of the year--this film described abductions of human beings by aliens. If any of these stories are true and can be documented, perhaps the greatest mystery of the ages will be revealed. [Note: Saturn was in Leo in 1947, Aquarius in 1962, Leo again in 1977 and Aquarius again this year. All these years--1947, 1962, 1977 and 1992--are connected through Saturn and rising interest in UFOs, the Space Age and the future destiny of the Earth. Remember that the mystery of The Cardinal Cross has much to do with Cosmic Life, the Spirit of Humanity, the "Force" and, perhaps, the secret of "human flight" (our angelic heritage) and the truth of "life-after-death."]

Note that Chiron was exactly rising when Kenneth Arnold encountered UFOs near Mount Rainier in the state of Washington. He was a pilot and described seeing nine bright, saucer-like objects. This ignited the public imagination and started the "Flying Saucer" craze. Chiron was located at 3 Scorpio at that time. When Chiron was discovered 30 years later on Nov. 1, 1977, Chiron was exactly opposite at 3+ Taurus! When George Lucas was born, Chiron was stationary and hence exceedingly potent. Chiron is a small planet or planetoid or comet that is still a great mystery. I feel it is connected to the secret of the UFOs and has great relevance to our humanity which must heal itself, heal the Earth and prepare to live once again by the principles and tenets concealed in the Ageless Wisdom teachings (Chiron).Ö


The Secret of Star Wars

Part II

The Arnold UFO Sighting

[Written June 1992]

In the Beginning

June 24, 1947. 2:59 PM. The skies over Mount Rainier in the state of Washington. Kenneth Arnold, an Idaho businessman, is flying his private plane, searching for a downed aircraft which has been missing. Arnold is also an employee of the United States Forest Service. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, he sees nine disk-shaped objects flying at more than 1,200 miles per hour. They appear to be flying between Mount Rainier and Mount Adams, weaving in and out of formation. Arnold observes them at about 10,000 feet, for several minutes, until they vanish.

"It seems impossible," Arnold said, "but there it is." (The Associated Press)

When a newsman asked him to clarify the objects' appearance, Arnold suggested that "they flew like a saucer would if you skipped it across water."

Thus was the modern "myth" of "flying saucers" born. Everyone began talking about and looking for flying saucers. Arnold had never said they were "flying saucers;" he had only given out a highly imaginative metaphor.


Obviously, this was not the first report of a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). Just a few months before, people in Sweden were seeing strange objects in the sky. And for hundreds (if not thousands) of years, human beings from all over the world have been witnessing and experiencing strange "encounters" with vehicles from another world or realm of existence. Not so long ago, Erich von Daniken wrote an immensely popular book called Chariots of the Gods? His major premise was that astronauts from other planets had visited our Earth in ancient times. When Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone fame was still alive, he hosted a special on this subject, particularly focusing on strange and enormous line drawing-patterns in the landscape of South America (the Nazca Plain) and diagrams of the Mayans that seem to reveal contact with extra-terrestrials and their vehicles.

There are also some who believe that The Bible is filled with references to extra-terrestrials. Ezekial's vision of a flaming chariot in the sky, Jacob's dream of angels ascending to and descending from Heaven via a ladder, Moses' Pillar of Fire and so on are thought--by some researchers--to be expressions of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

Nevertheless, the Arnold sighting is considered the true birth of the flying saucer/UFO craze. As such, its astrological meaning can be deciphered by examining the horoscope for the moment Kenneth Arnold experienced his rendezvous with destiny.

The Arnold Saucer Chart

The most significant factor in this birthmap wasn't even available to astrologers living from June 24, 1947 through October 1977. The comet/small planet Chiron--discovered by Charles Kowal on Nov. 1, 1977, 10 AM PST, Mount Palomar, CA--was rising within 1 deg. of the Ascendant as Arnold sighted the nine disk-shaped objects. We will see how important this location is when we focus on the chart for the discovery of Chiron.

Think about it. Let's say an astrologer calculated this chart between 1947 and October 1977. All the regular planets, the Moon and Sun would appear. The Ascendant would be 4 deg. Scorpio, but no planetary body would be right on the horizon. Suddenly, in the months following the blockbuster movie hits--Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind (exciting the public imagination again about space travel and UFOs)--a new planet is discovered, orbiting between Saturn (reality; limits) and Uranus (the invisible realms; the unknown), and manifesting right on the Ascendant of the Arnold sighting chart.

Chiron rising at the Arnold UFO map is a mighty symbol. We don't even know what Chiron actually is. First considered a small planet, astronomical investigators then suggested it might be a runaway asteroid or even a comet. Until we have a close-up photograph of Chiron, it's still possible it could be something else, perhaps an "object" from another solar system or galaxy. Even if Chiron is simply a planetary body and not an artificial satellite created by extraterrestrials, consider its placement in our solar system.

Chiron--which is now strongly associated with the healing arts, the chakras, astrology, chiropractic medicine, initiatory experiences, shamanism and the like--is located in the zone between Saturn and Uranus, a part of the solar system where the visible meets the invisible. Isn't this a fascinating parallel to UFOs which appear to weave in and out of our dimension of life? As we will discover next time, Chiron has a distinct connection to the mystery of UFOs and visitations by extra-terrestrials.

It should be noted that all three outer planets figure prominently in this chart.

Uranus--at 23 deg. Gemini--is within 1 deg. of its own discovery placement from March 13, 1781. Uranus can only return to this dynamic zone for a few months every 84 years. Uranus rules the unexpected, shocking events, space travel and aviation.

Pluto is the most elevated planet in this map--symbolizing the national metamorphosis and allegations of governmental cover-ups that would ensue for decades following this event.

Neptune had just made a direct station five days before the Arnold sighting. But notice the Moon in this chart. It is located in late Virgo. The next day, June 25th, when Kenneth Arnold told his story and the "flying saucer" craze began taking off, the Moon and Neptune were exactly together in the 12th house (mysteries) of this chart. The Neptune station and the Moon-Neptune alliance represent the mass phenomenon that the UFO movement has grown into over the years.

Saturn in 1947, 1962, 1977 and 1992

It is now 45 years since the Kenneth Arnold event near Mount Rainier. Every 15 years, Saturn either opposes or conjoins its placement from June 24, 1947. Since Saturn has much to do with definition, focus and reality, it is meaningful to look at 1962 (Saturn in Aquarius), 1977 (Saturn in Leo) and 1992 (Saturn in Aquarius)--and refer our findings back to 1947.

When transiting Saturn first opposed the Saturn placement from the Arnold sighting, it was 1962. In February of that year, seven planets conjoined in Aquarius at a Total Solar Eclipse. Many people have referred to this as the symbolic "dawning of the Age of Aquarius." We do know that later that year, we experienced the Cuban Missile Crisis (October)--when America and Russia almost ignited a planetary, nuclear holocaust. Saturn was stationary in October 1962 at 5 deg. Aquarius, closely opposing Saturn from June 24, 1947. [Note: George Lucas was only 18 years old on June 12, 1962 when he slammed his car into a tree. He almost died, but came away from the near-tragedy with a changed mind and heart. Saturn was exactly opposing Pluto from the Arnold sighting and crossing George Lucas's own natal Moon at 12 Aquarius (near the top of his chart).]

On May 25, 1977, George Lucas' epic film Star Wars opened to ecstatic audiences in New York and Los Angeles. Saturn at 11+ Leo was exactly crossing the Arnold sighting Pluto, residing at the Midheaven of that chart. [Saturn was also precisely opposing--illuminating via a polarity--Lucas' natal Moon. Saturn had traveled 1/2 way in its 30-year orbit since the time of June 1962 when George Lucas was "brought back from the dead" after his near-fatal car crash.] Later in 1977, Steven Spielberg's astounding Close Encounters of the Third Kind appeared, making the case for UFOs even more formidable. By Nov. 1, 1977, with Saturn at 29+ Leo--conjoined the bright, first magnitude star, Regulus, the "little king" of the constellation of Leo, a star said to "focus" the esoteric and potent energies of Sirius, the Wolf-Dog star that strongly influences humanity on spiritual levels--Chiron would be discovered. And remember that Chiron was exactly rising when Arnold made his "discovery" of alien spacecraft on June 24, 1947.

On the weekend of May 16-17, 1992--the time of the Taurus Full Moon (Buddha or Wesak Festival) which is often considered the "high spiritual cycle of the year" by esoteric astrologers--The Intruders, a special TV-movie, was shown to a national audience in the tens of millions. This two-part film discussed abductions of human beings by aliens. Saturn, nearing its station in late May, was once again in Aquarius (18 deg. ), widely opposing the Saturn and Pluto in Leo positions from June 24, 1947. The Full Moon itself was right on the Mars placement of June 24, 1947 and Saturn's transit closely squared rising Jupiter in the Arnold sighting chart.

The issue of the unexplained crop circles appearing in England and other parts of the world still captivates millions. TV shows like Unsolved Mysteries continue to explore alien abductions of people and the phenomenon of "lost time" (people unable to recall blocks of several hours and then, under hypnosis, finding out they may have been aboard alien spacecraft).

Next Part: The Chiron Discovery and Chiron in Leo

We complete this mini-series by focusing attention on the discovery of Chiron chart. This map has a strong and vital connection with the Arnold sighting horoscope.


The Secret of Star Wars

Part III

The Discovery of Chiron

[Written July 1992]

Last time we revealed the birthchart for the moment that businessman and pilot Kenneth Arnold sighted UFOs over Mount Rainier in the state of Washington on June 24, 1947. We discussed the fact that the comet or planetoid Chiron--first discovered by astronomer Charles Kowal on Nov. 1, 1977, 10 AM, Mount Palomar, California--was almost exactly rising as those nine disk-shaped saucers were sighted. However, Chiron had not been discovered yet in 1947. It was sighted just after George Lucas had released his phenomenal movie hit Star Wars (May 1977) and Steven Spielberg followed with Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Fall 1977).

My basic premise--shared last time--was that the discovery of Chiron and the appearance of these two movies were not accidental. The recognition of Chiron in the Solar System, orbiting the Sun between Saturn and Uranus, and, in a sense, linking the visible and the invisible dimensions of life, the physical realm and the spiritual realm, must be a special key for humanity, offering human beings a chance to evolve more quickly, understand their purpose and destiny on Earth, build bridges to higher consciousness, heal wounds from their childhoods and even previous lives. [For more on all this, please read Barbara Hand Clow's terrific book, Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets (Llewellyn, paperback).]


When you examine the Chiron Discovery map--and compare it to the moment when Kenneth Arnold ignited the UFO phenomenon--you will see how powerful Chiron is. At the Arnold Sighting of June 24, 1947, Chiron was rising at 3 Scorpio. When Chiron was discovered--some 30+ years later--it was located at 3+ Taurus. Thus, Chiron, at its discovery, was in a "Full Moon Illumination" to Chiron at the UFO sightings of June 24, 1947. Coincidence? Perhaps not. Chiron was also passing over the 7th house cusp or the Descendant of the Arnold Sighting chart. Thus, it was suddenly becoming visible in the western sector (the public) of that chart.

I don't know why Chiron at its discovery is so strongly related to Chiron at the "Arnold sighting, but I do feel it must have something to do with humanity's higher evolution and the possible link to extraterrestrials who are guiding our destiny as a species.

Whenever a planet is discovered, the discovery map is a potent symbol that can be researched and explored. The sign Scorpio (unearthing mysteries, solving riddles) is prominent in the discovery maps for Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. In this Chiron discovery map, the Sun is closely conjoined Uranus in the 11th house. This alignment may signify the stunning advances that will occur in the future when more of the secret keys of Chiron are uncovered. Remember that the "key" is the main symbol for Chiron. Chiron is strongly connected to the sign Virgo (Barbara Clow's research), the health and medical fields, shamanism, chiropractic medicine, even the arts of astrology and, particularly, the Tarot. It is associated with oracular and divination skills and various kinds of healing arts, some of which haven't even been discovered yet. People who have Chiron very prominent at birth are often mavericks and eccentrics, people who are often strikingly gifted with genius in a specific field. While Saturn relates to chronological time and Uranus might represent the doorway into eternity, Chiron stands for a kind of "twilight zone" of time, Chirological time, where your normal daily, weekly or monthly cycles are suddenly disrupted. This kind of Chirological time can often occur for an individual when a transit or progression of Chiron becomes precise. The individual may be going through a severe illness, marital breakup, family crisis, job loss, etc. Normal time becomes rather suspended and, in its place, there is a strange psychological "time warp" that intrudes. You may meet unusual people and have strange encounters that seem out-of-place, out-of-time. All of this may relate to the bizarre, out-of-time occurrences that have been mentioned by people who have claimed to have been on board UFOs (the phenomenon of "Lost Time").

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