Saddam Hussein
Watching Saddam - Part I
by Mark Lerner

Saddam Hussein is back in the news. In 1990-1991, we wrote several features in the printed version of Welcome to Planet Earth on his chart, transits and progressions in the future, and his potential to cause severe problems for the entire world.

At this time, I would simply like to make some suggestions for the astrological student who is watching the Middle East, the Iraq-USA tensions, and Saddam Hussein's activity as Iraq's leader. In a future second part to this astro-story, we can pick up the threads - depending on what happens. [Note: If you would like a package of reprints - 4 to 5 articles on Hussein, Desert Storm and the Persian Gulf problem for the USA from the late 1980s and early 1990s - please send $10 (for the reprints and mailing costs) to: The Great Bear, PO Box 12007, Eugene OR 97440.]

The color chart accompanying this current feature is calculated for Noon local time in Tikrit, Iraq where Saddam Hussein was born on April 28, 1937. We don't know his precise birth time, but a map calculated for Noon signifies his role as a leader as it reveals the Sun near the Midheaven.

In one of the stories I wrote in the Fall of 1990 - before the outbreak of war and six years ago from now - I reported that we needed to be on the alert for the 1997-1999 period (assuming Saddam Hussein was still alive) because in 1997 he would experience a very rare Progressed Mars precise station. Mars is the traditional planet of war, strife and bloody conflict and a progressed station of the "red planet" is not something that happens to every person or world leader. In Saddam Hussein's case, the situation is made more extreme because he is born on the day of a Moon-Mars conjunction (that can only happen once a month) and the Progressed Mars station is in Scorpio (19+ degrees) - a sign connected to stealth, secrets, mysteries and death. In addition, Progressed Venus in 1997 is located at 19+ Taurus - turning this progressed pattern into an exact Venus-Mars polarity (along the entire heliocentric orbit of Mars). Realize that Saddam Hussein is a Sun-sign Taurus (ruled by Venus) and so Venus involved with this alignment adds intensity and weight.

When President Clinton ordered the first two missile strikes against Saddam Hussein's regime in early September 1996, Mars in the sky was located at 25+ Cancer (opposing transiting Neptune at 25+ Capricorn). To show you how important Mars still is as a planet of war, note that when the current Iraqi revolutionary government was established back on July 14, 1958 (early morning in Baghdad), Mars was located at 25+ Aries. So … transiting Mars in early September 1996 was precisely square (a 90-degree, frictional aspect) Iraq's Mars as the latest USA-Iraq conflict occurred. And oddly enough, as just mentioned, the USA attack occurred with Jupiter stationary direct, Mercury stationary retrograde and Mars opposing Neptune. When President Clinton was born (August 19, 1946), Mars and Neptune were conjunct in early Libra and rising. So … this latest USA-Iraq crisis, under the cosmic signature of Mars opposite Neptune, represents the precise polarity pattern regarding Mars and Neptune which took place when President Clinton was born. And there is more to this bizarre focus on Mars and Neptune….

On February 5, 1997, Mars will make a station (and turn retrograde) at 5+ Libra. When it does this, it will be happening almost exactly on President Clinton's natal Mars-Neptune conjunction! Then, two and a half months later, Mars will turn stationary direct at 16+ Virgo - the degree of Saddam Hussein's natal Neptune!

We are witnessing a strange fate and destiny linking President Clinton and Saddam Hussein, activating the planets Mars and Neptune, and creating much turbulence for the entire planet.

[Important: In esoteric astrology, Mars and Neptune are both connected to the 6th Ray of Devotion, Religion and Idealism. This "Ray" or energy is said to be losing its vitality over the centuries as the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order and Synthesis (ruled by Uranus) becomes stronger. The fanaticism of war, terrorism, ruthless expression of power and fundamentalism in the latter part of the 20th century seems to be connected with the shift from the 6th to 7th Ray energies in the world. President Clinton and Saddam Hussein, and the Mars-Neptune energies of late 1996 and 1997, appear to be a part of this greater reality.]

As we watch the cycles influencing Saddam Hussein, we become aware of another major influence that the ancient Greeks considered important 2500 years ago. When a person reached the age of 60, it was considered the "Golden Age" period for an individual. If that person had evolved on a service-oriented, positive pathway relative to one's life work, family dedication and contribution to the state and culture, then that individual might be held in high esteem by his society and peers. Remember that not many people lived into their sixties 2500 years ago!

Astrologically, what the Greeks (and before them, the Babylonians, who lived in the territory that is now modern-day Iraq!) were really referring to was the time-period for a person when Saturn returns for the second time in life while Jupiter returns for the fifth time. In other words, the only time in life when the largest planets in the solar system (Jupiter and Saturn) can simultaneously return to where they were when a person was born is between the ages of 58 and 60. Usually, this happens when the individual is 59, but sometimes it occurs a little closer to age 58 or 60. Since Jupiter and Saturn have so much to do with religion, politics, social life, culture, finances, achievements and worldly affairs, their only simultaneous return in life is considered a very special time-period.

For example, the present Pope (John Paul II) became the pontiff ("Father" of the Catholic Church) almost midway between his 58th and 59th birthdays. He was born in May 1920 and became Pope in October 1978. His ascension to this high honor occurred as Jupiter and Saturn were back to where they were when he was born. This was the only period in his life when this happened and he became the Pope.

As we watch Saddam Hussein, we do not see an individual moving in a positive, life-enhancing, planet-enriching direction. We see someone who is constantly playing with fire, killing thousands of people without rhyme or reason, someone who could (with the right weaponry and lethal arms) - literally - destroy Planet Earth and ignite World War III. Luckily, we have tried to eliminate his stockpiles of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, but you never know what some group of scientists and inventors under his direction might be up to! Nevertheless, with Saddam Hussein experiencing his simultaneous returns of Saturn and Jupiter, the whole world will probably have to watch him become "larger than life" for the next few months.

Saddam Hussein is born just three days after Saturn entered Aries in late April 1937. In November-December 1996, Saturn will return to 0+ Aries (where it was when Saddam Hussein was born) and make a direct station there. The entire November-December 1996 time is a crossroads period for Saddam Hussein (regarding Saturn and responsibility, focus, leadership, fear, rigidity, structures, limits, karma and Time). Simultaneously, we note that transiting Jupiter is about to return to where it was when he was born. His Jupiter is at 26+ Capricorn (conjunct the USA Pluto!) and it returns in early January 1997 - just before the next President is inaugurated.

There is also an extremely potent Jupiter-Neptune union (January 9, 1997) at 27+ Capricorn. This union conjuncts Saddam's natal Jupiter, opposes his Pluto (and conjuncts the USA Pluto). And in astro-relocation techniques, we have reported for nearly a decade about America's "twilight zone" in the Persian Gulf because it is where our natal Pluto (the Underworld; death-rebirth; metamorphosis; transformation; blind spot; terrorism; potential for vast destruction; etc) is overhead (at the Midheaven) when the USA came into existence (July 4, 1776; 4:47PM EST, Philadelphia, PA).

All of this (and much more) gives us food for thought as we consider Saddam Hussein's erratic moves in the months ahead. Remember that he is born with a Sun-Uranus conjunction (within 2 degrees) and therefore his activity will often be surprising, shocking and revolutionary. The American balance to this man is Colin Powell - who was born on April 5, 1937 (just three weeks before Saddam Hussein). They share many of the same planetary signatures at birth - the most notable one being Mars. This is because when Colin Powell was born, Mars was direct at 5 Sagittarius, but slowing down and reaching a retrograde station on April 14, 1937. Then, as Mars moving retrograde returned to 5 Sagittarius a few weeks later, Saddam Hussein was born. So … both men share the same Mars placement in the zodiac - but Powell's Mars is direct while Hussein's Mars is retrograde!

Whether Powell becomes the nation's next Secretary of State (in a Dole Administration) or not, it may be Powell's destiny (perhaps as an independent adviser to President Clinton or a future President in 1997-1999) to be the main military adversary to Saddam Hussein (just as he was during Operation Desert Storm)!

There will be many danger zones and disturbing times ahead. And we will monitor them within Astro-News Flash in Planet Earth Astrology Online. Some of these difficult times may cluster around the New and Full Moons, and Eclipses, in September-October 1996. And we need to observe the New Moon of November 10-11, 1996, when the Sun and Moon at 19+ Scorpio activate Saddam Hussein's Progressed Mars precisely. Then there is the difficult period from January to April 1997 when the next President is inaugurated (Jan. 20, 1997) during a Void-of-Course Moon with Neptune exactly crossing the USA Pluto, and two Mars stations - igniting Mars and Neptune in the charts of President Clinton and Saddam Hussein, respectively.

Buckle your seatbelts! The USA-Iraq, Middle East Crisis roller coaster sequel has started anew….

Copyright 1996 by Mark Lerner.
All rights reserved.

[Mark Lerner is the publisher of Welcome To Planet Earth--in print and within ASTRONET on America Online. Please contact him via e-mail at or at PO Box 12007, Eugene, OR 97440.]

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