The Big Guy's On Tour Again:

Jupiter's Road Trip

by Kim Rogers-Gallagher

On The Road Again…

Contrary to popular opinion, it's not easy being the King of the Gods. I mean, even if Networking, Social Issues, and Keeping Your Chin Up AT All Times weren't all listed specifically under Your job description, you'd still have to deal with the not-so-small matter of handling those two topics humans just love to arm up and do fervent battle over: Religion and Politics. You'd still have to inspire qualities like Generosity, Growth, and feeling risky enough to try anything once. All that in a world that often seems to grow meaner and scarier by the minute. That's an awful lot to expect from one planet.

Fortunately, Jupiter is up for the challenge. Truth be told, he loves it. As I've said before, this is the guy who turns the handwriting on the wall into billboards--a very necessary hobby/talent if you're going to be in charge of all those Big Topics.

Now, his first love has always been playing Santa Claus, and it's almost Christmas--so, even as we speak, he's gearing up for The Season. But Jupiter's also going to have a verrry busy New Year. Beginning on the 9th of January, he's going to do The Networking Thing--Big Time. He's going to do a road trip--another of his favorite things to do--and visit with all of the Outers within a five-week period. And right smack dab in the middle of all that, he's going to slip into a phone booth and change costume--from Capricorn to Aquarius.

What does all this mean? Well, let's take a look at each leg of his journey separately--then we'll talk.…

Hey, Baybee, Let's Go to Vegas…

He'll start off the trek with a stop at Neptune's place--by conjunction. Now, certain planetary combinations create splendid mental pictures, and Jupiter and Neptune are a wonderful example. The pair has had an alliance ever since Neptune (finally) allowed herself to be discovered, and then asked for co-rulership of Pisces. Generous as he is, the Big Guy handed over Pisces, on the condition that Neptune allow him visitation rights, at any time--especially in matters pertaining to horary questions. Sharing this dreamy water sign as they do, then, it stands to reason that they'd get along just fine if you left them alone together for a while. So what's it going to be like? Well, take one huge dose of Jupiter's Extravagance, Optimism, and Risky Business, wave a magic wand over it, and pour in some secret ingredients--Neptune's own special blend of Glamour, Illusion, Imagination, and Fantasy. Mix well. What do you get?

Las Vegas Syndrome.

Big Dreams you believe in because you just want to believe in them. Illusions that are too big to be fake…um, right? Like the thunderstorm in the ceiling of MGM Grand, or an Egyptian pyramid that's really the Luxor hotel, or a Sphinx that's really a Casino--or an entire trapeze troupe performing amazing Circus Circus stunts just above your head. You're hypnotized. Why, you hardly even notice that you've spent a month's worth of hard-earned pesos for the "free" shows. These two coming together in your chart provide all that sparkle and more. Life's grand, reality doesn't exist, and you're jee-ust about to Get Lucky, so why not risk it all. Never let it be said that Jupiter knows when to quit or that Neptune's into anything as dreary as reality.

Of course, when a bubble gets too big, it pops. We call that Disappointment, down here on the third rock from the Sun. Neptune's magic pink dust only sticks for awhile--and Jupiter's only potent when you use his energy consciously.

Now, in all fairness to these two, remember that they also have the power to make dreams come true--by virtue of the divine inspiration they instill. In other words, it's okay to enjoy the ride. Just make sure that the great big dreams you'll be dreaming are dreams you really can create--otherwise, you might be due for an even bigger let-down. On a large scale, scams and scammers will be our focus--along with gurus and unofficial saints. Oh, and Movie Stars and their industry will be especially interesting now, too, those folks most adept at portraying just how easily an illusion can be made totally believable. We can expect Hollywood and Vegas to be In The News around this time, too--As Above, So Below.…

From International Business to Giant Leaps in Technology

Next stop: Aquarius. On the 21st of January, Jupiter shrugs off Saturn's pin-striped business suit, Capricorn, and opts for a set of threads just like Uranus's favorite. What's Uranus like to be seen in? Well, Aquarius is a coat of many colors--so his outfit depends on his mood. If he's into Technology at the moment, then he might pull on a stark white lab-coat. If he's feeling "quirky," he might go with a purple Peruvian vest, Birkenstocks and warp-around mirrored sunglasses. Who knows? One thing's for sure. A guy as big as Jupiter in either of those outfits is going to Get Noticed. Might be that he pushes for a huge expansion in what we can already do with all that information on The Web--he'll undoubtedly want to step up his networking efforts in that area, that's for sure. Or he might put on the vest and sandals and call a press conference to preach about Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Peace-Love-Dove on the planet, via Amnesty International, the Peace Corps or some other world-wide humanitarian organization. Wherever he shows up in your chart in his new costume, he's also going to bring along a new attitude for you to try on--anything ranging from Righteous Idealism to suddenly feeling an insatiable urge to investigate the Internet. But we'll talk more about this later.…

When Worlds Collide: Jupiter and Saturn Reach a Compromise

It's no secret that Jupiter and Saturn represent opposite teams, politically and otherwise. Jupiter wants everyone in this together, while Saturn prefers to interview before extending an invitation--and even then, he wants to tell you where to sit. Well, on the 9th of February, Jupiter, in his Aquarian outfit, and Saturn, in his Martian outfit, will form a sextile, a nice, easy aspect that promises a truce of sorts between the principles of expansion and contraction, risk and caution, and optimism and pessimism. That's a good thing--a very good thing. At their best, these two reach wonderful compromises on expanding all kinds of borders and boundaries in a nice, orderly fashion. Controlled Growth, that is. They can also point to balance--not jumping the gun, not waiting too long. Only thing is, they may also take up arms together against someone who doesn't want to join The Aquarian Team. In other words, we might get involved in some type of foreign military thing. If these two decide to back each other up, they might talk each other into trying to win a battle for A Good Cause.

Now, just about all of the inners will also sextile Saturn from Aquarius--and Mars will station at 5+ Libra, in a trine to the whole pack, an opposition to Saturn, and a sextile to Pluto. Again, although all this sounds like the makings of An International Incident, hopefully all those nice, rational air signs will lobby Saturn and his red uniform, and keep him from pushing any red buttons. And since it seems that Jupiter's going to be the leader of the pack--along with Uranus, that is--Saturn might even crack a grin. The place on the planet that this team will turn the spotlight onto? Why, Washington DC, of course, a site long known for its propensity towards proposals of peace--regardless of whether or not a little war has to happen to accomplish it.

In your chart, this sextile will give you an incredible sense of timing, a perfect blend of knowing when to hold up and when to fold up, and the sense to know when to quit--and when to get started. You might also find yourself in the mood to really get involved with your own Good Cause. More than anything, however, this combination is invaluable for planning. Choose your weapons, pick a project, and plan on success.

Next Stop: Darth's Place

With barely a week in between stops, Jupiter's next visit will be to Pluto's place--the Underworld--on the 13-14th of February, via another sextile. So-another nice, easy chat with a Superpower, this time with the Lord of All Things Inevitable. Now, this, too, is a powerful combination. Imagine just how persuasive this team can be--and how irresistible.… Here's your buddy, your pal, good old Jupiter, who you've just got to trust, standing next to tall, dark and seductive Pluto. Their combined motto? You Can Do It--and You Know You Want To.… Again, choose your weapons, and pick a project, but don't kill anyone along the way. Even if they're standing in the way.…

On a larger scale, expect these two to bring equally powerful human archetypal representatives into the planetary spotlight--internationally known individuals, bargaining for progressive change. Politicians with change-oriented agendas--agendas that might seem radical, but needed. Religious figures, too, will be on the cover of the newsmagazines now. The Pope, of course, is the ultimate incarnation of Jupiter and Pluto, what with all that power he wields in such seemingly amicable style, but in Aquarius and Sag, the signs fondest of Spreading the Word, expect a televangelist or two to make a momentary splash, perhaps by allying himself or herself with A Cause. Look to Rome for a news story.

Last Stop: Uranus, And We Now Have a Complete Set…

After all that prepping, Jupiter finally reaches Uranus on the 15th of February, and home plate. Now, these two are all about Big Changes--and it's not like Jupiter won't have already done the footwork to get everyone ready for them. Of course, this is the conjunction everyone's been spouting about for months--years, even--because, again, these two love to communicate. All kinds of folks will be springing up, then, spouting and preaching about their Cause. Jupiter's Aquarian outfit makes his participation in the announcements a given--he's going to be feeling especially confident because he'll be able to Spread The Word even further, with computer-geek Uranus by his side. Seattle ought to be the site of some amazing announcements, then, what with Microsoft living across Lake Washington in Redmond. Futuristic visions and sudden medical miracles (remember, Uranus loves laboratories) will be in the news, too, along with everything we thought we'd never hear. It's not even too far-fetched to wonder if we might not really stretch the Uranian communication to outer space and extraterrestrials. Maybe They'll write back this week.…

Well. Needless to say, it's going to be a big month, and an amazing year. If you've got planets in early Aquarius, and you've been feeling restricted, you don't need to worry about that any more. You're about to be liberated--suddenly. It's the only way to go, for Aquarius planets. It's going to be invigorating, and terrifying, and wonderful--a real Wizard of Oz trip. As with all visits from Jupiter, remember to stay loose--grasp every opportunity he's offering right now to Really Live.

Copyright 1996 by Kim Rogers-Gallager.

All rights reserved.

[Kim Rogers-Gallagher is now the proud owner of her very own mountain range--the Sun Juan Rockies, which she can now see from her office window in beautiful Ridgway, Colorado--population 463. Kim is a member of the AFAN Steering Committee, the ISAR board of directors, and is the editor of KOSMOS. She is the author of Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain and The Lighter Side of Transits. Kim is available for phone consultations--specializing in Chiron interpretations--and can be reached by mail at PO Box 141, Ridgway, CO 81432, or by e-mail at]

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