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  1. Sky Within – A breakthrough in natal computer reporting! Text by Steven Forrest (one of our nation's leading astrologers). This 16-18 page report describes your "Ten Teachers" – the Sun, Moon, and all the other planets in your natal chart. The writing is creative, flowing and extraordinarily informative. Ideal for gifts, beginners and even for advanced students looking for another slant on their birthcharts. $30.

  2. Skylog – The fantastic sequel to The Sky Within is also designed by Steven Forrest. Your major Transits and Secondary Progressions interpreted in a dynamic, personal and inspired fashion. A tour-de-force. $35 - 3 months; $70 - 6 months; $120 - 12 months. ( A 12 month report can run nearly 100 pages.) The starting date must be the first day of a calendar month.

  3. Super Great Bear Natal – Over twice as long as the Sky Within report. Incredibly comprehensive. Includes detailed analysis of almost all chart elements. Also contains information on your Soul-Personality connection, Heliocentric patterns, Saturn cycles and major transits. $35.

  4. Compatibility Report – 16-19 pages of insights on you and your partner's relationship. Analyzes each individual for personality style and then compares charts for compatibility. Choose between two reports: friends or lovers. Fascinating, comprehensive and state-of-the-art. $30.

  5. Transit Report – Based on transiting planets, this report also describes current time periods and gives you hints and suggestions about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. (Starting date must be first date of the calendar month.) $20 - 3 mo.; $30 - 6 mo.; $40 - 12 mo.

  6. Timeline – Our most sophisticated report describing current and future time periods according to planetary cycles. Transits, Secondary Progressions, Tertiary Progressions, and Eclipses all woven together – and in chronological order. We can subsitute "Solar Arc" Progressions for Secondary ones. As with the other transit reports, the starting date must be at the start of the calendar month. $50 - 3 months; $70 - 6 months.

  7. Other Reports Upon Request – Our astrological center also offers reports on children's interpretations, Tarot, Numerology, Biorhythms, and Progressions. Call the Center at (541)683-1760 if interested in any of these and prior to submitting an order via the Web.

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