February 2003: Prelude to War

By Mark Lerner

Dateline: February 16, 2003, Eugene, Oregon -- I write this Prelude to War article just a few hours after a potent Full Moon at 27+ Aquarius-Leo (that has ignited the USA natal Moon at 27 Aquarius from July 4, 1776). The Moon in a nation's chart and interpreted through the well-known rules of Mundane Astrology refers not only to the homeland, sense of family and roots, but also the public or mass consciousness. In the last few days, the country has been galvanized -- by the government and the media -- to be on high alert, anticipating a possible Al Qaeda attack within major cities, at national landmarks or in key public places. Millions have even gone to stores to buy duct tape, protective plastic sheeting to create a "safe room" in their residence (Moon), flashlights, batteries, first-aid kits, potassium iodide pills in order to survive a terrorist assault or biological/chemical attack on their "home turf" (Moon). So far, there have been no incidents and yet the American public (Moon) is more jittery and unnerved than at any other time since September 11, 2001.

Ironically, a devastating and paralyzing snowstorm hit the nation's capital today (Sunday) which was also the day of a rare, chaos-inducing Jupiter-Neptune polarity from Leo to Aquarius and a once-in-two-years, violence-producing Mars-Pluto union at 20 Sagittarius. The storm was furious and blanketed much of the Mid-Atlantic states -- plus the greater New York City area -- with a vengeance not seen for perhaps 6-7 years. All of this happened just 48 hours after a dramatic session on February 14 (during a Void Moon cycle!) at the Security Council in the United Nations in which the leading two weapon inspectors asked for more time to conduct their work, the delegate from France eloquently pleaded for more inspectors and avoidance of war (receiving loud applause in the process), and the U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell (born April 5, 1937 -- the same month as Saddam Hussein -- April 28, 1937) reiterated America's contention that the Iraqis are stalling, cheating, lying and that war may be required shortly to force Saddam Hussein to comply with the recent Security Council resolutions to disarm and eliminate their hidden cache of weapons of mass destruction.

While all this has been happening -- along with the probable reappearance of Osama bin Laden through two audio tapes exhorting his militant followers to wreak havoc on our Western way of life -- another scary war-like scenario is being played out on the Korean peninsula. Most Americans are familiar with the eccentric actions of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, the North Korean bizarre moves to strengthen their build-up of nuclear weapons (a program that is still enshrouded in mystery), and even last week's report by CIA Director George Tenet that North Korea has an untested long-range missile that can reach the Western coast of the USA. President Bush, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Colin Powell have all commented that they hope to negotiate an agreement with the North Koreans. It seems that -- for the time being -- our leaders feel capable of talking with the North Koreans and defusing that crisis while the time for discussions with the Iraqi leadership is long over.

In the rest of this article, I will provide several links to horoscopes that you should study to be prepared for a new war with Iraq and a potential conflict with North Korea. I also share some observations and analysis. [Note: If and when a war begins with Iraq, I plan on posting a feature on this web site within 24-36 hours of the first air strikes and hostilities.]

To view the UNITED NATIONS CHART, click on the following link:


Most Mundane Astrologers who have studied the UN chart come away feeling depressed. The reason is obvious: It came into being with an approaching Mars-Saturn conjunction (less than 1 degree apart). Since Aries rises for this horoscope, Mars is also the UN's ruling planet. Mars signifies aggressive action and Saturn represents limits, restrictions, fears, doubts. Although Saturn can also suggest authority and strong paternal-like behavior, it usually behaves as a brake in a car (while Mars is the accelerator). Net result? The UN is rarely able to "take care of business" militarily in the world. Its idealistic nature is incredibly symbolized by a precise Venus-Neptune union (1 minute of arc separation!) in Venus-ruled Libra. And a Chiron-Jupiter conjunction is just five degrees away in the same sign. Yes, the UN is an extraordinary archetype of world peace, but it is not the kind of group entity that you can mobilize to take militaristic action to resolve disputes.

Back in June 1950 -- when North Korea invaded South Korea (June 25, 1950) -- it was the UN that actually went to war on behalf of South Korea against the North. This was due to a technical error by the Soviet ambassador to the UN who refused to take part in the Security Council meetings. The Soviet Union -- North Korea's main communist supporter (Communist China was not a member of the UN, but was strongly allied with North Korea, too) -- held a veto at the Council, but the delegate's non-participation meant that the Security Council was able to make a resolution to gather an international force to oppose the North Korean invasion. As many of you know, the Korean war ended in a basic stalemate in 1953 -- something that remains in a tense stand-off some 50 years later along the DMZ/38th Parallel, 2.5 miles wide and 155 miles long. North and South of this area, tens of thousands of North and South Korean troops -- plus those of the United States -- stay alert for a possible resumption of war.

The reason President Bush has such a hard time with the slow motion of the UN is that he is a Sun-sign Cancer (the same zodiacal placement as the Mars-Saturn union for the UN). In fact, President Bush's natal Saturn is just 2 degrees away from the UN's Mars-Saturn combo. By the way, the power of the Korean War horoscope (from June 25, 1950) is still a reality -- since that war was never really resolved. When that war started, the Sun was located at 3 degrees of Cancer -- exactly square the transiting Lunar Nodal Axis (destiny/fate affecting the world). In addition, there was a very close, explosive and volatile Mars-Uranus square from 5+ Libra to 5+ Cancer. [Note: The Sun and Uranus were nearing their annual conjunction back in late June 1950. This is very fascinating as the Sun and Uranus are conjunct now as I write this, North Korea's ruler Kim Jong Il is born on the day of a Sun-Uranus square, and Saddam Hussein is born at a Sun-Uranus conjunction. Uranus rules Uranium and radioactivity -- both key factors within atomic energy plants and nuclear weapons.] The day after the Korean War began, both Jupiter (the largest planet representing social order) and Neptune (a major symbol of peace, but also international chaos, confusion, communism and misunderstandings) made stations. Jupiter was going into reverse while Neptune was moving direct. Jupiter is America's ruling planet (reflecting our Sagittarius rising Ascendant) and is also conjunct our Sun placement in Cancer.

June-July 2003 sees Saturn entering Cancer for the first time in 29 years. At this time, the traditional planet of fate, old karma and chronic problems will cross the Korean War horoscope Sun, square its Lunar Nodal Axis, and cross the shocking and unpredictable Uranus placement in early Cancer -- thereby squaring the war-oriented Mars placement in Libra. Saturn entering into Cancer will have other unpleasant effects here in America as the USA is born with Venus, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury all in Cancer. As a matter of fact, our Mercury Retrograde at 24+ Cancer sits exactly conjunct the Mars-Saturn union for the UN! This represents our uneasy connection with the whole history of the UN. It is founded in our nation's capital, has its major center in New York City, and yet we are always way behind in our financial support for this international organization. Part of the reason for this is that for all our involvement in the last 100+ years in being the world's policeman, it is a role we take reluctantly. Sun-sign Cancer America is very much inwardly focused -- wanting to stay out of the broader nightmare going on throughout humanity and Planet Earth.

The current Security Council blockage and frustration is clearly represented by Saturn almost stationary now (exact station and turn direct is on February 22, 2003) at 22+ Gemini. This just happens to be the natal Moon position for the UN! And the Moon for the UN signifies its nurturing, conservative and care-giving nature. Thus, the hesitancy to going to war against Iraq. The Moon is in Gemini and that suggests talk, talk and more talk! Every so often, talk and discussion work wonders. But not when a resolution toward war is necessary. This Saturn station and transit will be watched and, if necessary, a new article on this whole subject will appear.

To view NORTH KOREA'S and SOUTH KOREA'S horoscopes, please click on either of the following two links:



These charts are not only approximations, but North Korea's birthmap could be off by 1 day. These horoscopes appear in Nicholas Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes, but there is a lot of nebulosity when it comes to pinpointing precise times for the modern births of these two nations. The New York Times has referred to the North Korean Republic as beginning on September 9, 1948 rather than September 10, 1948. Nevertheless, we can learn a lot from these more general charts.

Something that has not been observed in the media is that North Korea came into being very close to September 11th. Its solar life force is attached to the Sun placement for the terrorism of September 11, 2001. While North Korea has no apparent links to the secretive actions by Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, we do know that North Korea has in the past sold missiles and nuclear technology to Pakistan! And Pakistan -- a member of the nuclear club -- has strong links to Osama bin Laden and Islamic terrorism and militancy. If North Korea is born on Sept. 10, 1948, its Sun position is 17+ Virgo. This means the recent Pluto transit at 17+ Sagittarius -- happening on and off since Spring 2002 -- has been squaring North Korea's natal Sun. And this will occur again in a major cycle from July-October 2003. It can explain the recent and ongoing turmoil regarding North Korea, the reopening of their plutonium (!) reprocessing facility in Yongbyon, plus the fears of North Korea having nuclear weapons in general.

Pluto is not only making a sharp, friction-producing square to North Korea's Sun, but it is crossing North Korea's natal Jupiter (20 Sagittarius) for the first time ever. In March and April 2003, this alignment may be virtually exact and it will also occur at the end of 2003, and several times in 2004. Jupiter is a symbol for the USA due to its own power in America's horoscope. Hence, the psychological reasoning behind North Korea having so much antipathy toward our nation right now with underworld, extremist and metamorphic Pluto conjuncting its Jupiter. Jupiter is also a representation of a country's involvement in the social environment of international life. Because North Korea comes into being with the Sun and Jupiter clashing by square, it is one of the factors in making it closed to the scrutiny of other nations. However, since North Korea is born with a Moon-Jupiter union -- in Jupiter's own sign of Sagittarius -- it has an inflated and arrogant sense of its own importance! The entire pattern is astounding when compared to the actual behavior of this outlaw nation.

It is also crucial to note that North Korea came into existence at a First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase. Quarter Moons are times of crisis -- crisis in action at the First Quarter and crisis in consciousness at the Last Quarter. A nation born at a First Quarter Phase of Sun and Moon is likely to perpetuate crises around the world through its stressful actions. President George W. Bush is also born at a First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase. This is of great importance in the larger scheme of what's happening for America since the former Texas governor became president. I will have a lot more to say about this in a future article linking President Bush to Saddam Hussein. For the moment, it is essential to realize that anyone or anything born at a First Quarter Moon carries the energy of crisis. On the positive level, it can mean a destiny to resolve crises. On the negative level, it can mean fated conditions producing crises.

To view KIM JONG IL'S horoscope, click on the following link:


The date and place of birth for the maverick North Korean leader is not known for sure. The World Almanac for 2003 lists his birth as February 16, 1942. Time magazine's January 13, 2003 edition (page 28) lists him as 60 years old -- an age which corresponds to a birth in February 1942. Let's assume for the moment that this is the right date and I have relocated his birthchart to the capital of North Korea. [He was probably born somewhere in the former Soviet Union.] He is then born on the day of a Sun-Uranus square in fixed, power signs. Solar Aquarians are already eccentric by incarnating in the 11th sign of the zodiac. To be born with their solar ruling planet (Uranus) square the Sun itself is to amplify the eccentricity to extraordinary levels. Keep in mind that transiting Uranus has just been crisscrossing Kim's natal Sun three times in 2002 -- a once-in-a-lifetime union. Uranus equates with revolutionary, shocking and unpredictable actions and behavior. While Uranus was igniting Kim's Sun (life force; core energy; fundamental character), it was also squaring his own natal Uranus. Hence, the perplexity and strangeness of his life as the ruler of North Korea in the last year or so.

Adding to the bizarre nature of his chart are the following. Both Mercury and Venus rise ahead of his Sun in Aquarius and are retrograde. While it is rather common to be born with Mercury in reverse, it is rarer to be born with Venus retrograde than any other planet. This is due to its six-week retrograde cycle only every 18+ months. One thing astrology students sometimes forget is that when Mercury and Venus are in reverse, they are both moving in counterpoint to the Sun's motion. Thus, the mental power and communication skills (Mercury) and emotional power and values (Venus) of the individual operate against the flow of the solar life force! Many media sources refer to Kim's extremely unusual behavior patterns, his former playboy life, and obsessive fascination for collecting films and videotaping his movements. His natal Venus Rx is closing opposing Pluto Rx. This is not the only intense pattern at work in his horoscope. You will see Mars conjunct Saturn in fixed Taurus -- both closely opposing Juno (empowerment or disempowerment in relationships) in Scorpio. The fact that Ceres (the largest asteroid; Mother Nature; nurturing expression) is located at 19+ Aquarius -- forming a tense T-Square triangle with Mars-Saturn in Taurus and Juno in Scorpio -- indicates a disturbing Mother-Father complex working deeply within Kim's psyche.

Depending on what happens between the USA and North Korea, I will discuss this chart again in a future article -- as well as the birthmap for South Korea. There is one more salient point in this discussion. Kim Jong Il's Sun is exactly conjunct America's natal Moon-Pallas union at 26-27 Aquarius. He has a permanent and powerful influence over the mass consciousness and homeland security issues of Americans. And because Kim is born with an exact Sun-Uranus square, he brings the vibrations of shock, uncertainty and "radioactive surprise" to our nation.

To view the PERSIAN GULF WAR chart, click on the following link:


This is a fairly exact chart for the start of the Persian Gulf War on January 17, 1991 during the first "Bush Administration." I am offering up this horoscope right now more for your study than for an in-depth analysis. It will undoubtedly have strong connections to the resumption of war against Iraq -- if that develops in the near future. There are two important points to discuss for the moment. The first is that the war began less than 24 hours after the New Moon. The New York Times recently ran an article showing the coming New Moon Phase (March 2-3, 2003) and the general "dark Moon" cycle in late February. To conduct the type of blitzkrieg air war that we are planning against Saddam Hussein, Baghdad and Iraq, you need a "moonless night" to create as much darkness and cover as possible for the bombing missions. The second point is that the Persian Gulf War started with Jupiter retrograde at 10+ Leo. Jupiter has a 12-year cycle and is now back to the same zodiacal place it was in during January 1991! Remember that Jupiter is a strong symbol for America and, in ancient Greek mythology, Jupiter was King of the Gods and the ruler of the skies (holding the vital power of the thunderbolt). Jupiter was at 10+ Leo in September 2002 as America was moving toward military action against Iraq, but shifted gears and decided to keep working with the UN to gather world support. Jupiter returns to 10+ Leo during the last 10 days of February -- when our government will feel a renewed compulsion to attack Iraq. There is one more passage of Jupiter over this powerful degree of 10+ Leo. It will happen between May 10 - 18, 2003 when Mars will also oppose a stationary Neptune and there will be the potent Full Moon of Taurus (the spiritual high point of the year/Buddha Festival, also known as Wesak!) -- a Full Moon that turns out to be a Total Lunar Eclipse!

The odds are that the May 2003 time-period will refer to a highly intense cycle in a Iraq that has already been attacked by America. It is far too hot in May 2003 (in the Iraq region) for America to launch a war at that time. But if hostilities have been going on for a couple of months, then May can represent a climax or fulfillment of what is initiated around the coming New Moon of March 2003. Note that President George W. Bush (July 6, 1946) is born with a Mercury-Pluto conjunction at 10+ Leo! Hence, transiting Jupiter is making a triple conjunction to the President's natal and rising Mercury-Pluto union three times from the Fall of 2002 into May 2003. This movement by Jupiter is making President Bush feel more confident of victory, but also more potentially arrogant in his moralistic and religious view (Jupiter) that he and America are absolutely right and may not need the support of old allies in this endeavor. In addition, when modern Iraq emerged as a nation (July 14, 1958), revolutionary Uranus was located at 10+ Leo. Thus, we see so many inter-connections between horoscopes presented in this article.

To view IRAQ'S natal horoscope, click on the following link:


Back during the Fall of 1990 and Winter of 1991, we ran many articles on Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in August 1990, the chart of Saddam Hussein, and the start of the Persian Gulf War in January 1991. [Note: If you would like to order a group of over a half dozen, illuminating articles on this subject from the archives of our Welcome to Planet Earth astrology journal, please send a check or money order (payable: Mark Lerner) for $13.50 to us at: Mark Lerner, The Great Bear, PO Box 12007, Eugene OR 97440.] Like America, modern Iraq is a Sun-sign Cancer nation. But it is a country born with an approaching Sun-Mars square (Mars in Aries -- aggressive behavior) and an approaching Sun-Jupiter square that is within 2 degrees of exactitude. Why is this important? Earlier in this article, I mentioned that North Korea was born with an approaching Sun-Jupiter square and that it symbolizes an uncomfortable presence within the greater social world of international life. Jupiter is the main planet relating to social involvement and participation. If there is something "off" in the natal chart regarding Jupiter, the entity (person, group or nation) may "malfunction" in the greater social life. Therefore, a common astrological bond between Iraq and North Korea is that both nations are born at Sun-Jupiter squares.

Since modern Iraq is 44 years old, it is experiencing an archetypal, astrological "rite of passage" that every being goes through at this age: Saturn opposing Saturn. Iraq's natal Saturn is at 20+ Sagittarius -- almost exactly opposed to Venus at 20+ Gemini. This is a perfect symbol of the frustrated "feminine side" (Venus) of this land. Saturn precisely opposite Venus (only a 6 minute orb!) reveals the repressed nature of Iraq's emotional life, its values and sensitive side. Right now transiting Saturn has drifted back to 22+ Gemini -- within 2 degrees of their Venus and within 2 degrees of opposing their natal Saturn. To add insult to injury, transiting Pluto is about to cross Iraq's Saturn for the first time ever. This will be close in March-April 2003 (within 1/3 of one degree), but becomes exact at the end of 2003 and several times during 2004. A transit of Pluto over Saturn in a horoscope can only happen once in 248 years. It is a devastating and profound transformation -- in this case, of a nation and people.

Another interesting zodiacal placement is Mercury at 14+ Leo in Iraq's chart. When Saddam Hussein officially took over the reins of power in Iraq, it was July 16, 1979. Mercury on that date had returned to 14+ Leo, was slowing down to a crawl, and preparing to go stationary and retrograde the next day. We often forget that Saddam Hussein has been in power for almost 24 years now! Here are the American presidents who have been in office during this time-span: Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush, Bill Clinton and now George W. Bush. And Saddam Hussein was already a volatile political activist when Eisenhower, JFK, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon were president.

This is not the time and place to report on all the amazing astrology connections between the natal chart of Saddam Hussein and the day he took over Iraq. Nevertheless, the patterns are amazing and reveal why it has been so hard to topple him. For instance, Jupiter was located at 13+ Leo when he became the Iraqi President through murder and mayhem within that beleaguered country. This means Mercury and Jupiter were conjunct about five days before he took power and would re-unite (due to Mercury's reversal the day after he became Iraqi leader) just 48 hours after July 16, 1979. Leo is the most powerful sign in the zodiac and the traditional symbol of royalty. It is also a fixed, power sign. One of the reasons for Saddam Hussein's longevity as a dictator and his ability to spread his strange charisma amongst the Iraqi people comes from this potent pattern existing in mid-July 1979. [Note: Jupiter has been and is making three returns to its own placement from the time Hussein gained power in Iraq in July 1979. The last of these returns occurs during the first two weeks of June 2003. By the way, the date for the birth of Islam as a religion and/or civilization goes back to July 16, 622 A.D. in Medina, Saudi Arabia. It would be intriguing to know if Saddam Hussein was aware of this fact when he decided to take over Iraq on July 16, 1979.]

Hussein also took over Iraq close to that nation's own birthday (July 14, 1958). Thus, there is a solar Cancer-Cancer match. In addition, the transiting Moon on July 16, 1979 was in Aries -- crossing Iraq's natal Mars (warfare; murder; bloodshed) -- suggesting his ability to rule with an iron (Mars) hand. Just as Saddam Hussein is born with a Sun-Uranus conjunction (within 2 degrees), he seized control of Iraq's government with a flowing, harmonious Sun-Uranus trine in water signs (Cancer to Scorpio). By the way, Pluto on July 16, 1979 was at 16+ Libra. This is exactly the placement for President George W. Bush's natal Moon-Juno union! It is one of many serious and monumental astrological links between these two people about to create a major war that can have horrendous implications for an upsurge of terrorism in the years and decades to come.

To view AMERICA'S chart and PRESIDENT BUSH'S chart, click on the following links:



Both of these horoscopes have been presented before in articles on this web site. America's chart is discussed in one of the early articles in this series and President Bush's horoscope was first provided in the Election 2000 special feature. Many of you are already familiar with these charts. At this time, they are provided for your study. If and when the new war breaks out, I will go into much greater depth on key transits, progressions and alignments. The major points for the moment are the following.

When the USA birthmap is relocated to the Middle East, our natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn) is exactly overhead through the Persian Gulf. This was first discovered, analyzed and reported by astrologer Wayne Moody back in the 1980s. He did extensive research on this subject and also presented his findings in Welcome to Planet Earth astrology journal. In essence, because of this permanent tie between America and our Plutonic force overhead in this part of the world, America has a strange obsession about this region, a "blind spot" (as Pluto connects to the underworld and mysterious, extreme forces of invisibility). In addition, many astrology researchers believe that oil (while connected to Neptune as a fluid substance) is ruled by Pluto because it must be extracted from under the ground or under the oceans. Pluto in mythology always ruled UNDERWORLDS. Remember, too, that oil has been referred to as "black gold." Many people around the world -- and particularly in the Middle East -- are suspicious that the true American motivation to get rid of Saddam Hussein and attack Iraq is to control Iraq's oil -- this country having the second largest oil reserves in the world after Saudi Arabia.

Now the current transits of both Saturn (authority figures; heavy-handed actions; fear; karma; executive power) and Pluto (death-rebirth; deep transformation; terror via nuclear arms and/or weapons of mass destruction) are very potent relative to America's chart. This is because our country came into being with a very difficult, frictional Mars-Neptune square -- from 21+ Gemini to 22+ Virgo. [This has been discussed over and over again in our journal and many astrology journals for literally decades.] Currently, in February 2003, Saturn is about to station and turn forward at 22+ Gemini -- exactly squaring America's natal Neptune (confusion and chaos, on the shadow side) and within 1 degree of our natal Mars (potential warfare; strife; violence and bloodshed). Pluto is approaching the opposition to our Mars and a square to our Neptune from the other side of the zodiac! It will not be exact until 2004 and even into 2005, but just its close polarity is setting off gigantic shock waves within the underworld of our consciousness. Also -- in esoteric astrology connected to the 7 Rays, Pluto is strongly affiliated with the First Ray of Will, Purpose and Power (including Government rulership) while Saturn has always been the traditional ruler of Capricorn -- zodiacal sign symbolizing executive authority, world leaders and power over nations. [Note: In traditional Mundane Astrology, the 7th house of a nation's horoscope rules both allies and adversaries. This is the first time in 29 years that Saturn has been moving through this zone for the USA. Right now -- as Saturn slows down and stops so close to our 7th house Mars in airy Gemini (warfare and strife from the skies and via communications) -- we are not only on the verge of a major air battle against Iraq, but we are in the midst of a severe breakdown (Saturn on our Mars in Gemini) in our usually harmonious rapport with allies like France, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands.]

As a way of summing up the paragraph just written, note the following extraordinary linkage. President George W. Bush has his natal Saturn at 26 degrees 30 minutes of Cancer conjunct Saddam Hussein's natal Pluto at 26 degrees 34 minutes of Cancer! A 4-minute orb of the very planets "doing the damage" right now in the heavens. And such a conjunction between two people is extremely deep, serious, profound, karmic and fateful. What is astounding is that Secretary of State Colin Powell -- born the same month as Saddam Hussein -- has his natal Pluto at 26 degrees 30 minutes of Cancer -- exactly conjunct (no orb!) President Bush's Saturn. I had predicted back in 1991 (12 years ago) and again in 1996 that Colin Powell was destined to return to a prominent position within America's government in order to be a foil and nemesis to Saddam Hussein. This triangle of individuals -- President Bush, Colin Powell and Saddam Hussein -- is one of enormous potency and will be discussed in a special feature that will appear shortly on this web page. There is much more going on in the charts of America and President Bush; the other major cycles will appear in the future article I will be running.

To view SADDAM HUSSEIN'S horoscope, click on the following link:


I've written about Saddam Hussein and his astrological chart for a long time. Two of my articles appeared in Fall editions of Welcome to Planet Earth astrology journal back in 1990 after he invaded Kuwait. I had been following him since he seized power in Iraq in 1979 and when he launched the war against neighboring Iran in September 1980. [You will see my feature on him on this Index Page by scrolling down further. I wrote that article a number of years ago when he was stirring up more trouble during the Clinton Administration.]

When I come out with my comprehensive article, Saddam Hussein's natal chart and cycles will be covered in depth. The bottom line of why America considers Saddam Hussein so dangerous is that he was born on April 28, 1937 with a close Sun-Uranus conjunction in Taurus -- a fixed, power sign. While America is the primary air power in the world, our nation is born with Sagittarius rising and Uranus -- near its own Heliocentric North Node -- setting in Gemini. We don't want anyone interfering with our potent arsenal in the air. And that includes missile technology, stealth aircraft, spy satellites, etc. As I explained in the Columbia Shuttle Disaster article (also on this Index Page), the Discovery of Uranus chart and the horoscope for the Wright Brothers First Powered Air Flight reveal the potency of Uranus when it comes to aviation, advances in science, and technology. Hussein -- with his Sun-Uranus union -- is too much of a "wild card," a hard-to-figure-out "joker in the deck." We supported him two decades ago in his battle against our then enemy Iran and wound up making him into a kind of Frankenstein monster that we have never been able to destroy.

Because he has his natal Saturn at 0+ Aries and powerful natal midpoint structures -- Mars/Pluto at 0+ Libra and Mars/Jupiter at 0+ Capricorn -- the beginning of every season (each solstice and equinox) holds the seeds of his potential demise. This undoubtedly contributes to his paranoia about moving from house to house every day, never sleeping in the same place. He knows he is a target for death and assassination -- either from external agents of other nations or from within the ranks of the Iraqi military or from the Shiite and Kurdish minorities he has abused and mistreated for over two decades.

President Bush clearly believes he is on a sacred mission to rid the world of Saddam Hussein -- that he is a menace to the future peace and well-being of the Middle East, the world in general, and America in particular. There are many reasons for the President Bush vs. Saddam Hussein extreme adversarial relationship, but one factor comes from his father's unfinished business during the Persian Gulf War. That unfinished business was the prevention of American troops marching on Baghdad and ousting Saddam Hussein. Years later, it was determined by our CIA that Saddam Hussein tried to arrange the assassination of President George Herbert Walker Bush while our former president was traveling outside the USA. Remember that Saddam Hussein's Pluto sits right on our current President's natal Saturn (father themes).

The former President Bush was born with a very close Sun-Uranus square while Saddam Hussein has the Sun and Uranus united. Thus, Saddam Hussein represented a force of energy that was in an unusual way the answer to former President Bush's life purpose. Now the son has taken over the mantle of power from his father, and he wants to complete the earlier "unfinished business." President George W. Bush is not merely a Sun-sign Cancer -- whose Sun is exactly conjunct America's Sun. He was born with Uranus at 19+ Gemini -- exactly conjunct his own North Lunar Node (a very fateful/destiny pattern linked to the revolutionary planet discovered on March 13, 1781). Thus, the current President Bush also wields Uranian power -- just as Saddam Hussein does. And presently, transiting Pluto at 19+ Sagittarius is opposing President Bush's natal Uranus throughout 2003. Hence, the unpredictable and scary scenario about to be played out if a devastating air battle (Uranus) develops in the weeks and months ahead.

As I conclude this time, we shouldn't completely forget about Osama bin Laden. His probable chart was presented in one of the earlier articles in this series. His birth date -- March 10, 1957 -- has recently been corroborated by astrological researcher Karen Hamaker, who somehow obtained a birth certificate. Apparently, the reclusive terrorist was born at 10:58AM EET in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on that date. The day and year were originally provided by Interpol, on their web site. And although several other dates were published on the web, I felt strongly that the March 10, 1957 date was correct. This means that his natal Sun at 19+ Pisces is receiving the potent and once-in-a-lifetime square from transiting Pluto at 19+ Sagittarius. For a person in his situation, this can represent the desire for a ruthless attempt to seize worldly power at all cost (Pluto) via a quasi-religious movement (Sun in Pisces). As events unfold, this Welcome to Planet Earth and Great Bear astrology web site will offer you vital information on what may be a new war developing in the Middle East.

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