Special Offer to Friends of Planet Earth Astrology
After the terrorist attacks on America during Sept. 11, 2001, we immediately began running important astrological stories on the main Index page of the Great Bear/Planet Earth Astrology web site. In addition, we are preparing a magazine-style look and feel to this web site. This will include color charts, photos, graphics, and a variety of astrology services, many of them brand new.
Many of you know that after nearly 20 years of in-print publication, service to the greater astrological community, and with a number of medical challenges within our family and the general downturn in the economy, we are shifting our focus toward placing WTPE magazine online. This has a number of advantages over the print world. For instance: the ability to use plenty of color, charts and graphics; the ability to post new stories weekly and, in the near future, daily; having greater and qucker interaction with all our readers.
However, there is a NEW astrology newsletter beginning Fall 2004 (in print and to be sent via airmail]. You will need to subscribe to this newsletter ($45 for a 1-year subscription of 8 editions if you are sending in a check; it is $55 if you order by credit card] and more information is available on the main Index Page. To keep moving forward now with EARTH/AQUARIUS NEWS (in print and connected to a special section online] and offering all our services, we need your financial support. Since the whole country is going through a massive shift and there is much fear and worry, we understand how everyone is going through changes. But Welcome to Planet Earth and Earth/Aquarius News will be here -- reporting about what's going on in America, the world, and in our new national/global drive to rid the world of terrorism.
We are asking you to please send, phone or e-mail in any order -- whether small, medium or large -- to help us continue our astrological educational efforts, now internationally through the Internet. Every order will help us stay on course and offer you much improved astrological services in the months ahead. Here are some suggestions for orders.
*A variety pack of our Back Issues, with editions from the 1990s, so you can explore the big stories of the last decade. Order 6 for $18; 12 for $34; 18 for $45.
*Scroll down on the main Welcome to Planet Earth Index Page and order our astrology reports (in Plain English), class-tapes in Mark Lerner's home-study School of Planetary Studies, astrological software and WTPE subscription.
*Order our special one-time-only printed Moon edition, with 29 articles and 104 pages. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Moon -- via astrology, astronomy, mythology, psychology, metaphysics, poetry, history, legend, lore and more. Price = $8.
*Consider placing a banner, color ad (and web link) for your work on our web site. [Contact Mark Lerner for further details.]
*Contact Mark Lerner about having a personal consultation on your natal chart, transits and progressions. Mark has been a professional astrologer for over 32 years. Sessions are very comprehensive and illuminating. The full session is for 90-minutes and recorded on a regular cassette tape ($175). The shorter, 1-hour session is $125. These rates are extremely low considering Mark's three decades of expertise in astrology on all levels. The consultation is tailored to your needs, questions, and current life experience. Various charts and techniques are utilized in the reading -- astro-locality maps; solar returns; composite and synastry charts (for compatibility); midpoint structures; solar arc directions and tertiary (lunar-based) progressions; utilizing Chiron and the 4 main asteroids, etc. Sessions can be completed by Mark on his own or via a telephone consultation. [E-mail or call Mark for more information.]
*Donate something to further our work. $5; $10; $20; $25; $50; $100; $250 or more. Your contribution goes a long way in supporting our educational efforts.

How to order?You can order with a Visa or Master card number, and month/year of expiration. You can e-mail us at markgobear@aol.com Only Mark Lerner, publisher of Earth/Aquarius News and Welcome to Planet Earth, will read your e-mail. Indicate what you want, the prices, your name (name on the card if different), mailing address and a phone number. If you need to leave your Visa/Master card number, and month/year of expiration, on our telephone answering machine, you can still e-mail us with your order and then leave the credit card information on tel. number 541-683-1760. Just give your name, card information, and indicate that the rest is in your e-mail. You can call at any time. It is completely safe. When you receive your credit card statement, it will have our business name on it: The Great Bear. Finally, you can also send a check (payable to: Mark Lerner) to us at: Mark Lerner, 348 Heritage Oaks Drive, Eugene OR 97405. Please include your order, prices, name, address and phone number.

Thank you for your kind consideration, generosity and support during this time of national renewal and re-dedication to our deeper purpose as a soul-infused and spirit-guided people. Many Blessings to you and your loved ones, Mark Lerner Publisher Earth/Aquarius News and Welcome to Planet Earth