VOC Inaugural Moon

The Void-of-Course Moon at President Clinton's Inauguration

by Mark Lerner

[Author's Note: What follows is a revised version (with new sections!) of what first appeared – exclusively – in our Aquarius/Pisces 1996 edition (Jan/Feb 1996). There are some very profound and serious problems occurring as President Clinton takes the Oath of Office for the second time on January 20, 1997 – and these challenges go way beyond the haziness of a Void-of-Course Moon. We will update you on this story throughout 1997. And please cross-reference this article with the information on President Yeltsin's Void-of-Course Moon at his re-inaugural in August 1996 (see page 9, Sag/Capricorn 96 printed magazine).]

Throughout 1996, writers and prognosticators were feverishly at work trying to determine which candidate would win the presidential election on November 5, 1996. What they should now be concerned about is the next presidential inauguration which, by law, must happen at Noon, January 20, 1997. What I am about to share is crucial, as it concerns the well-being of our nation during the presidential cycle from January 20, 1997 to January 20, 2001 (which includes the birth of the next millennium). Here are the astrological facts.

When President Clinton is re-inaugurated - Noon (sometimes it is 12:02-12:03PM EST, when the Oath of Office is finalized), January 20, 1997, in Washington, D.C. - the Moon in late Gemini will be "Void-of-Course." This term has been around for almost two thousand years - since the days of the astrologer-astronomer Ptolemy of Egypt. Fundamentally, the Moon being Void-of Course (VOC) means that the Moon has made all its major aspects (primary mathematical relationships) while it's in that sign and, until it leaves that sign, will not make any more alignments. Thus, there are periods of time -- that can last for a couple of minutes, to a few hours, to several hours or even longer than a day! -- when the Moon will not make any more key aspects while it's in a sign and is considered "Void" or VOC. As soon as the Moon enters the next sign, it is no longer Void. [Note: There are some astrologers who ignore this ancient "rule" and other astro-researchers who interpret VOC differently. However, most astrologers in the USA work with the VOC Moon in this manner and accept its power and importance.]

What's the general meaning of a VOC Moon? That events, plans or decisions begun at those times will not work out as expected, there may be unforeseen setbacks, problems, detours, changes, etc., that spoil or redirect what is "birthed" at that moment. Sometimes, the VOC Moon means that "nothing" (Void) will come of the matter initiated at that time. Overall, experts on the subject suggest that during a VOC Moon, one does not "push the envelope," you don't try to press your luck, go overboard, promise too much, begin major projects in the outside world. On the other hand, it may be an ideal time to complete old business, finish activities, reorganize and refocus, meditate, "clean up your act," and so on.

To give you an idea of when other presidents have been inaugurated during a VOC Moon, here is the list since 1945. Franklin Roosevelt - Inaugurated January 20, 1945 during a VOC Moon in Aries. John F. Kennedy - Inaugurated January 20, 1961 during a VOC Moon in Pisces. Richard Nixon - Inaugurated January 20, 1973 during a VOC Moon in Leo. Since 1945, these are the ONLY presidential inaugurations conducted during lunar VOC times. Here are the results:

FDR had already been inaugurated three times previously (1933 on March 4 - the old inaugural date - 1937 and 1941) with no VOC activity. On January 20, 1945, the Moon was VOC in Aries. He died of a cerebral hemorrhage less than three months later when the Moon returned to Aries during a New Moon in that sign. He did not complete (Void) his last term in office.

JFK was inaugurated on January 20, 1961 when the Moon in Pisces was VOC. A little more than 1000 days later - on November 22, 1963 - he was assassinated in Dallas. He did not complete (Void) his term in office.

Richard M. Nixon had been inaugurated for the first time on January 20, 1969 with the Moon in Pisces (like the JFK inaugural), but NOT in a VOC mode. He continued JFK's vision of landing humans on the Moon six months after the Nixon inauguration. After the Nixon landslide election over Sen. George McGovern (Nov. 1972), Richard Nixon was inaugurated again on January 20, 1973. This time the Moon was VOC in Leo. The Watergate break-in had already occurred in June 1972 and the McGovern forces throughout the summer and fall of 1972 tried in vain to publicize this act. However, after the Jan. 20, 1973 inauguration, President Nixon's situation began unraveling, week after week, month after month. VP Agnew had to resign over tax evasion charges in the fall of 1973. Rep. Gerald Ford was chosen as his successor and President Nixon had to resign in disgrace - or face impeachment - in August 1974. He did not complete (Void) his last term in office.

In these three presidential administrations, the leader of America and the Free World either died without finishing his term or had to leave the presidency in dishonor.

On January 20, 1997, President Clinton will be re-inaugurated with a Moon in very late Gemini. It will be VOC from January 18th at 3:12PM EST (during a Moon-Pluto opposition) until January 20 at 3:29PM EST. Unless something unforeseen happens to delay the inauguration, President Clinton -- re-entering his "office of supreme power" on January 20, 1997 -- will "birth" an administration (lasting 4 years and including the turn into 2000 and the beginning of the next millennium) under a VOC Moon.

There is also the "little" matter of Neptune precisely (no orb!) crossing America's natal Pluto (from July 4, 1776) on January 20, 1997 - a rare cycle happening during 1996-1997 for the first time in 164 years. This Neptune exact focus on the USA Pluto is vital to understand; I wrote a complete feature on this unusual and potentially illuminating, revelatory, metamorphic, but also hazardous, insidious, toxic and corrupting happening in our 15th Anniversary Gemini/Cancer 96 edition. [That Neptune Crossing the USA Pluto article exists on our Great Bear Web Site, and our Planet Earth Astrology Web Site on ASTRONET on AOL. See page 1 of the current magazine for the Introduction mentioning our Web Site addresses.]

After the January 20, 1997 Void Moon, the next time a presidential inauguration will occur during a VOC Moon will be on January 20, 2009 - with the lunar body in late Scorpio and Void until 12:31PM EST, about 30 minutes AFTER that future president comes into power.

Does the VOC Moon on January 20, 1997 automatically mean a flawed, doomed and disastrous presidential administration? Not necessarily. Not if the four-year cycle from 1997-2001 is seen in a spiritual, meditative, uplifting context. Perhaps where the president's inaugural address speaks of a massive American soul-searching, a complete national "clean-up campaign" (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) and a re-thinking and re-prioritizing of our values, morals, ethics and beliefs. After all, just 24 hours before the next president is inaugurated, there will be - quite possibly - the most auspicious alignment of the year (the annual Sun-Jupiter union at 30 Capricorn). Yet even that exalted, expanded and optimistic rendezvous occurs during a VOC Moon. Amazingly, on the day after the Inauguration, Jupiter enters Aquarius for a 1-year journey and the Tibetan Master D.K. (who inspired and overlighted Alice A. Bailey in the great masterwork, Esoteric Astrology) has taught thousands of astrological students that Jupiter is the esoteric (read "Soul-Disciple") ruler of Aquarius (above the vibrations even of Uranus!).

The key direction offered by President Clinton at his second Inauguration should be more of an inward, spiritual exploration for our nation rather than an outward, materialistic and global outreach.

Until we publish more about this story, study your history books about presidential elections and inaugurations, and learn more about VOC Moon cycles. [Note: Two special reprints of articles (from the pages of WTPE magazine in 1995) on the VOC Moon are available for a total of only $5. If interested, send a check or money order to: The Great Bear, PO Box 12007, Eugene OR 97440.]

Extra Update (December 7, 1996): There are 2 reasons to hope that President Clinton's Void-of-Course Moon on Inauguration Day could work in his favor, and help America and the world: (A) The President is born with his Lunar North Node (path of higher destiny) in Gemini and the Moon will still be in Gemini while it is Void. The Moon transiting someone's North Node sign each month is considered a very favorable alignment! (B) The Moon's actual placement at the Inaugural – 28+ Gemini – puts it in extremely close conjunction to the zodiacal longitudes of two potent stars – Polaris (the North Star) and Betelgeuse (an enormous red giant sun, the brightest star in the Constellation Orion the Hunter). Now … these two stars are not actually ON the ecliptic (Sun-Earth pathway which we call the zodiac), but every star has a "zodiacal intercept" --where the star energizes the zodiac, even though that star is not literally on the ecliptic or zodiacal path. Esoterically and spiritually, both Polaris (a major teacher/mentor, stellar presence to the receptive Earth – according to Dane Rudhyar; Polaris as a cosmic initiator and guide for our planet) and Betelgeuse (a possible initiating agent – as it nears 0 Cancer – of the New Age, again according to Dane Rudhyar) influencing the Moon at President Clinton's re-inauguration could endow the next USA Administration with a strong dose of very needed positive, uplifting, divine inspiration.

On the other hand, misuse and abuse of this awesome cosmic power – by the Clinton Administration and the American people (over the next four years) – would certainly spell CATASTROPHE, in capital letters. It would be wise and prudent to offer up many prayers and optimistic thoughts just before, during and just following the Inauguration. We will ALL need to be meditating, thinking, feeling and loving on the highest levels possible….

P.S. Where does the comet Hale-Bopp fit into the Inaugural scheme of things? Located at 22+ Capricorn, it shares with Ceres and Neptune the honor of being one of the "most elevated" celestial bodies at the time President Clinton is sworn in for the second time. Hale-Bopp "watching over" the proceedings in Washington, DC is, indeed, a sobering reality.

Copyright 1996 by Mark Lerner. All rights reserved.

[Mark Lerner is the publisher of Planet Earth Magazine - online and in print. Please contact him via e-mail at Markgobear@aol.com. or at PO Box 12007, Eugene, OR 97440.]

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