Pluto Triggers The Nuclear Axis:

Part I

by Mark Lerner

[Important Note: To obtain the 4 features on Astrology and Atomic Energy which appeared in Welcome to Planet Earth magazine in 1993, please send $7.00 by check (payable to: The Great Bear) to us at: The Great Bear, PO Box 12007, Eugene OR 97440. These articles – available as reprints – give the history of atomic energy (since 1942) linked with major astrological and zodiacal alignments, particularly influencing the "Nuclear Axis" (between approximately 7 and 11 degrees Gemini-Sagittarius). The first time I discussed the Nuclear Axis and published the original article was back in 1982. You are strongly advised to read Barry Lynes' article in the current edition – page 7 – on The Swoop of History. This feature zeros in on Pluto's first-time-ever transit of America’s Ascendant at 7+ Sagittarius during 1998.]

In 1981-82 I began an astro-historical research project. As a teenager – during the Cuban Missile Crisis and JFK Assassination – I became fascinated by the potential nightmare of atomic weaponry and what the future might hold in store for Planet Earth if the nuclear missiles of mass destruction were not eliminated. Nine years into my exploration of astrology, I "accidentally" discovered what I called the "Nuclear Axis." What is the Nuclear Axis and where does it reside in the zodiac?

The Nuclear Axis

This is not the place to discuss all the preliminary research I conducted back in the early 1980s. You will find it in the series of articles I wrote back in 1993 for Planet Earth magazine. It became abundantly clear from seeing the chart for the First Nuclear Chain Reaction (birthmap presented on this page) – and by noting some other crucial astro-factors which I am about to explain – that there existed an unusually active zodiacal region related to nuclear-atomic energy and weaponry. That area is between approximately 7 and 11 degrees Gemini-Sagittarius. Why?

While there were many discoveries about the atomic nucleus before the pivotal date of Dec. 2, 1942, the enormous energy within the atom had never been harnessed via a humanity-directed project to initiate a Chain Reaction. The First Nuclear Chain Reaction took place under the tutelage of scientist Enrico Fermi and in the late afternoon of Dec. 2, 1942, the "nuclear age" was born. The first explosion of an atomic bomb did not occur for another 2+ years, but on that fateful Wednesday afternoon in Chicago, Illinois in early December 1942, a door opened into the awesome power that drives the universe.

When the First Nuclear Chain Reaction took place, Uranus and Saturn were rising in early Gemini while the Sun, Mercury and Venus were setting in Sagittarius. In particular, Saturn at 9 Gemini was opposing the Sun at 10+ Sagittarius during their annual, dynamic and illuminating polarity. This was just the initial piece of an enormous atomic jigsaw puzzle.

As I started to conduct my investigations, something rather amazing happened. What started out as a rather curious concentration of planets in early Gemini-Sagittarius turned into something far more profound. I remembered that Neptune and Pluto had last united in 1891-1892 (three times) at 8-9 Gemini in what Dane Rudhyar had indicated was the Grandmother of all cycles – a 492-year cycle and sweep of history containing all other planetary cycles. Furthermore, from my studies of the Fixed Stars, I realized that two Red Giant stars – Aldebaran in the constellation of Taurus and Antares in the constellation of Scorpio – were now opposing each other (in our tropical zodiac) in a cosmic tug-of-war from 9-10 Gemini (Aldebaran) and Sagittarius (Antares). Add on the fact that America was born on July 4, 1776 with Uranus at 8+ Gemini and an Ascendant of 7+ Sagittarius, and it was not hard to imagine that something magical and mysterious was going on in the Gemini-Sagittarius corridors of zodiacal power.

Now For The Hard Part

Creating the First Nuclear Chain Reaction chart and realizing what was just discussed in the previous paragraph was still step one. Now the question was whether nuclear-related events after Dec. 2, 1942 revealed planets activating the Nuclear Axis in Gemini-Sagittarius. Over and over again in my research (looking at charts for the first atomic bomb detonation – Trinity; Hiroshima; Nagasaki; First Hydrogen Bomb; SALT Talks; Cuban Missile Crisis; Three Mile Island; Chernobyl; etc), I constantly found "triggering" planets within the Nuclear Axis and/or exactly squaring it from Virgo-Pisces.

Back in the 1980s, when doing all this work, it wasn't difficult to open an ephemeris and see that transiting Pluto would cross the Nuclear Axis (for the first time ever) in 1998-2000, and actually reach the First Nuclear Chain Reaction Sun in February-April 1999 and then station there in August 2000, and more broadly from June to October 2000.

Pluto Triggers The Nuclear Axis

Now what I have to say is difficult. In an ideal and optimistic world, a Pluto transit opposing Saturn and conjuncting the Sun (what's going on in the First Nuclear Chain Reaction chart 1998-2000) could be seen as a time of deep-seated healing, positive and transformative catharsis, dynamic metamorphosis (caterpillar into glorious butterfly) and a strengthening of spiritual willpower. If the scientists, politicians and world leaders of the last 55 years had truly understood the enormity of the nuclear problem, the 1998-2000 time-period might be a life-enriching passage for the entire planet. And there is still hope that this can occur – as Pluto natally trines the Sun and sextiles Saturn in the First Nuclear Chain Reaction chart. However, a few words of warning.

As this is being written in mid-November 1997, Saddam Hussein is stirring up trouble in the Middle East. While our greatest worries center on his possible use of biological or chemical weapons in a war effort, he may also have some kind of rogue nuclear weapons as well. If not, the Israelis certainly do have nuclear weapons – and they would not hesitate to use them against Iraq if Saddam Hussein directed biological or chemical terrorism toward Tel Aviv and the cities of Israel. And, of course, America, Russia, France and Great Britain all have nuclear weapons and some of the atomic weapons from the former Soviet Union are now "unaccounted for."

In my humble opinion, the New Moon of November 29, 1997 (7+ Sagittarius) – with Pluto at 5+ Sagittarius (just 2 degrees away) – is the opening salvo in a 3+ year period of Nuclear Threat, Fear and Terrorism. Because the Nuclear Axis is not an absolute zodiacal territory (the influence may begin before 7 Gemini-Sagittarius and extend beyond 11 Gemini-Sagittarius), we need to be watchful and vigilant over several years.

Pluto On America's Ascendant & Opposite The USA Uranus

Barry Lynes (page 7 article) paints a stunning portrait of an America on the verge of a renaissance or governmental tyranny. His focus is Pluto on the USA Ascendant for the first time ever in 1998. However, Pluto will also be opposing the USA Uranus (Uranium; revolution; shocks; surprises) and squaring the only stationary planetary body when America was born (the largest asteroid Ceres at 8+ Pisces). And I have reported before that Ceres is directly connected to the explosion and destruction of a planet in our solar system from eons ago. [Note: And it is possible – based on psychic research by Edgar Cayce and other seers – that the final end of the Atlantean civilization and land masses around 12,000-13,000 years ago was linked to a misuse of nuclear-type crystal energies that concentrated or harnessed deadly powers from the Sun.]

I feel the greatest danger – besides a Middle East, Armageddon-like holocaust – is a nuclear terrorist threat on US soil.

Naturally, we all pray and hope this doesn't happen, but articles I have been reading for many months now in The New York Times and other prestigious journals are talking about "when" such a nuclear terrorist event will happen – not "if."

We are clearly entering the most perilous time perhaps ever in the short history of nuclear energy and weaponry on Spaceship Earth. Our leaders in Washington, D.C., our citizens and all intelligent, conscientious people everywhere need to be constantly aware of the over-shadowing threat. Healing meditations and group discussions on the subject will help but probably won’t over-ride the forces of fate and destiny set in motion by our release of atomic energy 55 years ago.

A Sun-Pluto Progressed Opposition

As I was preparing to write this story, I decided to do an update of the Secondary Progressions for the First Nuclear Chain Reaction chart. I hadn’t looked at the progressions in many years. Unfortunately, I have discovered that in mid-December 1997, we are about to experience a Progressed Sun opposition to Progressed Pluto (6+ Aquarius-Leo). This potent and rare alignment has never occurred before and next December (1998), the Secondary Progressed Sun opposes the natal Pluto from Dec. 2, 1942. Amazing that this is all happening as transiting Uranus (radioactivity; Uranium; shock waves; instability) reaches the same degree (6+ Aquarius) in mid-December 1997. What will occur?

Our best hope (level one) is that we will pass through this December and into the new year with simply increased fear about nuclear problems facing America and humanity. The second level would be that our FBI, CIA, other top-secret organizations, the President and Vice President become more aware of nuclear terrorist activities within our midst. The third level is a "limited air war" in and around Iraq to teach Saddam a final lesson – that just stops short of a "nuclear exchange." We don’t want to contemplate level four and beyond.

In order to stay on top of this "assignment," I plan a Part II on the subject in the future. We will look back on any nuclear-related events from December 1997 and early January 1998 – plus check out Saddam Hussein’s and President Clinton’s astrological links to the First Nuclear Chain Reaction chart. You MUST stay tuned to this channel for updates in 1998 by myself, Barry Lynes and other writers about the power of Pluto affecting our way of life.

I am still an eternal optimist – even about this subject. But not talking about it won't accomplish anything. If there were ever a time when the astrological saying – Forewarned is Forearmed! – meant something, this is that time. See you next issue.

Crucial Update May 18, 1998: On May 11, 1998, India came out of the "nuclear closet" and detonated three different nuclear weapons underground (northwest Indian territory, not far from Pakistan). They conducted these shocking tests on the day of the Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon at 21 Taurus-Scorpio. When the First Nuclear Chain Reaction occurred on Dec. 2, 1942, Mars (warfare; strife; anger; tensions) was located at 21 Scorpio! So, this latest event in the history of nuclear energy exactly ignited Mars from the birth of the Atomic Age. Then the next day – May 12, 1998 – while condemnation from around the world piled up, the Sun and Mars in the sky came into their first conjunction in two years. This happened at 21+ Taurus – exactly opposite Mars from the First Nuclear Chain Reaction. But India wasn't finished. They detonated two more nuclear explosions the very next day, while the Moon in Sagittarius had united with transiting Pluto (in the Nuclear Axis) and the Moon was also crossing the Sun, Mercury, Juno and Pluto in the First Nuclear Chain Reaction chart.

If this weren't enough, please realize that at the Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon of May 11, 1998, Pluto was rising through New Delhi, India and the Northwest region of India where the nuclear explosions took place! I have warned the public about the challenges of 1998-1999 when Pluto is in the Nuclear Axis as far back as 1982 (!) in the pages of Welcome to Planet Earth. Now leaders of all the main world powers are shocked and surprised by India's nuclear tests. This unfortunate example is another reason why governments need to take a crash course in the study of scientific astrology. We may be on the verge of a new series of underground nuclear testing by India, Pakistan and even China. And Pluto will remain in the NUKE axis 1998, 1999 and 2000.

At the awesome Total Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999, the path of totality of the eclipse cuts through the Atlantic Ocean, France, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Iraq, Iran and then on to Pakistan and India! That month will be the 50th anniversary of NATO and a very dangerous time for the world.

We will keep on top of this subject and report on it again in the 17th anniversary, July/August 1998 edition of Welcome to Planet Earth. Stay tuned to this channel.

Copyright 1997-1998 by Mark Lerner.

All right reserved.

[Mark Lerner is the publisher of Welcome to Planet Earth magazine in print and Planet Earth Astrology Online on ASTRONET within AOL. Please contact him at or by letter at PO Box 12007, Eugene OR 97440.]

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