Hollywood Trends Match the Stars

by Jeanne Mozier

When it makes the cover of Time, a trend is established in the flow of mass consciousness. Time is never the first to know. I chuckled at the garish display on the July 8 issue which read: "Aliens Have Landed! Sci-Fi Makes a Comeback." The shift in energy marked by transits of the outer planets had finally hit the silver screen. And not a moment too soon.

I am not a movie buff. Film is much more serious for me. It's how my husband and I make our living--showing movies in a small resort town. We've shown nearly 1500 mostly mainstream films in our almost 20 years in show biz. Nearly two years ago, I began to worry. A gap in movie making's synchronicity with the socio-cultural trends was in the works. Business would be off until the summer of '96.

For great box office, the quality of the film is not nearly as important as it being in touch with the times. Good filmmakers can anticipate trends but the long lead time between concept and released film guaranteed that only the most visionary would be in step during the changeover period marking most of 1995. The public would be ready for Aquarian/Sagittarian techno-hero adventures long before Hollywood was producing them in mass quantities.

This delay explains Braveheart's predictable sweep of the Academy Awards in March--there were no other hero epics around and voters were feeling the Sagittarian urge for adventure. At the same time, being too early doesn't work either. In the spring of '95, Johnny Mnemonic bombed. It was too Uranian. The brief preview of Uranus in Aquarius in '95 had not made a significant enough impact in mass consciousness.

Back to the sci-fi sweep. It introduces one of the most visible result of Uranus transiting Aquarius, yet it is merely the beginning. Independence Day was notable not for a creative story or remarkable new technology or even a credible threat, but for its use of various aspects of common UFO stories. The Roswell aliens were there in notorious Area 51 where the government had hidden them for years, even from the President. The aliens could plausibly have been based on the dark side of the Moon. To cover their acceptance of UFO legends, the filmmakers had the UFO welcomers cast as flakes who were the first to be fried by remorseless aliens.

The shift in attitude toward aliens is an interesting one. No more of Spielberg's feel-good, charming ETs. The aliens of Independence Day are bad to their cellulite core, galactic environmental exploiters without personality; Uranus in Aquarius is much harsher than the '80s Uranus in Sagittarius.

The list of current science fiction or fantasy films cast in the Uranian mold includes Charlie Sheen's The Arrival, John Travolta's Phenomenon, and John Carpenter's Escape from LA. Keanu Reeves is on the lam because he knows about incredible new technology in Chain Reaction. The '60s classic, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, had a Saturn return re-issue in August. The Frighteners is a ghostly comedy, The Crow is set in a slightly future apocalyptic time. Multiplicity is a comedy about cloning. Even Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame has a touch of Uranian bizarreness. The list in Time includes nearly a dozen more scheduled for release over the next year. Jungle adventure brings in the Sagittarian line of force with The Phantom.

Next year, Saturn in Aries will make its impact. There are two volcano action thrillers in the works and two Mars movies: Mars Attacks!, a sci-fi epic about Martians invading Earth, and a big screen version of the '60s TV sitcom, My Favorite Martian.

As Jupiter joins Aquarius in '97, the trend heats up. The biggest filmmaking event of '97 is the staged re-release of the three Star Wars films in preparation for Lucas' new Star Wars adventure set for '98. Aliens 4 brings back a cloned Sigourney Weaver, Disney has an animated space odyssey in the works, and Starship Troopers is a film version of Robert Heinlein's novel about a band of heroic youths who battle alien insects.

Looking ahead in the movie business, the stars predict that the mega-hits will be futuristic and technology driven, and the heroes will far outnumber the bad guys.

Copyright 1996 by Jeanne Mozier.

All rights reserved.

[Jeanne Mozier owns the historic STAR Theatre in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Her taped astrology lectures are available from Millennium Tapes, Rt. #3 Box 191, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411.]

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