Hillary Rodham Clinton: Part I

by Mark Lerner

Astrology is not just looking at signs, houses, planets and aspects. Astrology is not just about looking at a natal horoscope -- and the transits and progressions printed or written in around the chart wheel. REAL astrology is about working carefully with astrological ephemerides (books with planetary placements, day by day, for many years at a time) -- the bibles of in-depth, astrological research.

When you take a good, hard look at what was happening in the sky when Hillary Rodham Clinton was born and you compare that to the moment the USA came into being (July 4, 1776) -- and you add the astro-pattern for President Clinton and his inauguration chart as President (January 20, 1993) -- you realize that our First Lady is a living, breathing archetype of the ancient goddess Pallas (Greek name "Athena").

Pallas or Athena was a goddess of wisdom, strategy, genius and invention. In mythology, she was said to have been born "full-armored" from the head (mind power) of her father, Jupiter or Zeus. She was a "mental child," a father's daughter, someone who associated often "with the guys," with the male, power figures around. She did not have to be dependent on a spouse and therefore -- at least in principle -- was independent of a male partner. Fundamentally, she was also a warrior goddess, a fighter -- and this is important -- for law and justice. The city of Athens in Greece was named after her because in a contest with Poseidon (Neptune), he offered the citizens of the ancient city the horse while Athena offered the olive. She won that contest and "Athens" was named in her honor. Move forward a few thousand years...

If you have ever read Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen's epic book "Goddesses in Everywoman," you will know that the goddess archetypes live within the psyches of all women and men. [She also wrote another book about "Gods in Everyman" -- about the god archetypes dwelling within us all.] Dr. Bolen is a psychiatrist -- not an astrologer. But she tapped into something very important. That the goddesses and gods of ancient times have archetypes that can become very active within human beings living NOW. And some people exemplify the qualities of one goddess or god more than the others. Many people have Demeter strong or Hestia or Hera or Ares or Zeus or -- in the story at hand -- Athena (for Hillary Rodham Clinton). Dr. Bolen offered the mythologies, archetypes, principles aand stories. But it is up to astrologers, often working with ephemerides, to figure out which goddess or god may be the most prominent at a person's birth.

Now Hillary Rodham Clinton was born on October 26, 1947, in Chicago, Illinois, at approximately 8PM. [The time has never been confirmed by birth certificate, so right now it is just a rough estimate.] This means that she has a Scorpio Sun-sign and the Moon at the very end of Pisces (most probably -- unless she was born around 2 hours later, giving her an Aries Moon). We can clearly understand her Scorpio willpower, passion, drive and intensity. We know she has created a vast WEB (the spider is a major Scorpionic symbol) of mystery, intrigue and confusion around her life, work and involvements in business. The Moon in Pisces has probably added to the haziness, vagueness and uncertainty of her public image. She is also born with an extremely potent Mars-Pluto union at the same degree (14+ Leo) -- and the middle of all fixed, power signs are magnetized to the extreme. On top of that she has her Venus in Scorpio in square (frictional; conflicting) formation to that Mars-Pluto union. Furthermore, Mercury had stopped on the day before her birth and started moving in retrograde motion. That Mercury is exceedingly strong at 21+ Scorpio and closely square to Saturn at 21+ Leo.

What all the foregoing means, in synthesis, is that this woman is one tough cookie. She is mentally sharp and incisive (Mercury stationary in Scorpio and exactly linked to Saturn). Her willpower (Mars-Pluto together in Leo) to accomplish goals is operating on an incredibly dynamic (although not necessarily spiritual high) level. But while there are other planets to consider (her Uranus in Gemini near the Ascendant, Neptune in Libra and Jupiter at the start of Sagittarius), we need to also look at the power of Pallas Athena at her birth and in her life.

Three days after her birth, Pallas Athena stopped in motion and moved direct at 28+ Aquarius. When a person is born at the station of a planetary body, the qualities and archetypal energies of that cosmic body are stamped upon the psyche of that human being in a very potent manner. The qualities of Mercury -- communication, words, language, information, ideas, learning, search for truth and "lying potential," knowledge of business and psychology (via Scorpio) -- are stamped upon Hillary Rodham Clinton because she is born during a Mercury station. But ... Mercury is considered rather an androgynous figure, partly male and partly female, or possible neutral. On the other hand, the station of Pallas Athena at Hillary Rodham Clinton's birth makes her a direct emissary and ambassador of the Pallas Athena vibration -- for good or ill. Now note the following tie-ins....

When the USA was born (July 4, 1776, Philadelphia, PA, 4:47PM EST -- the time used by us at Welcome To Planet Earth, based on astrologer Barry Lynes' extensive research in the late 1970s), Pallas and the Moon were in a conjunction at 26+ Aquarius. Even if the time were off, Pallas Athena was still in late Aquarius when America asserted its independence from Mother England on that historic date. Thus, Hillary Rodham Clinton's natal stationary Pallas Athena and America's Pallas Athena are together in the zodiac -- within 2 degrees! This makes our current First Lady an even stronger Pallas Athena archetype.

If her birth time is reasonably accurate, then we note that Pallas Athena is the most elevated body in Hillary Rodham Clinton's natal chart. It is located in the 9th house (law, justice, courts) and about 7 degrees from the Midheaven (top of the chart referring to career, niche in the world). Continuing on with the strange liaison of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Pallas Athena, we note the following: Earlier I said that the First Lady was born three days BEFORE Pallas Athena became fully stationary and moved direct. Keep in mind, Pallas Athena is really stationary, not moving, for about 4-5 days BEFORE and AFTER the precise stationary date. So ... for all practical purposes, Hillary is born with a stationary Pallas Athena. But in 1946, the year before her birth, Bill Clinton was born under the same circumstances! Just like in Hillary's birth year of 1947, Pallas Athena had been moving in retrograde motion for about 3 1/2 months in 1946 and then three days BEFORE Pallas Athena moved direct, Bill Clinton was born. Let me repeat: Both the President and the First Lady of the USA are born three days BEFORE a Pallas Athena direct station! They both have Pallas Athena stationary at birth! They are both fighters for justice and law (in their own ways). And President Clinton's natal Pallas Athena at 27+ Sagittarius is conjunct the galactic heart center, sextile (productive rapport) Hillary's natal Pallas Athena and also sextile Pallas Athena for the USA. But we are not done yet....

Part of the question is why are the Republicans and, in particular, the Republican members of the Senate Whitewater Committee so keen on disempowering Hillary Rodham Clinton? Why are they going after her when they are really after President Clinton? What does she represent that disturbs them so much? To understand this, note the following: When President Clinton was inaugurated, at the same moment Hillary Rodham Clinton (who has insisted on keeping her own name "Rodham") became the First Lady. Now many people know that a large reason Bill Clinton became President in the first place had to do with the will, persistence and managerial talent of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Who knows what she has said to him over the years? Who knows what kind of guidance and inspiration she has provided him during many dark hours? Who knows what their relationship is all about? At that inauguration on January 20, 1993, Pallas Athena reached 2+ Aquarius. As the 4-year Clinton Administration began in earnest, Pallas Athena was exactly squaring Hillary Rodham Clinton's natal Sun at 2+ Scorpio. Now this square could be seen as an empowerment or a serious block. The point is that Pallas Athena was galvanizing Hillary as First Lady on January 20, 1993 and galvanizing her in a way that could become a presidential liability for Bill Clinton many years down the road. Now for the piece de resistance in this story...

During the January 1996 time-period, late in the month, Hillary Rodham Clinton suddenly became the center of everyone's attention in the USA. Senator D'Amato and many Republicans in Congress were eager to dethrone her, make her pay for possible illegalities involved with past business-banking practices in Arkansas from the days when her husband was Governor. There has been a cloud over Hillary Rodham Clinton for many years, but now we were reaching an apotheosis. The sniping, questioning and adversarial vibrations became so strong that the Chief Whitewater Investigator decided to call Hillary Rodham Clinton to testify, under oath, before a Federal Grand Jury in Washington, D.C. She had to do this on Friday, January 26, 1996 during a "Void-of-Course" Aries Moon. [The "VOC" Moon is another topic, for another time, but it probably means that nothing much will come out of her testimony; it will become "void" or not important.] Nevertheless, Hillary Rodham Clinton had been in the limelight during the week before this event -- with daily polls of how many Americans believed she had been telling the truth, and how many were thinking she had been hiding (Scorpio) information, etc. When you turned on the news, it was Hillary this and Hillary that. Where was Pallas Athena in the sky? It was now crossing Hillary Rodham Clinton's Sun in early Scorpio! And this was the first time during President Clinton's Administration that this had occurred (as Pallas Athena has a 4+ year cycle around the zodiac).

So ... to sum up. When Hillary became First Lady, Pallas Athena (at 2+ Aquarius) was precisely square her Sun (2+ Scorpio). During the intense focus into her life at the end of January 1996, Pallas was in early Scorpio crossing her Sun (for the first time since she was First Lady). And, of course, as we have already learned, Pallas Athena was stationary at her birth, it's her most elevated planetary body, and her Pallas Athena and Pallas Athena for the USA are together in late Aquarius.

I think I've made my point! If you want to know where your Pallas Athena is at birth, there's a great way you can find out. Get you chart done for the exact moment of your birth. Then you can begin to learn more about this asteroid and mythological goddess and her influence in your life.

We will keep following the Hillary Rodham Clinton story in WTPE in future months. Note as well that Pallas Athena will station at 8+ Scorpio (Feb. 28, 1996) and go retrograde, and then station again at 19+ Libra (June 9, 1996) and go forward. Pallas Athena will recross Hillary Rodham Clinton's natal Sun at 2+ Scorpio from April 5-9, 1996 and also from Aug. 14-18, 1996 (around the time of the Republican National Convention this summer and just before the Democratic National Convention). Let's see whether Pallas Athena will strengthen the First Lady when she needs empowering the most.

I want to end this feature by saying that I believe that the Republicans have been trying to "destroy" the First Lady because she represents a goddess archetype that is equal to or superior to the god archetypes for many men in Washington, D.C. Inwardly, these men don't like to see such a powerful woman -- and Hillary Rodham Clinton may represent a level of -- I am choosing my words carefully -- UNIVERSAL and AMERICAN feminine power, strategy, genius and manipulation (all through Pallas Athena) that scares these men. If they can destroy her credibility, they can "blast a deadly hole" in the Women's Movement and they can simultaneously wound the President (who also is born with a strong Pallas Athena energy, as we have seen). When the President honored the First Lady during his State of the Union address in late January, the look he gave her was a "Pallas Athena" acknowledgement. It was a communication between two warriors who have been fighting for a very long time (and probably for many lifetimes). And when he recognized her on Capitol Hill on that Jan. 23, 1996 night, the Sun was crossing 2+ Aquarius (the Clinton Administration Pallas Athena placement!) and Pallas Athena in the sky was still passing over the First Lady's natal Sun in early Scorpio.

Think about all this the next time the news media starts focusing attention on Hillary Rodham Clinton and the President. In many ways, what we are witnessing in the Clinton Administration is "RULE BY PALLAS ATHENA," the archetype is that powerful....

Copyright 1996 by Mark Lerner. All rights reserved.

[Mark Lerner is born within 48 hours of a precise Pallas Athena station at 20+ Scorpio and is the publisher of Welcome To Planet Earth magazine. You can reach him by sending an e-mail to Markgobear@aol.com or writing to PO Box 12007, Eugene OR 97440.]

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