Golden Opportunities:

Part II

by E. Alan Meece

In July of last year in the Leo-Virgo issue I wrote about the "golden opportunities" that awaited us early in 1997. As you read this the events of early 1997 are unfolding. Jupiter has now joined the Uranus-Neptune conjunction, just as Saturn did in 1989, which means that its significance for humanity is being magnified. Will there be more liberating revolutions as in 1989 or just the usual stories in the headlines about crime and terrorism? Will there be wars or breakthroughs for peace? All these things are possible now.

Last July I wrote that 1997 is the jumping-off point for our new renaissance. With the buoyant Jupiter bringing the imaginative, far-away currents of Uranus and Neptune closer to Earth, our vision could be expanding to see long-term goals. Renaissance projects could begin in sacred sites around the world; new earthworks or temples to the goddess or the Great Spirit within One Humanity could begin, and new networks and foundations may be starting to help and encourage today's visionary artists and musicians. Liberation is in the air as peoples around the world who still live under oppression rise up, buoyed by a new "Marseillaise" spirit and creative energy.

I also suggested last July that some initiative could come from Washington, because the charts for this Spring often put the conjunctions on the Midheaven there. This will not be as easy as I hoped, since although Clinton was re-elected (as I predicted two years ago) he did not carry a Democratic Congress with him. The cynical spirit and the longing for lost "securities" of yesterday still reign in America, and we could well continue to spin our wheels. We could continue to be caught up in Republican delusions and slogans of "freedom from government" until our government and even the nation itself breaks apart in the mid-2020s. For as long as "liberal" and "new age" continue to be dirty words, and progressive ideas in general continue to be frowned upon and ignored, we cannot possibly move very far forward. Still, in the first months of the new term, some major "achievements" could be made that put the nation on an optimistic course this year and help foster the atmosphere of revival that could be sweeping the world at large.

It is important to emphasize that what we are seeing in the cosmos in February 1997 is not just a conjunction of Jupiter with Uranus, but also a conjunction of Jupiter with Neptune (although its exact alignment occurred back on January 9). It is in fact a triple conjunction of the three planets; thus its great significance. What's more, with Pluto, Saturn and Mars forming supportive sextile and trines to this triple conjunction, it is a planetary figure that may be unique in our lifetimes. Astrologer Jim Fournier has been pointing out that on the Full Moon of January 23, a six-pointed star (including the Ascendant) formed at the time that early Gemini rose that day at any location. Thus we saw a double golden triangle that signifies our golden opportunities for 1997. Jim sponsored a global meditation for this date, focusing on our emerging global "noospheric" consciousness, and this event may indeed be a catalyst for this new "renaissance" spirit I forecast back in July if it is followed by further visionary activities in the coming months. Indeed Mars, Saturn and Pluto supporting this alignment of three visionary planets emphasizes that we can take real constructive action that makes our expanding consciousness visible in concrete ways. Our feelings of alienation and pessimism stem only from the fact that we do not know our purpose on Earth and can see ahead only more of the same boring routines. But we DO have a purpose: to create a new civilization and golden age on Earth by nourishing and participating in those creative trends that have been emerging over the last few decades. Every other civilization has sought to orient itself to the cosmos so that it could make itself the reflection of its order here on Earth. A hundred years of destruction through industry and war has left us as lost souls wandering aimlessly in a society dedicated only to economic survival and technological convenience, but we are due now to wake up and remember this purpose once again. Our horizons are widening for us, for since the end of the Cold War the "aggressors" are no longer threatening to come over that horizon to get us. Therefore the long reign of fear and terror has ended (although Reagan's former Defense minister Caspar Weinberger is still out there trying to keep the fear alive).

As we glimpse back in history, we can get some more specific ideas of what the conjunctions might be bringing now. We need to look at both Jupiter-Uranus and Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions (for both are equally significant, historically), as well as the last time all three planets were together. That occurred in 1817 in Sagittarius, when a great throng of German student activists celebrated the anniversaries of Martin Luther's Reformation and the victory over Napoleon, taking the opportunity to protest their own oppressive conditions in Germany. It was a great awakening of political spirit, and we could very well be seeing such an event somewhere today (already visible in Serbia). Keep in mind, though, that in the short term this celebration led only to more oppression and terror in the coming years--something we could see again after August 1999.

Although not always positive (since we are still human), no planetary conjunction has had a more benevolent significance than Jupiter-Neptune. Taking a look first at this Jupiter-Neptune combination through history, we see that it coincided with the start of Joseph II's reign in Austria in 1780, the greatest and most daring of the "enlightened despots" of the 18th Century, anticipating much of the French revolutionary program. When the planets next met in 1792, the courageous citizens of France rose up with buoyant, revolutionary patriotism, singing the "Marseillaise" for the first time (now the French national anthem) as they held back the royal invaders seeking to overthrow their new Republic. Napoleon became the last "enlightened despot" during the following conjunction (crowned in December 1804), and then promptly aroused his people to "defend" against the foreign tyrants again as he went off to battle them in 1805. In late 1830, the people of many European countries rose up again against their tyrants. This conjunction was also in effect during the great Pullman Strike of 1894 that rallied the world-wide cause of labor. Under the conjunction of 1958, Castro brought this own spirit of socialist "liberation" to Cuba that still inspires rebels in Latin American today. Thus Jupiter-Neptune has often served to arouse the buoyant spirit of the masses of people to action, and we could look forward to this again in 1997.

Jupiter-Neptune also has an unmatched record of reigning over human efforts to bring peace to the world. When Tsar Alexander II ascended the throne under the conjunction of March 1856, his first act was to settle the miserable Crimean War that his predecessor had been waging with France, England and Turkey. German Chancellor Bismarck put together his international security system under the conjunction of 1881, concluding a treaty with Russia on the exact day of this planetary alignment on June 18. In 1907 leaders met under Jupiter-Neptune at the first world disarmament conference at The Hague, which paved the way for the League of Nations in 1920 under the next conjunction. Although the League fell apart because the U.S. Congress failed to support it, under a later Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in 1945 it became the model for today's United Nations founded that year. In 1971 a great breakthrough for peace occurred when détente between the U.S. and the Communist powers brought a "generation of peace" (as President Nixon described it). In 1984 a dangerous crisis with Syria was averted when Jesse Jackson negotiated the release of an American captive.

Benevolence and reform are also legacies of Jupiter-Neptune. Besides in enlightened despotism and the French Revolution, we saw this when the new Tsar announced in 1856 a reform program that led to the emancipation of the serfs, and when Bismarck (simultaneously with his new security system) propounded the first social insurance system in history. The U.S. Civil Service was created following Garfield's assassination the same year. These events in turn inspired the great New Deal reforms that came under the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction that reigned in early 1933. In 1958, DeGaulle aroused a new "Marseillaise" spirit in France where the new 5th Republic was created. Perhaps most telling and inspiring of all is what happened during the previous alignment in 1984. At that time, the horrific famines in Africa inspired great musicians around the world to sponsor massive concerts to raise funds for relief. Over the next several years many such events happened, culminating in the worldwide "harmonic convergence." Perhaps these events encapsulate most clearly the benevolent potential of Jupiter-Neptune to arouse the people to act together to help one another and bring true peace and well-being to the world. It is time now again for world "new age" and creative leaders to mobilize the people in this way to create bridges of harmony and "hands across the world."

The significance of Jupiter-Uranus has frequently been felt in a more striking and explosive way than Jupiter-Neptune. It frequently (but by no means always) brings important and constructive reforms and revolutions. This conjunction was in effect in 1776 just before the Declaration of Independence (coinciding with publication of Paine's Common Sense), and returned in 1789 for the outbreak of the French Revolution and the massive set of reforms that followed the Fall of the Bastille. Revolution almost toppled the venerable British monarchy in early 1831, but this was averted by the Great Reform Bill introduced during the exact conjunction in March that brought the first advance toward real democracy to the island. In June 1872 a strike achieved the eight-hour day in New York, and a wave of strikes in 1886 under the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Libra culminated in the Haymarket Square riot in Chicago. Its leaders were tried and hanged in the first "Chicago 8" trial. The Spring of 1914 saw important reforms in Wilson's "new freedom," such as the Clayton Anti-Trust Act and the Federal Trade Commission. As Jupiter joined Uranus and Pluto in the late 1960s the spirit of new revolution had profound effects, such as the first anti-pollution laws. The "Woodstock Nation" first met in almost miraculous fashion under Jupiter-Uranus in Libra in 1969, showing the human potential for utopian community through music. But more riots in Chicago at the Democratic Convention in 1968 led to another infamous "Chicago 8" trial, in which anti-war leaders were blamed for the riots. All these precedents indicate that under Jupiter-Uranus in 1997 (February 15-16), the spirit of reform and change will be alive and well in the world, and that it could take constructive (but also explosive) directions that rattle the nerves and pockets of those in power.

Another striking historical pattern of Jupiter-Uranus is its coincidence with technical breakthroughs (Uranus) that bridge long distances (Jupiter) and make the world and the universe smaller. In May 1844 Morse sent the first message, "What hath God Wrought," over the first telegraph, and the railroad boom was sweeping Britain. Under the next conjunction in May 1858 the first trans-Atlantic cable was laid. In May 1927 Lindbergh ("the Lone Eagle") dazzled the world by making the first solo flight across the Atlantic as Jupiter neared Uranus close to 0 Aries. When Jupiter joined Uranus at 0+ deg. Libra (the opposing point), Neil Armstrong stepped out of another "Eagle" and walked on the Moon. Jupiter was exactly aligned with Uranus on that momentous day, July 20, 1969, and the Moon itself was aligned with it, too. When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin looked up, they saw the Earth itself at "Midheaven" exactly over their heads.

Perhaps the other conjunction, Jupiter-Neptune, may now also signify a new rhythm of high-tech advances. Under the conjunction of 1971, the innovators who created today's personal computer networks began their work at "Xerox Park" in Palo Alto, California. Their work finally bore "fruit" (but not for Xerox) when Apple Corporation in nearby Cupertino launched the Macintosh during the next conjunction in January 1984. Could we be seeing another breakthrough in this series in 1997, involving the Internet?

We also can't forget that Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions have figured in the past in dangerous foreign crises and wars, such as the outbreak of World War I in 1914 (which became a "war of liberation" that toppled four empires), and Germany's invasion of Russia in 1941. World War III may have been averted when the U.S. did not react to Russia's shooting down of a Korean Airliner under the conjunction of 1983, but it was a tense moment (made more so by Reagan's actions that year in Lebanon and Greneda). We can expect rumors of wars to cloud our widening horizons in 1997, and in this connection it is notable that it was under Jupiter-Uranus and Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions that the Serbs expelled their Turkish overlords in 1804. With a new spirit of liberation now dawning again among the Serbs, they could be the spearhead for today's revival and create a new "Marseillaise" this Spring; but complications could endanger peace there within a year.

Let us take advantage of all these precedents for change and benevolent cultural revival. As Jupiter joins Neptune, and then Uranus, in early 1997, may the spirit of Woodstock, and then of the "Marseillaise," return to lift our spirits and help us climb over the "widening horizon" to glimpse new possibilities in a more peaceful New Millennium.

Copyright 1997 by E. Alan Meece.

All rights reserved.

[E. Alan Meece (Eric A. Meece) has studied and practiced astrology since 1968. He is author of Horoscope for the New Millennium to be published in early 1997 by Llewellyn Publications. He is also producer of the annual New Age Renaissance Fair in San Jose. You can reach Eric at 3914 Leigh Ave., San Jose, CA 95124, or e-mail him at]

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