Iraq War & Nuclear Alert!

By Mark Lerner

Dateline: March 16, 2003, 10:30PM PST, Eugene, OR -- As with my last article, I am giving the precise date and time for this writing. We are nearing the close of the day when President Bush has been to the Azores (an ancient link to Atlantis and the destruction of that civilization over 12,000 years ago) -- meeting with Prime Ministers Blair (UK) and Aznar (Spain) in a so-called summit. Supposedly, this was a last opportunity to set up a final flurry of diplomacy at the United Nations for tomorrow ("D-Day, March 17, 2003"), but the reality is that it was a statement to the world that America is about to begin its attack against Iraq (probably in a matter of days). Everyone knows what's been occurring within the Security Council at the UN -- France, Germany and Russia have indicated they would veto any new resolution concerning a strike against Iraq. Thus, the USA has been forced to work outside the UN to accomplish its aim of forcefully disarming Iraq of weapons of mass destruction and removing Saddam Hussein (his family and, by extension, the Baath political party that has controlled Iraq for several decades) from power. Oddly enough, today is the 15th anniversary of Hussein's mass murder of 5,000+ Kurds in Northern Iraq with mustard gas and other chemical weapons.

The major thrust of this feature is to discuss a troubling issue of whether a nuclear detonation or series of nuclear explosions could occur in the very near future. More about this in a moment. Because the war against Iraq is literally looming in the next few days, it's important to note -- astrologically -- why this is finally happening now. [Note: Please see Parts XIII and XIV in this series for vital information on this important subject of the coming war.]

Most astrologers understand that Mars -- the red planet and ancient ruler of strife, conflict and battle -- is still a celestial body that can trigger war. President Bush is born on July 6, 1946 with Mars located at 9+ Virgo. Right now Mars is at 7+ Capricorn and nearing a precise trine (120-degree, flowing pattern) to the President's natal Mars. Thus, he is "in the groove" regarding Mars energy -- feeling that he can act (Mars) in a bold manner (Mars) and achieve victory (Mars). Saddam Hussein is born on April 28, 1937 and has a close Sun-Uranus union (at 7+ and 9+ Taurus, respectively). Therefore, transiting Mars is also igniting a trine to Saddam Hussein's potent Sun-Uranus conjunction. He, too, is preparing for war in a way he feels will lead to some kind of victory for his nation, people, capital of Baghdad and home town of Tikrit. Both leaders are intent to follow through with their destinies and so far no offer has persuaded Saddam Hussein to seek a last-minute exile as a way out of this potential conflagration.

Pluto -- the outermost planet and a celestial body strongly connected to death-rebirth, metamorphosis, extremes, nuclear energy, underworlds of violence and mayhem, terrorism and carnage on a mass scale -- is also very active at this time. Even though some analysts thought the war would have started around two weeks ago during the dark cycle of the New Moon, barring some kind of miracle in the next 24-48 hours, the war will probably begin close to this week's Full Moon (March 18, 2003; 5:36AM EST; Washington, D.C.). The Full Moon energizes 27+ Pisces and Virgo. These degrees are exactly sextiling and trining America's natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn). In addition, transiting Pluto is overhead in our nation's capital at this Full Moon (within 1 degree). As explained before in Parts XIII and XIV, America's relocation chart for the Persian Gulf region shows our natal Pluto directly overhead. America has a disturbing Plutonic power connection to this area of the world. Now we have a mirror reflection between the Pluto placement overhead at this Full Moon in Washington, D.C. and America's permanent overhead Pluto in the Persian Gulf! One week from today on March 23, 2003, Pluto will station (become motionless and extra potent) at 19 degrees and 57 minutes of Sagittarius. Thus, it is slowing down the entire week ahead! To make matters worse, it is stationing exactly opposite President Bush's natal Uranus (shocks; surprises; air power; revolution; higher mind and intuition) and on his South Node of the Moon (old karma; fate). We also note that President Bush is born with a highly significant Mercury-Pluto union rising in Leo, but this summit has occurred with Mercury square Pluto in the sky. If the war starts in the next few days, it will begin at an extremely powerful Full Moon -- with Mercury squaring not only Pluto, but a Saturn at 22+ Gemini (squaring America's natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo and still within 1 degree of America's natal Mars at 21+ Gemini). [Note: By the way, the last Persian Gulf War began on January 16, 1991 with a Sun-Saturn conjunction right on the USA natal Pluto and with a station of Mars at 27+ Taurus (trine the USA Pluto) on New Year's Day of 1991.]

A Full Moon from now -- April 16, 2003; 3:37PM EDT; Washington, D.C. -- we have a clear signal that war will be occurring in Iraq. This will be the Shamballa Full Moon -- an esoteric reference to the first Full Moon of the zodiacal year, when there is a key focus on the Will of God and tremendous forces of power that are extremely hard for human beings to control, harness and assimilate. The Sun on April 16 will be at 26+ Aries, the Moon at 26+ Libra, and Mars (warfare and bloodshed) at 26+ Capricorn. Thus, there will be a precise T-Square triangle -- in cardinal signs of the zodiac -- with Mars (planet of war) at the fulcrum. Furthermore, this will once again ignite America's natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn), but also Saddam Hussein's natal Jupiter (26+ Capricorn) and Pluto (26+ Cancer), President Bush's natal Saturn (26+ Cancer) and Secretary of State Powell's Pluto (26+ Cancer) and Jupiter (25+ Capricorn). As mentioned many times before in my articles going back to before the Persian Gulf War, Colin Powell (born April 5, 1937) and Saddam Hussein are both born in April 1937. They are strongly connected in this extended battle between America and Iraq.

The main topic for this article is whether the fight against Iraq could unleash a nuclear explosion somewhere in the world. This is when we have to decipher a great mystery. Several years ago on Art Bell's Coast-to-Coast radio show, remote-viewing expert Major Ed Dames gave a chilling prediction. He said that he and his researchers perceived a nuclear detonation on the Korean Peninsula sometime in the relatively near future. Again, this was on the radio several years ago. I never forget about it and with the increasingly irrational behavior by North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and North Korea's recent belligerent behavior regarding plutonium and the possible creation of nuclear weapons, I began thinking about his statement on the radio. Then on Thursday March 6, I happened to be listening to the Coast-to-Coast radio show and Major Ed Dames was on again. He repeated the prediction, but now suggested it was a "fait accompli." It was going to happen soon (this year) and, to his mind, nothing could change it. He suggested that North Korea will begin an offensive against South Korea once we become embroiled in a war against Iraq. The North Koreans will invade the south and then pull back. As South Korean and American troops advance against North Korea, the North Koreans will detonate a nuclear device from underground. Since we have 37,000 troops in South Korea, a large number of these troops will die from the horrendous explosion and radioactivity, etc. Who knows what this will cause and lead to in the days and weeks ahead. The only way to avoid this disaster would be to remove our troops from South Korea now. This was hinted at recently by Secretary of Defense Rumsfield, but has not been put into motion.

Now why should we believe what Major Ed Dames has to say? And what is remote viewing anyway? Remote viewing appears to be a kind of clairvoyance, but more a KNOWING of what's happening in the distance (and in the past or future). The people who become skilled in this science/art don't necessarily "SEE" the event, but they recognize what it is. In this particular case, it is not just Major Ed Dames who acknowledges that there will be a nuclear explosion on the Korean Peninsula, but it is corroborated by many other members of his team or staff of researchers. Remote viewing has been going on for many decades and was first discovered by Ingo Swann. He is known as the father of remote viewing and Major Ed Dames learned the techniques directly from him. Dames then refined the work and utilized it within "black operations" for the US military over many years. He has been one of the most frequent guests on the Coast-to-Coast radio program.

I don't particularly like discussing this subject because it is very alarming. Nevertheless, starting back in 1981 (when Welcome to Planet Earth journal was just beginning), I began researching the entire subject of nuclear energy and astrology. I studied the entire history of radioactivity and nuclear fission, and then relating the key dates and discoveries with astrological cycles. I published numerous articles in the journal over the years and printed so many of the key horoscopes -- the First Nuclear Chain Reaction (December 2, 1942; 3:25PM CST; Chicago, IL), the First Nuclear Explosion (Trinity Blast July 16, 1945), Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, First Hydrogen Bomb, SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) and Treaties, Three Mile Island and Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disasters, etc. The key horoscopes that we need to examine right now are the ones for the First Nuclear Chain Reaction and the Hiroshima Explosion. This is because the Nuclear Chain Reaction chart is really the beginning of the Nuclear Age while the Hiroshima Explosion was the first time an atomic weapon was used against human beings. In addition, I already wrote a feature a number of years ago called Pluto Triggers the Nuclear Axis. It's already on the web site and you can go to that story by clicking on the following link:

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As we start an exploration of these two charts to see if a nuclear event is likely to happen in the near future (re: Major Ed Dames prediction), let's remember something. The First Nuclear Chain Reaction occurred on December 2, 1942 and the first atomic bombs were created in July-August 1945. Except for the horrifying Hiroshima and Nagasaki explosions -- which ended World War II -- the devastating side of the nuclear genie has been kept in the bottle for almost 58 years. So, let's all hope for some kind of resolution in the Korean stalemate.

The most alarming factor of all when we look at the First Nuclear Chain Reaction chart is that transiting Uranus is now zeroing in on 2+ Pisces -- where it will station on June 7, 2003. When the Nuclear Age began on Dec. 2, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois, Uranus (ruling fission and uranium) was rising in the first house and located at 2 Gemini 15. Uranus will reach the precise square point to this degree three times in the near future: April 30 and July 15, 2003 and then again on Feb. 12-13, 2004. In essence, we are reaching the 3/4 mark of a complete Uranus cycle around the Sun since Dec. 2, 1942. A Third Quarter Square symbolizes a "crisis in consciousness." Since this is Uranus squaring Uranus, it is clearly focused on the wisdom to use this nuclear energy in a correct manner -- and not to create disaster. It is shocking to realize that North Korea's leader Kim Jong Il (born Feb. 16, 1942) incarnated on the day of a Sun-Uranus square in fixed, power signs -- so that his Uranus at 26+ Taurus is just one degree from the Ascendant for the First Nuclear Chain Reaction. I discussed his chart in Part XIII of this series. Saddam Hussein is born with a Sun-Uranus union. Thus, these two dictators are connected through the power of Uranus! And President Bush has Uranus conjunct his North Node -- currently being opposed by Pluto several times in 2003-2004.

The Uranus-Uranus square for the First Nuclear Chain Reaction chart is unfortunately not the only significant transit or progression happening in the near future. Transiting Uranus itself has already crossed the Lunar South Node (old karma and fate) of this chart and will do so again from September - December 2003. While it is doing this, it is also opposing Chiron (the wounded healer planet) from Dec. 2, 1942. We also note that Mars is about to ignite the First Nuclear Chain Reaction horoscope in a major way this summer and fall. On July 29, 2003, Mars will make a station at 10 Pisces 08. The Nuclear Chain Reaction Sun is placed at 10 Sagittarius 05. Thus, we have a Mars station (war; violence; bloodshed) that squares the Sun (life force and heart center of the birth of the Nuclear Age) within 3 minutes of arc. By September 27, 2003, Mars will station again at 0 Pisces 07 -- almost exactly on the Mars/Saturn midpoint in the First Nuclear Chain Reaction chart. By the way, from July to November 2003, transiting Mars in Pisces will oppose President Bush's Mars in Virgo three times. What may seem like a short war against Iraq this March may turn into something far different for America's President whose natal Sun in Cancer is exactly conjunct America's Sun at 13+ Cancer. [Note: July 29, 2003 is not only the day of a Mars station. It is the day of a New Moon at 5+ Leo. The Secondary Progressed Pluto for the First Nuclear Chain Reaction horoscope is now located at 5+ Leo while the Secondary Progressed Saturn is at 5+ Gemini. Thus, July 29 and that approximate time-period is another potentially lethal powerhouse this year.]

Closer to the present time, we have two major eclipses coming up in May. The first one is a Total Lunar Eclipse that occurs on May 15-16, 2003 at 24+ Taurus-Scorpio. This is the day of the Buddha Full Moon that is also called the Wesak Festival in the Far East. It is said that the Master Buddha returns from his high place and blesses the Earth, the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters, and Humanity every year at the Full Moon of May. It is considered -- in esoteric circles -- the high point of the spiritual year. The problem this year is that it strikes the Ascendant-Descendant axis of the First Nuclear Chain Reaction chart almost precisely. Two weeks later -- on May 30-31, 2003 -- there is an Annular Solar Eclipse at the New Moon (energizing 9 Gemini 20). An Annular Solar Eclipse is really as powerful as a Total Eclipse. The only difference is that the Moon is too far from the Earth to completely cover the disk of the Sun and there is a "diamond ring" effect, where a ring of light appears around the Moon blocking the Sun. Why is this Eclipse/New Moon at 9+ Gemini so important?

To answer this question, I need to share about the discovery I made in 1981 -- 22 years ago. Through my research of all the nuclear events and horoscopes, I realized that there was what I called a "Nuclear Axis" that stretched from around 7-11 degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius. This was because whenever a key nuclear or atomic event occurred, a celestial body appeared in that axis or sometimes squaring it. When the First Nuclear Chain Reaction occurred, Saturn was located at 8 Gemini 57 (and rising) and the Sun was located at 10 Sagittarius 05 (and setting). This is itself a powerful celestial signature. However, it was greatly amplified due to the following: America's natal Uranus from July 4, 1776 is located at 8+ Gemini, the Neptune-Pluto unions of 1891-1892 (that began a 492-year period of human history) occurred at 7+ and 8+ Gemini, and the red giant superstars of the cosmos -- Aldebaran, the right eye of Taurus the Bull, and Antares, the heart of Scorpio -- are currently located at 9+ Gemini and 9+ Sagittarius. As I explained all of this in Welcome to Planet Earth astrology journal many times over the years, there is a gigantic zodiacal battle that already exists in the heavens from 7-11 degrees of Gemini-Sagittarius and the discovery of America, Neptune-Pluto unions of the 1890s, and the First Nuclear Chain Reaction have exacerbated that cosmic struggle.


Okay, so having shared that important paragraph, let's go back to the potent Eclipse/New Moon of May 30-31, 2003. It occurs at 9 Gemini 20. You will see that it ignites the First Nuclear Chain Reaction Saturn at 8 Gemini 57. This creates fears, blocks, frustrations and potential death/destruction. Now over the years, other New or Full Moons have struck this placement and nuclear war didn't happen. But we didn't necessarily have a Kim Jong Il in power or an ongoing war happening against Saddam Hussein. In addition, this Eclipse strikes America's natal Uranus (shocks; surprises; air power and warfare; revolutionary events) and squares President Bush's natal Mars at 9+ Virgo. More ominously, the Eclipse hits the Mars placement at 9+ Gemini that exists during the Hiroshima Explosion! This is a conjunction within 8 minutes of arc and clearly a very disturbing occurrence. It is also noteworthy that when the Total Lunar Eclipse occurs on May 15-16, 2003, Neptune will make a station at 13 Aquarius 11. When you look at the Hiroshima Explosion chart, you will see the Sun at 13 Leo 08. Thus, the Neptune station in May -- really affecting the whole month -- is directly polarized to the Hiroshima Sun within only 3 minutes of arc. The Full Moon of May directly squares a potent Mercury-Saturn conjunction existing at the formation of South Korea. And the Eclipse of May 30-31 closely squares Vesta (safety and security issues, including national security) for South Korea. South Korea (founded August 15, 1948) and North Korea (founded September 10, 1948) are both experiencing extremely rare Pluto conjunctions to their natal Jupiters. Jupiter connects to society and its stability. Pluto connects to extremes forces of death, destruction, terrorism and nuclear energy released from the underworld. North Korea's Sun (17+ Virgo) sits right on the Ascendant degree for the Hiroshima Explosion and in November 2003, when Uranus makes its fall station, it will be at 28 Aquarius 54 -- exactly (no orb at all) opposing Saturn at 28 Leo 54 in North Korea's chart.

There are other alarming ties between the transits of key planets in the coming few months and the charts for North Korea, South Korea and Kim Jong Il. For instance, Kim Jong Il has Juno (rage and terrorism by the weak and disempowered) at 21+ Scorpio. This is the Chiron placement (20+ Scorpio) when North Korea came into being and also Mars (21+ Scorpio) at the First Nuclear Chain Reaction. Even at the New Moon of April 1, 2003 (11+ Aries), transiting Mars and Chiron will conjunct at 17+ Capricorn -- closely trining Mars at 18+ Taurus for Kim Jong Il. The New Moon itself will sextile his Jupiter at 11+ Gemini and exactly oppose Neptune (confusion; chaos; nebulosity) for North Korea. Kim Jong Il's natal Pluto at 4+ Leo exactly squares Mars at 4+ Scorpio when North Korea came into existence. There seems to be a thread of disaster and destruction linking all these charts -- North Korea, South Korea, Kim Jong Il, the First Nuclear Chain Reaction, America, and the coming set of transits, Eclipses, New and Full Moons, and major stations.

It is noteworthy to draw some lessons from history. The last time humanity faced a major nuclear holocaust was back in October 1962 -- during the Cuban Missile Crisis. In the Secondary Progressed map for the First Nuclear Chain Reaction, there was a powerful Full Moon in August/September 1962 (at 0+ Capricorn-Cancer, the sacred Solstice degrees!) as war clouds were gathering between America and Russia. This was the first Progressed Full Moon that had ever occurred since the birth of the Nuclear Age on Dec. 2, 1942. On July 31, 1962, there was an Annular Solar Eclipse at 7+ Leo -- exactly igniting Pluto in the First Nuclear Chain Reaction chart! By October, transiting Mars (acting in its usual role as a potential trigger for war) reached this vital degree as the Cuban Missile Crisis reached its do-or-die final point (Oct. 25-27). In addition, transiting Pluto in 1962 was squaring the Nuclear Axis from 7-11 degrees of Virgo. In the month of October itself, four planets (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn) made stations -- with Jupiter in Pisces opposing Uranus in Virgo (signifying a giant problem with nuclear fission) and the traditional malefics Mars in Leo opposing Saturn in Aquarius -- also conjunct the fateful North and South Nodes of the Moon. In a scary association, we find that the Uranus station at 2 Pisces 49 on June 7, 2003 exactly (no orb!) ignites the Jupiter station at 2 Pisces 49 from October 29, 1962 -- as the Cuban Missile Crisis ended. That time in October 1962 was a moment of world celebration as nuclear war was avoided. Will we be able to have a similar celebration during 2003 or fall victim to our fears, blocks and underworld nightmares?

This is not meant to be the final word on this topic. I will write more if events warrant it. Down the road, the First Nuclear Chain Reaction chart shows numerous progressed patterns that demand scrutiny and analysis. In the latter part of 2005 and into early 2006, the Progressed Mars and Progressed Juno placements converge at 5+ Capricorn for the birth of the Nuclear Age. This shows danger through terrorism by the weak, disempowered and dispossessed. At the same time, America's Secondary Progressed Mars becomes stationary. Also -- the First Nuclear Chain Reaction Secondary Progressed chart will have three stations -- Mercury stationary direct at 24+ Capricorn in the Fall 2007, Saturn stationary direct at 5+ Gemini in May/June 2008, and Uranus stationary direct at 0+ Gemini in January 2010. It is highly significant that the next Progressed New Moon for this horoscope occurs in January 2007 at 15 Aquarius 17. This will also be a Total Solar Eclipse -- exactly conjunct (no orb!) Pallas at the First Nuclear Chain Reaction. Pallas connects with defense shields for nations (like military forces) and the Pentagon for the USA.

As I close this time, I want to mention two important secondary progressions that coincidentally fall on the same day -- April 11, 2003. President Bush has his Progressed Moon at 12+ Scorpio squaring his Progressed Pluto at 12+ Leo. The USA has the Progressed Moon uniting with America's natal Mars at 21+ Gemini. The latter only occurs every 27+ years and is certainly a symbol of warfare, strife and violence. The Moon-Pluto square for the President is an indicator of his dark mood and depressed feelings about unleashing a war that he knows will mean the death of many Americans and increasing fears of terrorism on the home front. April 10-11, 2003 brings the annual solar crossing on the USA natal Chiron (a need for our healing and enlightenment) and transiting Pluto will still be opposing President Bush's natal Uranus and sitting on top of his South Node of the Moon (old karma and fate). Now that we are hurtling toward a war (and potential nuclear threat) that no one nation, international group, leader or divine power seems capable of stopping, we have to wonder whether this is all happening for some invisible, higher purpose or whether humanity in the year 2003 is failing a major test of will, heart, wisdom and intelligence.

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