Election Eve Special

Election Night Results: The Sun-Jupiter Sextile

by Mark Lerner

Special! Dateline: Monday, Nov. 4, 1996 - one day before the USA Presidential Election. Several months ago, I noticed a powerful Sun-Jupiter sextile (60 degree alignment) in the actual sky during Election night and I was thinking about its influence - particularly as President Clinton is born with a nearly identical Sun-Jupiter sextile (Aug. 19, 1946). The difference is that the Sun-Jupiter rapport on Election night occurs from Scorpio (Sun) to Capricorn (Jupiter) whereas at President Clinton's birth the alignment links Leo (Sun) and Libra (Jupiter). [Note: The President's natal Sun-Jupiter distance is around 57 degrees - easily within orb of a sextile.] More below...

If President Clinton scores a major victory across the nation tomorrow - as most polls indicate - then the "universe" may be broadcasting that triumph in the real sky-pattern (Sun-Jupiter sextile) of Election night. And this is all the more significant as the East Coast broadcast networks - mostly stationed in New York City - will be making their initial declarations of who has won what a little after 8PM EST (when many states' polling centers have closed).

Although Governors and many people throughout the West Coast have begged the networks to refrain from declaring who is the winner (in the Presidential contest) early on (in the 8-8:45PM EST time-period), the odds are that if President Clinton is comfortably ahead, those networks will declare him the winner. [Note: Unless, of course, a major upset is in the works and hours will have to go by before Clinton or Dole is named the President-elect.]

Now the precise Sun-Jupiter sextile occurs earlier in the day (12:25PM EST; 9:25AM PST). Thus, while the nation is actually voting, there is a dynamic contact between the radiant, illuminating center of the solar system (the Sun) and the largest planet in the solar system (Jupiter) - a planet always associated with success, golden opportunities, benevolence, positivity, optimism, etc.

However, as the East Coast networks are ready to "pounce" on a decision - 8PM EST and the half hour or so thereafter - the transiting Moon in Virgo will exactly trine (120 degree pattern) transiting Jupiter in Capricorn (8:17PM EST) and then move sextile (60 degree pattern) to the transiting Sun in Scorpio (8:53PM). So ... the Sun-Jupiter dynamic from earlier in the day will be highlighted by the Moon (in Mundane Astrology, the Moon refers to the masses, the public, the national "mood," and women in general). And between 8:17PM EST and 8:53PM EST, it is likely - unless Dole is stronger than expected right now (Monday, Nov. 4th) - that the Presidential race will be "called."

In astrology, practitioners usually watch a person's chart for major transits, Secondary Progressions, Tertiary Progressions, Solar Arc Progressions, Eclipses, Planetary Stations and so on. But! It is an entirely different matter to try a draw a conclusion about a future event by noting that the same planetary pattern that existed at someone's birth is repeating in the sky!

Right now, it does appear likely that President Clinton will win his re-election bid. The question is: If he does, might the re-emergence of the Sun-Jupiter sextile (which existed at President Clinton's birth) on Election Day (during the voting) and the re-activation of it at night by the Moon (when the Presidential contest is likely to be "called" by the networks) be the cosmic indicator of his victory? And, furthermore, might that fact - known in advance (months ago) - be driving the race for the presidency itself? In other words, was this a "done deal," a triumph for President Clinton via destiny because of this sky pattern? Or is it all just a wild coincidence?

As a parallel to the paragraphs just written, please note that of the other main people in the presidential race (Gore, Dole, Kemp and Perot), none of them are born with a Sun-Jupiter sextile. Oddly enough, Al Gore's Sun-Jupiter arc (distance by longitude between the two celestial bodies) is close to 102 degrees (a bi-septile pattern) in a waxing (increasing) configuration while Bob Dole's Sun-Jupiter arc is close to 102 degrees in a waning configuration. Considered via Sun-Jupiter rapport only, Gore and Dole are similar in arc, but total opposites in terms of waxing and waning! [Plus - Al Gore's Sun and Jupiter are both in fire signs while Bob Dole's Sun and Jupiter are both in water signs.]

Jack Kemp is born just after a potent Jupiter station and, like his running mate Bob Dole, has a Cancer Sun and a Scorpio Jupiter in a waning configuration. Jack Kemp's arc between Sun and Jupiter is close to 113 degrees - a wide trine pattern.

Ross Perot is born with the Sun, Jupiter and the Moon (plus Pluto) all in the same sign - Cancer! And his Sun and Jupiter are only separated by 5+ degrees in a waxing formation.

But the point here is that only President Clinton is born with a Sun-Jupiter sextile pattern - the pattern that will be so active on November 5, 1996. It is interesting to note that not only is 11/5/96 "auspicious" for President Clinton because of the presence of the Sun-Jupiter 60 degree link, but both the pattern on Election Day and when the President was born are waning (decreasing) configurations. [In addition, the Sun is in a fixed (power) sign and Jupiter is in a cardinal (active-dynamic) sign on Election day - the same pattern as existed when President Clinton was born!]

Shortly we will know the results. But it will be fascinating as Bob Dole's natal Moon-Jupiter union in Scorpio and Jack Kemp's natal stationary Jupiter in Scorpio should be omens of "victory". Why? Because the transiting Sun (life-force; heart center; physical vitality) in Scorpio is crossing over Bob Dole's Moon-Jupiter and Jack Kemp's Jupiter (very closely) during the Election!

Their poll numbers may be higher than expected and, in looking at the race months ago, from the angle of the transiting Sun, it appeared that a Dole-Kemp ticket had a great chance of defeating President Clinton and VP Gore.

But ... now that we know about the strange parallel between Sun-Jupiter in sextile formation on Nov. 5, 1996 and Aug. 19, 1946, we may have found a new "forecasting tool" that politically-oriented astrologers can put into their prediction tool-box in the future.

P.S. I will have an Election Post-Mortem in the few days after Nov. 4th. Please look for it ... and in that article I will also have something to say about the often neglected declination placements and transits for the candidates.

Copyright 1996 by Mark Lerner. All rights reserved.

[Mark Lerner is the publisher of Planet Earth Magazine - online and in print. Please contact him via e-mail at Markgobear@aol.com. or at PO Box 12007, Eugene, OR 97440.]

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