Election 2000: Part III (Post-Election Update)
By Mark Lerner

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Eugene, OR., Nov. 8 -- I write this sequel to my October 21 feature in the "partial aftermath" of what may become the closest and most controversial presidential election in U.S. history. As it stands now -- almost 7AM EST on the day after the election -- it is likely that VP Al Gore will win the popular vote, but lose the electoral vote by a whisker (once the Florida results are recounted later today and/or in the next few days).

As I reported in Part II, the toss-up states, the Nader vote and women vs. men voting patterns were going to be crucial. They were -- dramatically! All night long, many of the toss-up states were going back and forth to each candidate. Nader's vote -- though short of the 5% nationally he was hoping for -- may yet be the deciding factor as he garnered nearly 100,000 votes in Florida and the difference between Bush and Gore (before the recount) was only 1,700 out of almost 6 million cast! The CNN TV network declared, from their voting profiles, that women favored Gore over Bush by an 11% margin while men favored Bush over Gore by the same 11% margin.

The Mercury and Void Moon Factors

As we have been sharing for many months in Welcome to Planet Earth, this election occurred on the day of Mercury stopping and shifting from retrograde to direct motion at 30 degrees of Libra. Mercury has much to do with communications, transportation, strange weather conditions (influencing turnout) and the act of voting itself! In addition, there was an approximate three-hour void Moon cycle in late Pisces (9:04PM EST on Nov. 7 until 12:02AM EST on Nov. 8). Little did we all realize how powerful these two factors -- Mercury stationing and the Mood being void -- would be on election day.

While Mercury was still retrograde and the Moon was not yet in void mode, all the major television networks declared that the state of Florida would be won by VP Al Gore. This buoyed their campaign enormously and was then followed by information that the Vice President would also win Michigan and Pennsylvania. These three states were part of the major battleground and toss-up states. It seemed that Al Gore was on the road to victory because he could look forward to wins in California and several other key states. But then Mercury shifted from retrograde to forward motion AND the Moon turned void in late Pisces. While the Moon was in void mode, the networks "changed their minds" (a very mercurial reality to say the least!), shifted Florida back to the undecided category, giving a completely different slant to the all-important electoral count. Now Governor Bush seemed to be back in the driver's seat.

Now keep in mind that both President Clinton and VP Al Gore were re-inaugurated on January 20, 1997 during a void Moon in the sign of Gemini. When VP Al Gore was nominated for president in Los Angeles this past August, he became the Democratic standard bearer for President and gave his address to the nation during a void Moon in Pisces -- the same void placement by sign occurring on election night when the state of Florida was removed from his category and placed back into the undecided (void) group! All this is so phenomenal and so representative of the meaning of astrological void cycles. When the Moon is void -- not making any more Ptolemaic (major) aspects until it leaves the sign it is in -- the usually sense is that "nothing will come of the matter," that things will not materialize as you want and expect. As I have shared in our magazine since the end of 1996, the various void cycles were harming both President Clinton and VP Gore enormously. And I wrote this past July (Part I of this feature) that unfortunately VP Al Gore and his running mate would both be nominated at void Moon cycles in mid-August in Los Angeles. This did not bode well for the Democrats to win this election.

"You Ain't Seen Nothing (Void) Yet!"

Oddly enough, VP Al Gore kept using the above refrain in the days before the election. Was he unconsciously tuning into the negative and weird power of void Moon cycles? Note the emphasis in that above phrase on "nothing."

To return to the bizarre all-night and into-the-morning election results, the electoral map was nip-and-tuck all evening. Florida wasn't the only extremely close vote. Iowa and Wisconsin didn't go over to the Gore side until very early this morning (Nov. 8).

After the major networks completely "screwed up" in their declaration of Florida going to Gore -- as mentioned connected to both Mercury station and void Moon astro-realities -- they did the unthinkable again. At approximately 2:18AM EST on Nov. 8 (morning after election day), all the major networks declared that Florida would go to Governor Bush, in effect making him President-elect! Shortly after that time, with Bush leading Gore in Florida by some 55,000 votes, the Vice President actually called Governor Bush, conceding the election! All because the networks had finally agreed that Florida was in the Bush camp. Now Bush had 271 electoral votes -- 1 more than required to win the electoral vote. It seemed like a done deal and now the Bush camp waited for the traditional concession speech by the loser -- in this case VP Al Gore, speaking to his supporters in Nashville and also in the nation.

Can you imagine the conflicting thoughts and emotions going through the Vice President's mind and heart at this time? He had been given Florida earlier on election night, only to have it taken away and put into temporary limbo, and then finally given to his opponent! On his way to give that concession speech, his advisors indicated that the Florida race was again tightening. Now the Bush lead in Florida was down to 6,000 and perhaps smaller. Eventually, the lead dwindled down to less than 2,000 -- triggering an automatic recount in Florida.

Suddenly, another shock for the nation and Governor Bush: VP Al Gore decided to retract his earlier personal concession, indicating that the nation would have to wait until the Florida recount had occurred. It was 3:42AM EST (with the Moon in Aries, VP Al Gore's Sun-sign) and all the major TV networks removed Florida from the Bush column, returning it to the undecided (void) category, perhaps for a day or so, certainly for many hours into November 8.

In The Meantime, The Popular Vote Changes Direction

For most of the evening and at the time Governor Bush was declared President-elect by the media, the Governor was also winning the popular vote across the nation. However, with Florida again "too close to call" and back in void territory, and the national vote nearing its conclusion by including the western states, VP Al Gore began to overtake Governor Bush in the non-binding, but still symbolically important popular vote. [Note: At 7:40AM EST on Nov. 8, VP Al Gore is leading in the popular vote by nearly 200,000 votes.] Now in the few days before the election, there was a fear that Governor Bush might win the popular vote and VP Al Gore might eke out a thin electoral majority. As I had written in Part II on October 21, the election occurred as the Sun in mid-Scorpio was about to square unpredictable and shocking Uranus in mid-Aquarius. I suggested the meaning of this pattern could be an overthrow (Uranus) of authority (Sun). Translation? The probability was that Bush would beat Gore -- an overthrow of the current authority of the Clinton-Gore Administration.

This latter meaning is still most likely to occur -- if the recount in Florida (including overseas military and absentee ballots) go in the Republican direction. However, in keeping with a night of Mercury stationary and shifting from retrograde to direction, and the Moon being void when Florida shifted from Gore back to undecided, there are also 1,200 or more disputed votes in Florida where some elderly citizens thought they were voting for Gore, but their votes went for Buchanan. It remains to be seen whether the Florida recount goes smoothly, takes hours or days, and whether the recount itself is disputed and sent to the courts for review. This kind of recount could even push the Bush camp to ask for recounts in the close states of Iowa and Wisconsin, won by Gore.

A Popular Vote Winner Vs. An Electoral Vote Winner; Shades Of 1876 And 1824

How will our nation deal with the high probability -- at this point -- of VP Al Gore winning the national vote and yet Governor Bush winning the electoral vote by a very small margin? The last time this occurred was in 1876 when Democrat Samuel Tilden beat Republican Rutherford B. Hayes in the popular vote, but eventually lost in a disputed electoral tally by 1 vote (185 for Hayes to 184 for Tilden) after the election was tossed into the House of Representatives. One of the 4 disputed states in 1876 was Florida!

Amazingly, the election of 1876 also occurred on November 7 and Mercury was at 1 Scorpio -- within 1 degree of its station and placement 124 years later on Nov. 7, 2000! In addition, the strange election of 1876 happened with Saturn (blocks; limits; fears) motionless, having just turned stationary direct two days before the election at 1+ Pisces. The most astounding link from the presidential election of 1876 to the one now concerns Neptune. On Nov. 7, 1876, Neptune (illusions; chaos; confusion) was located at 3+ Taurus. One hundred and twenty-four years later (Nov. 7, 2000), Neptune had moved to 3+ Aquarius -- an exact Last Quarter Square phase ("crisis in consciousness" pattern) to Neptune from Nov. 7, 1876! Neptune had traveled exactly three-quarters of the zodiac from Nov. 1876 to Nov. 2000.

Another strange election "coincidence" links the one from Nov. 2, 1824 to the current one. It was back in 1824 that John Quincy Adams -- son of the second U.S. President John Adams -- became the only son to follow his father to the White House. However, Andrew Jackson had more popular votes and more electoral votes than John Quincy Adams! The reason Adams became President is that Jackson did not have a majority in the electoral college as two other people were also running and had electoral votes. Eventually, Adams gained the victory via votes in the House of Representatives. At the 1824 election -- and this is truly remarkable -- Mercury was at 30 degrees of Libra! Thus, the trinity of bizarre elections in U.S. history (1824; 1876; 2000) all occurred with Mercury between 30 Libra and 1 Scorpio! Oddly enough, the Moon on election night Nov. 2, 1824 was in late Pisces -- exactly where it would be 176 years later at our current election.

As I reported in Part II, when President George Bush (senior) became President in Nov. 1988, transiting Jupiter (success) was retrograde and in Gemini. Now in Nov. 2000 -- twelve years later -- Jupiter is again retrograde and back in Gemini for the first time since 1988. I indicated in the last article, that the son (George W. Bush) might follow his father (George Herbert Walker Bush) to the White House due to the unusual Jupiter factor in Gemini. Note that the former President Bush is born on June 12, 1924 as a Sun-sign Gemini! [Note: In 1888, Democrat Grover Cleveland won the popular vote over Republican Benjamin Harrison, but Cleveland lost the presidency via the electoral vote 233 to 168.]

Electors Meet On Monday December 18, 2000

As the nation wakes up on the morning after the election, VP Al Gore not only leads in the popular vote, but until the Florida and Oregon votes come in, leads in the electoral count by 260 to 246 over Governor George Bush. Even though it is likely that Bush will win in Florida, how will our populace respond to one candidate clearly ahead in the national, popular tally and leading in the electoral vote, only to lose the election in what may be a questionable recount in Florida, where Governor Bush's brother Jeb is the Governor of Florida? How weird!

The electors, who actually decide the final electoral tally, meet in their respective state capitals on December 18. While it is most probable they will vote for the candidate who won in their state, they are NOT absolutely bound to do so. This has occurred before (in 1960 in West Virginia for instance). There could be enormous pressure during the six weeks between the election and the voting by the electors for some of these electors to change their votes -- reflecting the national popular victory by VP Al Gore. This is unlikely, but within the realm of possibility. On December 18, the Sun reaches 26+ Sagittarius, exactly contacting the heart center of the Milky Way, the galaxy which is our greater celestial home! The Moon will have just entered Libra, the sign of the Scales of Social Balance, which just happens to be Governor George Bush's Moon-sign (as well as his father's Moon-sign). The scales will finally tilt one way or the other!

Summing Up

I have watched presidential elections every four years since the extremely close and exciting Kennedy-Nixon battle of 1960. [Note: I missed the Carter-Ford exceedingly close content in 1976 while I was traveling in Europe.] To me, next to the election of 1960, this has been the most extraordinary election night and day-after ever. Will this contest lead to the abolition of the electoral college via a constitutional amendment? That would be hard to accomplish and may not even be in the nation's higher interest, but a movement in this direction will happen.

Keep the following in mind: VP Al Gore lost his "old" home state of Tennessee to Governor Bush. If Gore had won his own state (with 11 electoral votes), the results from Florida wouldn't even matter and VP Al Gore would now be President-elect! However, the odds are favoring a President-elect George W. Bush as the Florida recount begins. And in Florida, the approximate 100,000 Ralph Nader votes will clearly be the difference -- tilting the election from Gore to Bush! [See more about Sun-sign Pisces Ralph Nader (born Feb. 27, 1934) on pages 5 and 22 of the November/December 2000 Welcome to Planet Earth magazine.]

It is very odd -- if the probable scenario holds with Bush becoming President -- that Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the new Senator from NY, Joe Lieberman will remain Senator from Connecticut, and VP Al Gore will be out of a job after 24 years of public service -- once President-elect Bush is inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2001. The state of Arkansas -- President Clinton's home state -- eventually went to Bush over Gore, another blow to VP Al Gore's chances to become President. As I wrote last time, President Clinton was experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime Progressed Sun conjunction to his natal Chiron (wounds; pains; healing) in late October 2000. He was able to heal his relationship -- politically -- with his wife Hillary, but not with his valiant and loyal Vice President.

If Governor Bush becomes President, joined by a Republican Senate and House, it will be the first time since 1954 and Eisenhower as President, that both houses of Congress and the Presidency will be controlled by the Republicans. Who knows what that will mean for the future of the nation? Please review my key comments on the year 2003 in Part I of this feature. It is in that year (plus 2004) that President Bush and America will experience an enormous crisis as Saturn stations at 13+ Cancer on the USA Sun and President Bush's Sun.

As I conclude these remarks (8:40AM EST on Nov. 8), the state of Oregon -- my home state -- is still in the undecided category (although leaning toward Governor Bush). Although the election at this moment doesn't hinge on Oregon, our state is the first in the nation to institute all voting by mail. No more voting booths in Oregon. This may be the beginning of a revolutionary trend. It is also the first time in recent memory that throughout a presidential election evening, a west coast state was a crucial one in the toss-up category.

Update: Nov. 8, 2000 at 4:25PM EST. It now appears the Florida recount will not be finished until Nov. 9. Thus, unless the previous result is overturned -- giving VP Al Gore the state of Florida -- this article is complete, assuming George W. Bush will win the recount and become the next President. For keen astrology students, note that Florida entered the union on March 3, 1845 in Tallahassee in the late morning (approximate time). Florida's Sun is at 13 Pisces -- exactly trine the USA Sun in Cancer and George W. Bush's Sun as well! Pisces, symbolized by two entwined fish (!), has often be considered a "double-bodied" sign of the zodiac. This adds to the mystery and "duplicity" of the Florida votes. However, Jupiter (success) in Aries is extremely close to VP Al Gore's Sun in Aries and exactly on his Pallas (genius; strategy). Florida's Mercury (information; communications; the act of voting itself) is at 27+ Aquarius -- within 1 degree of America's natal Moon-Pallas conjunction from July 4, 1776. Venus (values; social concerns) is conjunct Neptune (confusion; chaos; illusions) at 24+ Aquarius when Florida entered the union. The Florida Moon at 13 Capricorn opposes the USA Sun and George W. Bush's Sun.

One final note. With over 99% of the popular votes in, VP Al Gore has about a 150,000-200,000 vote lead over Governor Bush. Therefore, VP Al Gore has won the popular vote for President.

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