Presidential Election Wrap-Up

Presidential Election Wrap-Up

by Mark Lerner

It's November 8, 1996 - three days after President Clinton's re-election and we can look back to my three previous articles (written in late July, during the pre-election weekend and on the day before the election). Fundamentally, all of these features pointed to President Clinton's win on Election Day - with the last two stories even giving very precise astrological reasons for the apparently "destined" victory.

In the feature I wrote just three days before the Clinton-Gore win over Dole-Kemp and Perot-Choate (see World News section of our Web Index page), I suggested that the "lower range" number of electoral votes for President Clinton would be 380 while Bob Dole would receive the other 158. As it stands right now - knowing that with absentee ballots still being tallied, one small state could change from Dole to Clinton or vice versa a few days from now - Clinton won 379 electoral votes with Dole receiving 159. On this "forecast," I was only 1 vote off. Not bad for someone observing and analyzing presidential contests for 36 years!

I was also only 0.5% off on the popular vote percentage for President Clinton and 1-2% off from the percentages for Dole and Perot.

In the feature written the day before the election (see our Color Chart section on the Index page), I also anticipated the broadcast networks "calling" the election for Clinton between 8PM EST and around 8:53PM EST. During that period of time, the transiting Moon in Virgo was trining (120 degrees) transiting Jupiter in Capricorn and sextiling (60 degrees) the transiting Sun in Scorpio.

While it was obvious at 8PM EST that the President would win re-election - as the major networks showed him winning 212 electoral votes already from the East Coast with many more states about to report shortly - the actual, official "call" that President Clinton was re-elected came at about 5 seconds past 9PM EST when Dan Rather said on CBS that it was over. That occurred based on poll closings in New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Rhode Island and New Mexico. Suddenly, 63 more electoral votes skipped over to the Clinton column and the man from Hope, Arkansas had at least 275 electoral votes and a majority in the Electoral College. Eventually, the whole West Coast, plus Nevada and traditionally Republican Arizona, and Hawaii would add to the Clinton "landslide" in the Electoral College.

Now accompanying this current story is the chart for the precise moment that President Clinton was re-elected - at least according to the media. Amazingly, Saturn - the planet of fate, karma, focus, hard work, the "father," authority, leadership, fear, limits, structure and "Time" -- at 1+ Aries was precisely overhead at the Midheaven (a major power point in any horoscope)!

Based on the birth time most astrologers use for President Clinton (Aug. 19, 1946; 8:51AM CST; Hope, AR), President Clinton is also born with Saturn high in the sky and in his 10th house of career. It is also in early Leo, and became part of a temporary Grand Trine (composed of transiting Saturn in Aries and transiting Pluto in Sagittarius on Election Day) and a temporary Cosmic Kite (Uranus in early Aquarius in polarity to his natal Saturn, as well as Saturn and Pluto in fire signs completing the Grand Trine). So ... while many forecasters had seen Saturn so strong for Dole (the older candidate - Saturn is connected to the aged -- and the man whose natal Saturn at 14+ Libra was exactly conjunct the USA Saturn), I had felt for a long time that Clinton was no slouch when it came to the power of Saturn.

Since President Clinton was born with the Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Saturn in Leo (fire sign), it struck me many months ago that transiting Saturn this year in early Aries (fire element) and transiting Pluto in early Sagittarius (fire element) would be helpful influences to keep President Clinton in power. Remember, too, that VP Gore is born with an Aries Sun, Mars-Saturn-Pluto all rising in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius. In addition, the transiting Saturn in Aries would be close to VP Gore's natal Sun and exactly crossing his natal Sun in March-April 1997. I saw this as added national and international responsibilities for our present Vice President - not as a sign of loss of power, defeat, etc.

However, it is very significant that at the moment the networks on TV indicated that President Clinton was re-elected, we have Saturn at the highest point in the chart and 20+ Cancer-Capricorn rising and setting. Saturn above suggests that President Clinton has developed into a major "father-authority-leader" figure for the America of the 1990s and the free world as well. That is a gigantic responsibility to have as we near the Millennium. Will it be too much? Can President Clinton rise to the occasion? Remember that this is a man whose father (Saturn) died in a car accident three months before he was born. He did have a stepfather, but someone he didn't quite connect with (in a positive, sensitive fashion) when he was growing up.

Now, President Clinton has reached a peak of Saturnian power at a relatively young age and this will not be easy to handle. And there are many crises and pitfalls ahead (1997-2001). [Note: Please read the all-important article on The Next Presidential Inauguration!] And what of 20+ Cancer-Capricorn rising at the moment President Clinton won the presidency for the second and final time? That is where the whole orbit (Heliocentric Orbit) of Pluto is focused within the Earth's zodiac (the ecliptic). The entire power of Pluto is ignited at 20+ Cancer (North Heliocentric Node) and 20+ Capricorn (South Heliocentric Node). Therefore, President Clinton can tap into extraordinary Plutonic power for good (spiritual will; laser-like insight; strength to endure; the fountain of divine creativity) OR be hounded by the negative side of this dark Lord (the Underworld; extremism; poisons and secrecy; nuclear waste and blackmail; destructive urges; scandals).

Between November 1996 and January 20, 1997 (the inauguration), it now appears that many of President Clinton's Cabinet Members and staff will resign. Of course, many of them have personal reasons, but there is also the feeling that several people are afraid of encroaching scandals, perhaps individuals leaving a "sinking ship of state"? The transits of Saturn in Aries and Pluto in Sagittarius boosted the President's chances for re-election, but at his moment of victory, we see Saturn precisely overhead and Pluto's orbit right on the horizon. There is a sense here that if the President is not careful, he can "lose it all" in the months and years ahead. He needs to be brutally honest with himself and the country, and avoid anything underhanded.

As I have stated in The Next Presidential Inauguration, the challenges of that day in January 1997 are formidable and there is the possibility that the President may NOT complete his term of office, but there is also the very genuine opportunity to offer one of the most crucial inaugural speeches of all time and redirect the American people (and hopefully much of the world) inward, into a real soul-searching experience as all of humanity prepares for the next century and Millennium. We will NOT be able to make it as a species and as a beautiful, sacred planet unless we clean up the environmental mess, work together as fellow human beings in harmony, peace and love, and attempt to remember that we are all spirits or souls having adventures in the human kingdom.

President Clinton has to "sound the right tone" during his inaugural address (when the Moon is "Void-of-Course" in the sign of Gemini). He has to help people build the inner "Rainbow Bridge" between personality and soul, and help the American people work on uncovering their spiritual custodianship relative to the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms on Earth. There needs to be much "inner clean-up," re-thinking of values and goals, redirecting of national resources, and so on. A true Spiritual Renaissance can be born on January 20, 1997! But if the message is one of America being all-powerful and we are going to accomplish X, Y and Z in the material world in the next 4 years, then - more than likely, in my opinion - the new Clinton Administration will be sowing tragic seeds (for our nation and the globe).

In the meantime, note these fascinating astrological tie-ins to the re-election of the President.

The transiting Part of Fortune - a dynamic synthesis of Sun, Moon and the exact rising degree - at the moment of the President's re-election was located at 20+ Taurus - within 3' of arc of the President's natal Moon!

Asteroids Ceres (nurturing; Earth Mother) and Vesta (investment; safety and security issues) were in late Sagittarius - conjunct the President's natal and stationary Pallas (wisdom; strategy; mental brilliance).

Comet Hale-Bopp - about to make a big splash in our region of the solar system next Spring - was located at 25+ Sagittarius (conjunct the President's natal Pallas and also aligned, by conjunction, with the center of the Milky Way, the heart center of our greater cosmic life).

Notice as well that transiting Chiron (the healer; the teacher; the "bridge" -- ! -- to the future and between realms of consciousness and being) - having just returned to its natal placement for the President for the only time in early October 1996 (during the "Crisis" summit of Netanyahu, Arafat and Clinton in Washington, D.C.) - was exactly on top of President Clinton's natal Jupiter (success; victory; optimism; benevolence) during the re-election triumph.

The transiting North Node of the Moon (fate/destiny pointer; plus a link to the public and the masses) was conjunct President Clinton's natal Mars-Neptune union in Libra (very probably right on the President's Eastern horizon).

We also saw that transiting Venus - in one of its home signs of Libra - had just crossed the President's natal Mars-Neptune union and was about to cross over and return to his natal Venus at 11+ Libra. This was a major link to the massive support of women (Venus in Libra) - helping Clinton-Gore to a decisive victory.

In President Clinton's Progressed Tertiary Map - please see page 52 of the new Moon magazine (104-page special edition; 29 articles!; available on its own for $6; order directly from Welcome to Planet Earth and The Great Bear) for information on Tertiary (Lunar) Progressions - for November 5, 1996, there was a very close Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius. A Tertiary Moon-Jupiter union can only occur every 2+ years and this one was in Sagittarius (Jupiter's natural sign) and extremely close to precise. I knew about this well over a year ago! However, since Bob Dole had some pretty good Tertiary alignments himself for the same date (but not as good as President Clinton), I didn't discuss this in the printed magazine or online. But - after the fact - it is still a strong astrological sign of victory for President Clinton.

In the world of Declinations - the "power" dimension of planetary movement; how far planets are north or south of the Celestial Equator; and a system utilized by astrologers for hundreds of years, but often neglected - note the following: President Clinton was experiencing a precise transiting Venus parallel (union) with his natal Mars (2+ degrees South Declination). These two bodies are a magnetic pair and we know that there was a major "gender gap" in this election - even more so than in 1992. We know that transiting Venus in Libra had just crossed the President's natal Mars and Neptune in Libra, and was nearing a "Return" to its own placement for him at the election. But now we also see that the exact parallel in declination - from Venus in the sky to Mars at the President's birth - was adding a significant "potency" (female-male magnetism?) to the voting results.

On the other hand, former Senator Bob Dole was born (July 22, 1923; 12:10AM [approximately] CST; Russell, KS) with a rare Sun, Mars and Pluto parallel, via declination, at 20+ degrees North of the Celestial Equator. That is an incredible alignment to have at birth! However, on Election Day 1996, the transformative outer planets Uranus (shocks; topsy-turvy conditions; uncertainty) and Neptune (illusions; cloudiness; fog) were parallel to each other at 20+ degrees South of the Celestial Equator. This means that Uranus and Neptune were "contraparallel" to Bob Dole's natal Sun-Mars-Pluto merger at birth, in declination. All things considered, this was NOT a positive omen as Uranus-Neptune can signify "forces beyond one's control" and via the contraparallel may have functioned as "opposing energies." [Note: But to be fair, Uranus-Neptune contraparallel to Bob Dole's Sun-Mars-Pluto parallel at birth could also have represented his endurance and stamina, his extraordinary, final 96-hour push, and the fact that his vote totals were higher than expected.]

In many ways, since the Republican Revolution of November 1994 seemed to sound the President's death-knell as a leader, this victory by Clinton-Gore is incredible. Once again, after being roughed up by the Republicans, President Clinton fought back (regaining his 1992 title as the "Comeback Kid"), regained much of the trust of the American people and came away with a resounding win. However, only 49% of the potential electorate voted this time around. 90+ million voters stayed home! And that is just shocking in the cradle of democracy on Planet Earth.

In addition, the President did not have great "political coattails." The Senate is a little stronger in the Republican direction while the House is tilted a little more toward the Democrats (but not enough to give the Democrats majorities in either House). While some see this as a continuation of the status-quo and perhaps blockage on the Federal level, George Stephanopoulos declared on Larry King's TV show last night that his "take" on the "Federal Split" was that the American people wanted the Executive and Legislative branches of government to work together in harmony - perhaps the best and brightest of the Democrats working in tandem with the best and brightest of the Republicans.

There are many other factors that propelled Clinton-Gore to success over their rivals and we do not know what the future portends at this time. However, just hours before the President takes the Oath of Office again on January 20, 1997 - during a very strange time for our country (Neptune will be precisely crossing the USA Pluto on that date!) - the Sun and Jupiter will unify at the 30th degree of Capricorn! This is the one time during all of 1997 when the center of life-vitality-power (the Sun) will conjunct the largest planet (Jupiter: symbol of love-wisdom; divine protection; enthusiasm; optimism; good fortune) in the solar system. And the opportunities for spiritual growth and renewal for America will reach a peak.

Remember that on Election Day, the Sun and Jupiter were exactly 60 degrees apart. And these two celestial bodies were in that same configuration when President Clinton was born. [See my Election Night Results article.] Now, the fulfillment of that potential (Sun-Jupiter united) will exist as President Clinton prepares to address the nation and the world on January 20, 1997.

We will all be awaiting his words, ideas, inspirations and direction. Destiny has placed him in this leadership role. Something extraordinary and wonderful can occur that can change the course of human and earthly evolution. Will the President seize the moment, come from his heart and soul, and be guided by the invisible spiritual guardians of our planet? Will he remember President Kennedy's words from exactly 36 years before ("...And the glow from that fire can truly light the world..."). Your positive thoughts, prayers and ideals may help him open a doorway into divine understanding that has been closed for many centuries and millennia.

Copyright 1996 by Mark Lerner. All rights reserved.

[Mark Lerner is the publisher of Planet Earth Magazine - online and in print. Please contact him via e-mail at or at PO Box 12007, Eugene, OR 97440.]

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