Colonel Philip J. Corso (Ret.) Rewrites History:

UFOs 1947--1997

By Mark Lerner


[Author's Note: This is being republished online in Spring 2002 due to the 2001-2002 national and international Campaign For DISCLOSURE (of the Existence of UFOs and ETs) by Dr. Steven M. Greer, M.D. For current and important, new and late-breaking information regarding this project please go to the following website: In addition, there are new photos being released by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (via the spacecraft presently orbiting Mars) concerning the "Face on Mars" and other possible ancient ruins on the red planet. For more on this, visit Richard Hoagland's website: And Radio Personality Art Bell always has an entertaining and fascinating mix concerning our cosmic connections. Go to his website: Since the publication of the following article in 1997, Col. Corso was interviewed on an NBC News program and also passed away, shortly after the release of his book to the public, now in paperback.]

Back in our Sagittarius/Capricorn 1996 edition (page 5), I issued a report about Chiron approaching 2+ Scorpio in 1997, the same placement it held when the "Roswell UFO crash" occurred in the New Mexico desert during the first week of July 1947. The article I wrote discussed the fact that with Chiron returning--for the first time--to that 2+ Scorpio region in 1997, I fully expected an inundation of UFO-ET type stories-events-happenings in America and around the world. What I didn’t expect was the extraordinary book--The Day After Roswell (Pocket Books; Hardcover)--written by an 82-year-old Retired Colonel of the Army, Philip J. Corso. [Note: My research over many years has "implicated" Chiron -- which seems to be a cometary-body, orbiting the Sun between Saturn and Uranus, hence a bridge between the inner and outer solar system -- as a major, astrological player in the UFO-ET "movement."]

The month of June 1997 was filled with magazine articles and media specials on the 50th anniversary of "Roswell." Of course, the media always treats the subject with disdain and cynicism. This became amplified by the strange crowds making a pilgrimage to Roswell itself for the 50th anniversary. I had read various accounts of the supposed Roswell crash of an alien spacecraft, but never felt anyone had touched on the central truth. And I was about to give up all hope of ever finding out what happened, when I heard (on the Art Bell late-night radio program) about this book--The Day After Roswell--written by someone who was "in the know," someone who was definitely not a kook or weirdo. I immediately called the local Barnes & Noble bookstore and requested a copy. In July--very close to the time of the 50th anniversary celebrations--I picked up my copy.

Editing and publishing Welcome to Planet Earth magazine keeps me busy, so I don’t usually have time for a lot of extra reading. But I really felt it crucial to read this book. It did not disappoint.

The main reason The Day After Roswell is so important is not because of its focus on UFOs, ETs and aliens; it is that Col. Corso has rewritten the fundamental history of the Cold War epoch, 1947-1997. He clearly shows that the advanced technology discovered at the very real crash site from July 1947 has become "seeded" to major American corporate giants, such as Dow, Bell Labs, IBM, Hughes Aircraft, etc., over the past 50 years! In fact, in the early 1960s, Col. Corso--who had already been a member of President Eisenhower’s National Security Council in the 1950s--"inherited" what he referred to as his "junk drawer," a cabinet or file containing alien artifacts, gadgets, out-of-this-world material, unknown oddities and important blueprints, all going back to the Roswell UFO crash in the New Mexico desert some 50 years ago.

Col. Corso tells a fascinating and riveting story. Through his narrative--by the way, he did personally view deceased alien beings, in strange caskets, while in charge of a Kansas military outpost (Fort Riley) in July 1947!--we learn that so much of the cold-war rhetoric and arms-buildup against "foreign powers" in the late 1940s, 1950 and early 1960s, was actually a camouflage operation. We (the U.S. Government) knew we were fighting an alien force, monitoring our movements, and through the crash at Roswell, we were beginning a long process of developing lasers, integrated circuit chips, fiber optics, "night vision" goggles, particle beams and a whole host of advanced technological marvels. In other words, we had found items and materials at the crash site that we didn’t understand; now it would be up to the greatest minds and companies within America to figure out how these high-tech components could advance our civilization, keep us a few steps beyond the Russians and Chinese, and prepare us for a potential battle with alien beings not necessarily all that friendly.

Col. Corso has no reason to lie and put out a book of fiction and hearsay. The book contains a foreword by none other than Mr. Right Wing himself, Senator Strom Thurmond. The Colonel, as well, was a political conservative and dedicated American military man his entire life. We do not yet know his birth date, but since he himself reported his age as 82 (on the Art Bell radio show), we know he must have been born in the second half of 1914 or the first half of 1915. That tells us something right off the bat.

In late 1914 to early 1915 when the Colonel was born, Uranus was in early Aquarius. Thus, he is now experiencing his "Uranus Return." This always occurs when a person reaches 83+ years of age. Aquarius is the sign of advanced air technology; Uranus is the planet of shocks, revelations, topsy-turvy conditions, startling insights. One of the most remarkable parts of the book (page 66) for me was when Col. Corso referred to Army contacts with the famous scientists Wernher von Braun and Willy Ley, V2 rocket designers from Germany who came to the U.S. after World War II. When I saw the name "Willy Ley," a flood-tide of early childhood memories rushed into the forefront of my consciousness. As a kid, my favorite books were about rockets, spaceships and travel in the solar system and beyond--all written by Willy Ley! I had never seen his name in print or heard about him, one way or another, for the last 40 years. Now his name pops up in a book about an alien spaceship that crash-landed in New Mexico in July 1947--a crash that has resulted in the complete, high-tech transformation of the American and, to a great extent, world society.

Beyond Col. Corso’s "Uranus Return," we see that Chiron now in early Scorpio is closely trining (120 degrees) his natal Pluto (at the beginning of Cancer). Chiron refers to the rainbow bridge of higher consciousness and the Ageless Wisdom teachings. Scorpio connects to the mysteries of life. Pluto is the ruler of Underworlds, unseen dimensions and invisible realms. [In mythology, Pluto-Hades wore a helmet that made him invisible!] So … it is not surprising that this would be the year (Chiron exactly trining his Pluto) that the Colonel would blow the lid off the most extreme governmental cover-up of all.

The third outer planet--Neptune--also gets into the act at this stage of Col. Corso’s life. Neptune has an orbit around the Sun of 164 years. Half of that cycle is 82 years. When the Colonel was born, Neptune was between 27+ Cancer and 0+ Leo. Neptune is now opposing that placement--thus in a "Full Moon," illuminating polarity or opposition. This can signify waves of confusing publicity--trying to undermine his views and knowledge--or an apotheosis of celebrity on the national and global stage. Note that in the U.S. chart we always use at Welcome to Planet Earth for America (July 4, 1776 at 4:47:09PM EST in Philadelphia, based on Barry Lynes' extensive research), Neptune is at the Midheaven, perhaps the most prominent position in any chart.

I heartily recommend that all our readers obtain a copy of The Day After Roswell. If you have been wondering whether there really was an alien crash at Roswell, this is the one book you should read. Early on, you will see that Col. Corso is a sensible, normal and deeply patriotic American. Without fanfare, he tells one of the greatest stories of this or any age. It is a tale that will change how you look at life and it is a reminder that the advanced technology we are utilizing all the time now--computers; satellites; fiber optics; lasers; etc--are literally gifts (perhaps frightening gifts) from the cosmos, "accidentally" offered to us by a highly-evolved alien civilization.

Copyright 1997-2002 by Mark Lerner.

All rights reserved.

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