The Coming Military Chess Game by Mark Lerner


Dateline Sunday Sept. 16, 2001 2:48AM PDT Eugene, Oregon Having shared three Parts of this story so far, it seems important to give you a brief outline of what to expect in the near future. In particular, I want to give some pointers about the New Moon to occur on Monday Sept. 17 and the Fall Equinox happening on Saturday Sept. 22. Remember that I have already shared numerous dates to watch in the coming weeks. This report will fill in some important gaps.

I reported before that the New Moon on Monday Sept. 17 at 24+ Virgo rekindles the U.S. Constitution chart from Sept. 17, 1787. Hundreds of thousands of American flags have been purchased by the public during the last week. "Patriotic America" will continue in full force for the month ahead because of the rare synchronicity of the first New Moon after the attacks just 3 minutes of arc (1/20th of one degree) from the conjunction to our Sun placement in the 10th house of the U.S. Constitution. Americans everywhere are rethinking the purpose, meaning, laws, ethics and philosophical background of our nation. All of this connects to the solar-lunar cycle now igniting our Constitution -- the intricate legal foundation that has made America a bastion of freedom and democracy in the world.

However, as the New Moon strikes at 6:28AM EDT on Sept. 17th, the Moon will then go void -- enter a twilight zone until 3PM EDT. It is during this time that the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) plans to reopen for business after a four-day forced closing. As of today (Sunday. Sept. 16), all the operational tests have been OK and the leaders of the NYSE do plan their official reopening at 9:30AM EDT. What will it mean for New York City, the financial capital of the world, for the main exchange -- plus other markets in the USA that reopen Monday morning -- to begin business again during a void Moon? We may not know for a long time. What's favorable about Monday is that the re-opening occurs AFTER the New Moon, in the waxing of the Moon. And Mercury (trade; business in general; transportation; the flow of information) will be approaching a trine (harmony) to Uranus (high-technology; changes; surprises). It is hoped that millions of Americans will show their inner strength, faith and confidence by buying stocks and propping up stocks. Many companies have signaled their intent to buy back their own shares of stocks in the days, weeks and months ahead -- a calming influence for an economy rattled severely for much of 2001.

While the attacks of Sept. 11 did not wreak havoc directly on Wall Street or the NYSE building, the chart of the first plane crash into the WTC does make us feel a sense of alarm concerning the NYSE. This important market was born on May 17, 1792 in New York City. The time given by Barbara Koval in her book Time and Money is 10AM EST. Comparing that map to both the attacks of Sept. 11 and the reopening will make anyone feel a bit queasy. One of the main terrorist factors of Sept. 11 was Juno (terrorism by the powerless, victimizing the innocent, and causing rage and storms in response). I have described in detail its powerful placement at 26+ Cancer. Now we find that Juno was closely squaring both Saturn above in Aries and Neptune below in Libra in the NYSE chart. The terrorism against America will strongly ripple through the NYSE on Monday, for the month ahead, and way beyond. The Sun on Sept. 11th -- a placement that will continue to haunt our nation for years and decades -- was located at 18+ Virgo. Anything in that degree when the NYSE opened for business on May 17, 1792? How about Mars (warfare; strife; violence; anger)! And the orb from the Sun to the NYSE Mars? Just 6 minutes of arc. What house was Mars in when the NYSE began? The second house of money itself, assets, banking, material resources. What an extraordinary occurrence!

Should we anticipate a very volatile NYSE for awhile? Yes. Transiting Uranus has already made its once-in-84-year pass over the NYSE Pluto (extremes; death-rebirth; the unknown and underworld) in April and June of 2001. And the NYSE has been on a roller-coaster ride during the last few months. Uranus will make another transit over the NYSE Pluto on Jan. 21-22, 2002, just as the Sun enters Aquarius and Mars enters its home base of fiery Aries. But there's more about the reopening at 9:30AM EDT on Sept. 17. As they ring the bell to signal the reopening, 27 degrees and 42 minutes of Libra will rise. Astoundingly, this strikes the NYSE Neptune (imagination; fantasy; chaos, confusion; mental or emotional fog; religious fanaticism and zealotry) which is exactly -- no orb! -- at that placement from May 1792. Somehow, the universe is signaling a very Neptunian NYSE in the time-period ahead -- a stock exchange susceptible to rumors, global economic currents and fears, nebulous conditions, possibly -- and I hesitate to even say this -- attack itself by religious fanatics. The NYSE has announced they will start the day with 2 minutes of silence (Neptune, too, as prayer and spiritual longings) followed by the singing of God Bless America (singing, in a collective manner, is certainly a Neptune phenomenon as well).

The reopening of the NYSE also happens with extremist Pluto in the 2nd house of "personal money" opposing restrictive Saturn in the 8th house of "international money." Who knows how this potent opposition of two cosmic heavyweights will influence the NYSE? Luckily, the two traditional benefics -- Venus and Jupiter -- are high up in the chart, with Venus (ruling the reopening) in Leo in the 10th and Jupiter in Cancer in the 9th house. And their midpoint will be near the Midheaven for the reopening and conjunct the Vesta placement in the NYSE chart from May 1792! This latter point is very significant. It creates a combined planetary picture as follows: Venus/Jupiter = Vesta. As I reported in Part III of this ongoing series, Vesta itself rules the stock market! It is the main ruler of investments in general. My hope is that this combination of Venus/Jupiter = Vesta will mean that maybe not in one day or two, but in the week ahead and beyond, America and the civilized world will reinforce the financial foundations of our 21st century global society.

Vesta will make a retrograde station at 13+ Gemini on October 9, 2001. It will eventually go stationary direct in mid-January 2002 at 27+ Taurus. When it makes this second, direct station near the start of 2002, it will do so right on the Sun for the NYSE and exactly 150 degrees to Neptune for the NYSE! It will be a big January for the NYSE.

Since Jupiter is approaching the USA Sun at 13+ Cancer (for the first time in 12 years), it is important to give you the key crossing dates: Sept. 23-24, 2001; Dec. 10-11, 2001; and May 14-15, 2002. Such a union is almost always positive, reassuring. It should offer signs of prosperity, opportunity, success, victory. Note, too, that in mid-February and mid-March 2002, Jupiter essentially not moving (in the process of shifting from retrograde to direct) will be right on its own placement in America's chart from July 4, 1776. Again, this is a very hopeful sign that in spite of all the fears, troubles, the nation on a war footing, there may be a silver lining in the clouds. Remember that Jupiter is not only the largest planet and the greater benefic, but it also rules America's chart with Sagittarius rising. Jupiter is assisting America in the next 7 months!

Let's turn to the military chess game. At this time I want to mention some dates and astro-patterns so you can observe and prepare for them. A following article will update the war strategy as events ensue. The biggest astrology moment in the coming week -- beyond the New Moon discussed -- is the chart for the Fall Equinox. The map shown in this article is calculated for Washington, D.C. What an amazingly symbolic chart for America -- energizing our life as a nation for the next three months. Aries (ruled by Mars) is rising in the East -- suggesting daring, leadership, fire power, assertion. And where is the ruler of the chart? Mars (war) is exalted at 7+ Capricorn and in the 10th house of executive power. The Congress has just passed legislation offering President Bush many billions of dollars to fight the terrorists and lead the war effort. The Mars in this chart closely trines (harmonizes) President Bush's natal Mars at 9+ Virgo. This should give us all at least a small sense of relief. The President is having a lot of martial troubles -- as I reported in previous features in this series. It's a plus that for the Fall season Mars in the cosmos and Mars for the President are in synch.

More incredible symbolism leaps out from this chart for the Equinox. Notice the Pallas, Pluto and Moon triple conjunction focused around the 9th house cusp. Remember that at America's birth there was an exact Moon-Pallas union at 26+ Aquarius. This is the monthly return of that Moon-Pallas union! And it is intensified to an extreme level by having Pluto in between Pallas and the Moon. This trio suggests our ability to go on a military warpath, in a very intelligent manner (Pallas), on an international level (Sagittarius). Since the Moon in mundane astrology often refers to the public mood or the public "mass consciousness," it is a perfect symbol to see the Moon conjunct Pluto (will; purpose; power; death-rebirth; mysteries; the unknown) in Sagittarius (long-distance journeys; using missiles?). Notice, too, that the Sun is close to the setting point representing allies and/or adversaries. Obviously, the Sun at the Fall Equinox is at 0 Libra -- always a symbol of the need for cooperation, balance and equilibrium with others. In mundane astrology, this chart suggests America should definitely coordinate its military efforts with its allies, with NATO, and in a calm, deliberate, methodical fashion. Mercury (transport; communications; trade) in Libra, still trine to Uranus in Aquarius (high-tech gadgetry), is another positive celestial signature indicating the need for an alliance against terrorism -- not a go-it-alone, USA-only policy.

On the other side of the world, it is fascinating to see Venus in early Virgo rising right through the heart of Pakistan and Afghanistan. What does this mean? Pakistan has been a USA ally for a long time, but this is a strained relationship at best. The Chinese have been giving Pakistan all kinds of military equipment for a long time and, back in 1998, the world shuddered when both Pakistan and India tested nuclear weapons. Now, so far, Pakistan has said it will try to persuade Afghanistan to turn over Osama bin Laden, who usually hides out in the southern region of that country, in caves and mountain retreats, near a town called Khost. The odds of this happening are extremely remote. The news media is reporting well over 200,000 students in Pakistan who have strong sympathies for Osama bin Laden, the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, and who might rally to Osama's banner, particularly if he is attacked or hunted by a US-led western military alliance. Thus, trying to reinforce our links to the Pakistani government could boomerang, if the students, by the tens of thousands, riot and rebel. Hopefully, Venus rising through Pakistan and Afghanistan will mean they will be accommodating rather than belligerent; it could also signify a constant effort in that region to keep pleading for peace, reconciliation and negotiation (Venus themes) to avoid the martial onslaught coming from the Western powers.

I called this article "The Military Chess Game." When I think of chess, astrologically Pallas comes to mind. The asteroid Pallas connects with "seeing patterns," strategizing, inventiveness, intelligence, "street smarts" and mental brilliance. In the Fall Equinox chart, we have that Pallas, Pluto and Moon union and I think this will serve us well as the American military leaders -- in concert with other leaders in Britain, Europe and elsewhere -- conduct a war strategy that could last for months and possibly years. Because our nation was born with the Moon conjunct Pallas at 26+ Aquarius -- and the Secondary Progressed Sun for the USA is going to cross our Moon for the first time ever on Oct. 24, 2001! -- I believe we will be sharp, clear and mentally focused for this enormous undertaking of rooting out world-wide terrorism. However, we will need to be cautious. Because as I pointed out in Part III, Osama bin Laden may be born with a Sun-Pallas union in Pisces! He, like the American leadership/people, will be good at this form of militaristic chess. Even now, does he have more moves now that his first big advance (Sept. 11) has been enormously successful (from his point of view)? As we plan this war-game scenario against a man like Osama bin Laden, so hidden from most of the world, and having thousands of followers, how do we know that he won't respond with other acts of extreme terror every time we make a military move? For instance, might a sustained bombing by us in Southern Afghanistan -- certainly warranted by the events of Sept. 11 -- be followed by Osama-inspired terrorism in Paris, France or London, England? Then, we in America, will be watching death and destruction in foreign capitals, allied with us, as a counter-move after our bombing in Afghanistan. How do we fight against an enemy that doesn't mind dying -- because to them dying in this manner, against America ("The Great Satan" in their eyes) is a noble and righteous religious cause? All of this may mean that our military alliance may have to become as nasty, ruthless and dirty in fighting as the faceless enemy we are warring against. And that could even mean our targeting "innocents" from their side -- as a way of saying "we mean business" and if you will commit your heinous acts against our innocent men, women and children, we will do the same against yours. Normally, America would never do this, but in this kind of war, who knows what will be decided.

In nearing a close this time, I want to put out a few more dates. Before doing so, you should study again all the dates I gave in earlier Parts regarding Mercury's unusual movements in October (retrograde; stations; return to Sept. 11 placement at 14+ Libra), the Saturn retrograde station of Sept. 26, key New and Full Moons, particularly coming up in October, dates for the coming Vesta-Pluto polarities and Vesta station of Oct. 9, plus Saturn opposite Pluto again on November 2, coinciding with Jupiter stopping and turning retrograde. What I am about to share is very sobering and important. A series of major events will cluster around the following dates: Nov. 30; Dec. 3-4; Dec. 6-8 (including the 60th anniversary of the sneak attack against Pearl Harbor!); Dec. 10-11 and finally an Annular Solar Eclipse on Dec. 14, 2001. Here's what will happen.

On November 30, there will be a Full Moon at 8+ Sagittarius-Gemini. It will conjunct the USA Uranus (airpower; high-technology; shocks and surprises) within 11 minutes of arc. By the way, NYC Mayor Rudolf Giuliani (born May 28, 1944) with a natal Sun-Uranus conjunction in early Gemini will have this Full Moon right on his Uranus precisely. He has been such an inspiration for New Yorkers and the country in the last week that many may have forgotten his ongoing fight against prostate cancer via radiation (Uranus) treatments. His is also born with Pluto (will; power; dealing with death-rebirth) at 6+ Leo -- exactly conjunct the USA Lunar North Node (our destiny/future as a nation). The Full Moon of Nov. 30 is a powerhouse that may mean further shock waves striking our country. This will lead to Mars making its first crossing in the last two years of America's natal Moon-Pallas conjunction in late Aquarius (Dec. 3-4) and Neptune (religious fanaticism) once again right on the USA Lunar South Node at 6+ Aquarius. These early days in December are volatile (Mars) in the extreme for the shaken American public (the Moon). If all this isn't enough, the 60th anniversary of the attack against Pearl Harbor will be SO POWERFUL. On Dec. 6, the Sun opposes Pluto -- the light, love and wisdom energy polarized to darkness, the underworld, hell, death and the mysteries of life. Also -- on Dec. 6 and into Dec. 7, the Sun at 15+ Sagittarius re-ignites the Pluto and Mars stations from March and July 2001! Ouch! There will also be a Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase on Dec. 7 -- signifying a crisis of consciousness. The Sun will also be galvanizing America's explosive Mars/Uranus midpoint on Dec. 6-7. By Dec. 10-11, Pluto will return to 15+ Sagittarius and its precise station from mid-March 2001. The final piece in this puzzle will occur on Friday Dec. 14, 2001 during an Annular Solar Eclipse. An Annular Solar Eclipse is probably as powerful as a Total Solar Eclipse. There's only one difference between the two. The Moon is not far enough away from the Earth to cover the Sun's disk completely, so a narrow ring of sunlight appears behind the Moon blocking the Sun.

Will this Eclipse on Dec. 14, just a week before the Winter Solstice, be a cosmic signal of American victory in the coming war? It's possible. Uranus (aviation; high technology) will be above in Washington, D.C. -- along with Mars (warfare). America's natal Uranus degree (8+ Gemini) will be rising almost precisely in our nation's capital at this eclipse and Saturn will be just 2 degrees from the Ascendant. That rising Saturn (structure; form; timing) may indicate hard work, dedication and tenacity over the preceding few months. We also find Jupiter (America's ruling planet) close to our country's Sun degree and in the 2nd house of money, banks, assets, the national economy. On the other side of the world, Jupiter will be directly overhead right through the center of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Symbolically, this could stand for America triumphant -- at least for the moment. However, there may be no outright victory. The Sun and Moon at this eclipse (22+ Sagittarius) will closely square America's Neptune (chaos; religious movements; impact on faith) and oppose America's Mars (strife; anger). And there will be the annual Venus-Pluto conjunction at the time of this eclipse, whose energies will carry over into 2002! This Venus-Pluto union will be right on America's explosive Mars/Uranus midpoint from July 4, 1776. Our people (Venus) and our society (Venus) may be shell-shocked from the months of warfare abroad, and fear of other attacks at home.

Here's something to ponder upon closing. When The Great Depression hit America through the 1930s (after the discovery of Pluto on February 18, 1930 in Flagstaff, Arizona @4PM MST), there was one thing that not only brought us together as a nation, but also brought us out of a depression: WAR. Since President Bush has been in office, and in the last few months of 2000, the economy has been weakening, there has been talk of recession after years of boom. Now, perhaps, if America does begin a new war, it may allow us to break out of the doldrums of recession (before it reaches an economic depression), leading the West and the rest of the world into a period of greater prosperity. Yes, it's a long shot, as most pundits anticipate oil shortages, economic tailspins, corporate failures, etc. But all of this could also lead to an international financial revolution -- where the whole way we manage, circulate and even create money changes in a dramatic fashion. Somehow this new battle against terrorism may even dovetail with the recent anti-globalization efforts which started in Seattle a couple of years ago, culminating recently in Genoa, Italy this past summer. I will keep sharing with you in the days and weeks ahead. I look forward to your e-mails.

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