President George W. Bush and America's Destiny: Part I

By Mark Lerner

"…this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom; and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

--Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 19, 1863 The Gettysburg Address

"Sic semper tyrannis!" ["Thus be it ever to tyrants."]

--John Wilkes Booth, Apr. 14, 1865 Ford's Theatre

Dateline: Sunday July 6, 2003 10:36PM PDT Eugene, OR.

Introduction I am dating and timing the first writing of this article because it is probably the most significant literary feature I have ever undertaken. And I've been active in journalism -- in one way or another -- since being a university student and composing stories for a major college newspaper in 1968. That's 35+ years and still counting.

Let me be clear at the onset. I really didn't want to write this in the first place. The research has been ongoing since 1999-2000 and weighed heavily on my mind for almost four years now. It's a disturbing and yet profound subject. I gave hints about the essence of this story back in the printed pages of our Welcome to Planet Earth astrology journal in 2000. I have agonized about how to present the main facts, ideas and theories without influencing the wrong people, inflaming passions or seeming to be prejudiced in my outlook. Nevertheless, the time is now and the story must be told. It concerns the darker side of American politics and the history of presidential assassinations that have shocked our country.

Today President Bush -- our 43rd national executive -- has turned 57 and this is just 2 days after America celebrated its 227th birthday. This article will be filled with a dazzling array of dates, times, cycles, maps and numbers. Remember that numbers are the spiritual cornerstone of the creation of the universe; they are the foundation of astrology. Because hidden behind the zodiac, horoscopes and chart analysis are the qualitative power of numbers -- the building blocks of divinity.

I have deliberately avoided reading what other astrologers have been saying about this subject and whether something sinister could befall our current president. I didn't want to be influenced by their ideas and predictions. The only text I have referred to in an astrological way is called Astrology Looks at History. This is edited by Noel Tyl and published by Llewellyn in 1995. I have accepted, for the time being, the rectified chart for Abraham Lincoln constructed by astrologer Marc Penfield. That's it. Otherwise -- I haven't read anything on the subject of President Bush and potential assassination attempts during the last few years. I am sure astrologers and writers are discussing it. I've always thought of this article as a possible book -- and I wanted the research to be pure and have the right effect in my mind.

For those already curious about what I am about to share, note the astrological alignments as I write these words. Aquarius is rising with Neptune having just passed the Ascendant and Uranus (along with Mars) is about to rise in Pisces in the East. The Moon at 16+ degrees of Libra is exactly returning in the chart for President George W. Bush and transiting through the 8th house (death-rebirth; metamorphosis; transformation; mysteries) -- along with the asteroid Vesta (having so much to do with national security and safety). The Sun has also returned for our current President and we have just experienced tonight the Sun-Moon First Quarter Phase -- symbolizing a time of "Crisis in Action." The President was born at this same type of Quarter Moon -- with the same Sun and Moon. It is another remarkable coincidence (or is it?) that all my years of research have led up to this moment to put ideas down on paper. In addition, Venus at 3+ degrees of Cancer is returning to its place for the birth of America from July 4, 1776. Finally, there is a potent T-Square triangle in the sky with the Sun opposite Chiron and both squaring the Moon in Libra. It's a very exact pattern and deeply igniting the President's natal Chiron-Moon-Juno-Jupiter conjunction in Libra -- all within less than 4 degrees in his birthchart. All year along, Chiron in Capricorn is squaring this quadruple conjunction. Chiron has much to do with twilight zones of unusual time, the need for healing, spiritual enlightenment, one's life quest and higher destiny.

On my astrology web site, you are advised to read and study the following features in particular -- as they strongly connect to this story. My article on President Kennedy's Life, Death, and Chiron; Parts XII (Red Planet Blues), XIII (Prelude to War) and XIV (Neptune's Power) of my terrorism series; Jupiter Conjunction Saturn: May 28, 2000.

I want to clarify a point I made a few paragraphs earlier. The topic of assassination is very rich, startling and fascinating when we are looking back historically. The problem arises when we start examining the present and future. This problem becomes further complicated by the art and science of astrological prognostication. That's because so many people believe astrology can or should be utilized to predict what will happen. I have been a professional astrologer for 31 years now and my gut feeling is that astrology works best as a tool for analysis and learning -- and not to figure out what the future holds. Nevertheless, I will offer some perspectives about where all this is headed down the road. My fervent hope is that people in high and important places -- in terms of presidential safety and security -- will do what they do best and keep this president and future ones out of harm's way. But even Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy -- both cut down by assassins' bullets -- articulated their belief that if someone is determined to do a president harm, it's in the hands of Fate or God.

For this story, I have been studying a wide assortment of charts and reading many books. World leaders, national rulers, famous people and notorious individuals have been assassinated and been the object of assassination attempts for centuries. Look at this short list for a moment: Julius Caesar; Czar Alexander II of Russia; Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary; Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi (the latter two Indian leaders not related to Mahatma Gandhi); Yitzhak Rabin; Meir Kahane; Malcolm X; Martin Luther King; Olof Palme; Robert Kennedy; John Lennon; Anwar Sadat … and this is just scratching the surface historically. This is nothing new and nothing particularly American. However, when it comes to understanding the fate/destiny of our current President George W. Bush, we need to more closely examine the key events in American history related to presidential assassinations.

I found it striking that the TNT television network just aired a special four-hour movie called Caesar. This was well done, brilliantly acted and broadcast on June 29-30. The show concluded with the tragic assassination of Julius Caesar on March 15, 44 B.C. Even in the movie, they showed a soothsayer warning Julius Caesar to "beware the Ides of March" or the middle/15th day of March. Whether such a prophet was an ancient astrologer or psychic is not known. However, historians have noted that the words uttered by John Wilkes Booth after he shot President Lincoln -- "Sic semper tyrannis!" -- were the same words Brutus used when he stabbed Caesar at the Senate in Rome. [This is also the motto for the state of Virginia.] The oddity here is that John Wilkes Booth -- even at the young age of 26 -- was a terrific Shakespearean actor and the scion of the greatest theatrical family in America. He had just played Marc Antony with his two brothers in a production of Julius Caesar on November 25, 1864 at the Winter Garden in New York City to rave reviews. Abraham Lincoln loved the plays of Shakespeare and had memorized several of them completely. Their horrifying rendezvous with destiny on Good Friday, April 14, 1865 shocked the nation and still haunts us to this day. Now -- with this short introduction concluded -- let us move forward to the heart and soul of this story.

President George W. Bush

To View the horoscope of President Bush, please click on the link below:

My sense is that many astrologers are now focused on what may happen for the President during the rest of 2003 and into 2004 because of several, simultaneous astrological cycles. Some of the major ones include the following. The planet Saturn has just moved into Cancer and will station (stop) on his natal Sun degree (13+ Cancer) in October/November of this year. Saturn crosses the same area again in June 2004 -- although it will not be stationary at that time. [Note: This is also the USA Sun degree from July 4, 1776 -- an astrological factor magnifying the entire situation.] Saturn has always been known as a planet of old karma, fate, linked to paternal themes, obstacles, blocks, chronological time and executive authority. The USA came into being when the Sun was approaching a square to Saturn from 13+ Cancer to 14+ Libra. President Bush has his Sun on the USA Sun with his quadruple conjunction of Chiron-Moon-Juno-Jupiter on the USA Saturn in Libra. By itself, this will be crucial to watch, but it is only one of many cycles to study.

On July 29, 2003, the red planet Mars makes a station at 10+ Pisces. This is closely opposing (within 1 degree) the President's natal Mars at 9+ Virgo. Mars is making one of its closest approaches to the Earth in hundreds of years this Summer and Fall. Mars -- along with Saturn -- is considered a "malefic" planet. While it is a giver of life, strength and dynamic energy (as ruler of fiery Aries), it also rules danger, violence, bloodshed, war and strife. The Mars energy related to President Bush peaks in the second half of this month (July), the first half of August, and the first week of November. [Note: The President's natal Mars is closely squaring America's natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) from July 4, 1776. This is significant and I will focus more on this later as Uranus relates to shocks, surprises and revolutionary events. The President's Mars also ignites the Sun-Saturn polarity -- from Sagittarius to Gemini -- that existed at the First Nuclear Chain Reaction (Dec. 2, 1942; 3:25PM CST; Chicago, IL). This has to do with the President's intervention against Iraq about weapons of mass destruction and his fear of the spread of atomic devices in Iran, North Korea and elsewhere. The question remains whether he is a positive or negative influence with his Mars squaring the Sun and Saturn in that important horoscope from Dec. 2, 1942.]

Now most astrologers look at Jupiter in a favorable light. It has always been considered the "greater benefic" throughout the history of astrology. It has much to do with opportunity knocking, prosperity, good fortune, success, faith and trust, the power of positive thinking. However, it is also the largest planet in the solar system. Sometimes, Jupiter serves the purpose of enlarging a problem, magnifying it, making it much bigger -- turning a molehill into a mountain. As Saturn makes its first move to unite with the President's natal Sun this October, Jupiter in Virgo will cross over his Mars (approximately October 9 - 15). Due to Jupiter's retrograde cycle in early 2004, this giant planet will cross the President's Mars again for several weeks in April 2004 and the second half of May 2004.

The outer, transcendental planets Neptune and Pluto are also wreaking havoc in the President's life and cycles. Neptune in Aquarius has been igniting three celestial bodies in the President's chart -- Ceres at 10+ Aquarius, Pluto at 10+ Leo and Mercury at 9+ Leo. This is made far more significant by the fact that these three bodies are on the President's birth horizon. [Ceres setting and Mercury conjunct Pluto rising.] Neptune -- [see my article on Neptune's Power (Part XIII of the terrorism series on the web site)] -- has also just become visible for the first time in the President's life by transit! He was born with it in his 3rd house and since the time around 2001 and the horrendous events in NYC and Washington, D.C., Neptune has moved into the visible area of the 7th house in his chart. He is now more tuned into who his allies and enemies are. The problem is that Neptune -- on the shadow level -- rules over illusions, deceptions, confusion and chaos. And it is this Neptune that is also opposing his natal Mercury (power of the mind; logic; clear thinking; five senses; communication; travel and transportation). In the meantime, very slow moving Pluto in Sagittarius has started opposing his natal Uranus/North Node of the Moon conjunction at 20 degrees Gemini. Pluto polarized to his Uranus/North Node and Neptune opposed to his Mercury/Pluto are creating a wide array of enemies in the President's life. Many thousands of these individuals reside in the USA while millions more agitate against American interests overseas.

There are other transiting challenges -- that will be factored in later -- but the above ones are the most essential. Astrologers also utilize a variety of "directions" or progressed techniques. A main system is called Secondary Progressions in which each day after birth is equal to a year of life. This is the system most astrological students and professionals study. There are three potent progressions going on: Progressed Mars at 13+ Libra squared the President's natal Sun on March 15, 2002; Progressed Midheaven or 10th house cusp relating to worldly power and authority will conjunct his natal Uranus on October 30, 2003; Progressed Sun crosses the President's natal Mars at 9+ Virgo on June 6, 2004. While the first of this trio already happened, it is still within orb of maintaining its effect. The important point is that these are once-in-a-lifetime cycles and, for millions of human beings, they never happen. In the President's case, he has three extremely powerful Secondary Progressions occurring simultaneously with a large number of discordant transits.

OK… so far, so good. But the above is only the tip of the iceberg. What I have discovered in 31 years of being a professional astrologer -- particularly in the field of Mundane Astrology -- is that dramatic events happen in life when many charts and cycles converge and interact.

Beginning or intermediate students of astrology may be satisfied with juggling the above transits and progressions -- and then seeing what actually occurs in the ensuing months and next couple of years. Astrologers dedicated to the fine art of mundane analysis will start opening their "toolboxes." In the toolboxes are charts like Solstices (the start of Summer and Winter) and Equinoxes (the start of Spring and Fall), Total Solar and Lunar Eclipses, Annular or Partial Eclipses, New and Full Moons. Some of these will be examined later as this series continues, but suffice it to say that several of these maps, calculated for our nation's capital this Fall, have ominous tones to them.

But this is where we open the door to the vast amount of research I have been doing for so many months and years. The greater reality is that there is a whole group of other charts, time-periods, historical events and connections we must make to understand what will be unfolding in the future regarding President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and the presidential race of 2004.

The Zodiac Never Forgets

Awhile back in one of my articles in Welcome to Planet Earth astrology journal, I made a very important comment and suggestion. It was that the zodiac is really more of a giant memory bank for the Earth and Humanity. It may very well be the Akashic Records that are spoken of by mystics and people like Edgar Cayce, America's famous "Sleeping Prophet" of the first half of the 20th century. I don't think anyone else ever made this linkage, but it makes a lot of sense. As we proceed together through this story, you will understand what I mean. Somehow the energizing of degrees of the zodiac -- over and over again, through the years, decades and centuries -- by various celestial bodies in their movements are recorded and remembered. Then events unfold on Earth in correspondence to the nature of the celestial bodies doing the triggering. And depending on which celestial bodies are involved and the aspects or astrological alignments going on, then the earthly happenings will occur in either favorable or unfavorable ways.

So much analysis has piled up through the ages regarding what each zodiacal sign means, but what I am saying is that it may be that each degree of the zodiac is a kind of "memory repository." You will "get this picture" very clearly in mind when I explain how John Wilkes Booth had so many astrological patterns returning on the day he shot President Lincoln. This will also make a lot of sense to you when I explain Jacqueline Kennedy's astrological links back to the same event on April 14, 1865! I know this may sound weird right now, but it will be logical later on.

Back to President Bush

Let me give you a concrete example of zodiacal links in time relating to President Bush. When President Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917, Saturn was located at 27+ Cancer. One Saturn cycle later (29+ years), President George W. Bush was born on July 6, 1946 with Saturn at 26+ Cancer. This was first pointed out by author Harlan Margold in our astrology journal in 2000 when presidential candidates were being discussed. As I explained in my article on President Kennedy's Life, Death and Chiron influence, our nation has never recovered from his assassination in Dallas on November 22, 1963. I see it as a kind of still open, untreated, psychic wound and that we moved from one future path of destiny on to a darker and more nefarious one. I have always felt that there would need to be a karmic link -- within the presidency itself -- back to Texas and all the tragic events that occurred in November 1963.

The links between President Kennedy and President George W. Bush are very powerful. Now these links have nothing to do with their intelligence, wit, style and so on. It's more of a familial, national, spiritual and karmic destiny. For instance, why did President Bush decide to use President Kennedy's desk while he is in the Oval Office? I believe what happened was that President Bush made a decision to use a special desk that JFK had while he was President. Perhaps President Bush sensed that he would have to face crises similar to the ones President Kennedy faced while in office -- in particular the Cuban Missile Crisis. Early in his administration, the President reached out to Senator Edward Kennedy and they even worked harmoniously on an education bill together. While they are far apart on social legislation and political ideology in general, this was another signal of the familial link between the Bushes and the Kennedys. [Both are wealthy families entrenched in New England originally.]

Here's another eerie parallel between 2003 and 1963 (when JFK was slain in Dallas). When President Kennedy was killed on Nov. 22, 1963, Chiron was motionless at 10+ Pisces. Chiron has much to do with twilight zones of unusual time and, in a sense, being "out of time," in limbo. I explained the effects of this in my JFK article on the web site. But now on July 29, 2003, Mars will station at 10+ Pisces. As one of our astrology magazine subscribers -- Jerry Watson -- reminded me back on June 6, 2003 (on the day of a Uranus retrograde station), this new station of Mars in late July 2003 is triggering the mysterious, "out of time," déjà vu type energy of Chiron from Nov. 22, 1963! President Kennedy was born on the day of a Uranus retrograde station and Mars and Uranus will be extremely close to each other in September and October of this year. [They united on June 22-23, 2003 -- close to the Summer Solstice and thus creating an explosive condition for this season throughout America and the world.]

President Bush will also have a major link with President Nixon come this Fall and next Spring. On the day President Nixon resigned the presidency (August 9, 1974), transiting Saturn reached 13+ Cancer and crossed the USA Sun placement! No president had ever resigned the office before. It was a unique and tragic event in American political history. It will be one full Saturn cycle of 29+ years since Nixon's resignation in October 2003 during the Saturn station at 13+ Cancer on the USA Sun and President Bush's Sun. Saturn will then come back to this degree in June 2004. Will there be a presidential boomerang or echo effect from one Republican President to another?

Here's another example of time/zodiacal linkages between presidents in a very fateful manner. On April 12, 1945, President Franklin Roosevelt died of a cerebral hemorrhage in Warm Springs, Georgia. The fateful-destiny focus of the North Node of the Moon was at 12-14 Cancer -- conjuncting the USA Sun and squaring the USA Saturn. Eighteen and a half years later -- a complete, nodal cycle retrograde through the zodiac -- President Kennedy died via assassination in Dallas, Texas. The North Node of the Moon was at 12-14 Cancer again -- striking the USA Sun and squaring the USA Saturn.

You will remember that President Lyndon Johnson of Texas took over the presidency after JFK was killed. After initial successes in the areas of Civil Rights and Medicare, the Johnson presidency was plunged into doom and gloom with the Vietnam War. Now we have another President from Texas with initial successes in the war against terrorism (at home and abroad), but with a rising unemployment rate, extremely shaky economy and the possibility of a long and deadly stay in Iraq to keep a fragile peace.

Death of Presidents Every 20 Years Since 1841

This is the other Big Worry of astrologers concerning whether or not President Bush will remain in office and avoid what some call "Tecumseh's Curse." [Tecumseh was a Shawnee chief who campaigned to unite Indian tribes in a defensive confederacy in 1809 to avoid encroachment by white settlers on Indian land. Ironically, this was the year Abraham Lincoln was born -- our first assassinated president.] Starting in 1841 when President William Henry Harrison died after only one month in office, all* the presidents elected every 20 years -- during Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in earth signs -- have died before leaving office. After Harrison, we have the following: President Lincoln (died 1865); President Garfield (died 1881); President McKinley (died 1901); President Harding (died 1923); President Franklin Roosevelt (died 1945); President Kennedy (died 1963); *President Reagan (shot, but survived in 1981 -- with Jupiter and Saturn in air sign Libra); President George W. Bush (elected after Jupiter-Saturn union in Taurus in May 2000).

This pattern of unusual deaths of our presidents may be some kind of fluke or actually connected to the Jupiter-Saturn unions in earth signs. By December 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will begin a long cycle of conjunctions in air signs. Thus, this George W. Bush administration is the last presidency elected with Jupiter and Saturn in an earth sign. All this began on January 26, 1842 with what is called the "Great Mutation" chart for a new dispensation of Jupiter-Saturn unions in the earth element. It remains to be seen how this will unfold.

Earlier I mentioned that in this story we are going to plumb the depths and explore many mysteries of assassination in American history. We are about to take the great leap into the unknown. Before doing so, please realize that later on we will put all the pieces of this gigantic jigsaw puzzle together into a coherent whole. While I have already presented many factors involved in the fate/destiny of our current president, eventually I will link President Bush's chart to many others including: Abraham Lincoln and his assassination; JFK and his assassination; President Bush's Inauguration map; the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction horoscope for May 28, 2000; America's natal chart; Vice President Cheney's horoscope; the charts for Laura Bush and his twin daughters; the chart for his marriage and the marriage of his parents; lunations/eclipses coming up this Fall and more.

The Murder of President Lincoln

To View Abraham Lincoln's birthchart, click on the following web link:

To View John Wilkes Booth's solar chart (time not known), use this link:

To View the Lincoln Assassination chart, click on the following link:

Conjure up this picture in your mind. A powerful Republican president. Someone being accused of often bypassing the Congress through executive action and gaining a kind of dictatorial power during a time of terrorist behavior. A nation divided while war and economic extremes haunt the country. Thousands of people arrested and imprisoned without trial for suspected anti-American activities. The Democratic opposition confused and reeling -- with no major figure seeming to rise to the occasion nationally against the Republican chief executive. And a Republican president who often refers to the divine, God and heavenly support in his speeches.

This sounds a lot like President George W. Bush, our current era in 2003 and what's happened in America since the events of September 11, 2001. However, what I am referring to is 1864.

It's a common mistake for many Americans of the present day to assume that Abraham Lincoln was greatly revered as President of the United States by a large proportion of the population while he was running for the highest office and in power. While he did have a fierce segment of the populace supporting his candidacy, views and ideals, he won the presidency in 1860 with far less than a majority of the votes cast. He was often disparaged in the press and caricatured as a baboon-like creature by his adversaries looking for political advantage. He faired better in November 1864, but more because the Democrats had no real national leader. In fact, the Republican party in 1864 had its doubts about President Lincoln's re-electability in 1864. The Civil War had dragged on for 3 and 1/2 years and no end was in sight. However, the tide was finally turning in favor of the North over the South.

President Lincoln had his second inauguration on March 4, 1865. During the week before his assassination, our nation's capital went through a major transformation. General Robert E. Lee surrendered his army to General Ulysses Grant on April 9, 1865 in Virginia. Richmond -- the capital of the Confederacy -- had fallen to the North six days earlier on April 3. Even though some people in the South hoped for a miracle (as thousands of Southern troops were still active), the war was in effect over.

In one book I studied, it was said that there had never been a night like the one on Thursday April 13, 1865 in Washington, D.C. People were lighting up their homes with candles, gaslight and fireworks. There was a sense of jubilation in our capital, a euphoria and emotional release after 4 years of brutal fighting, death and mayhem. The next day was Good Friday and the President and Mrs. Lincoln were scheduled to attend a performance of a play -- Our American Cousin -- at Ford's Theatre with General Grant* and his wife, just a few blocks from The White House. The nation and the future of American politics were about to be altered by a shock wave, a thunderbolt in the form of the first presidential assassination. [*General Grant and his wife declined to go to the play; this was fundamentally due to security reasons. Instead, Clara Harris -- daughter of Senator Ira Harris -- and her fiance, Major Henry Rathbone, went with President Lincoln and his wife. There will be more to say about this at the beginning of Part II.]

Most of you know the facts of that fateful night of April 14, 1865. John Wilkes Booth -- a revered actor of his time and a member of the "first family" of the theater in America, the Booth family -- shot President Lincoln in the back of the head while he watched the play. The deed was done with a one-shot derringer and the President's head wounds were mortal. He was shot between 10:15PM and 10:20PM, and died the next morning at 7:22AM. However, this was part of a conspiracy. One of Booth's accomplices tried to murder Secretary of State William Seward and almost succeeded. Another accomplice had been sent to kill Vice President Andrew Johnson, but he got cold feet and withdrew. Eventually, a number of individuals were tried by a military tribunal for being involved with the conspiracy to kill President Lincoln and 4 were condemned to die by hanging, including the first woman ever executed by the American government, Mary Surratt. This happened 138 years ago today (July 7, 1865).

You may also know that John Wilkes Booth jumped from the presidential box at the theatre, caught a spur of his boot on a draped flag, landed on the stage, broke his leg and shouted "Sic semper tyrannis!" to the stunned and bewildered crowd of well over 1,000+ people at Ford's Theatre. He was able to leave the theatre by a back door where his horse was waiting for him. He crossed over a river into Maryland and an accomplice David Herold met up with him. He was able to have his broken leg set by a Dr. Samuel Mudd -- who was later convicted of being part of the conspiracy, although he denied he ever knew John Wilkes Booth. Around 7AM on April 26, 1865, the assassin died after being trapped in a burning barn on a farm and shot in the neck by Sgt. Boston Corbett near Port Royal, Virginia.

The entire story of what happened from April 14 to April 26, 1865 is utterly fascinating -- when we look back in hindsight. When it was actually occurring, the nation was transfixed by the gruesome murder, the conspiracy, and the lightning-like shift from the conclusion of the Civil War to the first assassination of an American president. Because there are many charts to still present and our focus is on the astrological patterns and links, you will have to read about the other aspects of this assassination at another time.

One of the reasons I am spending so much time on this part of the story is that we are dealing with the first assassination of a U.S. president and the first successful* assassin. [*Note: Richard Lawrence -- a house painter -- tried to shoot President Andrew Jackson on January 30, 1835 at the U.S. Capitol. He had two homemade guns -- both of which misfired. The president was unharmed. The event occurred in the morning. Lawrence was tried, considered insane, and sent to mental institutions for the rest of his life. He died in June 1861 and was said to be possibly around 34 years old when he tried to kill President Jackson.] After President Lincoln's assassination, three more U.S. presidents would die via assassination -- President James Garfield (1881), President William McKinley (1901) and President John F. Kennedy (1963). I will offer some insights about the assassinations of President Garfield and President McKinley later in this series. Right now the main connections will be to the Lincoln murder and JFK's assassination in Dallas, Texas.

Uranus and Assassination

Let's pause here for a moment while I bring up something that is rather remarkable. The day before Abraham Lincoln was born, Uranus stopped and went retrograde. In essence, he was born with Uranus motionless and therefore exceedingly potent. The day before John F. Kennedy was born, Uranus stopped and went retrograde. He was also born with Uranus motionless and exceedingly potent. President George W. Bush is born with Uranus conjunct the fateful North Node of the Moon (the lunar orbit). This is very precise at his birth and also magnifies the power of this unusual planet in his life and destiny. It is noteworthy that President Lincoln -- like President George W. Bush -- was born with Uranus conjunct the North Node of the Moon! John F. Kennedy's natal Uranus at 23+ Aquarius is exactly conjunct President Lincoln's natal Sun at 23+ Aquarius. At both the Lincoln murder and JFK murder, Uranus was setting in the 7th house of enemies and making close alignments to Jupiter ("King of the Gods"; the ruling planet for America with Sagittarius rising on July 4, 1776). In both assassination charts, Jupiter is afflicted by Uranus -- a close polarity in the Lincoln murder and an exact inconjunct of 150 degrees in the JFK murder.

Uranus is the planet of revolution, shocks, surprise, lightning-like happenings that come out of left field. Uranus is the planet of radical change, eccentricity, cosmic awakenings, the unexpected. It was discovered at 24+ Gemini on March 13, 1781 by Sir William Herschel in Bath, England -- during the year America won its revolutionary war against England. It returned to its discovery placement for the first time ever in 1864-1865 as Lincoln was re-elected, the Civil War ended and the President was cut down by an assassin's bullet. Astrologer Barbara Watters -- in her landmark book Sex and the Outer Planets -- wrote that, in regard to weapons, Mars is the knife, Uranus is the gun, and Pluto is the bomb. Barbara Watters also described a facet of negative Uranus as the "lone marksman" who enjoys the anonymity of shooting his victim without a direct, personalized confrontation of equals. We know that John Wilkes Booth shot President Lincoln in the head from behind. Although Booth was very close to the President at Ford's Theatre -- the derringer was only inches from the President's head and neck -- Booth shot President Lincoln in the negative, Uranian way as described by Barbara Watters. We assume that Lee Harvey Oswald was -- at least -- the main assassin of President Kennedy. [He may have had accomplices; we still don't know for sure what happened 40 years later.] Oswald shot the President also from behind and in the head -- in this murder with a rifle -- but also as a lone marksman.

Uranus is also very active at the assassinations of President Garfield and President McKinley. America has a powerful connection with this planet as our nation won its independence from England as Uranus was discovered. The American Revolution became a model for people like Mao, Lenin, Castro and other revolutionary leaders around the world. We may be shocked by this, but in their own way and in their own struggles, these revolutionary figures in other nations were strongly influenced by the astounding success of George Washington, our founding fathers and mothers from 1776-1781.

Back to President Lincoln's Assassination

I have given you three charts to study in the section above. These are the maps for President Lincoln, his murder and the solar chart (time unknown) for John Wilkes Booth. It is noteworthy that in Secondary Progressions -- based on Marc Penfield's rectified birthchart for President Lincoln -- Abraham Lincoln was experiencing the Progressed Midheaven (worldly stature) squaring his natal Uranus (revolutionary shocks) in the Spring of 1865 while the Progressed Sun and Progressed Mars retrograde were in a rare polarity (a pattern that had begun in the Summer of 1864 and was still in effect). This last aspect is very significant in progressed analysis and millions of people never experience it. As the murder occurred, the transiting Sun at 25+ Aries was exactly opposing President Lincoln's natal Mars (bloodshed; violence). Since President Lincoln was already experiencing Sun and Mars in opposition internally via progression, the transit of the Sun on April 14, 1865 polarized to his natal Mars is clearly a big part of the act of murder astrologically. Nevertheless, it is only one factor of many.

What I am about to share is one of the more crucial parts of this investigation. The cosmic pattern on April 14, 1865 showed many similarities to the day of John Wilkes Booth's birth (May 10, 1838 in Bel Air, Maryland). Note the following amazing correspondences. When Booth is born, Venus at 3+ Aries exactly squares Juno at 3+ Capricorn. At the assassination, these celestial bodies are again squaring each other within less than 3 degrees of orb. The aspect in Booth's chart reveals a problem he had regarding his feminine side. It also has to do with empowerment or disempowerment in key relationships. We will return to this pattern later as the composite map for Lincoln and Booth is extraordinary. When Booth is born, Mars in Taurus squares a nearly stationary Neptune in Aquarius. [Remember that Neptune rules the acting profession, as well as spiritual ideals, deceptions and illusions.] Remarkably, Booth's stationary Neptune at 10+ Aquarius is conjunct the Sun at 10+ Aquarius when Richard Lawrence attempted to assassinate President Andrew Jackson back on January 30, 1835! We will continue to find these unusual links, back and forth, across the decades, connecting one assassination event with another. For example, now in 2003, transiting Neptune will return to 10+ Aquarius in Booth's chart from September to November. This also happened last year. It is one full cycle of Neptune around the zodiac (165 years) from 1838 (Booth's birth year) to 2003. On the day of the assassination (April 14, 1865), Mars in Cancer is approaching an exact square to Neptune in Aries (within one degree). Thus, Booth's natal Mars-Neptune conflict shows up again at the assassination. In addition, this is one of America's most powerful and disturbing aspects from July 4, 1776. Mars at 21+ Gemini squares Neptune at 22+ Virgo. The one degree orb of the Mars-Neptune square for America is exactly repeated at President Lincoln's murder. Many astrology researchers over the years have felt it is this aspect for America that has much to do with the slavery issue and civil rights.

John Wilkes Booth was a white supremacist who believed strongly in the traditions of the Old South and the rights of Southerners to own slaves. This is why he saw Abraham Lincoln as not only his enemy, but a tyrant for America. He was actually shocked when -- after his assassination of the President and while trying to flee from the authorities -- he read newspaper accounts of the murder and saw that he was portrayed as a common criminal and devilish figure. He saw himself as someone who should be honored for ridding the nation of a Caesar-like, dictatorial, imperial figure. With his great love and passion for Shakespearean drama, this was truly a bitter and tragic realization for this 26-year-old famous actor who drastically altered the future of America. Now realizing that he was born at the time of a Neptune station, we can see that he was living with many delusions.

When Booth is born, Jupiter at 8+ Virgo is opposing Uranus at 11+ Pisces. The orb of exactitude here is approximately 3 degrees. When the assassination happens, Jupiter at 29 Sagittarius (and about to go stationary retrograde within 24 hours!) is opposing Uranus at 26+ Gemini -- an approximate 3 degree orb! Thus, here is the third exact repeat of an astrological pattern -- from Booth's birth to the time of the assassination. As I shared earlier in this article, Jupiter and Uranus are key factors in understanding the dynamics of the act of assassination itself. The eccentric murderer (Booth in this case) identifies with Uranus and, in a revolutionary act, shoots down the "King of the Gods" (Jupiter) -- in this case, the President of the USA. What's astounding at Lincoln's killing is that Jupiter isn't moving! Think about it. The President is sitting in a rocking chair in the balcony of Ford's Theatre, holding his wife's hand, watching Our American Cousin. He has entered the dramatic house or domain of John Wilkes Booth's power base -- the theater. And he is literally a sitting duck -- about to be murdered by a man who knows this place backwards and forwards, and has planned his act and escape meticulously. But we are still not done yet with Booth's astrology patterns repeating at the assassination.

When Booth is born, the Moon is conjunct Saturn -- with the Moon probably in early Sagittarius. At the assassination, the Moon is almost exactly rising on the Ascendant and again in Sagittarius. This was the one day of the month that John Wilkes Booth's natal Moon was returning. [Note: Ironically, when JFK was murdered, the Moon was also close to rising in Aquarius and with Saturn. In Secondary Progressions, Booth was about to experience his Progressed Lunar return. Most probably he was experiencing Progressed Moon-Saturn together in Scorpio and both opposing Progressed Mercury-Mars in Taurus. This was a rather exact pattern of four celestial bodies and creating tremendous emotional-mental turmoil for the 26-year-old actor enraged that the war was lost and that Lincoln and the North had triumphed.] In addition, the last lunar conjunction before the assassination was with Saturn. This mimics Booth's natal pattern where the last lunar conjunction before his birth was also with Saturn. Saturn equates with father figures. Booth's own father -- Junius Booth -- was considered America's greatest actor of the prior generation. Perhaps the natal Moon-Saturn union connected to an inferior complex -- that John Wilkes Booth could and would never live up to the high acting standards of his illustrious father. By killing President Lincoln he was performing in a role that would never, ever be forgotten by the American people and the world. He would become the most famous Booth ever -- dwarfing the accomplishments of the other members of his acting family. [Note: His brother Edwin was considered America's greatest actor during the Civil War era and at the time of the assassination.]

There is one more major pattern to consider. When Booth is born, the Sun at 19+ Taurus is opposing Saturn retrograde at 25+ Scorpio. As the assassination happens, the Sun at 25+ Aries is approaching an opposition to Saturn retrograde at 27+ Libra. Again, we have the same celestial signature occurring linking Booth's birth to the time of the assassination. Even when we study JFK's murder chart and that for Lee Harvey Oswald, we don't see this level of cosmic precision. What we do see is a shocking link between Oswald's birthchart and the assassination of President Lincoln! Oswald -- chart to be offered shortly -- is born with the Sun at 25 Libra opposing Saturn retrograde at 28 Aries. He -- like Booth -- comes into the world with a Sun-Saturn polarity -- an opposition that triggers the actual Sun-Saturn placements from April 14, 1865! And we will find Jacqueline Kennedy's birthchart connects in remarkable fashion to April 14, 1865 as well. A Sun-Saturn retrograde polarity is another cosmic symbol of a Son-Father rivalry, struggle, tug of war. It doesn't always have to be bad because the higher energy relates to illuminating the positive side of the Father principle, via key relationships, for all in the world to see. [Note: John Wilkes Booth was born with the Sun at 19+ Taurus. This is America's natal Vesta placement from July 4, 1776. Vesta -- through the enormous research and expertise of the late, great astrologer Eleanor Bach -- is powerfully linked to national security and safety themes. In modern terms, Vesta is potently linked to the Secret Service, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. There is no doubt about this important affiliation. One of the reasons Booth was able to kill the president was because Abraham Lincoln had almost no security that night at the theatre. It is too long a story to explain here, but suffice it to say, Booth had little opposition in his way to murder the president. Lee Harvey Oswald was born with Uranus at 20+ Taurus -- within one degree of Booth's Sun and conjuncting the USA Vesta. In addition, Oswald's natal Vesta squares his own Pluto almost exactly and both Booth and Oswald have Vesta in Taurus -- the same sign in which it is located for America. This has something to do with their ability to bypass safety and security for the chief executive of our nation.

President Lincoln's Connection to Other Charts


To View the Lincoln-Booth Composite chart, click on the following link:

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To View the Jupiter-Saturn 1861 Conjunction chart, use this link:

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As I indicated earlier, every significant chart can be studied as a further tool to understand how and why an assassination occurs. In this situation, I am singling out these four birthcharts for importance, although other maps will also show more evidence.

The Lincoln-Booth Composite map is approximate for the angles and houses because we don't know Booth's time of birth and President Lincoln's chart is rectified. However, something astounding is revealed. There is a Sun-Venus conjunction that is very close. The reason this powerful and usually positive celestial pattern is happening here is that President Lincoln was born with Venus as an "evening star," 44 degrees away from the Sun, while John Wilkes Booth was born with Venus as a "morning star," 46 degrees away from the Sun. When this occurs and the Sun-Venus orb is similar and one person has Venus rising ahead of the Sun and the other person has Venus behind the Sun (further on in the zodiac), then in the composite there will be a Sun-Venus union. The usual manifestation -- particularly for a husband and wife or for friends -- is great love, affection and understanding. Now what is true is that both Lincoln and Booth shared an incredible love for theater and drama -- particularly Shakespearean plays. Venus rules the creative arts and they both have Venus in Aries in their charts. The problem is their Suns are square to each other (Aquarius for Lincoln and Taurus for Booth). In addition, the Sun-Venus union in the composite is square to Neptune -- the higher octave to Venus and, when negative, a source of confusion, misunderstanding and chaos. You may notice in the composite that the Moon, Mars and Pluto form a mysterious Pythagorean Triangle. This is composed of one trine, one square and one inconjunct of 150 degrees. It is fundamentally a 3-4-5 triangle and the jury is out about what it actually means. However, it adds to the perplexing situation regarding Lincoln and Booth. It is significant as well that the composite Uranus at 10+ Capricorn -- itself a symbol of shock and revolution -- exactly conjuncts Mary Todd Lincoln's natal Venus retrograde at 10+ Capricorn and the Lincoln Marriage Saturn at 10+ Capricorn. Remember that I told you there are many planetary links, back and forth, connecting one chart to another, in a kind of chain reaction as one studies these assassination maps. This is a good example.

An inauguration chart is another reliable tool when investigating assassinations. In these cases, one usually has a rather exact time -- always helpful from the standpoint of accuracy with astrology. Lincoln's second inauguration is a tremendous help in our seeing the coming calamity. He took his second oath of office very close to Noon on March 4, 1865 in Washington, D.C. A quick examination of this chart shows two profound conjunctions -- the Sun conjunct Chiron (both at 14+ Pisces) and the Moon at 16+ Gemini approaching a conjunction with Mars at 17+ Gemini. Remember that this is a timed event. The First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase -- symbolizing a time of "crisis in action" -- has just occurred about 4+ hours before the inauguration. The Sun approaching Chiron -- within less than 1/3 of a degree -- stresses the "out of time" and wound/pain themes so clearly related to Chiron the Centaur of Greek mythology and the tragic overtones of his legendary existence. [Remember that I shared earlier in this article that JFK died right at a Chiron station. We now know through a recent biography that President Kennedy was in daily and chronic pain. He was popping pills of all kinds throughout the day and receiving injections to control Addison's disease, among other ailments.] The Sun-Chiron union is squaring the Moon-Mars conjunction. The Moon-Mars approaching alignment reveals the coming emotional storm about to hit the American population in the following month -- when the excitement of victory for the North in the Civil War and the preservation of the Union (positive Moon-Mars) comingles with the agony of assassination of the President and the defeat of the South (negative Moon-Mars). Notice that these are twin themes and opposite sides of the same coin -- and the Moon-Mars conjunction is in Gemini, the sign of the twins! The Moon-Mars union is also in the 12th house of this inauguration chart -- a house traditionally associated with Pisces and, in negative symbolism, connected to martyrdom, self-undoing and potential treachery. Juno closely square to Pluto reveals the devastating emotional impact that the President's coming assassination will have on his wife -- Mary Todd Lincoln. The Jupiter-Uranus polarity -- discussed earlier in regard to John Wilkes Booth's natal chart and the pattern repeating at the assassination -- is potent in this inaugural map. Uranus has just risen while Jupiter has just set. This symbolizes the power of Lincoln as a Uranian figure in his own right (he is born as a Sun-sign Aquarius), but also the eccentric and revolutionary actions of his assassin-in-waiting. What you cannot see in this chart is that Uranus has become stationary retrograde on March 2 -3, 1865 -- the same station that occurred when Abraham Lincoln was born. This is the celestial promise that a Uranian event is about to befall America.

Another useful chart to consider is for the Jupiter-Saturn union that preceded the assassination. Since one of the topics in this article concerns Jupiter-Saturn unions in earth signs since 1841 that may be connected to presidents dying in office, we shouldn't forget to include this map in the current study. Jupiter and Saturn had united on October 21, 1861 at 18+ Virgo. Ironically, Ceres -- the largest asteroid, connected to Mother Earth and the forces of nature, and the only celestial body stationary at America's birth on July 4, 1776 -- was also with Jupiter and Saturn at the same degree, 18+ Virgo. The Civil War had started on April 12, 1861 and the battles were now raging and soldiers were dying when this triple conjunction occurred in the Fall of 1861. Can this chart possibly show the eventual assassination of a president 3 and 1/2 years in the future? You will see Pluto almost exactly setting at 9+ Taurus. Of course, this can symbolize the horror of the Civil War itself, but it may also represent the underworld, death-like presence of John Wilkes Booth, haunting President Lincoln during the war years. After all, John Wilkes Booth was a Sun-sign Taurus. Recall that John Wilkes Booth was born with an exact Venus-Juno square. At this Jupiter-Saturn union, Venus at 9 Sagittarius is almost exactly opposite Juno retrograde at 9 Gemini. Furthermore, Juno became stationary retrograde in the 48 hours before this conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Therefore, the Juno principle of empowerment or disempowerment in key relationships is definitely at work. This Venus-Juno struggle hits the USA Uranus at 9 Gemini exactly. And on the day of the assassination (April 14, 1865), the transiting Moon will ignite the Venus-Juno polarity from this map when Booth murders the President. As a matter of fact, these degrees of the zodiac are rising and setting when the President is shot.

The following scenario may seem a stretch, but the Sun on September 11, 2001 was located at 18+ Virgo. Therefore, in accordance with my suggestion that the zodiac never forgets and is really linked to the Akashic Records, it may very well be that what happened terror-wise on September 11, 2001 has triggered the Jupiter-Saturn union at 18+ Virgo from October 1861 when America was immersed in a bloody Civil War. This may not seem so far-fetched because now we have a seemingly unending war against terrorism and while many of these terrorists appear to live overseas, many of our own citizens have been locked away without trials here within our homeland. There is a sense of "Civil War" going on in America now -- certainly economically between the extreme rich and poor. The only difference is that it is not a declared war with actual fighting and bloodshed within the borders of our own country.

Mary Todd Lincoln -- the president's wife -- was born on December 13, 1818 in Lexington, Kentucky. Her time of birth is unknown. What's astounding here is that we find a person born within 24 hours of the annual Sun-Uranus conjunction! And I have been sharing so much about the power of Uranus in this article. She was a very complex and unusual individual -- who eventually was committed to a mental institution for four months when she was around 56-57 years old. Her chart -- along with the composite to President Lincoln and their marriage chart from November 4, 1842 in Springfield, Illinois -- tells quite a story. Remember that one of the common denominators in the murders of President Lincoln and President Kennedy is that both leaders were slain while with their wives. I believe the Venus-Juno square in John Wilkes Booth's natal chart is somehow connected to this theme as is the Juno-Uranus square for Lee Harvey Oswald. There is some kind of unusual destiny pattern here that both presidents were fated to die in the arms of their wives.

President Lincoln and his wife shared a rather tumultuous relationship and marriage. They did have four sons, but her behavior while the First Lady was considered shocking at times. She would go on wild spending sprees to New York City and was considered extremely eccentric. She came from a much more cultured and well-to-do background than Abraham Lincoln. Theirs was truly a meeting of opposites. Her natal Mars in Sagittarius closely square to Saturn in Pisces -- plus Sun-Uranus square to Chiron and Pluto -- probably contributed strongly to a manic-depressant type personality disorder. Her Ceres at 14+ Aries conjuncts the composite Moon at 14+ Aries which then conjuncts Pallas at 14+ Aries at the time of the assassination. She was born with a sharp Chiron-Uranus square and so was her husband. Therefore, it also shows up in their composite chart. Chiron and Uranus were in a wide square when President Lincoln was murdered. The composite between Mary and her husband was filled with intensity. There is a precise Sun-Saturn conjunction at 22+ Capricorn that probably signified the fatefulness of their bond, their destiny together. Note that at the assassination the Sun was opposing Saturn and John Wilkes Booth was also born with Sun-Saturn opposite. These are the reverse celestial signatures to their composite union of Sun-Saturn! There is also a potent Juno-Pluto square from 19 Gemini to 19 Pisces in their composite. It's the same turbulent, emotionally-explosive square that shows up in the Lincoln inauguration from March 4, 1865! It is also revelatory that John Wilkes Booth has Juno at 3+ Capricorn -- the same placement of Vesta for Mary Todd Lincoln. Vesta relates to Mary's feelings of safety and security. Juno -- when negative -- turns into rage and destroys safe and secure relationships. In another example of how all this works, we notice that the composite for the President and his wife reveals Venus (planet of love and affection) at 24+ Aquarius. As the assassination occurs, Venus is transiting at 25+ Taurus -- closely squaring Venus in the composite for the president and his wife. [Note: The marriage chart is not presented at this time, but I may decide to share it in a future installment. It is also important to consider. For example, when they married on Nov. 4, 1842, Vesta (safety and security, home and hearth themes) was located at 19 Leo 44. The USA Vesta is 19 Taurus 45. That is a square within 1 minute of arc. Not a degree, but 1/60 of a degree. Talk about precision! Their sense of safety and security clashed with that for the nation. This became lethal when John Wilkes Booth destroyed their marriage on April 14, 1865 by killing the President. With his Sun at 19+ Taurus, his life force was exactly squaring the safety and security of our nation's first couple (their marriage Vesta at 19+ Leo). Also -- when they married the Moon was at approximately 12+ Sagittarius. As the assassination occurred, the Moon rose at 9+ Sagittarius and then as the President's vital energies dissipated through that long night, their marriage Moon returned. They also had a potent T-Square triangle at the marriage composed of Mars in late Virgo opposing Uranus in late Pisces with Venus in late Sagittarius at the fulcrum. When the assassination happened, the transiting Jupiter-Uranus polarity triggered this inflammatory and explosive T-Square in their marriage chart. As a matter of fact, revolutionary Uranus at 26+ Gemini at the murder created a temporary Grand Cross in mutable signs in their marriage chart -- a type of crucifixion due to the explosive act by John Wilkes Booth, acting as a Uranian-type assassin.]

President Lincoln and President George W. Bush

Before concluding in Part I, it's crucial to reveal some profound links between President Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth, President Lincoln's assassination, and our current President Bush. At first glance, one may not perceive the connection. However, as I explained earlier, what is happening in America from 2001-2003 has eerie similarities to the events of 1861-1865.

The most stunning reality of all is that President Lincoln was born with a triple conjunction of Mercury-Ceres-Pluto in Pisces. President George W. Bush also has a Mercury-Pluto union (and rising!), but his Ceres is opposite Mercury-Pluto and thus forming a close polarity. Nevertheless, the same three celestial bodies are in formation for both presidents. It is a remarkable example of astrological significance. What makes it even more significant is that America was born with Mercury retrograde at 24+ Cancer closely opposite Pluto retrograde at 27+ Capricorn. It is a stellar pattern that existed on July 4, 1776 that has been commented on by many of our writers in the pages of Welcome to Planet Earth astrology journal over the years. I have discussed this same pattern -- and President George W. Bush's Mercury-Pluto union -- in several features on our astrology web site (related to September 11, 2001 and the war against terrorism). Be aware that Mercury-Pluto-Ceres were once again in a triple conjunction (this time in Taurus) when President Lincoln was slain! What are the odds of this happening? It must be truly astronomical.

I believe the Mercury-Ceres-Pluto triple linkage for both President Lincoln and President George W. Bush is something that is meaningful and bears careful study for the future. I also indicated earlier that President Lincoln and President George W. Bush are both born with Uranus conjunct the North Node of the Moon. And that both presidents -- along with President Kennedy -- show strong Uranian vibrations through their horoscopes and destiny patterns. President Lincoln and President George W. Bush both have Juno-Jupiter unions that are exact within 2 degrees. These are the archetypal King of the Gods and Queen of the Heavens in Roman and Greek mythology. [Jupiter and Juno are known as Zeus and Hera in Greek mythology.] This connects to the importance of their marriages and the critical role the marriage plays in their lives. [Note: JFK and Jackie Kennedy had a sharp Juno-Juno square from 13+ Aquarius to 13+ Scorpio -- with Jackie's Juno close to rising. Their marriage was plagued with difficulties -- including the President's infidelity. Nevertheless, it is said that they were becoming much closer in the month or two before his death. As we will see shortly when their charts are presented, they both have Venus in Gemini that helped them patch up problems. Plus -- her Jupiter in Gemini was conjunct his Sun and they were born with the solar, heart-soul energies in harmony. Thus, their natal Suns were in a productive and supportive sextile from Gemini (JFK) to Leo (Jackie). Their marriage chart is very revelatory as it shows intense and exact links to Lee Harvey Oswald's birthchart and the celestial alignments when JFK was murdered.]

President George W. Bush has some unusual and distinctive connections to the birthchart of John Wilkes Booth. The President's Vesta at 3+ Aries is conjunct Booth's Venus at 3+ Aries. The President's Pallas at 4+ Capricorn is within 1 degree of Booth's Juno at 3+ Capricorn. The President's Mars at 9+ Virgo is conjunct Booth's Jupiter at 8+ Virgo. The President's Ceres at 10+ Aquarius is conjunct Booth's Neptune at 10+ Aquarius. The President's Uranus and North Node union at 19+ Gemini is closely conjunct Booth's Chiron at 20+ Gemini (which is also conjunct the USA Mars from July 4, 1776). My feeling is that these dynamic ties are beyond chance. Certainly, we now deal with more celestial bodies than the Sun, Moon and 8 main planets in doing horoscope work in 2003. Nevertheless, I find the above contacts disturbing due to their precision.

As we move forward into Part II, there will be a study of the charts related to the JFK assassination and how President George W. Bush connects to President Kennedy. After that, there will be a synthesis of the entire presentation, some important charts within the Bush family, and the outlook for the future. Stay tuned to this cyberspace channel and astrology web site!

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