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We are looking for experienced writers and reporters for our growing staff at WTPE On-line. Our extended On-line magazine is part of ASTRONET on AOL, and also part of The New Age Forum on The Microsoft Network. In all of these mediums, we are open to receiving articles on any New Age topic. Send us a brief biographical overview and a sample of your writing to: The Great Bear, Mark Lerner, P.O. Box 12007, Eugene, OR 97440. Or send us information via e-mail.

Are you interested in becoming a WTPE volunteer? We need dedicated and hard-working individuals who are computer-literate and students of astrology to promote the educational efforts of the magazine, expand our circulation, help energize The Great Bear Astrological Center or join our international network of marketing strategists. Please send a resume or descriptive letter to the P.O. Box listed above or e-mail.

Want to work for our organization, in your spare-time, as an At-Home Rep? For every 5 new individuals who subscribe to WTPE based on your efforts, you receive a commission of $30. For example, sign-up 20 new people, receive $120 commission. It's that easy! If interested follow the above steps to contact us.

For WTPE subscribers with expiration codes AQU97 PIS97 ARI97 TAU97 -- on upper left corner of your mailing label -- please renew your subscription ASAP. Renewal Prices: 1-yr. $39; 2-yrs. $75; 3-yrs. $99. (Prices for U.S. subscribers only)

New! Welcome To Planet Earth magazine has an online journal -- with color graphics and full-color charts! -- on America Online. How to find us on AOL? Go to the AOL Newsstand (Main Area) and scroll down the magazine list. You will find us under "Planet Earth Astrology." Double-click on our name and you are in. Enjoy! [Note: Our Online magazine is completely different from the printed magazine. Only the printed magazine carries "Your Cosmic Kalendar," with planetary alignments and astro-cycles for every day.]

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