Terrorism and the Airlines by Mark Lerner


DATELINE FRIDAY SEPT. 28, 2001 5:14AM PDT Eugene, OR... I am writing this story the morning after a rash of announcements by President Bush and other national leaders concerning the revolution influencing the airline industry. In fact, the headline for the USA Today newspaper on Thursday, Sept. 27 -- with the Moon in Aquarius (aviation) having just made its monthly conjunction with Neptune (religious fanaticism; chaos; mass or collective waves and influences) -- read "Bush To Overhaul Air Safety." The subtitle read: "Stronger Cockpit Doors, More Marshals, Better Screening." By the time this Part VI of the series on the Attack on America is posted on our web site, the Moon will have united with Uranus in Aquarius (the chief celestial ruler of the revolutionary world of air travel during the last 98 years).

In the aftermath of the four plane hijackings and crashes that awakened a sleeping America on Sept. 11, 2001, there is one major astrological chart that has a major impact on the quality, energy, direction and future of aviation. That map is for when the Wright Brothers launched the First Powered Airflight on December 17, 1903 at 10:35:30AM EST at Kill Devil Hill, North Carolina. Although there have been many reports of other possible earlier flights, this has been the one that most of humanity accepts as the true birth of human aviation. And keep in mind that this chart not only affects our national airline industry, but international airlines and military use of jets, bombers, helicopters, AWACS, U-2s, spy planes, missiles and nuclear weapons launched by aircraft. I have discussed this chart in reference to the TWA 800 crash of 1996. [This latter story is listed further down on our Index Page.]

What I am about to share is rather extraordinary and it points up the fact that astrologers must study and "juggle" a wide variety of charts to understand the impact of world events. I will not be fully analyzing the Wright Brothers' first successful powered flight in this report -- only highlighting certain parts of it and clarifying the key transits and progressions occurring as the Attack on America occurred on Sept. 11, 2001.

When the Wright Brothers gave birth to the age of human flight, the Sun in Sagittarius (the sky realm) was approaching its annual conjunction with Uranus (aviation). In 1903, this yearly union just happened to be located at the Galactic Center -- 26 Sagittarius, the precise heart center of the Milky Way, as viewed from Earth. The Moon was also in Sagittarius on this day. By the next day, when the entire world realized what had happened through newspapers and stories, there was a New Moon at 25 degrees and 48 minutes of Sagittarius -- exactly (no orb at all!) conjunct Uranus (revolution; air travel; shocks; surprises). Thus, the two lights (Sun and Moon) and the first of the outer planets to be discovered (unpredictable Uranus) were entwined in a triple conjunction at the Galactic Center as humanity sprouted wings and flew into the sky by the power of our inventiveness and mechanical genius (Uranus). This is DEFINITELY the birthchart for all future aviation and astro-cycles impacting on this horoscope have far-ranging effects on humanity.

It's amazing enough that the First Powered Airflight (from now on noted as FPA] has this celestial signature indicated above. However, in addition to all the other planetary placements in the chart, there is one enormous "trouble spot." It's so clear, ominous and disturbing that it must be remembered by everyone reading this article. That problem area is in the 12th house (the unknown; hidden enemies; retreats/asylums; cosmic mysteries) where Mars is conjunct Saturn (the two traditional malefics) in Aquarius. This would be difficult enough all by itself, but the Part of Fortune -- synthesis of Moon, Sun and Ascendant -- happens to reside right in between Mars and Saturn! Thus, this zodiacal region -- 4+ to 6+ Aquarius -- is always a potential powder keg, danger zone, when dealing with air travel, flight in space, military movements by air, etc.

In the previous parts to this series, I have made a clear case for the power of Neptune at this devious and disastrous Attack on America. I have explained that one of the major, negative meanings of Neptune (connected strongly to the Esoteric 6th Ray of Devotion and Idealism) is religious fanaticism (connected to extreme Islamic Fundamentalism). Neptune takes 164 years to go around the zodiac. When it was discovered on Sept. 23, 1846, it was exactly conjunct Saturn -- in many ways, Neptune's polar opposite. [Neptune is fantasy; Saturn is reality. Neptune is the mystical vision; Saturn is the down-to-earth realm of existence. Neptune is the creative imagination; Saturn is cold logic. The list could go on.] Here's the astounding transit to the FPA's chart during Sept. 11, 2001: Transiting Neptune was crossing the FPA natal Saturn at 6+ Aquarius for the first time ever! Now, I am about to give you a long list of meanings, but please realize that Neptune moves very slowly and this first Neptune crossing of the FPA Saturn has been drawn out over 1 1/2 years! It actually started from March-June 2000, repeated during January-February 2001, then occurred precisely from Sept. 1-4, 2001 (just before the Sept. 11 events) and will occur again, and for the last time for 164 years, on Nov. 29 - Dec. 1, 2001. Astoundingly, there will be a very potent Full Moon on November 30, 2001 -- independent of Neptune sitting on the FPA Saturn exactly -- and that Full Moon will be at 8+ Sagittarius-Gemini (precisely conjunct America's Uranus). I have given out this Nov. 30th date in a previous Part in this series. Now it seems that the end of November and early December will be a BIG time relative to this new war on terrorism, the changes in the airline industry and the military air war about to occur. Remember, too, that Neptune's 1 1/2 year crossing of the FPA Saturn coincides with what we now understand: that the terrorists didn't just hatch this plot in the few days or weeks before Sept. 11. It was a long and drawn out plan -- and Neptune's weird influence on the FPA Saturn in 2000 and 2001 is part of the celestial signature.

Okay... now here are the profound meanings connected to this rare Neptune crisscrossing over the FPA Saturn. (1) Fanatical religious hijackers (Neptune) seize control (Saturn) of 4 planes -- creating widespread fear (Saturn) and death (Saturn) across America. [2] Planes become flying bombs (Saturn conjunct explosive and fiery Mars in the FPA chart). [3] The entire aviation industry (Neptune rules collective forces or groups) careens toward bankruptcy (Saturn) and many US airlines demand and receive a Congressional bailout (Saturn), so far totaling $15 billion. [4] The airlines in America -- and also British Airways and others overseas airlines -- are devastated by this Attack on America as tens of thousands of people cancel reservations. This ripples into the tourism, hotel and restaurant industries -- wiping out millions of dollars of assets and potential profits. All this is the negative effect of Neptune on Saturn because of this Sept. 11th action by religious terrorists (Neptune). Real "fear of flying" (Saturn) is striking millions of American citizens. [5] As of this writing, at least 130,000 employees are laid off (Saturn) because of the terrorist hijackings, seen across the world on television (Neptune). [6] All of America's airports (Neptune again is mass, collective energies) close down (Saturn) in the several days following the attack. The closing of all of our airports has never happened before! [7] In the beginning wave (all waves are Neptunean) of our Western military aircraft response to the attack, hundreds of fighter jets (loaded with devastating missiles and bombs -- Saturn) are sent to the Persian Gulf region, in preparation for "Operation Enduring Freedom," a multi-year attack against world-wide terrorism. [8] Two weeks and a few days after the Sept. 11th attacks, President Bush makes major announcements regarding tightening security concerning airports and commercial flying. He makes his announcements with the Moon's first crossing of this early Aquarius area of the FPA chart! All of his points relate to the "Saturnization" of the airlines. He orders our National Guard to patrol airports for the near future. He suggests new and more stringent (Saturn) federal guidelines for screeners and security agents at airports. He indicates that we will have many more armed Air Marshals on commercial flights. He requests stronger cockpit doors and security cameras (Saturn-Neptune combined!) for aircraft. [9] For the moment, the President declares that two U.S. Air Force Generals now have the ability to shoot down a civilian aircraft if it looks like it may have been hijacked and is approaching a U.S. city. He says that this can be done without his own permission, if it is a national emergency, and he cannot be reached. Keep in mind that on Sept. 11, transiting Juno (terrorism by the powerless; generating rage and violence by the victims of that terror) at 26+ Cancer was exactly conjunct President Bush's natal Saturn exactly. He has clearly become "Saturnized" himself. [10] Pan Am becomes the first airline company to ban backpacks, laptop computers and other "carry-ons" onto planes. Only purses, wallets and diapers for babies will be allowed. This is clearly the beginning of a major trend toward limiting and restricting (Saturn) what the American public en masse (Neptune) will experience regarding flying. And, of course, we also know that Saturn has always ruled over delays. It is being suggested that people arrive 3-4 hours before their plane departs rather than the usual 1+ hours.[11] On a more widespread level, the actions by the religious fanatics (Neptune) cause a gigantic financial loss (Saturn) throughout corporate America, creating the worst week experienced by the New York Stock Exchange since the early days of the Great Depression (Saturn) in the 1930s, and forcing many businesses (large and small) to go bust as trade and commerce suffered greatly in the few weeks after the attacks.

I wish that could end this feature, but there is so much more. I will try and condense these other observations, but because they are all significant, it is important that you study this material in detail. The rest of this feature is divided up into 5 parts: the Secondary Progressed map for Sept. 11; the Tertiary Progressed map for Sept. 11; the last Solar Return for the FPA from December 2000; the transits that will be influencing the FPA chart in the near future; Saturn crisscrossing over America's Uranus from July 4, 1776.

Secondary Progressed Map. Most of you are aware that there are two main ways to update a chart -- transits and progressions. There are actually many progressed techniques, but the key one, used for hundreds of years, is secondary progressions (one day after birth equaling a year of life). Because of space limitations in this article, I can only run the FPA chart, but if you have an astrology software program, you should create a secondary progressed map for Sept. 11, 2001. You will see Progressed Neptune conjunct the Progressed Ascendant! This is truly remarkable as we have just been discussing the shadow side of Neptune as religious fanaticism. There it is -- bold and clear. In addition, the FPA Progressed Neptune is precisely square the FPA Lunar Nodal Axis [fate/destiny) from Dec. 17, 1903. The Nodes in a chart are so crucial as a lifeline of energy. Now we see Neptune (religious terrorists) interfering with that lifeline for the airlines. Be advised that in the secondary progressions, Neptune has actually been not moving (stationary) for much of the 1980s and 1990s in the FPA progressed chart. There have been many other terrorist incidents, hijackings and airplane bombings/explosions during the last two decades. It is also incredible that the FPA Secondary Progressed Sun -- so important to follow in progressed analysis -- is now located at 3+ Aries. That is right on the Lunar South Node (karma; past; Achilles' heel and vulnerability) in the FPA chart and exactly squaring the Progressed Neptune position just mentioned! Thus, the FPA was experiencing an extremely rare Sun-Neptune square by secondary progression as the attacks occurred. There are many other alignments -- referring back to the past and ahead in the near future -- but I will have to leave that for another time.

Tertiary Progressed Map. As I have mentioned in other Parts in this series, there is another progressed system that is very powerful, but often ignored by astrologers. In Tertiary Progressions, we are using a technique where each day after birth is equal to a lunar month. While Secondary Progressions are using a "solar" theme (the year), Tertiary Progressions use a "lunar" theme, quality or energy. Tertiaries (lunar-based) are -- in my estimation -- the "missing link," progression-wise, between daily transits (the day) and secondary progressions (the year). Because we have been living in such a male-chauvinist culture for a long time, tertiary progressions were almost completely ignored. But now they are being studied and revealed as very significant because they reveal so much about our feelings, moods, habit patterns, instincts, family and home life -- mainly our whole lunar universe. While many astrology students often compare the secondary progressions back to the natal chart, the tertiary map can usually stand by itself and be understood individually. In this regard, we find something very unique and disastrous. About every 55-60 years, any entity will have a tertiary Mars-Uranus conjunction. It happens for a person, a business, a nation and the First Powered Airflight. These unions happen approximately every two years in real life (transits), but in the tertiary progressed realm, you experience a Mars-Uranus union every 55+ years. In some cases, as in this one, there are three conjunctions of Mars-Uranus, because Mars is going retrograde. Nevertheless, as the attacks occurred on Sept. 11, 2001, Mars retrograde and Uranus retrograde formed a conjunction at, you guessed it, the 11th degree of Capricorn. Another connection to 11! The union of Mars and Uranus is considered one of the most explosive planetary combinations. In fact, many mundane astrologers create astro-locality charts for Mars-Uranus conjunctions every two years in order to map out areas of disturbance, upheavals, bombings and explosions around the globe.

Continuing on with this theme, it's important to note that the Mars-Uranus union in the FPA Tertiary map for Sept. 11 while extremely close is not precise. However, it will become exact on October 27, 2001! That is now another date to put into your calendar of events. I would think that Oct. 27th -- and a couple of days before and after -- look difficult relative to the airline industry and commercial flying. It may also relate to some kind of extreme actions with our military-martial build-up (Mars) and jet fighting (Uranus) in the war on terrorism in the Persian Gulf and the Afghanistan-Pakistan areas. There's more. Because Mars and Uranus actually formed three conjunctions relative to this tertiary analysis for the FPA, there is another time-period (in approximately 3 years -- late 2004) when Mars and Uranus will meet again. At that time, the Mars-Uranus union will be at 8+ Capricorn and that union will be exactly 150 degrees (awkward tie) to America's Uranus (aviation; revolution; shocks and surprises) at 8+ Gemini from July 4, 1776!

There was something else going on in the Tertiary FPA map for Sept. 11, 2001: a very rare Sun-Jupiter union at 22+ Cancer, precise within 3 minutes of arc! Such a union should symbolize success, opportunity, good fortune. And it was -- for the hijackers and terrorists in their aims to bring down the prosperity (Jupiter ) and greatness (Sun-Jupiter together) of America. Amazingly, the USA was born on July 4, 1776 with the Sun and Jupiter conjunct within 8 degrees in the sign of Cancer. It is beyond a coincidence that this horrible event should occur during a cycle that can only happen about every 30 years in tertiary progressed analysis and a celestial combination that repeats a big pattern from America's birth. That's how often an entity may experience a Sun-Jupiter union on inner levels. Also -- the key Moon placement in the Tertiary FPA map is at 24+ Virgo -- closely square the FPA natal Sun at 24+ Virgo. This reveals a massive, public and emotional disturbance regarding the airlines and flying in general. And Mercury in the Tertiary FPA chart is retrograde at 6+ Leo -- sitting right on America's Lunar North Node (fate/destiny for our country). I explained the power of Mercury as the first plane slammed into the WTC the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. Mercury in the sky was exactly rising at that time and Mercury rules trade, business, transportation. The Mercury placement on Sept. 11, 2001 was also transiting America's Saturn (blockage; fear; limits; death in large numbers) exactly.

FPA Solar Return in December 2000. I almost didn't do this chart, but am so glad I did! It is another example of how amazing the world of astrology really is. If anyone ever says to you "Oh, so you actually believe in that astrology stuff," give them this article. Recall that I just mentioned that the Tertiary Moon for the FPA was at 24+ Virgo on Sept. 11, 2001. Now we find that at the Solar Return for the FPA (using New York City) last December -- influencing the next 12 months for air travel -- 24+ Virgo was rising! In fact, the rising zodiacal placement in NYC was 24 degrees and 35 minutes of Virgo. And that is only 1 minute of arc (!) from the New Moon of Sept. 17, 2001 (24+ Virgo again) -- the first New Moon after the attacks. Back in an earlier Part in this series, I explained that the U.S. Constitution came into existence on Sept. 17, 1787 with the Sun at 24+ Virgo. This is also the USA Midheaven (top of the chart; highest energy; strong power position; executive authority and President) degree from our country's birth on July 4, 1776. As explained in that earlier article, this 25 Virgo symbol is "A Flag at Half-Mast in Front of a Public Building"! What a seemingly unbelievable series of links to the same degree! [Note that the Sun in the FPA chart and, of course, the same Sun at the Solar Return, at 24+ Sagittarius, is in a frictional square pattern to the rising degree in NYC at the last Solar Return.]

Looking further at this chart -- so important for the understanding of airflight, air travel and air warfare events from Dec. 2000 to Dec. 2001 -- we find another highly disturbing planetary pattern: Mars at 25+ Libra was exactly 150 degrees to Saturn at 25+ Taurus! Why is this so difficult? I mentioned in a previous article that at the Summer Solstice in Washington, D.C. (June 21, 2001), 25+ Taurus was rising in our nation's capital. I indicated that 25+ Taurus is the precise zodiacal energy placement for the more dangerous and malevolent star in the sky, Algol, in the constellation of Perseus. Now we see another tie-in to 25+ Taurus -- the Saturn placement from the last FPA Solar Return. And this is a Saturn placement in a troubling tug-of-war 150-degree pattern to Mars (planet of war). Remember, too, that Osama bin Laden is apparently born on March 10, 1957 when Mars was located at 25+ Taurus -- also conjunct the violent star Algol and conjunct Saturn from the last Solar Return for the FPA. [Note: At the next Solar Return for the FPA, this coming December, the chart does not look as terrible as the one for December 2000. However, we will have Saturn retrograde at 11 (!) degrees of Gemini as the Sun comes back for the First Powered Airflight this December -- and that Saturn will be directly opposing the Moon (the public; mass emotions; collective mood) in the FPA chart for Dec. 17, 1903! Thus, from Dec. 2001 to Dec. 2002, heavy-duty Saturn will be having a major impact on everything connected to flying.]

Transits in the FPA chart. While there are some very challenging cycles immediately ahead, the biggest crises look like they will occur from 2003-2006. I will spell these out so there are no questions about the months/dates in question. As the investigations proceed, I will not be surprised if it is discovered that the terrorists were hot and heavy into their plot during this past May 11 (there is that "11" again) when both Mars stationed (29+ Sagittarius) and Neptune stationed (8+ Aquarius). Both of these planets connect to the 6th Ray of Religious Devotion and Fanaticism, and the Mars station occurred just minutes of arc from the FPA Juno (terror by the weak and powerless). Throughout 2001, Chiron (twilight zones of strange time) has been crisscrossing the FPA Sun-Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius for the first time in 50 years! Chiron did this in January-February and June-July. Chiron will strike the Sun again exactly on Oct. 12-14 and then Uranus on Oct. 28-31. By Dec. 4-7 (dates which I have already indicated before are difficult because of the annual Sun-Pluto polarity and Pluto returning to its previous station from March 2001), transiting Chiron will cross the FPA Juno (danger from terrorism) at 29+ Sagittarius. Thus, we are entering a strong Chiron "twilight zone" few months regarding air travel, transport and warfare. The 2003-2006 four-year cycle I am calling the "Pluto Terrorism/Nuclear Threat Time-Period." Very rare transits are occurring for the FPA including Pluto opposite the FPA Pluto (Feb. 2003; April-May 2003; Dec. 2003; July-Oct. 2004), Pluto conjunct FPA Sun (Feb.-April 2005; Dec. 2005; July-Oct. 2006) and Pluto conjunct the FPA Uranus (Jan.-Feb. 2006; May-June 2006; Nov.-Dec. 2006). In 2008, Pluto will also crisscross the FPA Juno three times for the first time ever. These Pluto alignments have never happened before. Also, as if there wasn't enough to worry about, there is a major link from the FPA map to the First Nuclear Chain Reaction chart of Dec. 2, 1942, which I have written about in 5-6 articles going back to 1981 in Welcome to Planet Earth journal. The First Nuclear Chain Reaction Sun is at 10+ Sagittarius which is exactly the Moon at 10+ Sagittarius for the FPA! Saturn at 8+ Gemini for First Nuclear Chain Reaction is conjunct America's Uranus exactly -- plus we are now having three Saturn returns for the First Nuclear Chain Reaction at 8+ Gemini as it has been 59 years since the nuclear genie came out of the bottle (two full Saturn cycles!) in December 1942. Many are fearing (Saturn) the possible use of nuclear weapons or missiles in this new war on terrorism -- either by America, a rogue terrorist group/nation, or even stolen nuclear weapons from Pakistan, which could go through a major political and social revolution in the months ahead, due to millions of people in Pakistan closely linked to the Taliban in Afghanistan. [Note: Many of these nuclear fears (Saturn) may crystallize close to the Annular Solar Eclipse of Dec. 14, 2001 -- discussed in a previous story for its power and magnitude -- when Saturn rises in Washington, D.C., exactly opposing the Sun from Dec. 2, 1942 and when the rising zodiacal degree and minute in our nation's capital (8 degrees and 57 minutes of Gemini) is the absolutely precise placement of Saturn from the First Nuclear Chain Reaction chart!]

As we close this time, let us not forget the enormous power of the lunations that surround any major world event. The Sept. 2 Full Moon at 10+ Virgo-Pisces exactly squared the FPA Moon at 10+ Sagittarius (public; mass reactions; collective fears and worries about flight) and the Sept. 17 New Moon at 24+ Virgo precisely squared the FPA Sun at 24+ Sagittarius within 4 minutes of arc! Hence, the two lunations surrounding the attacks on America totally disrupted the two lights giving life to powered airflight in the world! And these lunations were precise hits -- with orbs of just a few minutes of arc, not degrees! Will this fear, protection and ultra-security mentality (Saturn themes) surrounding our airports and air travel disappear in the near future? Not likely. For the first time in 29+ years (since May 1972), three Saturn transits (restrictions; fears; blocks) occur on America's Uranus (air travel; revolutionary events; shocks and surprises; military use of aircraft). These hits are June 30-July 1, 2001, Jan. 6-8, 2002, and March 9-12, 2002. Keep in mind that Saturn stations direct on Feb. 7, 2002 (1 day before Mercury stations direct!) and Saturn will be at 8+ Gemini (its placement in the First Nuclear Chain Reaction) in January, February and March 2002.

We will revisit this story and issue later on in 2001, but the outlook for the Winter months is not very promising. At the Winter Solstice this year, Mars will be almost precisely squaring Saturn, from Pisces to Gemini. That square becomes exact just 18 hours after the solstice, very close to a First Quarter Sun-Moon square (crisis in action) and Mercury (transportation; trade; business) opposing Jupiter (long-distance journeys; prosperity; success in war?). By Christmas eve (when tens of millions of Americans are usually on the move, by plane, train, bus and automobile to visit relatives), Mercury at 14+ Capricorn exactly squares (tension; friction) its placement at 14+ Libra on Sept.11. This 14+ Capricorn area happens to be an explosive zodiacal region for the FPA as it contains both the Sun/Mars and Mars/Uranus midpoints! And Juno -- a principal factor in the creation of terror and rage, when expressed negatively -- will be halting its motion and turning retrograde at Christmas (Dec. 25-26) -- energizing 0+ Virgo (worries; doubts; irritability; disorganization). As the year is about to end, there is a Lunar Eclipse on Dec. 30. While the Moon will make its monthly conjunction with Jupiter (golden opportunities; enthusiasm; buoyant feelings) just 3+ hours after this eclipse, this is also the day of a Mars-Pluto square. Shockingly, Pluto will rise in Washington, D.C. at this eclipse within 1+ degrees of the Ascendant while Mars will be at 15+ Pisces, and just 2 minutes of arc from the FPA Jupiter! Whatever form this war on terrorism will take, it's very likely that December 2001 will prove to be a turbulent month for everything having to do with the air industry and the stealth air war that may eventually turn into a secret (Pluto) war (Mars) in 2002 and beyond.

P.S. Let us not forget the importance of the transiting Lunar Nodal Axis (Dragon's Head and Tail). The Moon's orbit retrogrades through the entire zodiac in about 18.5 years. The Moon's Nodes connect strongly to the public domain, mass consciousness and events, destiny and fateful circumstances. Here are key months coming up. (1) From mid-October to the first week of November, the transiting lunar North Node opposes the FPA Juno at 29+ Sagittarius (terrorism by the weak and powerless, causing rage and violence by the innocent victims). (2) In January-February 2002, the transiting lunar North Node opposes the FPA Sun-Uranus conjunction (revolution; shocks; surprises) at 25 Sagittarius. (3) In February 2002, the transiting lunar North Node conjuncts the Uranus Discovery Placement (24+ Gemini) from March 13, 1781. (4) In March-April 2002, the transiting lunar North Node conjuncts America's natal Mars (war) at 22+ Gemini from July 4, 1776. (5) In April-May 2002, the transiting Lunar North Node conjuncts the FPA Pluto (death-rebirth; extremism; the Underworld of violence and mass terror) at 19+ Gemini.

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