Your Cosmic Kalendar: Sept. 16 - Oct 4, 2004

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[Editor's Note: Times are Pacific Zone. For Mountain, Central, Eastern or Greenwich Time, add 1, 2, 3 or 8 hours, respectively. In Hawaii, subtract 3 hours.]

THU SEP 16 There's a lull on the planetary alignment front today before things pick up in intensity tomorrow. However, yesterday's Sun-Mars union is nearly as powerful as yesterday. Danger signals can be recognized easily. If tempers are flying and you see angry confrontations, that's Mars in all its glory. Pull away from the brink if you and a loved one are spoiling for a fight. Make love not war is a good motto for the day. Keep busy with artistic projects and creative hobbies during Libra Moon. Take a time-out from the rat race and enjoy lunch at a favorite café or bistro. It's easier to work in harmony with someone else than to do everything on your own. Note that the Moon will square Saturn at 6:33PM PDT -- starting a void lunar cycle lasting until 3:26AM PDT tomorrow. Keep plans, activities and work to a minimum this evening.

FRI SEP 17 You may feel like a dart board with sharp zingers coming in at you from all directions. The Sun-Mars conjunction still holds sway, Mercury moves 45 degrees to Saturn (3:32AM PDT) and Vesta in Pisces squares Pluto in Sagittarius (5:04PM PDT). Brace yourself while circumstances beyond your control are in the driver's seat. The Vesta-Pluto estrangement may coincide with concerns about safety around your home or business. Install security devices if your present state of protection is lacking. Heed the wisdom and expertise coming from trusted elders as the Sun sextiles Saturn (6:33AM PDT). The arrival of Scorpio Moon (3:25AM PDT) creates an emotional backdrop to the day of passion, mystery and intrigue. A Moon-Uranus trine in water signs (10:28AM PDT) suggests pouring through psychological, philosophical and astrological texts for guidance and inspiration. Educational, literary and publishing enterprises are energized over the next few days as the Sun and Jupiter near their annual conjunction.

SAT SEP 18 Don't allow the moody blues to set up shop in your psyche. Hazards are popping up all around you as Vesta parallels Pluto (2:14AM PDT), Venus in Leo opposes Neptune in Aquarius (10:51AM PDT) and Mercury moves 150 degrees to Neptune (9:17PM PDT). With friends like these, who needs enemies? It's easy to go way off course on this Saturday and lose your perspective. Neptune's disharmony with Venus and Mercury will probably manifest as illusions, deceptions and chaotic conditions in affairs of the heart and interpersonal communications. Trying to push forward may seem foolish. However, there are rays of hope as the Sun parallels Jupiter (10:18AM PDT) and Mars sextiles Saturn (11:33AM PDT). For the two largest celestial bodies to synchronize while the two traditional malefics form a constructive rapport indicates a rare happening at work. Take the baby-step approach to solving your problems. Scorpio Moon all day puts an emphasis on ferreting out secrets and penetrating to the heart of mysteries.

SUN SEP 19 Cosmic relief is finally in sight. The Sun and Mars create a little space between them near the end of Virgo as the Sun eyes its next target -- a magical meeting with Jupiter on Tuesday afternoon. In the meantime, morning dreams should be vivid and meaningful as the Moon in Scorpio sextiles Jupiter in Virgo (5:25AM PDT). This moment also begins a void lunar cycle lasting until 7:31AM PDT when the Moon enters Sagittarius. This is your "Rolaids" shift of the month spelled "R E L I E F." Climb into the catbird seat and start directing your life again in a promising and positive fashion. Consider what specific goals you can reach by hitting the bull's-eye. Sports, outdoor adventures, writing projects, philosophical reflection and educational plans are front and center during this lunar placement. A Venus-Jupiter 45-degree aspect (4:46AM PDT) is a little reminder to steer clear of exaggeration, over-optimism, pride and arrogance.

MON SEP 20 The universe is back in a holding pattern regarding major planetary alignments. Instead of inundating you with an avalanche of aspects, it strikes with a pinprick -- today in the form of a Sun-Neptune 135-degree pattern (6:17AM PDT). This is the kind of link that can manifest as a bizarre cavalcade of strange dreams and premonitions rather difficult to decipher. The buoyancy of Sagittarius Moon should carry you along through the rest of this start of a workweek. Golden opportunities for prosperity and success are all around you as the Moon aligns with Venus (9:21AM PDT). Treat a friend or partner to lunch. Shop for athletic gear or outfits. Brooding over past mistakes or lost love is taboo while the Moon conjuncts Pluto (5:05PM PDT). Shift gears emotionally at this time and concentrate on metaphysical studies for a spiritual lift.

TUE SEP 21 One of the best days of 2004 is at hand. However, you will need to get through a few morning obstacles before finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase strikes at 8:55AM PDT -- activating 30 degrees of Virgo and Sagittarius. A crisis in action may be on your horizon. If so, manage your business affairs with finesse and put off major decisions until the afternoon. There's also a brief void lunar cycle from 9:20AM PDT until 10:36AM PDT when the Moon enters earthy Capricorn. The highlight of the day -- and possibly the year -- arrives at 4:49PM PDT when the Sun and Jupiter unite at 30 degrees of Virgo. In esoteric astrology, these two cosmic giants connect to the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom. Their union is meant to stretch your consciousness and push you upward and onward on the higher evolutionary path as a soul-infused personality. Take full advantage of their conjunction by accentuating the power of positive thinking and creating clear goals you can achieve in the coming weeks and months.

WED SEP 22 The sacred moment known as the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere arrives at 9:31AM PDT as the Sun enters Libra. It's a time when the day and night are of equal length and the entire cosmos is searching for balance, equilibrium and harmony. Dedication to your professional ethics, crafts and skills will keep you going at full blast during Capricorn Moon. Anticipate a few problems along your path today while Mercury squares Pluto (4:04PM PDT) and Mars moves 135 degrees to Neptune (7:02PM PDT). You could label these two alignments as rather obnoxious and cumbersome roadblocks you will need to vault over or maneuver around. Don't snap at friends or partners trying to do you favors or help you out. You could say something without thinking that will cause a backlash against you. Share massages, reflexology treatments or foot rubs with a loved one tonight during the monthly Moon-Chiron union (9:11PM PDT) and as Mercury nears a trine to Chiron (2:52AM PDT tomorrow). Everything connected to healing can be pursued to your advantage.

THU SEP 23 Something is stirring regarding ties to parents or parental figures as Ceres sextiles Saturn (4:37AM PDT) and the Moon in Capricorn opposes Saturn in Cancer (5:34AM PDT). Whether your own parents are living or deceased, close by or far away, still together or divorced, reflect on your childhood values, upbringing and experiences. A sister or sisterly figure is also important in your life right now as Venus moves 150 degrees to Vesta (5:15AM PDT). Note that the Moon in Capricorn becomes void at 12:42PM PDT during a flowing trine to Jupiter in Virgo. This short limbo cycle lasts until 1:11PM PDT when the Moon enters Aquarius. Enjoy lighthearted and cheerful sharings with the rat pack or a best friend as the Moon trines the Sun in air signs (3:13PM PDT). Team sports, group enterprises and community events are back in the picture over the next 48 hours. Take in a movie, play or musical concert as the Moon nears its monthly union with Neptune tomorrow morning.

FRI SEP 24 Powerful changes are due in humanity and on Planet Earth as giant Jupiter enters Libra tonight (8:24PM PDT) until October 25, 2005. The largest planet in the solar system entering this zodiacal sign is a boost for all relationships, social activities, cultural happenings, the fields of law, justice, architecture, mathematics, fashion design, the fine and graphic arts. Before this occurs, the ruling planet of Libra -- Venus -- gets into the act by making a contra-parallel (9:09AM PDT) and trine (11:07AM PDT) to Pluto. It's time to regenerate any key partnerships that have been wallowing in the pits in recent weeks. Honesty, openness and sensitivity will bring you closer to the object of your affection. Have fun with a digital or video camera while the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius (10:50AM PDT). Music, dance, painting, poetry and drama are in style. Start preparing for Chiron's pause and shift forward on Sunday morning. The Moon enters a void cycle at 11:26PM PDT and this uncertainty lasts until 3:56PM PDT tomorrow.

SAT SEP 25 Trying hard to make things happen your way won't work -- at least during the morning and until mid-afternoon when the Moon leaves void status in Aquarius and enters Pisces (3:56PM PDT). It's the perfect morning to finish old business and odd jobs, do laundry and clean up your emotional act as the Sun contra-parallels Mars (3:49AM PDT). A Venus-Chiron 150-degree aspect (3:51AM PDT) reminds you to make adjustments in primary partnerships close to your heart. After the Moon enters Pisces (3:56PM PDT), be compassionate to the needy and let your imagination run wild in the creative arts. Expect one or two surprises this evening during the monthly Moon-Uranus union (10:17PM PDT) and while Mars parallels Jupiter (6:55PM PDT). Keeping you stable is a Mercury-Saturn sextile (10:38PM PDT). Chiron is virtually motionless as it nears a direct station tomorrow morning. Relax in a mineral bath or hot tub tonight and let go of chronic tensions, muscle aches and pains.

SUN SEP 26 Stay on the straight and narrow path for the next 24 hours to avoid being bowled over by cosmic shenanigans. Mars enters Libra (2:17AM PDT) until November 10. This reinforces the message of September 24 when Jupiter made the same ingress. In fact, Mars will catch up to Jupiter and conjunct the giant planet at 5:18PM PDT. It's crucial to align your independence and personal will with your place in society and higher goals for the future. You are also playing with fire as the Sun moves 150 degrees to Uranus (4:11AM PDT) and Mercury conjuncts Ceres (5:05PM PDT). Don't get knocked off course by increasing worries and nervous stress. However, the bigger news concerns Chiron stopping its retrograde motion and turning direct at 21 Capricorn (10:20AM PDT). [Chiron will remain in forward motion until May 9, 2005 when it will once again go into reverse at 4 degrees of Aquarius.] All Chiron themes -- the wounded healer, old wounds and pains, bridge-building between the personality and soul, body-mind-spirit alignment, maverick and eccentric behavior patterns, the higher quest in life, holistic healing techniques, spiritual studies and divination systems -- are in the spotlight today and for the next few days. A sisterhood gathering or fellowship meeting looks promising tonight during the monthly Moon-Vesta union in Pisces (9:59PM PDT).

MON SEP 27 Full Moon fever is rising as the climax of the solar-lunar cycle reaches fulfillment tomorrow morning. Your dreams are extra potent in the early hours as Mercury moves 135 degrees to Neptune (2:25AM PDT) and the Moon glides through Piscean waters. Asteroid watchers should note the shift of Pallas into Virgo (6:33AM PDT) until December 2. This is a good match as brainy and wise Pallas connects well with analytical and scholarly Virgo. Pursue erudite subjects with renewed confidence over the next two months. It's also a good time to work on needlepoint, embroidery, quilting, weaving and sewing projects. Master complex games like chess and backgammon in your spare time. A short void lunar cycle occurs from 6:13PM PDT until 7:58PM PDT when the Moon enters Aries. Many of you may want to have individual or group meditation sessions this evening as the Full Moon happens early tomorrow.

TUE SEP 28 Balance personal desires with relationship needs during the Full Moon (6:10AM PDT) that activates 6 degrees of Libra and Aries. Focusing too much attention on the selfish end of the spectrum will prove costly. There is an extra concentration on helping others since Mercury enters Libra (7:14AM PDT) until October 15 and then Mercury conjuncts Jupiter at 1 degree of Libra (6:22PM PDT). Clearly, the cosmos is suggesting you drop egocentric viewpoints and assist dear ones on the ropes. If you are looking for an opportunity to open communication channels to maximum frequency, this evening is probably that time. Educational and business prospects appear rosy under the Mercury-Jupiter rapport. All in all, this is a great day for seeing the bigger picture and bringing your fervent ideals a little closer to earthly realization.

WED SEP 29 Remember that in the two days after a Full Moon, you have a chance to spread the goodwill and inspiration just received during meditations and reflection periods. While yesterday's Mercury-Jupiter union is still having positive ramifications throughout the fields of communication, learning, education and transportation, speedy Mercury now merges with Mars at 3 degrees of Libra (12:22PM PDT). A Mercury-Mars union is more volatile and chaos-producing than a Mercury-Jupiter encounter. Headstrong moves and rash acts will send you on a wild-goose chase. Know where you are going and what you are doing before taking action. The best news of the day is a general grand triangle in fire signs as the Moon in Aries trines Pluto in Sagittarius (7:32AM PDT) and Venus in Leo (6:34PM PDT). Your creative and artistic prowess is at white-hot levels. A void lunar cycle starts at 6:54PM PDT and ends by 2:25AM PDT tomorrow. If key decisions must be made soon, you may need to postpone them until tomorrow afternoon.

THU SEP 30 Overall, this will be a day when you can accomplish a lot. The Moon enters Taurus (2:25AM PDT) -- the sign of its exaltation. This helps you complete practical assignments through hard work and diligence to the jobs at hand. The Sun makes 72-degree aspects to Pluto (8:21AM PDT) and Saturn (1:28PM PDT) -- another cosmic signal that you are being given extra strength and resilience to tackle and resolve personal problems. Like many days, there will be some quirky conditions to recognize and bypass as Mercury moves 150 degrees to Uranus (6:23AM PDT) and Venus moves 135 degrees to Juno (1:33PM PDT). While these times suggest some strange high-jinks popping up in communications or key partnerships, they don't have to become insurmountable obstacles to forward progress. Cooking, baking, cleaning, nature treks and physical fitness routines are reinforced under the Taurus Moon vibrations.

FRI OCT 1 October begins with the Sun in Libra and Moon in Taurus -- two zodiacal signs ruled by Venus. Venus is a planet that connects strongly with magnetism and the force of attraction. You can literally pull to yourself assets, resources, funds, friendships and social contacts that will help you be more happy and successful in life. The lunar orb in Taurus keeps you focused on anchoring long-sought dreams in the real world. Keep busy with construction projects around your home, garage and backyard. Shock waves may roll in around 1:22PM PDT when Mars in Libra moves 150 degrees to Uranus in Pisces. Don't go courting danger in the early afternoon. This is the most likely time of day for an angry interaction with a loved one, friend or colleague. Consult an oracle or divination system like the Tarot or I-Ching while the Moon trines Chiron (5:25Pm PDT). Read up on the latest information regarding acupuncture, biofeedback, homeopathy and herbal remedies.

SAT OCT 2 If you awaken early, the earthy currents of Taurus Moon are still working on your behalf. By 9:35AM PDT, the Moon squares Venus and begins a void lunar cycle lasting until 11:56AM PDT when the Moon enters Gemini. Once the Moon enters airy Gemini, you can push forward in literary and educational pursuits. Visit a favorite bookstore or local library and go home with an armful of bestsellers, magazines and journals. Reading, writing and research top the charts. Send out delayed letters and catch up with e-mail correspondence. Look for gems at garage or estate sales this afternoon as the Moon trines Jupiter (3:14PM PDT). Mercury makes creative and mentally evocative 72-degree links to Pluto (3:22PM PDT) and Saturn (7:39PM PDT) -- echoing the Sun's alignments to the same planets from September 30. Right now the wind is at your back, fears are groundless and nothing stands in your way of terrific achievements across the board.

SUN OCT 3 Do you want some added excitement in your life? This Sunday offers you something new and different as Ceres enters Libra (1:06AM PDT) until December 10 while Venus enters Virgo (10:21AM PDT) until October 28. Ceres moving into Libra increases the focus on nurturing loved ones while Venus in Virgo gives you an extra dose of organizing skill and analytical prowess. A grand triangle in the air signs will assist you as a public speaker, storyteller, editor, writer, musician and graphic artist. The Moon in Gemini trines the Sun in Libra (9:18AM PDT) and Neptune in Aquarius (1:10PM PDT). Stop worrying what tomorrow may bring and live more in the moment. Host an impromptu party at your place for friends or dear ones. Inspirations are flying fast throughout the evening as Pallas in Virgo opposes Uranus in Pisces (11:25PM PDT). Open a book on secret societies, places of mystical power or occult wisdom before heading off for sleep.

MON OCT 4 If you were ever thinking of taking a complete time-out from heavy-duty workloads and responsibilities, this is your day. Planetary alignments disappear and the Moon opposes Pluto (3:29AM PDT) -- an aspect that begins a long void lunar cycle lasting until 11:55PM PDT when the Moon enters its home sign of Cancer. Sometimes daydreaming and fantasizing can be more uplifting than being in the thick of the battle of life. The cosmos even gives you a chance to pull the covers over you and spend extra hours in bed. During the extensive void time-period, it's fine to complete odd jobs and old business from the past few weeks. Today's rest can help you tomorrow when the heavens open with a downpour of solar and planetary alignments.