To Friends and Colleagues in the Astrology Field:

I have begun an astrological newsletter that has the name Earth Aquarius News. It appears 8 times a year and is sent via regular mail. The cost is $55 (see below) for a 1-year subscription.

It has A LOT to share on the divine 7 rays, transiting midpoints of planets, sacred and non-sacred energy of planets, esoteric healing, day-to-day calendar inspiration (new version of Your Cosmic Kalendar!), U.S. chart and destiny, astro-spiritual political report on the nation and world, Aquarian Age energy, planetary stations and eclipses, Chiron and the 4 main asteroids, discovery maps of the outer planets, current events from an esoteric angle, key people in the news, and much more. Important: It is in print, but also dovetails with an online, beautiful and comprehensive web site -- that only subscribers can access.

To subscribe for 1-year, please mail a check for $55 (payable to: Mark Lerner) and mail to: Mark Lerner, 348 Heritage Oaks Drive, Eugene OR 97405. Your support at this time helps us create a more dynamic and comprehensive journal. We also welcome donations and investments. [Important Note: You can also order a 1-year subscription for $55 by sending or e-mailing me your Visa or Master card number, along with month/year of expiration, "V-Code" (last 3 digits on the back of your card where you sign your name) and your current mailing address.]

Please pass the word to friends, family or colleagues. Welcome to Planet Earth astrology journal (that was in print from 1981-2000) is probably going to stay online for now (without any new stories or calendar), but Earth Aquarius News (containing a new version of Your Cosmic Kalendar) is in print and connects to the astrology web site in a special, subscriber location. Thanks so much for your kind consideration and support...

You can now visit the first Home Page of the new web site and take a tour of what is available. Then you can decide on becoming a paid subscriber. The orientation page for the new web site is:

Many Blessings, Mark Lerner P.S. For additional information, e-mail me at or Tel. 541-683-1760 to leave a three-minute voice mail.