Real Men and Red Hats--Saturn's New Look

by Jeanne Mozier

Gird up your loins, real men of Earth--Saturn's transit through Aries is about to propel you back into style, ready for action and bursting with ideas. Courageous, daring, fearless, idealistic, an inspirational leader exploding with energy and devoted to getting things done--the hero of the time is all this and more. And, with Aquarius strongly in the mix, the emphasis on maleness includes "real men" with two X chromosomes. Watch for trends in movies to reflect the dominance of superheroes and action-addicted adventurers. The hero (no anti-hero need apply) will be easy to recognize. He'll be wearing red. Or called "Red." Or lead a gang dressed in Levis named the Red Knives.

When is this period? With perfectly scripted symbolism, the Saturn transit through Aries kicks off a new 30-year Saturn cycle on Easter Sunday. Perhaps the great leap of the recent Uranus/Neptune conjunction did as predicted and catapulted time into a more exact--and symbolic--mode. As a result, Saturn leaves Pisces--sign of the savior who dies for everyone's sins--and enters the new-life sign of Aries on the day that Christ is reborn as a spiritual mutation who can show us a way. And the way is new life, not sacrificial death. It's a big day, this Easter Sunday of 1996--a big, new beginning! Plan your rituals well. The moment a cycle begins is a time of maximum impact.

The Saturn in Aries transit continues through March 1999. By then Neptune will have moved into Aquarius and sealed the fate of the new era as wildly idealistic and filled with extravagant purpose, technology and radical change.

Predicting a trend towards macho-man decked out in red draws on more than simple Aries imagery. It is confirmed by repeated historic events.

One of the most archetypal of Saturn in Aries transits covered the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. Filled with the raw, adolescent power of Arien ideas, revolutionaries wore red hats and even the women were street warriors. Louis XVI's gifts, which inflamed the populace, were recorded in the Red Book, and he accepted the revolutionary constitution on the Champs Des Mars. The streets of Paris ran red with blood as a new era was birthed boasting even a new calendar that began at Year 1.

The most recent transit of Saturn through the domain of the red sign (March 1967-April 1969) also saw a cultural revolution that birthed a new era, and in China the adolescent upheaval was led by reactionary Red Guards reciting from Mao's little red book. So pull out your red crayola, it's the fad color of the next three years.

As for the vaunted Aries maleness, it's everywhere in the 84 transits of Saturn through rival Mars' realm that have occurred since 500 BCE. There are wars, revolutions, coups and assassinations galore, all reeking of self-definition through the wonders of testosterone. The inevitability of the pattern makes you want to run out and order the requisite designer weapons and techno-toys of death. Flame-throwers and laser sabers will be trendy. In America, we should be prepared for increasingly aggressive political battles over guns, and the re-emergence of militias and survivalists as a dangerous movement.

History also provides examples of exalting maleness beyond the murder-death-kill phase. During one of the earliest transits of Saturn through Aries (417-414 BCE), Polyclitus began the use of male athletes as sculpture models while vandals hacked the manhood off statues of Mercury as a political "dirty trick." Theater featured Aristophanes' "The Birds" in which sex is withheld by Athenian women as a war protest. The all-male religious cult of Mithras thrived during an Aries transit in 201-204CE. A new order of chivalry began during another transit. During this final Saturn in Aries transit of the second millennium, watch for an updated chivalric code and the emergence of father's rights as a hot button issue.

The reflection of a creative idea is both pure and primitive at its beginning. The imagery of Aries will be strong and elemental during these next three years, expressed on the real-life plane through the channel of Saturn. Fires burn through accumulated experiences on every level as the Aries force seeks a clear vision.

The Aries tempo is fast, brief and filled with hair-trigger action. Its beat dominates everything from music to sex. Literature will be especially impacted. Epigrams, anagrams, short predictions of Nostradamus and the philosophical cartoons of Doonesbury were born of past transits as were daily newspapers. These historic patterns will be reflected in the development of on-line writing style and forms.

Saturn's fortuitous placement in Aries assures us that some adult among the gods warned about encouraging "them" too completely. With Pluto newly at home in fiery, adventuresome Sagittarius, and Uranus settling into futuristic, techno-weenie Aquarius, Saturn's efforts to discipline the impulsive, raw energy of Aries provides the only brake on the era's rampant ultra-newness. It lends a vestige of form and solidity to the enormous burst of creative energy that pours forth from the excess emphasis on air and fire.

While Aries always must lead, the addition of Sagittarius and Aquarius to the Arien mix influences numerous trends. An exaltation of truth is one direction that can be anticipated since none of the three have the facility or tolerance for lies. The recent Scorpio/Capricorn period, when truth was often superseded by sophistic requirements, is gone, banished in the burning light of truth. In the hands of this gang, however, a dedication to truth virtually guarantees the death of politeness.

Personally, this is the ultimate time for Aries-dominated individuals. Stimulated by both the Sagittarian and Aquarian lines of force, the Aries will soar. The height they reach will be limited only by their capacity to use Saturn's discipline and form.

Those experiencing their first Saturn return (individuals born from 3/3/67-4/29/69) will face the determining challenge of their lives--whether they can bring their pioneering ideas into form. Earth and water signs better find a place to hide by year's end when it's all ideas, thoughts and mechanical toys.

For everyone, the lessons Saturn highlights in Aries are clear: how to stay grounded, have second thoughts, check selfishness and keep heart in action. It's a challenge!

Other Trends to Watch For

The creation of life and discovery of its origins will be explored in the greatest pioneering effort of the new era. New information comes from revolutionary advances in archeology, biology and astronomy.

Health issues focus on epidemics marked by sudden fevers and rashes, as well as advances in treatment for war and accident-caused injuries. Speed and action addictions will replace those stemming from victim-mentality. Selfishness is all the rage. Outright war is fought over tobacco use.

Loner, techno-terrorists driven by ideals, a compelling sense of destiny and a driving need to define themselves through violent action.

Economic patterns of quick success for pioneering efforts, wildly soaring and short-lived trends. Abundant harvests in spite of hot, dry weather.

The end of a dynasty in China and egalitarian upheaval in France. Short, decisive military action like the Six-Day War and Tet Offensive of the most recent transit, and the victories of Alexander and defeat of Hannibal at the gates of Rome in ancient ones.

Copyright 1996 by Jeanne Mozier.

All rights reserved.

[Jeanne Mozier is based in the historic spa town of Berkeley Springs, WV. She directs her astrological insights at an unsuspecting world through writing, lectures and tapes. For more on her tapes, reprints and other services, please contact Jeanne at Millennium Tapes, PO Box 458, Cross Junction, VA 22625.]

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