It's That Time Again:Part I:
The Ultimate 10th-House Race, '96 Edition

by Kim Rogers-Gallagher

The Heat Is On....

Well, kids, it's That Time once again, time for us to turn our travelin' spotlight to The Election--the big one, that is, the one that gets the winner The Big Chair, the equivalent of Kirk's seat on the deck of The Enterprise. Now, first off, let me say that, despite what I've been thinking, I think I've been really good this time. I mean, I haven't said one tiny little word about The Elections up until now--not one. Right? Not one peep about Bill or Al, and nothing about any of the R guys. Why, I never even slammed m'man Pat Buchanan or his matching sister Bay--even though it was hard to resist, now that he's become a regular Regular on the old campaign trail. I resisted the urge to quote any of Ross's latest cute-isms, (kin ah just finish mah sintince, pleeze?), and I've even held my tongue over Dole's pouting about the minimum wage increase. In short, I think I've earned at least one gold star for self-restraint--not normally one of my finer points.

However--as you've probably guessed by now, all that's over. I've decided that it's time to break my silence, because time's a wastin', and the heat is on. Yes, it's time to talk about that leap-yearly event, The Elections. See, every four years, around these parts, we auction off a seat behind the country's steering wheel to whoever it is that's perceptive enough to (1) key into What We Want To Hear Now, (2) find a way to make that into his or her much-publicized political goals and (3) say it all real pretty-like, so we'll believe it. Or, basically, every four years, we shop for a new archetypal representative. The winner of this ultimate tenth-house contest, then, is really no savior, only someone who's clever enough to embody America's collective mood. Now, just like you, I'd really like to believe that there's more to it than that. I'd like to think that whoever actually wins is someone who also cares about us, the flock. But I have my doubts...Politics really is a dirty business--and there really is no way to get involved in it without dirtying your own hands in the process. If you want to play, you've got to make trade-offs, that is.

Despite all that, and despite what we know about it, we've all got our favorites. Maybe it's because we're automatically responding to the owner of another chart with good synastry to our own. (Speaking from personal experience...). Or maybe it's a much more generalized condition, the fact that we humans love nothing better than to pick teams and cheer them on. It feeds our eleventh house sides. Either way, Election Year frenzy has been known to break up many a friendship. Why, I even tend to get a bit on the rabid side myself. 'Magine?

Anyway. Let's just cut to the chase, shall we? Let's talk about who's going to be sitting in that Big Chair for the next four years--after November, that is.

First off, I want you to know that I've read several articles by folks who believe that Mr. Dole has it in the bag, and although I respect their decisions and their reasons for making those decisions, I can't agree. I've got to go with Clinton. Not because I'm sweet on him, (okay, I guess the secret's out), and not because I'm as pro-choice, pro-environment, and pro-gay-folks' rights as a person can get, either. No, I've got to go with the smilin' Leo guy because of his transits. Period. Now, I know it's almost taboo to do prediction with just transits anymore, what with all the amazing techniques out there today, me old-fashioned. They work.

Of course, it's still really premature to do all this--without seeing the composites for each team, that is. Since Dole hasn't picked a sidekick yet, however, my decision is based strictly on their charts, and the charts of the US. Here's how I see it.

The Country's Chart

First off, I've found that a country whose chart is undergoing Saturn transits (or stabilizing transits to its Saturn) is a lot less likely to oust an incumbent than is a country whose chart is presently undergoing a visit from Mr. Unpredictable, Uranus. Which makes sense--when was the last time you remember initiating drastic change under a Saturn transit? And when was the last time you held steady to the ship's helm under Uranus--afraid to make changes, and pretty content with the status quo, anyway? Right.

In this case, however, neither of those two planets are particularly involved--at least, not to the Sun or Moon, and not to the angles of the Sag Rising US Chart, my personal preference. Uranus is going to be well past a conjunction to our Pluto, and moving direct, to boot. That's all for him. Saturn's a bit busier--he's going to be aspecting our Venus, by square, which, of course, will make us feel collectively poverty-stricken, which may make us feel that The Rich are out to get us. And that sounds like one of the campaign strategy's the D Team is working on right now. Saturn is also going to be squaring Jupiter, which will make us cautious about taking risks--like changing horses. The interesting part of this scenario is that transiting Jupiter will also be squaring our Saturn at the same time--which produces the opposite effect. All I can think of is that we'll be cautious in the money department, and risk-oriented in the department of leaders--since that Saturn is in our tenth. Ordinarily, that might make me think that Dole had a shot at it--but would you describe Dole as a "risk"? Right.

Neptune is doing some interesting things, however--she's going to be just about exactly conjoined with our Pluto and opposite to our Mercury--which means that she'll be causing chaos, idealism and confusion with respect to that natal aspect. A Mercury-Pluto opposition is the technology behind both detectives and terrorists. Positively used, it's a master detective--a real Sherlock Holmes. It can also be the mark of a detective who takes his or her job too seriously and actually causes turbulence by imagining it even when it's not around. Now, with Neptune hanging around that opposition lately, we've certainly had a tendency to be a bit paranoid, even when there isn't any reason for it--for example, the "Who really killed Vincent Foster and Ron Brown" Camp--and that's not to mention our national fascination with murder, mayhem and scandals--everything from OJ to Whitewater. The terrorist side of the aspect reared its ugly little head via the Oklahoma City Bombing and the apprehension of the Unabomber. Neptune here could also activate a considerable amount of chaos in our communication systems, and may even point to the pandemonium caused by a death, especially as Pluto inches closer to our Ascendant. More on that later.

Bill's Chart

Now, if we take a look at The Incumbent, Mr. Leo, the most striking thing you'll notice in the career department is that his Saturn at 2 Leo in his tenth house is about to be the recipient of some quite lovely aspects from The Big Guys, that travelin' comedy team, Saturn and Pluto. At the time of The Election, matter of fact, his Saturn will be trined by Pluto at 3 Sag and Saturn at 1 Aries--which sounds to me like it would be very, very difficult to lose. Now, there is one possible "rub". This, friends, is a President who refers to The White House as a "divine prison"--and transiting Uranus will also be paying a visit to his Saturn at that time, by opposition. So it strikes me that if, as per that Pluto/Saturn transiting trine to his Saturn, he really wants Four More, he's got 'em--but if he really doesn't, he'll somehow "boobytrap" himself right out of the election. You know how it goes under Uranus transits--we all have Saturns, and so we don't actually want to give in and admit that we hate our job or are unhappy or bored with our current lifestyle--that would be irresponsible. So, instead, we "rebellious" ourselves right out of that job, relationships or home situation. We're free, which was what we wanted, and we can safely turn a finger to The Fates and say it was their fault this happened. Saturn will also be square to his Midheaven at the time, and that's the mark of a man who feels overburdened by his career responsibilities--ready for a Crisis of Consciousness in the career department. Of course, The Lady Venus will be crossing his Ascendant at the time of the elections, following in the footsteps of Uncle Jupiter, who was there last time out. If the Ascendant is the Front Door of the chart, this isn't an unhappy one.

Bob's Chart

Now, it's tough to really talk turkey about Bob's chart because we don't have a firmly established birth-time as of yet. What we do have is worth a go, however, because, for starters, the man's Saturn is exactly the same degree as the USA's. Not a bad "omen," and it's definitely the reason he thinks he's got the right to be so damned cranky all the time. Since Saturn in the chart of a country shows what it's shopping for in a Conservative Authority Figure, it's natural that someone with exactly the same Saturn in his tool-kit would end up at the wheel of the Conservative Machine. But the country isn't feeling conservative right now--nobody is. Pluto in Sag and Uranus in Aquarius are all about change, regardless of how it happens. Pluto rules evolution, kids, and there's no stopping his processes. Those processes naturally include things like Physician-Assisted Suicide, Abortion, and recognizing the urgency of AIDS--all of which are issues Bob and his Saturn are trying their damnedest to ignore. So when you've got a candidate running who's all Saturn, it doesn't strike me that the Outers are in the right costumes for this man to get anywhere. The times they are a'changin', that is--and Mr. Saturn ain't. But let's look at his Mars before we go anywhere else with this.

Mars in Leo, literally, translates into "heart muscle". With Uranus scheduled to spend the year in opposition to that Mars, I'd be concerned about Bob's health, personally. And his progressed Moon will come to his Pluto in about 6 months--October. Which may mean his home situation changes drastically, and may mean he has a go-round with death, on some level--through An Other, through the end of a lifestyle or job-change, etc. It might also mean that he puts a woman in power. Now, this last option was suggested to me by a non-astrological Aries-type of the R Persuasion, who, after listening to my theory about Mars and Uranus and Pluto and progressed Moons and all, simply said, "Well, what if he picks a woman, and then, for one reason or another, has to drop out of the race shortly before it? That might mean the country has it's first woman president."


That would also show up as that Uranus transit to Bill's Saturn. What a concept, huh?

A Temporary Conclusion of Sorts...

All else aside, let's consider this a poker-hand. Given my druthers, boys and girls, regardless of what's not showing on the table, I'd take Bill's Grand Trine to his Saturn in his tenth house of career any day over Bob's transits like Uranus opposing his Mars, or Uranus two degrees past an opposition to his Sun and Mercury. Yes, Pluto and Saturn will be trining his Mars, but I don't see that as a career planet for him--not unless in or ruling his tenth, and we don't know about it. But he's also going to have Neptune opposing his Sun and Mercury, which sounds like a tiredness or weakness, physically.

Sure, I'm prejudiced. I'd love to see Bill take two in a row. But that doesn't change the facts.

At any rate--we'll look at this again next time, via the charts of The Teams. Stay tuned.

© 1996 by Kim Rogers-Gallagher.

All rights reserved.

[Kim Rogers-Gallagher is now the proud owner of her very own mountain range--the San Juan Rockies, which she can now see from her office window in beautiful Ridgway, Colorado--population 463. Kim is a member of the AFAN Steering Committee, the ISAR board of directors, and is the editor of KOSMOS. She is the author of Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain and is in the process of writing The Lighter Side of Transits. Kim is available for phone consultations--specializing in Chiron interpretations--at (970) 626-5902, and can also be reached by mail at PO Box 141, Ridgway, CO 81432, or by e-mail at]

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