Royal R. Rife--Dangerous Genius

by Barry Lynes

He was born on May 16, 1888 in Elkhorn, Nebraska, time unknown. His influence on the world has just begun.

His name was Royal R. Rife. He invented the Universal Microscope, the most powerful light microscope ever known. With his microscope, he could see live viruses or virus-size "dwarf bacteria." The electron microscope views dead viruses.

Because the viruses and dwarf bacteria visible to the human eye in Rife's Universal Microscope were alive, stained with light (!), not dyes, Rife could experiment with precise radio and light frequencies or "wave form healing," and destroy these deadly pathogens under his microscope.

And so he did! He discovered and painlessly destroyed viruses of cancer, herpes, polio, tuberculosis and other diseases long before modern medicine found "drug" medicines which were used (not always successfully) against the same disease-causing microbes. Clinics overseen by a Special Medical Research Committee at the University of Southern California (U.S.C.) validated and confirmed this awesome medical and scientific breakthrough during the years 1934-1938.

But then medical orthodoxy stepped in and suppressed Rife's wondrous healing miracle. The head of the American Medical Association admitted, "How is the individual physician who knows little or nothing of the physical basis of electricity ... to have any actual knowledge of these modalities? ... physicians ... must begin anew their period of infancy and education, or yield their patients and their livelihood to those better informed."

Or yield their patients. Oh-Oh! And so Rife's great gift to humanity was destroyed. Locked away. The knowledge forgotten and lost. Royal R. Rife (who?) became a non-person. From the heights of scientific renown in the 1930s, with his discoveries paraded and praised in Science magazine, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, medical journals, conferences, and with scientists and doctors from Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, Northwestern Medical School, McGill, etc. (the cream of the medical world) trooping to Rife's San Diego laboratory, he was suddenly, ruthlessly destroyed by a cold-eyed medical oligarchy in an unholy alliance with drug company barons.

The result was the death of millions and millions of humans for decades to come in countless locations around the globe.

Rife's Jupiter at his birth was 2+ deg. Sagittarius. His Saturn at birth was 1-1/2 deg. Leo.

On January 10, 1996, with transiting Pluto on or perhaps just past his natal Jupiter, and with transiting Mars opposing his birth Saturn, Rife came back into the world in a big way (Pluto-Jupiter-Sagittarius eruption). A June 26, 1940 article in The Los Angeles Times which showed Rife with the Universal Microscope and described what he was doing with a cancer virus emerged anew into the consciousness of the planet. Rapidly it began circulating again. The article stated: "One such virus, which the inventor declares he isolated with the aid of his microscope, has been found in cases of cancer, leading Rife to the belief that intensive future research may show its possible relationship to the cause of this disease...The intricately built microscope ... utilizes Rife's theory that organisms respond to certain wavelengths, a theory he carries to finality by bombarding disease germs with radio waves which are 'tuned' to those of the minute man-killers. And the virus he says occurs in cancer has, Rife insists, disintegrated under such radio waves."

Pluto will cross Rife's natal Jupiter two more times in 1996. And the story of his great discoveries will go forth again, reemerging from the darkness of history into the light of the 21st century.

Pluto crosses Rife's natal Jupiter in Sagittarius in early May 1996 and then again in late October-early November 1996.

The rectification of Rife's birthmap by astrologers skilled in the art and interested in the future development of his still little known discoveries is encouraged. It might be a great contribution to the future, emerging world civilization and the resurrection of Rife's dangerous genius.

Copyright 1996 by Barry Lynes.

All rights reserved.

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