Neptune Crosses the USA Pluto: Part I

by Mark Lerner

[Dateline May 19-20, 1996]

As I write this initial report on transiting Neptune crossing the USA Pluto at 27+ Capricorn - for the first time in 164 years - Venus, the planet of personal money, assets and savings, is stationary and about to move retrograde for six weeks. As many astrological students know, the mysterious outer planet Neptune functions as a "higher octave" to Venus. And as Barry Lynes' breakthrough book in the early 1980s - AstroEconomics - made crystal clear, Neptune is the ruler of "mass money" and collective financial cycles and waves.

Now Neptune, as a planetary archetype and principle, is much more than the ruling influence of "mass money." However, the point here is many researchers forget this area of Neptune's influence on Earth and if are to understand the awesome changes ahead for America - from April 1996 through November 1997 - we will need to comprehend the deeper meaning of Neptune's movements and alignments over the decades.

In this introduction to our topic - we will have a series of articles on Neptune crossing America's Pluto in various issues during 1996 and 1997 - I want to share a few basics and also reveal what has already occurred at the first crossing of transiting Neptune over our national Pluto (April 3-4, 1996). Then, in the next installment of this series in the Leo/Virgo 1996 edition, we will go into greater depth about Neptune's 14-year cycles in fire signs followed by Neptune's 14-year cycles in earth signs (plus the major Neptune over Pluto stories that occurred in the May 24-27, 1996 time period).

Neptune's Ties to Booms-Speculations-Growth & Busts-Restraint-Limits

Barry Lynes' research on Neptune's cycles was the most inspired writing ever on the connection between astrology and economics - and, in particular, the behavior of Neptune relative to "mass money" cycles. On pages 38-39 of his AstroEconomics, he paints the clear, practical and illuminating portrait of Neptune's cycles in fire signs and earth signs - from the early 1800s to the late 1900s. In essence, Neptune in a fire sign brings on a 14-year period of speculation, inflationary prices and pressures, booms, growth and overall expansion to the economy. Neptune in an earth sign signifies a 14-year period of deflation, "hard" currency, increasing unemployment, contraction, recession and possible depression. [Note: There are other cycles that may, once in a while, contradict these fundamental themes, but the overall influence is there for anyone with clear eyes to see.]

Barry wrote his book while Neptune was nearing the end of its cycle in Sagittarius in the early 1980s. He offered a clear warning about the Neptune-in-Earth (Capricorn) cycle from 1984-1998. And a careful reading of his ideas and keynotes indicates that he was, pardon the expression, "right on the money" regarding the deflationary, depressive and "mass suffering" elements of the Neptune-in-Capricorn period we are still experiencing. Because even though the Dow Jones Industrial Average may be soaring and the Department of Labor keeps suggesting new jobs are being created at record levels, the American people know the real story of what's been going on economically in this nation from 1984 to 1996. And it hasn't been a pretty picture. The rich are getting much, much richer (reaching "Plutocrat" levels for sure), while the poor and middle class are getting much, much poorer. In addition, while many jobs are being created, through the vast corporate "downsizing" of the 1990s, hundreds of thousands of people earning a great salary have been forced into low-level income jobs, pressured to retire early or lose their life savings just to eke by.

Now the Seaborne Hurricane (Neptune) Reaches Land and Our Wealth (Pluto) as a Nation

But as Neptune is nearing the end of its 14-year cycle in the last earth sign Capricorn, it meets with America's Pluto (27^34' Capricorn) for the first time in 164 years. However, the last time this occurred (early 1830s), Neptune and Pluto had not yet been discovered! So … now is the first time in history that the American people are conscious of Neptune and Pluto as planets (and, potentially, as principles, forces and archetypes).

Neptune crossing our Pluto (located in the 2nd house of wealth, banks, assets, values and resources in the USA chart calculated for July 4, 1776, 4:47:09PM EST, Philadelphia, PA, according to Barry Lynes' extensive research) doesn't have to be a disaster (economically, politically, socially and spiritually), but it will be if we, as a nation, stay blind, naïve, weak-willed and controlled by our fears, doubts, unscrupulous people in positions of authority, and our inability to be vigilant, resourceful and intelligent in the face of massive chaos, uncertainty and corruption.

Neptune crossing our Pluto is a process that takes about 1 ½ years to complete and, in that sense, it is like an 18-month-long hurricane whipping through our economic, political, governmental, social and spiritual landscape. Hurricane-force winds can clear away, once and for all, the corrupt forces (financial, political and social) that have set up shop within the entrenched "core power base" that now controls the direction of the country. On the other hand, these gales can also sweep through our society and turn our greatest ideals, hopes and dreams into a colossal nightmare of epic proportions. [Note: Even now, with the first Neptune crossing over our Pluto, the movie Twister (revealing devastating tornadoes created through water-air turbulence) has taken the nation by "storm," symbolizing the potential violence and turmoil that may lie ahead for America. Other films - like The Arrival (May 30, 1996) and Independence Day (about aliens attacking America and the Earth, being released on July 2, 1996) - represent another level of these transcendent forces which may lay waste to our land, freedom and values for spiritual living. And remember that film and photography are ruled by Neptune!]

Five Precise Crossing Periods of Neptune Over Our Pluto (1996-1997)

Now here are the dates when Neptune - to the minute of arc! -- crosses the USA Pluto. April 3-4, 1996; May 24-27, 1996; January 20-21, 1997; August 30-September 1, 1997; and November 14-16, 1997. Keep in mind that Neptune will be precisely crossing the USA Pluto when the next president is inaugurated on January 20, 1997! This is crucial to realize as that inauguration gives birth to a national administration having a four-year cycle from 1997-2001 (including the start of the next millennium). So … as the next president takes the Oath of Office, Neptune will be on our Pluto (no orb!) and a titanic process of national healing, catharsis, soul-searching, destruction of the out-worn and corrupt, and renaissance of our spiritual vision and sane economic policies helping the masses will (hopefully!) begin in earnest. In addition, during the entire August to November 1997 period, Neptune will be at 27+ Capricorn - within less than 1 deg. of our natal Pluto. That four-month cycle will be "awesome" as it will reveal much of the character of the American spirit and what we have accomplished in the previous eighteen months.

What Happened During the April 3-4, 1996 Crossover?

Let's take a brief look back to what occurred as Neptune exactly passed over our Pluto on April 3-4, 1996 (which was also the time of a Total Lunar Eclipse in mid-Aries and Libra, igniting America's Saturn). [Note: In general, and this is important, Neptune's first "hit" on our Pluto has been occurring from March to June 1996 if we widen the orb of influence to around 25' of arc rather than focus on the exact crossing time.] Keep in mind that some of the meanings connected with Neptune include imagination, idealism, dreams, visions, utopias, exalted unions, links to the divine and other worlds, unreality, chaos, confusion, illusions, dissolution, self-sacrifice, martyrdom, oceans, the element of water, waves (visible and invisible), psychic sensitivity, naval operations, fantasies, film-video-photography, hooks, addictions, drug or alcohol dependency, chemicals, oil, gas, music, the far-out, universal, ethereal, faith, prayer, natural religious beliefs (as opposed to organized religion) and spiritual longings. Some of the meanings connected with Pluto include death-rebirth, catharsis, metamorphosis, depth-psychology, nuclear energy, the "creator" and "destroyer" principles, the Underworld, hellish conditions, the abyss, toxic waste, the "tiny seed" from which great power emanates, lasers, spiritual will, perseverance, hypnotic appeal, plutocracy (government by the wealthy), totalitarianism, dictatorship, coercion, blind rage, concentrated force, the "core reality," corruption, vice, vampirism, bloodsuckers, terror, intimidation, ruthlessness, the victim and the survivor archetypes.

When Neptune precisely passed over the USA Pluto on April 3-4, 1996, the suspected Unabomber was captured by the FBI, Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown's plane crashed in Croatia (with over 30 prominent USA business leaders on board), a major right-to-die ruling was made by a Federal Court in New York State (supporting the assisted suicide movement), our Secretary of Defense indicated that we would "take out" (by whatever means necessary) a mysterious chemical-making factory in Libya, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached its highest point (almost 5,700) so far (as of May 19, 1996).

But in the week leading up to this time and in all the weeks until now - with Neptune just within a few minutes of arc from the USA Pluto - we have had the standoff between the so-called "Freemen" in Jordan, Montana and the FBI. This has alerted the nation to the widely-expanding militia movement (possibly leading to or preparing for an insurrection or revolution within the USA) - active in all the states of the Union. We have also had a widening resurgence of interest in UFOs and ETs - principally through Art Bell's Coast-to-Coast radio show (Monday-Friday, in the early morning hours, on the AM dial) and on-the-air discussions with Richard Hoagland (researcher about "The Face on Mars," artifacts/ruins on Mars and the Moon, and hyper-dimensional physics) and Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14 astronaut who walked on the Moon in February 1971 and founder of the Institute for Noetic Sciences). TV shows like FOX's The X-Files and UPN's Paranormal Borderline have also added fuel to the extraterrestrial fire. Upcoming movies (like The Arrival - late May - and Independence Day - surfacing on July 2) will also be making the populace re-think the question of our supposed disconnection with other forms of life in the universe. And at almost the same time that the Montana Freemen vs. FBI situation developed, the Federal Reserve Bank began releasing the first new paper currency since 1929 and the beginning of The Great Depression (Neptune in earth sign Virgo). The new $100 bills were made available to major banks on March 25, 1996 with Neptune on the verge of reaching the USA Pluto and only minutes away. [Note: As Barry Lynes noted in his AstroEconomics, when the Federal Reserve System was created on December 23, 1913, transiting Neptune at 27^33' Cancer had just opposed the USA Pluto within 1' of arc!]

After stationing on April 28-29, 1996 (at 27^45' Capricorn) - just 11' of arc from the USA Pluto! -- Neptune has been moving in retrograde formation. To show the public how "real" this Neptune conjunction on the USA Pluto is, just turn back to May 16, 1996, when Admiral Jeremy M. Boorda, the Navy's (Neptune) highest ranking officer (Chief of Naval Operations and the only enlisted sailor to ever reach this top rank), committed suicide (Pluto) by shooting himself in the chest in our nation's capital. Neptune retrograde was re-approaching our natal Pluto and just 6' of arc away from another conjunction. The New York Times gave his birth date as November 26, 1938 - giving him a Sun at 3+ Sagittarius and a Moon somewhere in the last 10 deg. of Capricorn. In other words, the recent Pluto station of early March had been on his Sun placement while the recent Neptune transit had been right on or extremely close to his Moon - in effect, transcendent planets "eclipsing" and "extinguishing" the twin lights of his life!

Yes, this Neptune crossing of the USA Pluto is incredibly powerful and absolutely crucial for us to understand and come to grips with - now and over the next year and a half. It is made more complex than ever before in our history as a nation because during the 1979-1999 period, Pluto and Neptune in the solar system have "switched positions," with Neptune being the outermost planet and Pluto being closer to the Sun than Neptune! This only happens for a 20-year cycle in every 248 years of Pluto orbiting the Sun. [Note: We will discuss this aspect of our story in a future edition, but know that you can order my three-part series from 1993 on The Forgotten Cycle: Pluto Inside Neptune's Orbit as a reprint for only $5. Send to: The Great Bear, PO Box 12007, Eugene, OR 97440.]

As mentioned earlier in this article, in the next installment we will take a deeper look at Neptune's 14-year cycles in fire and earth signs, what has occurred in the May 24-27, 1996 second exact crossing period of Neptune over the USA Pluto, how the "switching" of orbital distance of Neptune and Pluto in the solar system influences the 1996-1997 time-period. We will also examine the ominous rise of the militia movement (as that has all the trademark elements of a Neptune-Pluto connection) and the outcome - if any - to the Montana/Freemen standoff.

While there will be much for you to study and keep aware of with major current events (linked to both the Neptune and Pluto principles), you must keep in mind that there is a vast battle going on in America's economic realm - with powerful maneuvers by the corrupt, Plutocratic forces (some in the Government, some in corporate life and some in the "Underworld") which would rigidly hold on to the wealth of the nation while the masses suffer in bewilderment. Much of this you will not normally be able to see (remember that, in mythology, Pluto wore a magical helmet that made him invisible when leaving the Underworld and surfacing into the land above). And Neptune and Pluto are hard concepts, energies and archetypes to easily understand and assimilate.

Let us close this time with some words from Barry Lynes:

"Pluto in America's 2nd house resource sector represents the core of America's regenerating wealth potential. Corrupted, Pluto indicates concentrated ownership of productive wealth, with increasingly degenerative effects. Cleansed, Pluto indicates deep, liquid, capital markets and pools capable of financing new American dreams, new worldwide dreams, new century dreams - the mutagenic germ of a morphogenetic society transforming itself to higher and higher stages … there is nothing fanciful about the 1996-1997 alignment. Its significance is assured. The only question is whether we direct the awesome energies released at this time into responsible, socially beneficial frameworks or whether we allow them to manifest destructively. History validates beyond any doubt the gravity of Neptune's aligning with the Pluto position at America's birth." (AstroEconomics, page 51)

Copyright 1996 by Mark Lerner. All rights reserved.

[Mark Lerner publishes Welcome To Planet Earth magazine - in print and online. Please contact him via e-mail at or by letter at PO Box 12007, Eugene OR 97440.]

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