Advice for My Favorite Political Candidates

by Jeanne Mozier

All your campaigns for political office are heating up. While there are differences from state to state and in the positions you're running for, there are general statements that can be made about the time and its demands. These generalities will have tremendous impact on the themes and directions of your campaigns.

Look up, not down; look forward, not back; look outward, not in. The times are new and getting newer; changing rapidly and about to accelerate even more. We are in a long period of heroes and adventures, of optimism and technology.It is a value driven time and everyone will be talking about ethics. To win, you must embody these energies. A passionate commitment to inspiring ideas must fuel your campaign. You must be impeccably honest and a model of civic virtue.

Let's talk about sex, or more accurately, gender. My darling Charlotte, you are a lovely, intelligent woman and it's about to become a liability. After nearly a decade of female candidates winning points because they're women, the trend has changed. Males are in. Just like in '90. When the Iraqis invaded Kuwait that summer, hot female candidates took a nose dive; Americans wanted men in office to fight the war. With its Aries flavor, '96 is going to be overflowing with violence and firefights, militia and guns, gangs and street battles. Americans still equate heroes with males. The only positive indicator for women is the prominence of Venus on election day. So talk tough through the campaign and hope that other women will vote for you on November 5.

Remember, the overall flavor of the time is new. Voters will respond to those who "have the vision." Progressive rather than regressive is the direction. As I told you in November '94, Newt's takeover marked reactionary death throes not a revolutionary beginning. The revolution is still in the wings--but not for long.

The environment is the stealth issue of the campaign season. Come out against the environment, pretend that jobs are more important than preserving what wilderness we have left--and you'll lose. My dear Sagittarian Congressional candidate--you have an enviable position as a certifiable eco-hero. Indiana Jones is your image--and it can win the race for you.

Education is a critical concern. No one thinks it's working and most people don't believe that even free choice could find enough good schools for their kids. Radical transformation of the education system is in the stars, but it's just beginning. Support change but don't commit to anything specific--except dismantling--for another year.

Technology is so obvious as a direction that I blush to mention it to you. It will be dominant in every sector of life and it guarantees economic prosperity into the next millennium. You'll be using it in your campaigns, but mostly you'll be talking about it as the solution for our future. If you want to be seen as the truly progressive candidate, express a level of concern about the lack of ethical accountability in the new age of technology. But be warned, parents are far more concerned about technology and training for their kids and themselves than about neo-Luddite worries. The real issue of technology is access.

Another word of warning--about excess zeal or an extreme crusading attitude. The times know no fear, but going too far over the edge as a hero will be more lethal than ever. Speed kills. The general guideline must be to take no strong positions on any specific issue or plan. This is a time for Big ideas, not details. Forget real, practical answers; it's a time of vision, inspiration and exaggerations. People know everything is in tremendous flux which is why there are so many "undecideds." They see no evidence that absolute and certain answers and plans actually work. Who knows what tomorrow will bring and how different it will be than we expected? That recognition of incredible change is one reason Bill Clinton is coming into his own--people like the idea that he goes with the flow. It is proving to be the right attitude for the right time.

Crime is a concern, but not the attitude of feeling victimized by it. In fact, the opposite is true. The real threat of the period is that an armed populace will revolt and form active vigilante groups. Guns and gun policy will be a hot-button issue in a way it hasn't been for years. To positively use the aggressive Aries energy that fills the time from now through the election, banish fear; do not use it in any of your speeches. People will not respond. The correct approach is to empower the people.

You must frame yourself as the answer to the crisis of leadership that infects whatever job you are seeking. It's OK in the public's mind if you have the answers only a few moments before they do. They want to make certain not that you know what the direction of the future is, but that you'll know it when you see it.

My final word of advice is to tell the truth. Although all public officials claim to tell the truth, the fact is that they usually don't, especially in campaigns. Times are changing and people are gaining a new sense--they are able to recognize the truth when it is spoken. Don't lie, don't obfuscate, don't dance around meanings and words. They'll know and they'll hate you for it. More importantly, they won't vote for you.

The rhythm of the campaign is similar no matter what your state or office level. The critical period of time is the final five weeks. There will be dramatic reversals of positions with the pair of eclipses in late September/early October. Save your funds and your big guns for the final three weeks.

The energy patterns for Election Day are clearer and more direct than usual with the merest touch of Scorpio. People will be basing their votes on some small detail or another, so don't think that any statement or position is too minor to matter.

In case you lose, don't despair; dye your hair red and swing into action. The job opportunities for heroes, revolutionaries and agents of real change will be multiplying. A people's revolution is brewing by '98, and you can be in the lead.

Copyright 1996 by Jeanne Mozier.

All rights reserved.

[Jeanne Mozier advises political candidates from her home base in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. She produces astrological trends analysis audio tapes and is available for lectures. Contact Millennium Tapes, P.O. Box 458, Cross Junction, VA 22625.]

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