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Bill Gates Profiled on NBC News

by Mark Lerner

Tom Brokaw hosted a show on NBC Friday night May 26, 1995 entitled Tycoon. It was a fascinating portrait, interview and study of the Life and Times of Microsoft CEO William Henry Gates III, Bill Gates. [Note: A VHS copy of the show is available from NBC News for about $24.95 if you missed the program.]

Even though it may seem that Bill Gates and Microsoft are mostly a major part of the world of electronics, computers, technology and cyberspace, they are also an intrinsic aspect of the birthing of the New Age. It is becoming increasingly more likely that the New Age of Aquarius has a whole lot to do with software, computer chips, on-line technology and the like. In fact, astrologers have been associating the technological wizardry of the 20th century with Aquarius and its ruling planet, Uranus, discovered by Sir William Herschel, in Bath, England, on March 13, 1781 (during the end-phase of the Revolutionary War).

In a future installment (Part II) of this article, I will discuss unusual features of the birthchart of Bill Gates, but for the mom- ent it is important to note that Lois Rodden offered his birthmap on page 156 of her recent book MONEY: How To Find It With Astrology. [According to the book Hard Drive: Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire, Bill was born on October 28, 1955, 9:15PM PST, Seattle WA.]

Bill Gates is a Sun-sign Scorpio with his Moon directly above (the house of career) in the sign Aries (leadership; pioneering; trailblazing). Most notably, Uranus -- the planet ruling Aquarius and breakthrough technology -- is the planetary body nearest his eastern horizon, the Ascending or rising part of the horoscope. Thus, the Uranian principle is personally dominant, a guiding light in Bill Gates' individual development and soul expression in this lifetime. Ironically, the small comet Chiron (discovered by astronomer Charles Kowal in Pasadena on Nov. 1, 1977, not long after the founding of Microsoft and the blossoming work of Bill Gates and Paul Allen) was located at the very first degree of Aquarius when Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955.

Astrologers all agree that Chiron in the birthchart has much to do with alternative uses of technology, mavericks (individuals who do "their own thing," unaligned with the mainstream), "twilight zones" of altered time (think of how working with the computer and on-line services often changes deeply your experience of chronological time and daily rhythms), keys to higher conscious- ness (including the computer "key"-board) and using yourhands (the word "Chiron" connects to the Greek "cheir" for hand, and is therefore associated with Chiropractic medicine and "chiro- mancy" or divination through palmistry). Wise computer use -- at least during our age -- requires increasing adeptship of one's hands (Chiron), fingers, hand-eye coordination, and mind-body dynamic (all Chiron linkages). The Uranus rising/Chiron setting polarity at Bill Gates' birth is one of the most prominent features at his birth and suggests the attunement he has with scientific genius and revolutionary technologies.

Finally, for this introduction, it is amazing to note that when the NBC show was aired, the planet Mercury (the "Messenger of the Gods" from Greek mythology and the astrological ruler of com- munications, business, information, ideas and language) had just made a station (apparent stopping in the sky from the Earth's point of view). This station occurred in the zodiac at 19 degrees of the sign Gemini. When Bill Gates was born, the entire orbit of the Moon (one of the most fateful elements in a horoscope) was located at 19 degrees Sagittarius-Gemini. It is exceedingly rare for the CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, to allow himself to be filmed and interviewed on national television. Remember - he is born with his Sun in mysterious, powerful and yet often secretive Scorpio. But during the airing of the NBC program, the planet Mercury was opening the door (the Moon's orbit) into the rich and versatile life of Bill Gates. It was an example of dynamic astrology in action.

In Part II of this series, we will focus on Bill Gates' connection to the birth of America (July 4, 1776), and Mr. Gates' very significant conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Leo (and the 2nd house of wealth) at his birth in October 1955....

Copyright 1995 by Mark Lerner. All rights reserved.

Part II

Bill Gates and the U.S. Chart: Part II

by Mark Lerner

In Part I of this report, I shared some basic information on the birthchart for Microsoft's CEO Bill Gates. But to understand why Bill Gates has become the world's richest individual -- worth over $12 billion according to a recent financial journal -- it is crucial to look at a key astrological pattern at his birth and compare it to one existing when the United States came into being as a national entity.

Like people, countries have a birth moment and the "first breath" of America was on the day of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This was the act of independence from "Mother England" and King George. While astrologers have disputed the precise time of day on July 4, 1776, most professional astrologers agree that July 4, 1776 is the birthday and beginning of our nation.

There are certain combinations of planets which signify practical realities in the world. Most astrologers will agree that Jupiter relates to Big Business, prosperity and the search for success in society. These are only a few affiliations with Jupiter; there are many more. Pluto -- only discovered 65+ years ago (February 18, 1930) -- connects with hidden wealth, enormous power and the will to use it, invisible and underground connections, extreme fortune (hence the terms "Plutocrat" and "Plutocracy" -- rule by the wealthy).

In the last 25 years in the field of astrology, many new scientific techniques have appeared to analyze birthcharts and determine the potency of planetary combinations. One area that virtually every astrologer accepts as valid is called "midpoint analysis." It's a simple idea. Note the zodiacal positions of any two celestial bodies and/or angles, and find the middle point between them. That's where the two initial bodies and/or angles will merge their influences. In reality -- because the zodiac is a circle -- there will always be two midpoints (a near one and a far one), but both carry equal weight.

When the United States was born on July 4, 1776, giant Jupiter and distant Pluto were on opposite sides of the Earth. Jupiter was located in the sign Cancer (near America's Cancer Sun-sign) while Pluto (still undiscovered in 1776) was in Capricorn. Their polarity was not precise, but the point is they were rather far apart and in opposite signs. One way of thinking about the potency of the Jupiter-Pluto midpoint is to combine the meanings of the two planets. When you do so, the answer or essence to the combination might read as follows: Extreme Fortune (Pluto) through Big Business (Jupiter) or Hidden Wealth (Pluto) propels success in society (Jupiter) or just Large-Scale (Jupiter) Wealth/Power/Will (Pluto). No matter how you phrase it, one major combination of Jupiter and Pluto relates to this area of business, money and society.

Let's present one more aspect of this story before fitting the pieces of the puzzle together. In my research in astrology over 23 years, I have found a kind of "geometrical magnetism" going on between people, centers, groups, businesses and even countries. Geometrical magnetism? What I mean here is that if someone (or something) is born with Jupiter opposite Pluto (a polarity, a potential tug-of-war), the answer to that need or the solution to that "opposition" is the conjunction (union) of Jupiter and Pluto. This would also be true if Jupiter and Pluto were 90 degrees apart or in a square (tense; frictional) formation. With Jupiter and Pluto tangent to each other, the resolution of that possible conflict would be the merger of Jupiter and Pluto. There are other ways this works -- and this is fundamentally a topic for another time -- but essentially planetary pairs in tense or challenging alignments (polarities and squares) are resolved by the same pairs in conjunction (or in flowing rapport, like trines -- 120 degrees -- or sextiles -- 60 degrees).

Now the USA was born with Jupiter at 5+ Cancer and Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. Their midpoint axis (near and far) energizes 16 degrees 45 minutes Aries-Libra. In other words, at 16+ Aries-Libra, the Jupiter-Pluto combination in the world of High Finance for America is at its greatest potency.

If an individual comes along with a planet, Sun, Moon or angle close to one of these points, that person will connect strongly to the Jupiter-Pluto themes I've been mentioning. Bill Gates -- born on October 28, 1955 -- has Mercury (Messenger of the Gods; ruler of trade and commerce; intellect, wit, logic and language; thinking, transportation and communication) at 16+ Libra (16 degrees 34 minutes Libra, to be precise). Thus, Bill Gates has Mercury locked into the Jupiter-Pluto midpoint axis when America was born. There are many ways to interpret this, but one direction would be that Bill Gates' mind (Mercury) is tuned into the Big Business (Jupiter)/Extreme Wealth (Pluto) archetype or blueprint for the country. He has his finger (Mercury) on the pulse of High Finance. He has become an earthly "Messenger of the Gods" (Mercury) when it comes to computer language (Mercury) breakthroughs that are revolutionizing Big Business (Jupiter) and "Corporate America" (Pluto) as we approach the 21st century.

Please remember that the USA has a fundamental "struggle" or difficulty in bringing together its Jupiter and Pluto principles, themes and qualities. They are on opposite sides of the Earth when America came into existence. Nevertheless, both bodies are strategically positioned. Jupiter was the planet rising just before the Sun at America's birth. Traditionally, this was referred to as the "planet of oriental (eastern) appearance." Such a planet, rising just before the Sun, was given extra significance in a birthchart. In addition, in the timed chart we use at Welcome To Planet Earth magazine (based on Barry Lynes' meticulous research from the late-1970s and early 1980s), Sagittarius is considered America's rising sign, giving Jupiter the rulership of the nation's chart. This puts Pluto in late Capricorn in the 2nd house of banking, national assets and wealth. Currently, Uranus (revolution and shocks) is crossing America's Pluto for the first time in 84 years. Neptune (dissolution, chaos and imagination) will follow from 1996 to 1998 -- for its first passage over Pluto in 164 years and since the discovery of both Neptune and Pluto! There are many extreme changes afoot in the nation's economic life and in the "invisible direction" often coming from our "Plutocrats" in positions of financial power.

When Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955, Jupiter and Pluto were united (in his 2nd house of money, banking and wealth) at 28 Leo. Actually, the alignment was exact within 34' minutes of a degree of arc (exceedingly close). The precise union would happen just five days after his birth on November 2, 1955. The keynote here is that Bill Gates is the answer to America's need regarding Jupiter-Pluto (Big Business-Extreme Wealth) realities. Think of the situation again in line with geometric magnetism: America is born with Jupiter and Pluto on opposite sides of the Earth, in a tug-of-war. Bill Gates is born with both planets together, in sync, in intimate communion. Now, of course, there is always the potential that someone who has this celestial leverage or advantage could use it for greedy, manipulative or nationally-destructive ends.* In my view, this is not the case. Bill Gates just happens to have certain solutions (Jupiter-Pluto conjunct in late Leo in his 2nd house of money) to the nation's inherent Big Business difficulties/tensions (Jupiter widely opposite Pluto at America's birth). *[Note: The Jupiter-Pluto union at Bill Gates' birth is located exactly opposite the Moon at America's birth -- 28 Aquarius. An exact opposition can serve as a point of illumination (like the Full Moon) or agent of separation and discord. The Moon connects with the masses, the public mood, the national "sentiment" or feeling life. This is just another example of how Bill Gates' natal planets hook up with the national astro-picture.]

So ... to sum up what we have learned in this astro-feature. Bill Gates has (at least) two unusual astro-zodiacal placements which allow him to connect powerfully with the High Finance, Big Business and Extreme Wealth side of America. (1) His natal Mercury is exactly aligned with the USA's Jupiter-Pluto midpoint axis. (2) His natal Jupiter-Pluto union is the "answer" to America's Jupiter-Pluto polarity "need."

It is noteworthy that Jupiter and Pluto unite about every 13 years. After Bill Gates' birth in 1955, there were Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions on October 13, 1968 (23+ Virgo), November 2, 1981 (24+ Libra) and December 2, 1994 (28+ Scorpio). The union of 1981 occurred as the PC revolution took hold in America and IBM chose Bill Gates' and Paul Allen's DOS design to "light up" its inaugural fleet of computers. The rest is history, but the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto at 24+ Libra in late 1981 propelled Bill Gates forward for the next 13 years. [The alignment fell close to his natal Neptune (imagination), in harmony with his natal Jupiter-Pluto union, and only 1 degree away from his natal Sun/Mercury midpoint -- the power of communication/language.]

Now with the last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction -- December 2, 1994 at 28+ Scorpio -- Bill Gates and Microsoft are off and running again during a new 13-year cycle. The long-awaited and delayed Windows 95 is about to debut along with The Microsoft Network (Microsoft's foray into Online territory) and it's fascinating to see that this latest Jupiter-Pluto union occurred on Bill Gates' natal Juno almost precisely). Juno refers to treaties, agreements, marriages, unions, empowerment or disempowerment in relationships, atmospheric storms and, in extreme cases, terrorism by the weak. The recent spate of Justice Department inquiries into Microsoft's business practices and the hostility engendered by rival firms who want to stop Microsoft's full-court entry into the Online world are all par-for-the-course when Juno is involved. The next Jupiter-Pluto union will occur on December 11, 2007 at 28+ Sagittarius (near the heart center of the galaxy and about half a degree away from Bill Gates' Pallas Athena -- wisdom, genius, strategy, mental brilliance). Who knows what Microsoft and its CEO will have dreamed up by then?

As we approach the intended release date for Windows 95 (30 million sales are expected before the end of 1995!) and the simultaneous debut of The Microsoft Network, August will have an incredible variety of cosmic fireworks surrounding the combination of Jupiter and Pluto, and the placement of Mercury (factors already mentioned as the starring characters in this feature on America and Bill Gates). First we have Jupiter and Pluto making stations (appearing to stop from the Earth's point of view) on August 2 and August 8. Planetary stations enhance the power of planets -- for good or ill. So ... August begins with a 1-2 Jupiter-Pluto knock-out combo. This will really be setting the wheels in motion in Big Business, the Stock Market and the American Economy. By August 24, 1995 -- when Windows 95 is supposed to be on sale -- the Moon will be passing through Leo (closing in on Bill Gates' Jupiter-Pluto union), Mercury will oppose Saturn in the sky (right on the USA Neptune - imagination, chaos and collective trends and cycles in money matters), Mars will be crossing the USA Juno (more conflicts regarding contracts and agreements), Jupiter will be one degree away from the USA Ascendant, Uranus will be transiting the USA Pluto while Pluto itself will be exactly 60 degrees away from its own placement at America's birth.

Will the USA Justice Department step in and try to prevent Microsoft from "bundling" its Online Network with Windows 95? That's the BIG (Jupiter) QUESTION (Pluto rules mysteries) haunting America's financial battlefield right now as we head into late-July and the August business fisticuffs.

Part III will be a follow-up to all of this and zero in on another key midpoint -- the Sun/Moon midpoint, perhaps the most powerful of all. The USA has its Sun/Moon midpoint axis at 5 degrees 7 minutes Taurus/Scorpio. Bill Gates is born with his Sun (life force, heart center and central power) at 5 degrees 1 minute Scorpio! More to come next time....

Copyright 1995 by Mark Lerner. All rights reserved.

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