Revolution's in the Air

by Blakesley

Uranus is in Aquarius again and revolution is in the air. Humanity's collective unconscious is stirred up with stored-up grievances, motivating a great need for major change.

The last time Uranus transited Aquarius (1912-19), there were revolutions and massive social transformations that led to World War I. The world was so mired in the muck of materialistic attitudes, and the entrenched powers of the ruling classes, that revolution and war were necessary to begin the great purge which would transform humanity and the planet in a rebalancing process, culminating in the release of atomic energy. Humankind had finally sowed the seed of its own potential self-destruction.

With six billion plus people densely distributed on a planet constantly raped of its natural resources, humans have gotten themselves into a rather precarious position--something has got to give. Uranus' return to its dignity in Aquarius signals another revolutionary trend in human affairs, after the long haul through the materialistic darkness of the Capricorn Tunnel.1 Revolution is again in the air because people, individually and collectively, are waking up to their own ineffectiveness in a world which has fostered corruption, governmental control, power-mongering, and corporate/political parasitism, resulting in an extreme disequilibrium between rich and poor, the haves and the have-nots.

The modern expression of the seven deadly sins has become very sophisticated. However, systems which reinforce the economic imbalance, which fortify human differences, and which encourage greed, bigotry and hatred, have got to go. Communism and socialism don't work, and so-called democracy is a crock. In reality, democracy is an advertised ideal, spoon-fed to the blind or hypnotized masses in a puppet-play of illusion, rife with glamour, scandal, high crime and low corruption.

Plutocracy is what's happening. Plutocrats pull the strings, push the buttons, make the rules, and enforce their man-made laws, securing the entrenched prerogatives and privileges of the few, while manipulating, threatening and oppressing the many--a general public asleep at the wheel in a decivilizing frenzy of dynamic chaos. Plutocrats have controlled, conditioned, coerced and corrupted the herd, while consolidating their own power and turf. They use fear tactics in insidious ways, and they've fed off the fears of anyone who would surrender their own powers and principles to the pressure and momentum of the plutocratic agenda. This is not democracy--it's more like a police state.

But humans are getting fed up. The time has come for people to take back their own power, to realize their strength in numbers, and to rebel collectively against a suffocating status-quo.

The waxing sextile of Uranus in Aquarius to Pluto in Sagittarius (a cycle begun at the Virgo conjunctions in the mid-60s) suggests the encouragement people can give each other in a long-headed overthrow of corrupt political and economic systems. Obviously, there are collective risks worth taking, if we are to leave a planet deserving of inheritance by future generations. So-called democracy is now undergoing its own revolutionary changes.

For example, the Income Tax system (created the last time Uranus was in Aquarius) has got to change. Why not demand a yearly audit of governmental spending, and only pay taxes on those policies one believes in, denying the government's investments in war, weapons, pollution and paranoia? Why not outlaw advertising, such a tremendous waste of money and media? Will they try to throw us all in jail? Not likely, they're outnumbered. . . .

Saturn's ingress into Aries in 1996 means self-definition--personal boundaries and limits to what individuals may be subjected. This translates into personal disciplines as a means to realizing collective changes for the better, and a new start in reclaiming power to the people. Meanwhile, Neptune's last two years in Capricorn should dissolve the remaining political/economic dynasties based on the quest for power and the almighty dollar.

There is probably an optimum or ideal human population for planet Earth. While it is debatable more or less what that number may be, six billion is too many. Countless places on Earth are too crowded, polluted and damaged. These are like viruses or infections on the planetary body, and they need to be purged and healed.

Speculation swirls in prophetic circles about Earth changes, UFOs, extraterrestrial visitations, comets striking the planet, global warming, pole shifts, Revelations and so on. These are symbolic of the stirrings within the collective psyche which demand great transformations. Certainly something of awesome magnitude has to occur to effect a change in consciousness that leads to humanity's healing and purification, and to the Earth's chance for renewal of its natural state, unviolated by the burgeoning of a rapacious species called man.

Uranus is considered to "rule" Aquarius, but it seems there are a few inherent contradictions in their assumed natures. Uranus, with its 84-year cycle of potential human individuation, is the only one of the three, collective/transcendental, outer planetary cycles which people can complete in a lifetime. This, along with its traditional character of independence and freedom, seems to go against the grain of Aquarius' collective impersonality--the group mind. Yet the collective needs certain individuals as leaders of human beings, focal-point-personalities around whom to really for enlightenment and direction. The quality of the group mind determines the personification of its leaders--as within, so without.

Perhaps Aquarius is not all it's cracked up to be by modern Astrophiles. There is an astrological glamour surrounding the true nature of Aquarius, with the immanent precessional shift into a "new" age--the prophesied promise of a golden age for humanity.

Aquarius is essentially the Love/Wisdom octave of the air signs. And Love/Light, the highest aspiration of human consciousness, is sorely needed now if the revolution is to succeed and not become further destructive.

It is only within individual souls that true transformation toward Truth and Love can take place. Then, like the hundredth monkey, it spreads to envelope the collective mentality, and a very great change toward real spiritual consciousness (Light) can be actualized in human and planetary evolution. We are now in the "heart" of Relationship Light (fixed air), at a whole new stage of soul growth, dynamic idealism and loyalty to the human cause. We can be a truly practical brother/sisterhood (Love) in thought and in action. We can now breathe in Light, and breathe out Love, because (r)evolution's in the air!

Copyright 1996 by Blakesley.

All rights reserved.

[Blakesley is a Planetary Citizen with almost a Saturn cycle of experience in the study and practice of astrology. Kindly correspond with him at 489 Clovercrest Dr., Cloverdale, CA 95425.]


1. See writer's article in Planet Earth Cancer '94.

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