Jupiter in Capricorn

(The Big Guy Gets Serious--Kind Of...)

by Kim Rogers-Gallagher

Well, gang, it's time. Yes, after a year of fun, laughter, and unbridled enthusiasm, Jupiter has reluctantly left Sagittarius in a pile on the dressing-room floor, en route to a new set of threads--AKA Capricorn. I say "reluctantly" because even though he's always been an optimist, Jupiter's not especially delighted about this current costume change. It's understandable, too. Capricorn has never been one of his favorite outfits to start with, mainly because it's Saturn's sign, and Jupiter and Saturn are, well ... not exactly the closest of kin. Saturn limits, delays, restricts and makes you wait. Jupiter hates to wait. He encourages growth, acceleration, incorporation and Just Doing It. In order for him to fit into Saturn's beloved pinstripes, Jupiter had to do a lot of things that just aren't natural for him. He had to go on a crash diet for starters--and right after the holidays, too. He had to squeeze his oversized frame into a suit that fits much too tightly, that absolutely ruins his image, and comes with a tie, of all things. (You can just imagine how Jupiter, ultimate fan of freedom, feels about ties, the ultimate in restriction.) To add insult to injury, he also had to promise Saturn not to rip it, stain it or lose the jacket in a card game.

Needless to say, he'd rather be in Philadelphia. Or Africa. Or Seattle.

With Jupiter not quite as Jupiterian-looking in his saturnine garb, then, you'd think it was finally time to buckle down, Get Serious, and Just Say No to everything we've been stuffing ourselves chock full of for the past year. Time to balance the checkbook, break out the exercise videos, and get a day job. You'd think, too, it was time to Be Very Afraid of what might happen with Jupiter lending his benevolent presence to a sign that's always been associated with ultra-conservatism and The Religious Right. Well, you're probably right about the food, the exercise, the getting serious and the buckling down. Jupiter certainly is famous for his ability to turn the handwriting on the wall into billboards, so it's a good bet that his trek through Capricorn certainly will blow up our interest in "virtues" like responsibility, frugality and abstinence. When it comes to the conservatism and The Religious Right, however, it's best not to panic. No matter what type of costume you put him in, Jupiter is still Jupiter, and regardless of how he looks, his energy is still the same. He's still Head of the Department of Liberalism, he still loves to incorporate rather than segregate, and he's the most open-minded kinda guy out there. He's also still Head of Publicity--and he's really good at his job, too. Ever try to keep a low profile during a Jupiter transit? It's impossible. The guy arrives with at team of reporters and fans in tow, all wanting to know all about You. Just ask Clinton. No, you can't stay anonymous when The Big Guy has you on his list.

Now, needless to say, if you want to Get Famous, or Get Known, Publicity is a great thing. It opens doors, gets you introduced around and allows folks to see what you're selling--literally and figuratively. If you're not in the mood for it, however, it's not so great. And if you're not wanting people to see what you're up to, it's downright awful.

Jupiter's transit through a sign does pretty much the same thing to that sign, in a Mundane sense, by bringing Publicity to topics under that sign's jurisdiction--again, for better or worse. (Signs, of course, aren't energies in themselves, they're simply flavors or filters for a planet's energy.) Jupiter in Scorpio enlarged and publicized Plutonian topics like patricide, matricide, castration, abortion and physician-assisted suicide--not to mention The OJ Thing we're not going to talk about any more. (At least, not until it's reported that, sadly, he's been removed from the planet.) Jupiter in Sag emphasized the legal system (once again, via Whatzisname--and God/dess Knows, all that attention certainly wasn't super-positive for the law profession), religion (via the Pope's latest road-trip), and the fact that we cannot avoid being "involved" with each other, no matter how far away or "foreign" we seem to be to one another, via the world's attention (finally) to Bosnia. He also seems to bring a fair amount of Publicity to those who are in fields associated with the sign he's transiting. Murderers and those who were perceived as murderers became "famous" while Jupiter was in Scorpio, and lawyers and judges became "famous" under Jupiter in Sag. Given how he feels about Capricorn, then, who and what should we expect to become "famous" and Publicized as Jupiter stomps through Capricorn?

Well, it's like this: Capricorn is a neat, orderly piece of sky, an outfit specially designed for Doing Business, Making The Rules, and Being Official. When any planet puts this sign on, it's At Attention. On Official Business. Listening to Just the Facts, Ma'am. In other words, it's in the mood to handle such Capricornian matters as politics (federal government-type politics, that is), The Military, organized religions, Big Business, and the other Professional Professions--medicine, law, pro-sports, and so forth. In short, any patriarchy is in the club, and will definitely be our main focus over the next 13 months. The Federal Government has already taken up a substantial amount of our collective interests, what with the shut-down (a rather saturnine tactic in itself) now standard operating fare, but I'll just bet we're about to become especially involved in this year's ultimate tenth-house race, the Presidential Extravaganza. I think it's also safe to say there'll be a "record voter turn-out" at the polls come November, and that a whole bunch of politicians are about to have their lives--especially past career matters--Publicized in huge Jupiterian style. There'll be a record number of businessmen and women running for offices--Forbes and Perot aside--and The Issues we focus on will probably be Capricornian in nature, too.

Religion, of course, will be one of those Issues, via The Religious Right (and I question their use of both of those words), who'll probably be more vocal than ever before when they throw their support and their congregation's donations behind the candidate with the most Just Say No's on his or her list of campaign promises. However, as I've already mentioned, they, too, will be Publicized, so if they haven't crossed their "t's" or dotted their "i's," we'll hear all about it this year.

Capricorn is also in charge of The Rules--hence its connection with The Military, hence it's love of uniforms--uniforms of any kind. Take one Benevolent Big Guy planet and put him in a uniform, a sign that's concerned with laying down the law, and what do you get? Well, since Capricorn also rules lines, literally, remember that boundaries between countries are lines, too--lines on the map. Jupiter pushes lines wider and expands territories, so here's a combination that's the perfect technology behind our enforcing boundaries in Bosnia. It may also point to other countries (Palestine, Israel, etc.) or even states shifting territories or re-examining their laws to make them more appropriate to the regions they're designed for.

Jupiter also encourages growth. Any Jupiter/Saturn combination that turns out well produces controlled growth. So the economy stands to be another focus this year. If all that happens is, once again, like any election year, more Publicity about subjects of concern to us, we may find ourselves hearing more and more about The Budget, The Deficit, The Budget, The Deficit, and The Budget. (And with Jupiter hanging around opposite to the U.S. Venus, Sun, and Jupiter for most of this year, it seems this will really be the case.)

Regardless of the sign he's in, Jupiter provides opportunities. Although it's been said, lately, that he often promises more than he delivers, that's not entirely true. We can't blame Jupiter when we don't use the opportunities he brings--when all we do is chat about them--any more than we can blame Saturn when he comes along and presents us with a test we flunk because we didn't study the lesson. On a personal level, this transit will give each of us the opportunity to set down new personal rules, and to make new decisions about who we want to be when we grow up. Jupiter doesn't do anything, remember--like any other planet, he has a job to do, and in his case, it's providing jump-starts. If you're needing a jump in the Get It Together Department, then you're in luck. As for the country, it's the same thing on a larger scale. We've got to collectively make decisions about what we value, about what's Important to us--important enough to back it up politically, militarily and economically.

Copyright 1996 by Kim Rogers-Gallager. All rights reserved.

[Kim Rogers-Gallagher is now the proud owner of her very own mountain range--the San Juan Rockies, which she can now see from her office window in beautiful Ridgway, Colorado--population 463. Kim is a member of the AFAN Steering Committee, the ISAR board of directors, and is the editor of KOSMOS. Her second book, The Lighter Side of Transits, is in the process, even as she eagerly awaits the arrival of her first, Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain, which is available through ACS Publications as of October, 1995. Kim is available for phone consultations--specializing in Chiron interpretations--and can also be reached by mail at PO Box 141, Ridgway, CO 81432, or by e-mail at KRGPhoenix@aol.com]

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