Jupiter's Exact 83-Year Cycle: Part I

by Mark Lerner

It's always exciting to discover something new in the world of astrology and I would like to pass this important information on to you about Jupiter's unusual and precise 83-year cycle. Now when I say "discover," I could be mistaken about this being my discovery. Perhaps another researcher has noted this, but I have never seen anyone mention this phenomenon. To give you the complete picture, let me explain how I stumbled upon Jupiter's exact 83-year cycle.

Discovery of the 83-Year Jupiter Cycle

I was reading the May 16, 1995 edition of USA Today at around 11:30PM when I turned to page 8D and read an intriguing feature about the "Father of the Conservation-Environmental Movement," David Brower. David Brower was the first Executive Director of the Sierra Club and founded the Earth Island Institute in 1982. The article focused the main attention on the publication of his new book: Let the Mountains Talk, Let the Rivers Run: A Call to Those Who Would Save the Earth (HarperCollins West, $20). The story was fascinating and it also listed his birthdate as July 1, 1912. So ... I opened Neil Michelsen's The American Ephemeris for the 20th Century and turned to the page that contains July-August 1912. I happened to glance at the Jupiter column and did a double-take. Jupiter stationed (direct in motion) on August 2, 1912 at 5^32' Sagittarius. What's so odd about that? On August 2, 1995--this year--Jupiter stations at 5^32' Sagittarius. The same direct station--at the same precise degree and minute of arc--exactly 83 years apart! I was amazed--flabbergasted would be a good word and description--and, for a moment, I felt myself floating into the Twilight Zone of astrological strangeness.

I decided to look at the Jupiter placement for January 1, 1912 and January 1, 1995. Jupiter on both New Year dates was at 4+ Sagittarius--precise within 10' of arc (1/6 of one degree). At random, I started to look at other dates exactly 83 years apart. In every case I could find, Jupiter was always at the same precise degree. In other words, Jupiter has an almost precise 83-year cycle in which it will return to the same degrees, on roughly the same dates, every 83 years.

Jupiter's Cycle Around The Sun Is 11.86 Years

Why didn't I know about this weird phenomenon? I did know that Jupiter took about 12 years to go around the zodiac and that about every 84-years (a full Uranus cycle, more precisely 83.75 years), Jupiter and Uranus would link up in approximately the same region of the zodiac where they had conjoined 84 years before. Plus--I am born with an extremely prominent Jupiter (22+ Aquarius) rising within 3^ of the Ascendant. So ... the meaning and essence of Jupiter has been a big part of my life path, spiritual explorations and cyclic unfoldment in this lifetime. I went to my bookshelf to find the precise orbital period of Jupiter around the Sun. Only one reference book had it--11.86 years. So I simply multiplied 11.86 years (one cycle of Jupiter around the Sun) by 7 (7 cycles of Jupiter around the Sun). The answer?: 83.02 years!

That was the "Eureka!" moment. All this talk about Jupiter having a 12-year cycle around the Sun wasn't really accurate. By multiplying the precise 11.86-year orbital cycle of Jupiter by 7 cycles, you come up with an almost exact 83-year "Jupiter Return"--degree-wise and date-wise. Now--how can we apply this to learning from history.

Let's Examine Parallels Between 1912 and 1995

I discovered this 83-year "Jupiter Return" thanks to reading the story about Conservationist David Brower who was born in 1912. So ... I decided to take out my many history books about key events that happened in 1912. My hypothesis was the following: If Jupiter has such a precise cycle--much more precise than the approximate "Saturn Return" of 28-30 years--with the giant, striped planet returning to the precise degree it inhabited 83 years before, generally to the day, then perhaps there were historical events paralleling one another 83 years apart. You know the old adage about "history repeating itself"? My thought was more that there could be generalized reflections--historically--every 83 years. In other words, perhaps the general tone of world events in 1912 might find an echo or reflection 83 years later in 1995. Why? Because almost day by day in both calendar years, Jupiter--the planet of social growth, religion, philosophy, international connections, higher learning and much more--would be at the same degrees of the zodiac (with even the Jupiter stations at the same dates of the year).

Very quickly, I did notice certain odd parallels between 1912 and 1995. My history books suggested that the question of a free Ireland was a major story in early 1912. This has been clearly reflected in the extremely important negotiations happening in the first half of 1995 regarding Northern Ireland. In 1912, America was having severe problems with Cuba (echo in 1995) and the Mexican Revolution (which began about 2 years before) was still in full tilt (remember all the problems Mexico has been having earlier this year with the USA financially bailing out its sister country to the south). But the shocking parallels concern one event that has already happened this year and another one that may explode toward the end of 1995.

On April 14-15, 1912, the Titanic sunk in the North Atlantic. Well over a thousand people lost their lives, it symbolized the coming calamity of World War I and it was considered an incredible disaster that became immortalized in history. On April 19, 1995, the Oklahoma City bombing brought shock to America and the world--with many commentators considering this calamity as similar (in emotional devastation) to the assassination of President Kennedy. Because of the Jupiter phenomenon described earlier, we now know that both catastrophes have identical Jupiter placements--about 15^05' Sagittarius for Jupiter at the sinking of the Titanic and 14^53' Sagittarius for Jupiter at the Oklahoma City bombing. This is because the events are separated by 83 years--within 4 days.

The importance here is not just the synchronized Jupiter placement. It's the fact that history may very well be repeating itself--generally speaking--every 83 years. Because I see the entire zodiac as a giant memory bank--to me the Akashic Records of human and earthly history as well--Jupiter's going back over the same zodiacal territory (to the degree and to the day) every 83 years may mean something very crucial in our evolution as a species.

While the historical parallels between the sinking of the Titanic and the Oklahoma City bombing are now in place and can be reviewed, there is something else that may be lurking in the future shadows for 1995. In the fall of 1912, the First Balkan War--simmering for several years--exploded in October and November. Jupiter in October and November of 1995 will be at the same degrees in Sagittarius it was in, on the same dates, during 1912! Now we know that there is a fundamental war going on right now in the region of Bosnia, but the big question--and fear--concerns the spreading of that war to neighboring countries in the Balkan region. We must watch this situation carefully--knowing that Jupiter in 1995 is "haunting" the battlefields and cemeteries of 1912 during the First Balkan War. [Note: Add this historical parallel as well from 1908 to 1991--83 years apart. On October 6, 1908, Austria-Hungary announced the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. On October 15, 1991--83 years later within 9 days--the parliaments of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced the sovereignty of their nations--pointing to their independence in the early months of 1992. Jupiter in October 1908 and 1991 was at 5-6 Virgo.]

What About Parallels Between 1914 (WWI) and 1997?

The scary thing about this 83-year precise "Jupiter Return," where generalized historical events may be repeating themselves, is that we are fast approaching 1997. In that year, we will not only have a repeat of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in early Aquarius from March 3-4, 1914 (the date in 1997 for this Jupiter-Uranus union will be February 15-16), but Jupiter--throughout 1997--will be recrossing his steps (to the degree and to the day) from 1914. It was during 1914 that World War I began--particularly with the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary on June 28, 1914 (by the way, I am writing this story on June 28, 1995) and the "Guns of August," the nightmarish launching of war in Europe in early August 1914. In June 1997, Jupiter at 22 Aquarius will be stationing retrograde right where he stationed in June 1914 and, of course, on the 83rd anniversary of the assassination of the Archduke--June 28, 1997--Jupiter will be at 21+ Aquarius (exactly where Jupiter was on June 28, 1914)! Keep in mind that the beginning of World War I in 1914 was actually the birth of both world wars. World War II came about because the peace treaty imposed upon Germany in November 1918 was reviled by militaristic Germans and the Nazis eventually broke every agreement within that peace treaty in their efforts to reconquer Europe.

Next Time....

There will be a follow-up, Part II, to this story. Look for it in the next magazine. In the meantime, note that there probably are some slight aberrations to this "precise" 83-year Jupiter cycle. Here and there, the 83-year cycle of exact "Jupiter Returns" may not occur for reasons I know nothing about at this point. But--fundamentally--the pattern is there, works and may mean that certain historical events, trends or issues may return every 83 years. Knowing this, it is crucial that humanity wake up and not repeat its mistakes, errors and wrong turns from 83 years before.

In Part II, I will offer some other year parallels (83-years apart) and discuss another repeating pattern relating to Mars and Venus.

(c) 1995 by Mark Lerner.

All rights reserved.

[Mark Lerner is the Publisher of Welcome to Planet Earth and can be reached at P.O. Box 12007, Eugene, OR 97440.]

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