Guidelines '96

by Jeanne Mozier

It is one of the newest new years in a while and fortunately astrology offers us a set of guidelines for optimum use. The fuel of life is changing, from the water and earth of Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces to the fire and air of Sagittarius, Aquarius and Aries. All areas of life are impacted, and adapting to the new fuel will be the critical question for various individuals and institutions. Be patient, however, because the shifting sands of these energy patterns make for insecure feelings until Easter when all the new lines of force are in effect and the pattern for '96 appears in its entirety. Those who have been feeding at the trough of Scorpio are especially hard hit by the withdrawal of that energy.

When Time magazine asked, "How cold is America prepared to be?" in discussion of another poor child abused to death, they were posing the question everyone will be asking by spring when Saturn leaves Pisces and water is no longer part of the formula. Passion and compassion, tenderness and sensitivity are on a list of endangered emotions to be replaced by zeal and risktaking, curiosity and aggressiveness. This new elemental make-up of fire and air will also have a significant impact on the weather, promising a winter and spring filled with weird storms followed by a hot, dry summer.

The year begins with the Sagittarian energy firmly in place, channeled through Pluto. Uranus introduces its own unique brand of high voltage electrical impulse when it enters Aquarius soon after '96 begins. These are not short-term bursts of new material--Sagittarius and Aquarius will dominate our life palettes through the first decade of the new millennium. By the time Saturn begins a new 30-year zodiacal cycle with its entry into Aries on Easter Sunday, humanity will be geared up and ready for the birthing time of visions, ideals and rules of the new millennium.

The three new outer planet placements make '96 a year of opportunity and zero time. Zero time offers unlimited potential because nothing is yet formed. It is that split second before creation, before pen is put to paper, when all things are possible. In the open space that is formed as the paradigm shifts, big things can happen. In the fire and air phase being introduced, much of the action occurs on the thought-form level. Major alterations can be made in the patterns easily, in the substance of the thought rather than struggling with the more rooted emotional and physical forms.

The cast of characters introduced in '96 and contracted to play through the millennium features heroes, questers after truth, visionaries, philosophers, playwrights, explorers, inventors and futurists, all reaffirming the value of struggle upon which civilization is founded. For the next three years, many of them will wear military uniforms or shining armor powered by new types of batteries. "Having the vision" will be a clear call to arms. The two main streams of force linked to Sagittarius and Aquarius--values and technology--saturate every aspect of the year and provide the basis for all discussions affecting the societal and cultural levels.

The codification, reinterpretation, and making of laws that is a hallmark of the Sagittarian time is targeted at various arenas ranging from war to education to sports. The outlines are clear in headlines that surrounded Sagittarius' entry onto the world stage. Colin Powell explained in Time magazine that "new rules are needed; old assumptions need to be rooted out. The kind of warfare we had thought about for 50 years is gone." The new rules of war will be written in the next two years as Saturn transits Aries, and many of those rules will be learned through the conflict in Bosnia. Time agrees, stating that "the answers that emerge from Bosnia are likely to set precedents that will channel America's course for years to come."

The spiritual impulse for each year comes from the meditation entered upon by the Great Beings at Winter Solstice. Examining the messages encoded in the images of the Winter Solstice chart--with its nexus of Capricorn energy bracketed by Pluto and Venus in the first degrees of Sagittarius and Aquarius respectively--a vague pattern appears. The Cosmos is about to zap humanity with a burst of creative power and the notion of a great cultural enterprise--and the information will be posted on the World Wide Web.

The jolt of technology and radical innovation, that begins in early January and defines the next decade or more, will be aggressively miscommunicated and misinterpreted in its early stirrings. With Jupiter lodged in Capricorn for the year, one misinterpretation may be the belief that big is the only way to success. That fallacy waits until '97 to be exposed when innovative technology blows away both the old corporations and new behemoths formed from their corpses.

Another area of misinterpretation, suggested by examining Uranus' entry into its home sign, is that the media will miss and distort the fundamental changes that are taking place in humanity with the change in diet to fire and air. In the U.S. political system, this displays itself in partisan conflict that prevents constructive and unified action. The political ground shifts profoundly in the first three months of '96. No candidate should be selected until after Easter when the energies of the term to be served are totally in place. The new forces are so alien to the current system and rhetoric that the times require a new face, a voice more suited to the message of values and technology. For politicians and others who live on lies, one of the most difficult aspects of this new time is that people will be empowered with the ability to know the truth when it is spoken.

The year's major recurring aspect--Uranus sextile Pluto--appears the first week of March, then repeats in September and again in 1997. It represents the first opportunity to make radical yet constructive use of the change of mind that humanity experienced in 1965. Working more effectively is a critical path for everyone from factory workers adapting to the technology to teachers developing the new education. We all need to be prepared--so get trained.

New guidelines for relationships are in order, announced by a pair of lunar and solar eclipses in spring and fall--both pairs appearing in the Aries/Libra polarity. Friendship becomes the relationship of choice for an era; everyone will be searching for the perfect traveling companion. The trend begins with Venus' unusually long sojourn in Gemini and the April lunar eclipse. Each of the three outer planet ingresses in '96 have moons in intellectual signs.

The Sagittarian and Aquarian energies are social and innovative. Purposeful relationships with like-minded associates will dominate the public realm and fuel the growth of new institutional patterns that are neither government nor business. Contracts will become a common method for establishing and defining relationships. Models will be cyber-buddies who never meet in the flesh, companions on the great quest, and couples of unique configurations dedicated to a common goal.

Easter marks the beginning of the call for crusades, for heroic adventures with a purpose, motivated primarily by abstract rather than personal attachments. Women may suffer during the mars-ruled period and "guy things" will make a comeback on the style track. If you're a goddess worshipper look for Aphrodite, Athena and Hera to be in vogue. They all related primarily to the male world.

The radical new ideas in place by spring require working and reworking until August when they will be ready to move forward undaunted toward structural change on a grand scale. Remarkable technological advances that introduce a long period of dramatic invention begin in earnest by October. The next phase is inaugurated in early '97 with the rapid fire conjunctions of Jupiter with Neptune then Uranus that institutionalize the transformative changes, and then infuse the new patterns.

In general, the guidelines for '96 call for an optimistic attitude, a purposeful stride, a well-wired house and a wardrobe in shades of red.

Headlines Announce Future

Checking the headlines on November 10, 1995 when Pluto began its 13-year journey through Sagittarius offered a sample of future patterns.

CNN featured the opening of a multi-million dollar casino by the Mohican Indians and bankrolled by Wall Street and resort interests. Is gambling the Native American revenge on the Europeans who stole their land?

The value shift affecting sports was visible in the announcement that the Cleveland Browns were moving from a city that boasts the most devoted fans in the game. The outcry from Cleveland fans, expressions of remorse by many in Baltimore where the team is moving, and subsequent U.S. Senate hearings indicate that revolt is brewing and may result in dramatic value shifts to fan or city owned teams.

The speedy execution of a Nigerian playwright and nine other activists demonstrates the changing face of revolutionaries from bomb-throwing terrorists to sophisticated social reformers and intellectual revolutionaries. Rabin's zealous assassins, who murdered him for an idea, also provided a Sagittarian model.

Copyright 1996 by Jeanne Mozier. All rights reserved.

[Jeanne Mozier is a writer and businesswoman in Berkeley Springs, WV. She uses astrology for trends analysis. Tapes and lectures are available from Millennium Tapes. Contact Jeanne at RR#3 Box 191, Berkeley Springs WV 25411.]

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