Saturn into Aries:

Hail to the Chief

by Kim Rogers-Gallagher

Saturn is a formal kind of guy. He always stands up straight, never lets anyone see him until after he's showered and shaved, and prides himself on the perfect crease in his pants. In other words, he's not the kind of guy who really enjoys swishing around in a long pink gown--which is what he's been doing for the past two and a half years, ever since he was forced to travel through Pisces. Yes, ever since then, Saturn has had to learn to glide rather than march, to intuit rather than to Become Studied, to feel rather than perform Tasks Unemotionally. In a water sign, and in the mutable water sign, at that, Saturn's natural disposition towards building walls to keep change out has been considerably hindered. He's had to work double-time to compensate. Not that Saturn minds working, you understand--but it's hell on an ordinarily very organized planet's schedule.

Needless to say, all this hasn't sat very well with The Stern One.

Remember, this is the planet whose favorite mottoes include hits like, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no," 'Just Don't Do It," and "I Don't Think So." In Pisces, those were softened. They became, "Oh, Gosh, Better Not," "Maybe We should Think About This," and "Not Right Now, Dear." Now, it's not like Saturn can't use a bit of buffing around the edges--around the creases, that is. He's in charge of structure, and rules, and Following Orders--and you know what they say about all work and no play. Still, it's Saturn's job to be that way--so he hasn't been performing up to Optimum Capacity. He's been struggling to hold it all together, and angry with himself, too, because he's spent more time appearing to be In Charge than he's spent actually being In Charge lately. As far as us humans go, basically what's happened is that the illusory influence of Pisces on this planet of reality has dissolved many of the structures we took for granted, while appearing to make them more perfect. We've talked about this before, remember? It's the "Nice House But Nobody's Lived Here For Years" syndrome that's running rampant through most of our government agencies, social programs and non-profit groups. Everybody talks a great game, in other words, but the picture on the box is much prettier than the actual contents.

Yes, it's a far cry from the brass tacks Saturn's used to handing out.

Come April 7th, however, all that will change. Saturn will slip into a sign he can live with, a sign that, while it may not be his very favorite uniform, is still a uniform--the kind of garb Enforcers wear. Aries, his next outfit, is Mars-ruled--so it's specially designed to Give Orders, Take No Flack and Boldly Charge In. This is the sign that doesn't see obstacles, that only knows how to move from Point A to Point B. It's cardinal, and it's fire, and it's masculine--the ultimate masculine energy, in fact. It's a veritable bullet. It wants what it wants yesterday. Failing yesterday, Aries will settle for now--but it's got to be right now, because Aries hates to wait. It's the author of phrases like Just Do It, and "Ready ... Fire ... Aim!" It's all about acting on impulse, perfectly embodied in the color Red and in steel and iron. Aries rules the muscles, and the blood, and adrenaline. It's the ultimate warrior energy--definitely not for the feint of heart. Like I said, it's a uniform in its own right--and a plenty fitting one for Saturn to put on ... if he's spoiling for a fight, that is.

This, then, is a combination that's going to be tough to stop--literally, a Force to be Reckoned With. Saturn is the Ultimate Authority Figure, after all--the Big Boss. Now, ordinarily, he's a rather practical, prudent kind of boss. He thinks before he acts, considers the consequences of every action, and isn't afraid to wait. Dressed in Aries, however, he's going to be a lot less patient. He'll still be a general, but he'll be less likely to strategize his way out of a situation, and far more likely to organize the troops, arm 'em up, and Go Off on whoever or whatever. He'll be a dude with an Attitude, a very short fuse, and the smarts to back up any threats he makes--and you can bet he'll be making threats, too. As Antero Alli pointed out in the last issue, Saturn's last couple of transits through Aries have brought wars. But they've brought other things, too. Race riots, antiwar protests, and even police riots, as per what happened at the Democratic National Convention in August of 1968. Basically, two things happen when Saturn puts on his Rambo gear: regular folks get downright arrogant about defending their rights, first of all. They start to believe that The Authority Figures are out to screw up their day--that rules they don't want to live with are personal affronts. Folks get mad as hell, and they decide not to Take It Any More. Those same authority figures, on the other hand, those with the ability to Enforce The Rules and Maintain Order--well, they get a bit "overzealous" with their jobs, shall we say, and see Others as renegades, rebels and rogues. Even when we're just defending our legitimate personal rights. It's an interesting scenario.

On a personal level, wherever Saturn is transiting in your chart in his fiery red uniform is a place where you're going to be righteously angry and oh-baby-quite-assertive over the next two and a half years. It's also a place where you're going to need to initiate action to get your you-know-what together, if it's not together already. You'll be preparing for battle, see ... for defending yourself against Them, whoever or whatever They happen to be. The thing is, Aries being cardinal fire like it is, whenever any planet crosses over into that sign, it's not without a bang--literally. 0+ Aries is the first degree of the zodiac, and it corresponds with birth--which isn't an easy process. That first push is painful--something is being ripped away from its cocoon in order to begin the challenge of independence. Trying to delay the birth or deny the need to separate only makes it more painful. Whatever is waiting to be born will be born. So your best bet right now as Saturn steps out of the Pisces pool and dries off is to make some lists, check them twice, and get ready. You know how Saturn loves preparation.

On a collective level, we've got to get ready, too--we've got to adapt our thinking, and understand that the need for new rules that allow us all to truly be who we are is going to be more important than ever before. Once the Piscean pink smoke clears, of course, it will be easier for us all to see what's really going on in government, an extremely Saturnian department. That means that whoever our leaders are after the next Ultimate Tenth-House contest in November, they're going to have the responsibility of coming up with some answers for what's been going on over the past couple of years. They're also going to be called on to make the necessary changes in The Rules. In a nutshell, this next leg of Saturn's journey is going to be all about taking definitive action--finally--on a societal level. Saturn in Aries isn't going to be as worried about stepping on toes as Saturn in Pisces--matter of fact, in this new outfit, Saturn's not going to be worried about anything--except not acting. Let's hope our upcoming leaders Get It--and that they're up for Saturn's Arian challenge.

Copyright 1996 by Kim Rogers-Gallagher.

All rights reserved.

[Kim Rogers-Gallagher is now the proud owner of her very own mountain range--the San Juan Rockies, which she can now see from her office window in beautiful Ridgway, Colorado--population 463. Kim is a member of the AFAN Steering Committee, the ISAR board of directors, and is the editor of KOSMOS. Her second book, The Lighter Side of Transits, is in the process, even as she eagerly awaits the arrival of her first, Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain, which will be available through ACS Publications as of October, 1995. Kim is available for phone consultations--specializing in Chiron interpretations--at (970) 626-5902, and can also be reached by mail at PO Box 141, Ridgway, CO 81432, or by e-mail at]

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